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It’s Back!! Rainier Arms Upper Receiver Combo Deal

Posted on March 31st, 2014 by ar15news

Awhile back Rainier Arms came out with a great combo set which included their high quality mil spec M4 Forged Upper Receiver (includes forward assist and dust cover), a Rainier Arms Raptor ambi charging handle and a Rainier Arms Full Auto BCG. By bundling these together you can save over $50 on some really high quality parts for your build. At that time these sold out really fast. Just the other day I received an email saying they are back in-stock. This is the perfect way to start off a really high quality upper build. Check out the pics and details below. This upper combo can be purchased right now at

Rainier Arms Forged Upper Raptor Charging Handle Thunderbolt BCG 1 Rainier Arms Forged Upper Raptor Charging Handle Thunderbolt BCG 1

Introducing our Rainier Arms Upper Package. We have combined our Rainier Arms forged mil-spec upper receiver, Rainier Arms Raptor™, and Rainier Arms BCG phosphate to help our customers in completing their builds.

Upper Receiver Features:
-  Made from 7075 – T6 aluminum
-  Type III hard coat anodized
-  Matte black finish
-  Dry lube coating: Inside to reduce wear and adds lubricity
-  “T – Marked” engraved
-  M4 Feed Ramp

BCG Features:
-  Full Auto Carrier
-  Heat Treated
-  MP Tested Bolt
-  Shot Peened

NEW!! AIM Surplus NiB .308 BCG – $190

Posted on March 21st, 2014 by ar15news

AIM Surplus has just introduced a new Nickel Boron coated .308 BCG for just $190 with FREE SHIPPING. This BCG has a 9310 Bolt and 8620 Carrier. The Carrier is a DPMS pattern carrier. These look like great BCG’s and you can’t beat the price. Take a look at the specs and pictures below then head on over to to order one for yourself. 

620 AIM 308 BDG BCG 1

620 AIM 308 BDG BCG 1a

AIM .308/7.62×51 Caliber BDG Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Groups. A great BCG at an even better price! We are having these built to our exacting Standards. The Bolt is shot peened and manufactured out of 9310 Steel with a 4140 Billet Extractor. The 8620 Carrier is the more common DPMS pattern. The 4140 Gas Key is Hardened to USGI Specifications and fastened to the carrier using Grade 8 Hardware and then properly staked. The entire Bolt Carrier Group is then coated in Nickel Boron the ultimate finish in durability and ease of cleaning.

Great BCG Deals at Predator Armament – Plus FREE SHIPPING

Posted on February 25th, 2014 by ar15news

My buddy Jesse over at Predator Armament sent me an email yesterday asking if I was interested in posting a special deal just for our AR15NEWS readers and of course I said Yes! Predator Armament has been a partner with us for a long time and they really like you guys. Basically they bought a bunch of really nice M16/AR15 Full Auto Bolt Carrier Groups from ARES Armor. These are in-stock and ready to ship. You can choose between a Phosphate model for just $85 or a Nickel Boron model for just $120. A lot of companies will show a great sale price but then make up for it when they gouge you with the shipping cost. Predator Armament has given us FREE SHIPPING from now through Wednesday unless they sell out of these BCGs before then. Whichever way you go you’re getting a great BCG. Check out the pics and details below, then head on over to Predator Armament at the links below to purchase yours before they’re all gone.

Phosphate M16 FA BCG  -  $85 Shipped

ARES Armor Phosphate M16 FA BCG

The Bolt Carrier Group is compatible with AR-15, M16, and M4 rifles and manufactured to Mil-Spec. The Ares Armor BCG features a Bolt Carrier manufactured with 8620 heat treated steel that has a chrome lined interior and parkerized exterior. The Bolt is 9310 heat treated steel. The Gas Key is chrome lined, heat treated, and staked. The Bolt and Extractor are Shot Peened. A Crane O Ring increases tension on extractor improving overall function. Perfectly legal for AR-15 Semi-Auto Rifles. This is a great BCG as an affordable alternative to the NiB BCG.

