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Photos of the new Agency Arms “CLASSIFIED” Rifle

Posted on January 27th, 2016 by ar15news

At SHOT Show 2016, Agency Arms announced a partnership between themselves and PWS (Primary Weapon Systems) to offer the Agency Arms Project CLASSIFIED DI rifle. I got permission to share the following photos that as far as I know have not been fully published yet. Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics and Agency Arms said this regarding the new rifle…

“Everybody knows there’s ARs all over the place. Why would you choose one brand over another brand? Quality is quality. But there are features on the AR platform that can be improved and when people get together and start thinking about them they find new ways to do things that some people just didn’t think of before. Some times its a little fix, some times its something potentially revolutionary. Not gonna use the word game changer but what I will say is this rifle brings a lot of value added products to the platform that are gonna be something that you might prefer in a rifle system if you’re looking for a new one.” – Aaron Cowan, Sage Dynamics

Agency Arms Project Classified Rifle 1Agency Arms Project Classified Rifle 2Agency Arms Project Classified Rifle 3

Agency Arms Project Classified Rifle 4

Agency Arms Project Classified Rifle 6

– The upper and lower receiver appear to be billet but it is a lightened forged receiver set.
– 14.5″ 416 Stainless Lithium Isolated Barrel
– Chambered in .223 Wylde with a 1:8 Twist, Medium Weight Profile
– Midlength Gas System
– Ambidextrous controls with ambi mag release, bolt release, short throw ambi safety and charging handle
– CLASSIFIED 13.4″ Rail
– Rail up front features both picatinny and keymod.
– Has a ratcheting castle nut. Can be removed without tools.
– H2 Buffer
– Magpul stock, grip and MBUS PRO sights.
– Will ship with rail scales polymer rail covers
– Dead Air Pyro comp and Flash Hider suppressor mount. Mount is pinned for 16″ OAL.
– ALG Defense ACT Trigger.

The photo below shows a 4 position adjustable DI carrier that allows for suppressed / unsuppressed use or when running different ammunition loads. This rifle is one of the few DI platforms designed from the ground up for suppressed use.

Agency Arms Project Classified Rifle 5

Pre-orders are available and existing Agents have the ability to match their Agent number to their rifle serial number. 

Also included:
Grey Ghost rifle case
G-Code Scorpion Belt pouch
Two ETS clear magazines
RailScales Panels

MSRP $2900

New!! Faxon Firearms Ambi Ejection Port Window Upper

Posted on February 24th, 2015 by ar15news

Just today Faxon Firearms announced it will be replacing their Left Hand ARAK-21 uppers with their new Ambi Ejection Port Window Uppers. Basically that means that all uppers from here on out will all have the ambi window which will allow you to choose between left or right hand eject just based on your mood that day. To switch between left and right hand eject, all you need to do is remove the BCG from your ARAK-21 upper, take out the bolt, rotate the bolt 180 degrees and re-install the bolt and BCG. Faxon Firearms will have bolt on covers that you can install if you want to close off the side of the receiver you are not using. If you currently have an ARAK-21 upper on order with them you can call in and ask them to make sure yours will have the Ambi Ejection Port Window. Another nice thing is that the new feature will not change the standard pricing at all.

Faxon Firearms ARAK-21 ambi upper 1

Faxon Firearms ARAK-21 ambi upper 2

Its official TODAY: the ambidextrous window ARAK-21 is now available for order!

There is no additional charge for the ambi window receivers.

Key points and FAQ’s
1. Customers who have orders who have not shipped may change to an ambi receiver by contacting us. It will delay your shipment.
2. We are currently 3-4 weeks ARO due to backlog
3. Covers for either side are in-production. ETA is about 6 weeks. They will need to be ordered separately.
4. The ambidextrous receiver replaces left-hand eject options. We have a few left-hand only available. Contact us for details.

AR Pistol Build Details and Pictures

Posted on August 4th, 2014 by ar15news

I recently built a new sexy looking AR Pistol that I’ve been taking pictures of and have gotten quite a few questions about what components I used, why I set it up the way I did and how its running so far. Its been a while since I did a “Build Details” article so I figured since so many people were interested in this build I would do one on it. This article will basically be a run down of the different components as well as an explanation of why I used them if needed.

We’ve all seen some AR Pistols that have extremely short barrels/uppers. I tend to not go shorter than a 10.5″ barrel on mine as it’s short enough to make them more compact without sacrificing a ton of accuracy or velocity. This whole build started out with a mid length AERO Precision COP Upper and Forged Lower. This is the second AR I’ve built with this receiver set and I love them.

