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SHOT Show 2016 – .300 HogOut by Tracking Point

Posted on January 19th, 2016 by ar15news

Tracking Point Inc, the company best known for it’s computer-aimed-and-fired precision rifles and ARs, has just entered into the .300 Blackout world with their latest offering, the .300 HogOut. Featuring their signature RapidLok Target Aquisition, the new rifle is designed with hogs and other predators in mind, and uses TrackingPoint’s ShotGlass technology. ShotGlass allows you to see the image in the scope without exposing your self, and aim and fire while looking at a tablet or other mobile internet device. The HogOut is priced at $12,995. More information can be found on TrackingPoint’s website at

Tracking Point 300 HogOut 1

Tracking Point 300 HogOut 2

Tracking Point 300 HogOut 3


Special Thanks to Judah and David (TracerX) for the SHOT Show 2016 coverage.

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