Nickel Boron M16 FA BCG  -  $120 Shipped

ARES Armor Nickel Boron M16 FA BCG

The Ares Armor M16 Bolt Carrier Group is compatible with AR-15 rifles. The full auto bolt carrier group is mil-spec and the carrier is manufactured with heat treated 8620 Alloy Steel with Nickel Boron Coating. The Bolt is heat treated 9310 Alloy steel. The Gas Key is heat treated and properly staked. Shot peened bolt and extractor. Comes with Crane O Ring, which increases tension on the extractor to improve overall function.

*Just as an FYI.  The ARES Armor website does say that approximately 20% of all Bolts are LOT MP tested during the manufacturing process. However the Bolts are NOT marked MP.


On Sale!! Rainier Arms NiB and Phosphate 5.56/.223 Bolts

Posted on January 30th, 2014 by ar15news

Out of all of the different parts of an AR that can let you down and fail during a class, range session or worse, the bolt is one of the most common parts to have issues. Could be bad gas rings, extractor issues, broken bolt lugs, etc. Most issues are fixable but its always nice to have an extra bolt or two with you just in case. Rainier Arms has a couple of really nice bolts on sale right now. One is a black Manganese Phosphate & MP Inspected 9310 bolt. The other is basically the same thing but it’s Nickel Boron coated. If you need a good quality bolt you should definitely check these out while they’re on sale at the links below.

AR15 Bolt – 5.56 NATO

Rainier Arms Phosphate Bolt

AR15 Bolt – 5.56 NATO Nickel Boron

Rainier Arms Nickel Boron Bolt

NEW!! Complete 5.45×39 Conversion Kit from VooDoo Innovations

Posted on January 26th, 2014 by ar15news

About 4 weeks ago we introduced you guys to the really nice new 5.45×39 Melonite treated barrel from VooDoo Innovations which is the sister company to Adams Arms. I was personally excited about this as I’ve been considering building a 5.45×39 upper. You’re probably wondering “Why 5.45×39?”. The biggest reason is that you can find this ammo for around 15 cents per round which is less than half the price of any 5.56/.223 ammo you can find right now. The biggest hold back was finding all of the additional components needed to do the conversion which consists of a new Barrel, Flash Hider, 5.45 Magazine and the hardest to find part which is the 5.45 Bolt. With the new 5.45 Conversion Kit from VooDoo Innovations you don’t have to do any additional shopping.

Voodoo Innovation banner

The kit has a new Barrel (Carbine or Mid), Flash Hider, 5.45 Magazine and Bolt plus it includes an Extra Power Hammer Spring to ensure proper ignition with each trigger pull. The Melonite treatment to the Barrel (inside and out) and the Flash Hider prevents corrosion from the corrosive Russian ammo which makes it so you don’t have to rush home and clean your gun after every trip to the range. 

Voodoo Innovation 5.45 Complete Conversion Kit 620

As I mentioned when we introduced the barrels, this is a great way to save some money at the range. The more you shoot the quicker you will be able to recoup your initial investment in converting/building a 5.45 upper. I personally will be using this exact kit to build a brand new upper. This will be my first experience with an AR in this caliber and I am very excited to give you guys a full review of how it goes. However, you don’t have to wait on me. This new kit as well as the individual barrels can be purchased online at

You’ll also want to “LIKE” the VooDoo Innovations Facebook page as they continue to bring exciting new products to the market. Be on the lookout for our 5.45×39 build and review. 

**Great Deal** AIM Surplus FA BCG – $79.95 Shipped

Posted on January 19th, 2014 by ar15news

I’ve seen some really nice deals lately for BCG’s but this one is awesome. AIM Surplus always has some great deals up their sleeves. Right now they are having some M16/AR-15 (full auto cut) BCG’s made to their specs which includes a 9310 Bolt; 8620 Chrome lined carrier and gas key; Properly staked investment cast gas key hardened to USGI specifications fastened with Hardened Grade 8 Fasteners; Shot peened MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspected) Bolt and an Extractor O-Ring upgrade with Black Insert. With all of these high quality components you would expect to pay more but AIM is offering this BDG-BCG (budget version with no laser etched logos) for just $79.95 with FREE SHIPPING. Now that’s a deal you don’t want to miss out on. Purchase now at

620 AIM AR15 M16 BDG BCG 1



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