The Upper, as I mentioned, features an AERO Precision COP mid length upper with a Parallax Tactical TiN BCG, Magpul MBUS Pro sights and Fortis Mfg Hammer charging handle. For the optic I wanted something very small and compact so I went with the Vortex Optics RAZOR and an American Defense Mfg QD mount. The barrel is an ODIN Works 10.5″ .223 Wylde Stainless Steel barrel with a Primary Weapons CQB comp on the end. The combination of a shorter barrel and the CQB comp makes it perfect for a home defense weapon but the ODIN Works barrel definitely holds up to its reputation as a straight shooter and is absolutely capable of hitting longer range targets with ease. I’ll shoot some 100 yard groups soon and do another writeup for you guys on the accuracy of this 10.5″ AR Pistol.

AR Pistol Upper

The lower for this build is an AERO Precision lower that I bought as a set with the upper for this build. Both were Cerakoted Tungsten for a unique look. So far I’ve added a Battle Arms Development BAD-CASS-SA short throw selector and EPS Pins, Phase 5 Weapon Systems Winter Trigger Guard, Magpul K2 grip and an Impact Weapons Components QD End Plate sling mount. There is a new ALG Defense ACT trigger waiting for it down stairs that I need to install.

Another feature that should be standard on ALL AR Pistols is the combination of a Sig Sauer SB15 Arm Brace and an SB15 specific buffer tube such as the KAK Industry Super Sig Tube or Phase 5 Hex-2.  These buffer tubes push the SB15 further away from the receiver making the setup a bit more comfortable to shoulder (Shouldering the Sig SB15 is legal according to the ATF). For this build I installed the KAK Super Sig Tube and its awesome. You can even get an adjustment kit of rings that you slide on before installing the SB15 to adjust how far back it sits.

You also might notice the MagPod on the magazine. These will be available for purchase very soon!

AR Pistol Lower

The part I get questions about the most is the business end of the upper. Most people seem to really like this setup so here is a pretty detailed look at it. One of the other reasons I like muzzle devices like the CQB comp is that you can put a light right up to the end of the muzzle and not worry so much about it getting damaged in the blast of the rifle or coated in carbon. My setup consists of a Magpul AFG and a Haley Strategic Partners Thorntail Offset Mount with an INFORCE WML mounted on it. The Thorntail Offset Mount is made by Impact Weapons Components for HSP and is an awesome mount for the WML. It has four slots to mount the WML on and can even be mounted cantilevered like mine is.

IWC HSP Thorntail Offset Light Mount 1

As you can see the WML is pushed out almost to the tip of the muzzle. Pushing it further forward not only reduces shadowing in the light beam but also gives you a lot more real-estate to put your hand on a shorter rail. 

IWC HSP Thorntail Offset Light Mount 1

The next few pictures will show you a detailed look at the complete setup and hand position. While using the AFG I like to put my thumb on top of the rail for a solid grip. To activate the light, all you need to do is slide your thumb to the left and the activation button is right there. This is a very effective and comfortable setup.

IWC HSP Thorntail Offset Light Mount 1IWC HSP Thorntail Offset Light Mount 1IWC HSP Thorntail Offset Light Mount 1IWC HSP Thorntail Offset Light Mount 1

If you like this light setup and want to put it on your rifle or pistol build, I would recommend checking out They have the HSP Thorntail Offset Mount, Magpul AFG grip and INFORCE WML light all in-stock. Plus, if you use the discount code “ar15news” at checkout you’ll save 5% off your entire order. 

This is definitely my favorite AR Pistol build to date. After a few hundred rounds so far I can tell you it runs like a champ and is absolutely a blast to shoot. The bolt holds open on empty mag, no Failure to Eject, no Failure to Feed, etc. Just an all around accurate AR Pistol that I would not hesitate to grab when my life depended on it. 

