3Gun4Vets and the Ulitmate 3-Gun Package Raffle

Anymore there are so many new Veteran’s organizations that it’s hard to really vet each one and make sure they are legit. When one comes with a strong recommendation from an awesome company such as my friends at Seekins Precision it makes a huge difference. This was the case with 3Gun4Vets. They provide combat veterans, past and present the opportunity to become involved in the 3-Gun shooting sport by providing a free 2-day 3-Gun clinic. 3Gun4Vets was started by a service member after discovering the competitive, challenging sport of 3-Gun and seeing how it impacted his return to normal life after deployment. 

Currently 3Gun4Vets is hosting a raffle for the Ultimate 3-Gun Package which includes a Seekins Precision complete rifle, Benelli shotgun, Glock 34 and a ton of other pieces to the perfect kit. Funds from this raffle will go directly towards shipping costs, ammunition, range fees, etc. There are no paid positions at 3Gun4Vets so all of the money raised goes right back into the program to help our veterans. 

3Gun4Vets Ultimate 3Gun package

Tickets for this raffle range from $35-$50 depending on how many you purchase. Winner of the raffle will be drawn on August 20, 2016. This is a great program to support. If you are interested in purchasing some tickets, head on over to https://www.raffleriver.com/app/raffle/4107-3gun4vets-Ultimate-3-Gun-Package/ and show them some love.