ATF Final Rule Regarding NFA Trusts Issued – ATF41P Signed by Attorney General

It kind of flew under the radar but the final ruing on ATF41P was issued yesterday and signed by the Attorney General. If you are unfamiliar with ATF41P you can read our earlier article regarding it HERE. 

Final Ruling on ATF41P

The final ruling differs a little bit from the original version. The original draft of ATF41P would require all responsible parties (basically anyone names other than a beneficiary) to submit finger prints and photo ID and would also make it so that the use of an NFA Trust required the sign off from your Chief Law Enforcement Officer. The CLEO sign-off was the only thing removed from the final ruling and in fact appears to be completely removed from individual NFA application requirements as well. You can read the entire 248 page ruling HERE.

The removal of CLEO sign-off is the only bright spot in this whole thing as ATF41P will undoubtedly make using an NFA Trust much more time consuming and difficult, although still usable. I can’t imagine having to hire a babysitter to watch my kids as I take my wife or anyone else listed on my NFA Trust with me to go run around and get finger prints, photo ID’s, etc. but that is the reality that you will have to deal with in the future. One thing I am interested in finding out is if you can keep extra copies of your photo IDs and finger prints on file for future use and if so, how often do they need to be updated. That might make things easier to work with.

The Final Rule that was signed yesterday states that ATF41P goes into effect 180 days after it is published in the Federal Register. That means the 180 day countdown could start any time between now and June but I would bet the president will push to have it start sooner than later. Anything submitted prior to the effective date will be grandfathered in. This does give you plenty of time to get an NFA Trust and use it under the current guidelines. I personally have an NFA Trust through Coyote Rifleworks and have used it on an approved SBR and approved Form1 suppressor and two more SBR’s waiting for approval at the ATF. They offer a professionally drafted NFA Trust, with 24 hour turnaround for just $95. 

Its important to note that none of the recently proposed ATF rulings or Executive Orders will make anyone any safer, nor are they actually aimed at making anyone safer. This is all about tightening restrictions on law abiding citizen gun owners. Our nations politicians and president want to strip us of our right to keep and bear arms and our right to protect ourselves yet they want to keep their armed body guards close at all times so they can feel safe at night. It continues to be more and more important every single day to exercise your 2nd Amendment right as a citizen of the United States of America. 

*Please note I am not a paid representative of Coyote Rifleworks. I have had good success with my NFA Trust from them which is why I tell people about them.

**AR15NEWS is not a law firm and is not authorized to provide legal advice. Please verify that Trusts purchased online are valid in your state.