IWC HSP Thorntail Offset Light Mount 1 IWC HSP Thorntail Offset Light Mount 1

AERO Precision
ALG Defense
American Defense Mfg
Battle Arms Development
Fortis Manufacturing
Impact Weapons Components

KAK Industry
ODIN Works
Parallax Tactical
Phase 5 Weapon Systems
Primary Weapons Systems
Sig Sauer
Vortex Optics

Sweet Deal!! AERO Precision Complete COP Pistol/SBR Upper

Posted on December 28th, 2013 by ar15news

AERO Precision has just introduced their new Complete COP (Continuous Optics Platform) Pistol/SBR Upper receiver and are opening ordering up with a special introductory price. These uppers come complete as described with COP Upper, Charging Handle, BCG, 7.5″ Barrel and a KVP Linear Comp. I am a huge fan of the COP upper. The one I own is easily one of, if not my favorite upper in my arsenal. Normal retail on this upper starts at $795 but for a limited time will be starting at just $715.50 for a standard Black Anodized Minimalist Kit. Other options are available as well such FDE and Titanium Cerakote. Check out the new AERO Precision Upper Receiver section at

620 AERO Precision COP Complete Upper

–  7.5″ Barrel, 1 in 9 twist, 5.56 chamber
–  8620 Bolt Carrier, 9310 Bolt, HPT/MPI
–  Kaw Valley Precision linear compensator, designed to direct muzzle noise away from shooter
–  Compatible with Mil – STD AR15 components
–  7075-T6 forged aluminum construction
–  Extremely rigid user configured rail system
–  Dedicated thumb perch for improved ergonomics when gripping the magwell with the weak hand
–  All kit components made in the USA Small Made in USA flag
–  All NFA Rules Apply

AERO Precision COP Upper – Detailed Installation Review

Posted on July 17th, 2013 by ar15news

A while back I talked to the guys at AERO Precision about purchasing one of their COP (Continuous Optics Platform) Uppers. They actually were very interested in having me do a detailed installation review with lots of pictures and instructions. So here it is. Just a warning…there are lots of pics. 🙂 As with all weapons, be careful and make sure it is unloaded prior to handling. 

The AERO Precision COP Upper is a modular kit that comes in a big white flat box. Inside the box is pretty much everything you will need to assemble the upper with the exception of a few torque wrenches.

AERO Precision COP Upper Installation AR15NEWS 1

The actual upper receiver itself features a monolithic modular rail system which is where it gets the name COP or Continuous Optics Platform. The COP is different than most other “monolithic” systems in that the top 50% of the rail area is monolithic while the lower 50% of is modular as you can see in the pictures below. It also comes complete with Forward Assist and Dust Cover already installed.

AERO Precision COP Upper Installation AR15NEWS 1 

AERO Precision COP Upper Installation AR15NEWS 1

AERO Precision COP Upper Installation AR15NEWS 1 

If you flip the receiver upside down you’ll see that there are screw holes which is how you mount the different sections to the upper receiver.

AERO Precision COP Upper Installation AR15NEWS 1 

Inside of the box you’ll find a proprietary barrel nut, barrel nut wrench, a spacer for your gas block, T-25 Torx Screwdriver and a bunch of Torx Screws.  Go ahead and pull these out and set aside where you can get to them easily since you will need them throughout the installation.

AERO Precision COP Upper Installation AR15NEWS 1 

Now we get to the fun part. As I already mentioned, the COP is modular so that means it comes with a bunch of different parts for different configurations. The first thing you’ll need to do is grab the wider sections that are the framework of the lower 50% of the rail (pictured below). You now have to choose what type of rail system you want.

AERO Precision COP Upper Installation AR15NEWS 1 

As you’ll see in the next few pictures you will choose a bottom section (piece with the rounded tab on one end) and the two side sections. Your choices are 1913 Picatinny, Combination (part Picatinny and part Smooth) or Smooth. You can choose to do them all the same or mix them up. So for instance, if you wanted the combination sections on the side but all smooth on the lower section, you can do that. They also can go on either side so you can put the QD cup on the side you will use.

AERO Precision COP Upper Installation AR15NEWS 1AERO Precision COP Upper Installation AR15NEWS 1AERO Precision COP Upper Installation AR15NEWS 1

AERO Precision COP Upper Installation AR15NEWS 1

For this installation I chose to go with all Picatinny sections. I’ve laid all of the parts out on the table so you can see what all you should have now. The Upper, the 2 frame pieces, 3 rail sections (1 bottom and 2 sides) a bag of screws, the barrel nut and wrench.

AERO Precision COP Upper Installation AR15NEWS 1

At this point you will install the barrel. AERO Precision recommends greasing the threads of the receiver prior to installing the barrel and barrel nut. The next step is to slide the barrel nut, threads first, over the muzzle and down to the receiver end of the barrel. You are now ready to insert the barrel into the receiver and finger tighten the barrel nut. Now attach the supplied barrel nut wrench to a torque wrench and tighten to 55 ft-lb. The nice part is the barrel nut does not have to be indexed to clear the gas tube. NOTE: the barrel wrench must be fully seated on the barrel nut lugs, failure to do so can, in rare cases, result in wrench breakage! 

