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Today we finally got some good intel on the new Northtech Defense barrels we’ve been patiently waiting for. I’ve talked to Dustin at NTD quite a few times and, like the mad scientist he is, he’s been fine tuning these things for months. Rainier Arms will get the introductory first run of barrels which will be offered in both a 10.5″ and 16″ length with the option of a 1/7 or 1/8 twist. All of the barrels will be made of 416R Stainless Steel with 5 cut ultra-precision button rifling and chambered in .223 Wylde which is a hybrid chamber that helps increase the accuracy of a 5.56 NATO bullet. These barrels should shoot lights out. The 16″ barrel even comes with a SUB-MOA Guarantee, no questions asked. If you’re an AR owner you know you’re already thinking about building another rifle. Definitely put one of these barrels on your list of ones to check out. Plenty of pics and details listed below. I’ve also put links to the individual pages for purchase info as well. Get ready to take advantage of these awesome introductory prices as soon as the status changes to “In-Stock” which should happen some time later today.

NORTHTECH DEFENSE Ultra Precision 10.5″ .223 Wylde Barrel

Northtech Defense 10.5 barrel 1 Northtech Defense 10.5 barrel 1

NORTHTECH DEFENSE Fluted Ultra Precision 16″ .223 Wylde Barrel

Northtech Defense 16 inch barrel 3

Northtech Defense 16 inch barrel 3

Northtech Defense 10.5″ and Fluted 16″ Ultra Precision .223 Wylde Stainless Steel Barrel Details

-  Made from the best barrel blanks in the industry, crafted entirely in the state of Oregon.
-  416R Stainless Steel. Certified barrel quality material grade, heat treated and stress relieved
-  Carbine Length Gas on 10.5″ and Mid Length Gas on the 16″
-  5 cut ultra-precision button rifling, which has been proven to perform to the highest levels of shooting accuracy in the industry
-  Each barrel extension is precision matched to each barrel. After the chamber is cut, the entire unit is then checked for proper headspace to a master bolt face in order to pass inspection prior to shipment.
-  Extended M4 feed ramps
-  NTD logo precision CNC engraved on each side of the muzzle end
-  Fine bead blasted and precision fluted.
-  1/2×28 muzzle threads
-  Northtech Defense signature barrel contour
-  Weight: 10.5″ = 20.625 ounces, 16″ = 32.2 ounces
-  Choose from 1:7 Twist or 1:8 Twist

Each and every Northtech Defense barrel is made with the highest level of accuracy during the machining process. The barrel is chambered and chamber polished and head spaced to a master bolt face with barrel extension individually matched to each barrel. It’s also precision crowned. The rifle blank is precision gun drilled, lapped and rifled utilizing 5L rifling that has been proven to produce the highest level of shooting accuracy in the industry. Our barrels are guaranteed to shoot sub-MOA or your money back, no questions asked.

Faxon Firearms Std AR-15 Barrels Now Available for Purchase

Posted on March 22nd, 2014 by ar15news

Faxon Firearms is well known for their innovative piston driven upper receiver called the ARAK-21. They’ve now taken their firearms manufacturing expertise to a whole new arena which is producing very nice barrels at a price that any DIY AR builder can afford. They currently have 3 different barrels to choose from. Two of them are CMV barrels (one 14.5″ Mid Length and one 16″ M4 Profile) that are Black Nitride coated. The other is a beautiful 16″ 416R Stainless Steel barrel with fluting in front and behind the gas seat. The barrels are proof tested and Magnetic Particle Inspected and made right here in the USA at Faxon Firearms from high quality solid bar stock. Take a look at the pics and details below. All three barrels are available for purchase at

620 Faxon Firearms AR15 CMV Midlength barrel Final


AR-15 5.56 NATO – 14.5″  -  Just $145
• Barrel Material: Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel
• Barrel Type: Button Rifled
• Barrel Caliber: 5.56 NATO
• Barrel Twist: 1:7
• Barrel Length: 14.5″
• Barrel Profile: Rifle Profile
• Barrel Gas System: Mid-Length
• Inside Finish: “Black Nitride”
• Outside Finish: “Black Nitride”
• Muzzle Thread: 1/2-28 TPI (Threads Per Inch)
• Gas Block Diameter: .750″
• Gas Port Diameter: .076″
• Barrel Extension: M4
• Weight: 2 lbs

620 Faxon Firearms AR15 CMV M4 barrel Final


AR-15 5.56 NATO M4 Profile 16″  -  Just $145
• Barrel Material: Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel
• Barrel Type: Button Rifled
• Barrel Caliber: 5.56 NATO
• Barrel Twist: 1:7
• Barrel Length: 16″
• Barrel Profile: M4 Profile
• Barrel Gas System: Carbine
• Inside Finish: “Black Nitride”
• Outside Finish: “Black Nitride”
• Muzzle Thread: 1/2-28 TPI (Threads Per Inch)
• Gas Block Diameter: .750″
• Gas Port Diameter: .062″
• Barrel Extension: M4

• Weight: 1 lbs 12 oz

620 Faxon Firearms AR15 416R SS Fluted barrel Final

AR-15 5.56 NATO Stainless Fluted 16″  -  Just $209
• Barrel Material: 416R Stainless 
• Barrel Type: Button Rifled 
• Barrel Caliber: 5.56 NATO
• Barrel Twist: 1:8
• Barrel Length: 16″
• Barrel Profile: Heavy-Fluted
• Barrel Gas System: Mid-Length
• Inside Finish: “Blasted”
• Outside Finish: “Raw”
• Muzzle Thread: 1/2-28 TPI (Threads Per Inch)
• Gas Block Diameter: .750″
• Gas Port Diameter: .062″
• Barrel Extension: M4
• Weight: 1 lbs 12 oz


