Gorilla Ammo Introduces New “Troop Ammunition” Line

I’ve had the pleasure of shooting some 300BLK ammunition from Gorilla Ammo in the past and it is some of the best performing ammo I’ve found. They are a “no corners cut” ammo manufacturer and with that comes an expected higher price tag. Nothing wrong with that as it pretty  much expected with 300BLK and you get what you pay for. However, they have listened to their customers requests and added the new “Troop Ammunition” line aimed at offering the same “no corners cut” mentality to remanufactured ammo. The Troop Ammunition line should be a great way to cut some cost off that ammo budget while still training, hunting or plinking with the same quality ammo you expect from Gorilla Ammo. Head on over to www.GorillaAmmo.com for more information.

Gorilla Ammo Troop Ammunition Line

The Gorilla Ammunition Troop line of products utilize a once fired, converted Lake City Military brass case that has undergone our proprietary cleaning and resizing process.  The product holds the same high quality for accuracy and reliability you have come to expect from Gorilla Ammunition and with the use of the once fired case provides and excellent value.