AERO Precision COP Upper Installation AR15NEWS 1

You are now ready to install the gas block and gas tube. I will assume you have already assembled the gas block and gas tube. Slide the gas block over the barrel and insert the gas tube into the receiver. You can use the supplied gas block spacer if you choose to for barrels that previously had a handguard cap on them. Tighten the gas block and you’re done.

AERO Precision COP Upper Installation AR15NEWS 1

Now grab the lower rail section you chose and the two frame sections. You will also need the T-25 Torx Screw Driver and 4 screws.

AERO Precision COP Upper Installation AR15NEWS 1

You need to set the three sections together to form the lower half of the rail. Insert the screws and tighten. You should now have something similar to the images below.

AERO Precision COP Upper Installation AR15NEWS 1

AERO Precision COP Upper Installation AR15NEWS 1

Now take the lower half and mate it to the upper that you’ve previously assembled.

AERO Precision COP Upper Installation AR15NEWS 1

Now if you flip the upper belly up you’ll be able to insert the side rail sections and screw it all together. Don’t forget to install the screw on the side just in front of the pivot pin. Now go through and make sure all of these screws are tightened down to 25 in-lbs. Don’t torque them over 40 in-lbs. as it could strip the screw holes.

AERO Precision COP Upper Installation AR15NEWS 1

AERO Precision COP Upper Installation AR15NEWS 1

AERO Precision COP Upper Installation AR15NEWS 1

AERO Precision COP Upper Installation AR15NEWS 1

You have now completed the installation/assembly of your AERO Precision COP Upper. I’ve included a few pictures below of the completed product.

AERO Precision COP Upper Installation AR15NEWS 1

AERO Precision COP Upper Installation AR15NEWS 1

AERO Precision COP Upper Installation AR15NEWS 1

AERO Precision COP Upper Installation AR15NEWS 1

Overall, this was a very easy installation. I honestly couldn’t be happier with the quality of the product that AERO Precision is putting out. Of all of the guns I’ve put together, this is one of my all time favorites. If you noticed in the picture above, the monolithic design allows me to mount my optic further forward without worrying about loss of zero as the rail heats up. The upper and lower are both AERO Precision and match perfectly. This definitely wont be my last all AERO build. They just started offering Cerakoted Receivers in FDE and OD Green so you know whats coming. If you are getting ready for another build, this is one setup I would recommend checking out. For more information or to purchase a COP Upper for yourself, head on over to

If you have any questions or comments regarding this build, feel free to email me HERE.

Faxon Firearms ARAK-21 Complete Upper

Posted on July 11th, 2013 by ar15news

To say that I want an ARAK-21 upper from Faxon Firearms is quite the understatement. The ARAK-21 is a Piston Driven upper receiver that fits any mil-spec AR15 lower receiver. You might be asking yourself, “What’s the big deal?” but there are many differences between the ARAK-21 and your normal AR15 Piston upper. Most Piston uppers require the use of a Buffer Tube, Buffer and Buffer Spring. They would also typically require the use of a rear charging handle. The ARAK-21’s self contained design means you don’t need any of that. When the weapon is fired the bolt travels inside the upper and never exits the rear of the upper like an AR15 which opens up so many possibilities for finishing off your build. The ARAK-21 features a monolithic style handguard/rail system and has a non-reciprocating forward mounted Side Charging Handle that can be swapped to either side. Basically, if you took the best parts of an AK, SCAR and AR15 and created one complete upper you would have the ARAK-21 upper. This may very well be my next upper. I’m liking it more and more as I watch the video and look at the pics below that my good friends at Defense Marketing Group put together. Check it out!

Faxon Firearms ARAK-21 1 620

Faxon Firearms ARAK-21 2 620

Faxon Firearms ARAK-21 2 620

Faxon Firearms ARAK-21 2 620

For more information on this awesome upper head on over to FaxonFirearms.comKeep an eye on Defense Marketing Group for additional coverage of the ARAK-21 upper.  

Innovative Arms, a Silencer manufacturer from South Carolina, has recently announced their new upper receiver called the W.A.R. which stands for Warfighter Adjustable Receiver.  The W.A.R. Upper was designed to address some of the issues that are typically accepted as just part of the game when shooting a suppressed weapon.  The W.A.R. is the first receiver ever that allows you to switch between Suppressed and Un-Suppressed modes at the receiver instead of using the adjustable gas blocks.  

Continue reading “Innovative Arms W.A.R. Upper Receiver for Suppressed Rifles” »



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