NEW 🔥🔥 Multitasker Tools Series 3X – AR15-Centric Multitool

We all know there are a TON of multitools out there on the market ranging from cheap and useless to the Swiss Army knife of multitools with so many tools you have no idea what some of them are. For the AR15 owner there we tend to be consumed by our passion for AR15’s and there is absolutely no better multitool for us to have than the Multitasker from Multitasker Tools. The Multitasker is an AR15-centric (AR15 focused) multitool and NOBODY packs the perfect amount of relevant tools into one package like the Multitasker does.

Multitasker Tools Series 3x 1

I’ve been a huge fan of Multitasker Tools for years, in fact I have a pretty impressive collection of them including a Series 2X and Series 3. Now the Multitasker has gotten a bit of an update in the new Series 3X. At first glance you might not see these updates but as always, the man behind Multitasker Tools is always striving for perfection and pushing these to be the best multitools on the planet. The Series 3X upgrades are ….

Improved pliers and frame
Multitasker Tools Series 3x 1

The 3″ D2 knife blade is now PVD coated
Multitasker Tools Series 3x 1

The bit carrier can now hold ALL the supplied bits, including the FSP adjustment tool
Multitasker Tools Series 3x 1

Now don’t worry, the Series 3X still incorporates all of the fan favorite tools such as the AR15 Castle Nut Wrench, 3/8” and 1/2″ hex wrench, Carbon Scraper, Otis Cleaning Tools Attachment, etc.

Multitasker Tools Series 3x 5

Multitasker Tools Series 3x 5

Multitasker Tools Series 3x 5

By now, the AR builder inside you is probably saying “Where does he get those wonderful toys?” and thankfully I have a nice list of retailers who should all have them in-stock and ready to ship. Just pick your favorite retailer from the list below…you can thank me later. 🙂 I put an “**” next to the ones I could verify have them instock now.

Bravo Company USA **
Brownells, Inc.
Rainier Arms
SKD Tactical **
Tactical Distributors **
Weapon Outfitters **

Photos by the one and only Greg Skaz Photography