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August 16th, 2016 | Since the Inception of Warrior Culture Gear we have strived to do things differently. To take lessons we had learned throughout the years of working closely in the Tactical/Firearms Industry as well as many other Major Industries and to change the way things were headed, in a direction of Exclusivity, not the inclusiveness we had initially seen and desperately hoped to return to, and with that we have made what we hope is a major step in that very direction.

Starting with the implementation of our very own Print Shop for Warrior Culture Gear in the Summer of 2015 and our recent move into our new 12,000 sq. Ft. facility, we initially worked very closely with Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics and Paul VanDunk Jr. of Pace Precision initially to create a space for the print and distribution of the design work they had in a way that left them with more time to work on their Training but still help push the mindset and Brand they wanted. Word began to spread that we were putting together something special, something not seen in the Industry with one Primary Apparel Brand helping others push their Brand on the same site as well as distributing and printing their Apparel. Soon we were contacted by Jordan Weaver of Black Wolf Inc. as well as Steve Aryan of GreyFox Industries and 2A Athletics and Bob White of Havoc Shooting Solutions who all inquired about printing services. We offered to print but also to take on Distribution of those Designs from our Facility and what began as a simple gesture turned into what we believe is the start of the NEW Industry Standard of Quality and Inclusion of Brands working together for the common good and a common goal.

WCG Brand Shop

We at Warrior Culture Gear Understand the struggles most businesses face when trying to promote and grow what they believe so deeply in. We also understand that to grow you can’t do it alone. This step into something not seen before only shows the willingness of Warrior Culture Gear to continue to innovate and set the new standard for Branding and Apparel in this Industry and Beyond.

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