NEW!! AERO Precision 16″ M4 5.56 Barrel

Posted on February 14th, 2014 by ar15news

Some of you guys might remember back when AERO Precision was mainly known for their lowers and what was back then an elusive COP Upper. Well, those days seem to be a very distant memory anymore. AERO Precision now is churning out multiple different types of Lowers, Uppers, COP uppers, Scope Mounts, Buffer Tubes, Complete Uppers on a very regular basis and now they are introducing their own 16″ M4 profile 5.56 barrel. These barrels feature a QPQ finish which is another term for Nitride. This gives the barrels much better corrosion resistance so you can even shoot all the corrosive ammo you want. This would make a great barrel for your new upper build and at just $195 with FREE SHIPPING, it won’t break the bank either. These are available for purchase now at

620 AERO Precision M4 Profile Barrel 2

620 AERO Precision M4 Profile Barrel 2

Our AR15 barrels help you to build a custom AR15 from the ground up. Mil-spec dimensions and coating ensure the highest quality and correct component interface.

- 16″ barrel, M4 profile, 5.56 chamber, 1 in 7 twist
- 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium, QPQ corrosion resistant finish
- .750 gas block journal, .0635 gas port
- Carbine length gas system
- M4 barrel extension
- HP and MPI tested
- 28 oz

NEW!! Limited Edition Hex Shaped 300BLK Barrel

Posted on February 10th, 2014 by ar15news

Every once in a while a new product comes across that really catches your attention. The new Limited Edition Hex shaped 300BLK barrel from VooDoo Innovations is one of those things. It’s basically a hex shaped barrel that instead of having machined fluting length wise on the barrel it features more of a circular fluting giving it a very unique look to say the least. There are only 100 of these awesome barrels being made. Pictures and details are shown below. Be one of the lucky ones and snag one of these barrels before they are all gone.

620 VooDoo Innovations 300BLK Hex Barrel 1 620 VooDoo Innovations 300BLK Hex Barrel 1 620 VooDoo Innovations 300BLK Hex Barrel 1

Prototype, limited run of only 100
-  16″ Barrel
-  .750 Shoulder
-  1:12 Twist
-  Hex Fluted 4150 CM Melonited (inside and out)
-  Chambered 300BLK
-  Weight: 1.719 lbs

NEW!! CIV Tactical Match, 3-Gun and SPR Barrels

Posted on January 28th, 2014 by ar15news

If you’ve been around for a while it won’t surprise you to hear me speak highly of CIV Tactical. The owner, Dustin, is one of those guys who looks at Gunsmithing as a form of art and has made a very reputable name for himself. CIV Tactical doesn’t cut corners and only offers the best of the best gunsmithing. A few months ago he let me know he was going to start making his very own CIV Tactical Match barrels and the each barrel would come with a matched and headspaced bolt. I knew from personal experience with CIV Tactical products that this was going to be a barrel to wait for. The wait is finally over!

CIV Tactical Match Barrels 3

Each CIV Tactical Match barrel is hand made from a Shilen stainless steel blank. Dustin profiles the barrels, threads and hand chambers the barrels in .223 Wylde. Bolts are then hand picked and matched to each barrel to the tightest SAAMI specs allowed. All chambers are hand polished and the muzzles are crowned, polished and lapped. All of this creates an amazingly accurate barrel. You can also pick from Machine Polished, Bead Blast (Matte) and Cerakote finishes.

620 CIV Tactical Match Barrels 2

Available barrels will be 20″, 18″, 16″ and 10.5″ with 14.5 inch, 13.7 inch and 7.5 inch coming soon. Both 1/8 and 1/9 twists available.  

620 CIV Tactical Match Barrels 1

The guys at CIV Tactical are working on adding the new Match barrels to as we speak but they can already be ordered by contacting them directly. For more information on a specific barrel or to discuss a custom barrel order, email Dustin at  

NEW!! Complete 5.45×39 Conversion Kit from VooDoo Innovations

Posted on January 26th, 2014 by ar15news

About 4 weeks ago we introduced you guys to the really nice new 5.45×39 Melonite treated barrel from VooDoo Innovations which is the sister company to Adams Arms. I was personally excited about this as I’ve been considering building a 5.45×39 upper. You’re probably wondering “Why 5.45×39?”. The biggest reason is that you can find this ammo for around 15 cents per round which is less than half the price of any 5.56/.223 ammo you can find right now. The biggest hold back was finding all of the additional components needed to do the conversion which consists of a new Barrel, Flash Hider, 5.45 Magazine and the hardest to find part which is the 5.45 Bolt. With the new 5.45 Conversion Kit from VooDoo Innovations you don’t have to do any additional shopping.

Voodoo Innovation banner

The kit has a new Barrel (Carbine or Mid), Flash Hider, 5.45 Magazine and Bolt plus it includes an Extra Power Hammer Spring to ensure proper ignition with each trigger pull. The Melonite treatment to the Barrel (inside and out) and the Flash Hider prevents corrosion from the corrosive Russian ammo which makes it so you don’t have to rush home and clean your gun after every trip to the range. 

Voodoo Innovation 5.45 Complete Conversion Kit 620

As I mentioned when we introduced the barrels, this is a great way to save some money at the range. The more you shoot the quicker you will be able to recoup your initial investment in converting/building a 5.45 upper. I personally will be using this exact kit to build a brand new upper. This will be my first experience with an AR in this caliber and I am very excited to give you guys a full review of how it goes. However, you don’t have to wait on me. This new kit as well as the individual barrels can be purchased online at

You’ll also want to “LIKE” the VooDoo Innovations Facebook page as they continue to bring exciting new products to the market. Be on the lookout for our 5.45×39 build and review. 



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