NEW! Next Level Armament NLX450 Elite / 450 Bushmaster Rifle

In the state of Michigan, there are restrictions as to where you can and can not hunt with a rifle. There’s a line that stretches across the state and if you live below the line you can not hunt Deer or anything else with a rifle unless it is a .35 caliber or larger rifle loaded with straight-walled cartridges with a minimum case length of 1.16 inches and a maximum case length of 1.80 inches. Unless you own a rifle that meets those criteria you’re basically left with Shotguns, Muzzleloaders and Bow/Crossbows as your hunting options. Thankfully a local Michigan based AR-15 manufacturer, Next Level Armament, has an AR-15 that meets the criteria and packs a massive punch too…the Next Level Armament NLX450 Elite / 450 Bushmaster Rifle!

Next Level Armament NLX450 ELITE rifle 1

Next Level Armament NLX450 ELITE rifle 2

The “Stag” will Include the NLA 450 Muzzle Device, NLA Gas Block, Scythe Ambi Charge Handle, Elite Upper and Lower, Choice of Bolt Carrier, DLC/NIB/NT, UTG Pro Free Float (made in USA), Magpul MOE butt stock, Tromix Barrel with Matching Bolt, NLA extended Mag Release and LBE LPK. As with all our models, many upgrades and changes can be made. Sprinco Red Spring is used in the buffer assy to help tone down the Thump 🙂

Whether you are a hunter here in Michigan or just looking for a heavy hitting rifle, this NLX450 Bushmaster is pretty sick. Pre-orders have started now at just $1250 for the complete unit. Next Level Armament delivers another fully upgraded AR platform with all the options for the cost of many entry level units. You can email Dave@nextlevelmfg.com to reserve yours.