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Gear Sector recently introduced their new Mod3 1913 Rail Mount Offset QD Socket. Gear Sector is known for making high quality, battle proven products and the Mod3 builds on that reputation. By offsetting the QD socket they were able to make it about half as wide as their original sling mount and also makes a more low profile design. Weight was reduced by 30% for the Mod3 with the weight coming in at less than 1/2 of an ounce including mounting hardware which is pretty impressive.

Gear Sector Offset QD 1 copy

These offset QD Sockets work great for adjusting where on your rail your 2-point sling attaches. The mount is low profile enough that you can easily run it on the top rail section without it being in the way at all or could be mounted in either direction on any rail section to accommodate grips, etc. I placed mine on the top rail section just to the rear of where my support hand grips the rail as you can see in the pictures below.

Gear Sector Offset QD 1 copy

Gear Sector Offset QD 1 copy

The Patented Pending Gear Sector™ Rail Mount Offset QD Socket provides a forward mounting location for those who wish to utilize our two or three point sling with our QD push button adapter. It can also be used with a variety of other quick detach push button swivels commercially available. We designed the mount to fit perfectly flush with the Tango Down® rail panels to provide an uninterrupted rail space. The socket was designed and machined to prevent rotation which in turn prevents your sling from becoming twisted. It offsets the quick detach swivel 45 degrees allowing the weapon to hang more naturally when slung across the chest in a ready position. It comes complete with all mounting hardware, screws, hex keys, and Vibra-Tite® to make installation fast and easy. Mod 3 components feature a 30% reduction in weight; an 1144 StressProof® heat treated full width steel index, as well as the ability to index your swivel in 8 different clock positions!


The Gear Sector™ Rail Mount Offset QD Socket is constructed using multiple base materials and is precision CNC machined from billet stock. Material and finish processes are outlined below:

–  Base Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
–  Base Finish: Military Specification ( MIL-A-8625F ) Type III, Class II Hard Coat
–  Index Material: 1144 StressProof® heat treated steel
–  Index Finish: Nitrocarburising by Nitrotec®
–  Weight: 0.48 ozs.
–  Compliance: 100% Berry Amendment Compliant
–  Origin: Proudly Made in the USA

The new Gear Sector Rail Mount Offset QD Sockets are now available for purchase at They also have a ton of other accessories such as my personal favorite Short Vertical Grip and an awesome Hand Stop. Be sure to head on over and check out the awesomeness.

Impact Weapons Components is going to be very much loved by all of the people who have purchased the Centurion Arms CMR rail. All anyone is asking is “Where are all of the CMR accessories?” which is very understandable. Centurion Arms is in the process of moving their entire operation from California to Indiana so new accessories are a bit out. Thankfully Impact Weapons Components is always on the lookout for an opportunity to introduce a product that fills the void in the market. They’ve just introduced the new 1913 Offset Light Mount for the Centurion Arms CMR rail and it retails for just $50. This same mount is also available for LMT’s LR8 MRP. Check out the pics and details below. Purchase one for yourself at Don’t forget to use the code “ar15news” at checkout to save 5%.

620 08-06-13 Centurion Stick

Ambidextrous and Cantilevered 1913 Picatinny Rail design provides 2 different mounting positions and 4 additional adjustments fore / aft on CMR & LM8 Forends. This enables the Operator to position any 1913 rail mounted weaponlight up to several inches beyond the end of the forend or rail system allowing the shooter to place the support hand farther forward on the weapon, improving the shooter’s control, speed and accuracy while increasing usable space for attaching IR devices, lasers, grips, etc.

45 Degree Offset design places the bezel of the weaponlight to reduce barrel shadowing during critical low light situations.

CMR LM8 1913 Offset Adaptive Light MOUNT-N-SLOT is CNC machined from BILLET 6061-T6, Black Anodize TYPE III to MIL-A-8625F and 100% Berry Amendment Compliant.

Package comes complete with the necessary instructions, tools and hardware required to attach your light to your weapon. No Gunsmithing required.

100% LIFETIME WARRANTY. PERIOD. Return for full refund.

MADE BY AMERICANS at Impact Weapons Components in Colorado!

620 IWC CMR Offset Light Mount 2

IWC CMR Offset Light Mount 1

With the new Magpul MS3 QD shipping to dealers, there will undoubtedly be many people putting their barely used Magpul MS3 Gen1 on the shelf and spending another $60 to get the new QD version.  Normally I’m telling you guys to go buy the latest and greatest but I personally would rather try to upgrade my Gen1 MS3 at a cheaper price.  Now what I’m going to show you below is not rocket science nor is it my idea.  I just think without actually showing how simple yet effective it is many people will just buy the new MS3 QD.  I told you guys last week about the new Damage Industries D Loop QD sling attachments that they came out with.  I took the pictures below to show you guys how well they worked with my Magpul MS3 Gen1 to create my own version of an MS3 QD.  The new “D” shaped ring on these QD’s makes more of a difference than I had originally anticipated.  The sling doesn’t feel like its binding up or fighting against the QD because it stays in the smooth arched area of the ring instead of twisting and slipping from one side to the other as with a standard Webbing Ring QD.  Check out the pics below!    Continue reading “Upgrade Your Magpul MS3 To MS3 QD On The Cheap” »

This new “D” Ring QD Sling Swivel is a prime example of a company listening to their customers requests and then following through by producing exactly what they asked for.  I’ve been wishing someone would come out with this exact product for quite some time now and its great to see it finally available.  Out of all of the slings I own only two of them actually come with QD’s actually built in but rather use some type of hook attachment point like the Magpul MS3 Gen1’s ParaClip.  Many people opt to add a QD to the existing attachment point to make it a QD sling.  The only issue is that the QD’s tend to bind up with the end of the sling as the hook/clip slide back and forth on the QD loop as they were designed for use with Nylon Webbing.  The new “D” Ring should make using QD’s attached to the end of your sling a much more pleasant experience.  Check out the pics and details below!  Continue reading “NEW!! Damage Industries “D” Ring QD Sling Swivels” »

They say variety is the spice of life and that’s definitely the case with AR-15 Accessories.  Damage Industries has been releasing some really nice new accessories lately and these new Single Point Adjustable QD Slings are another great, inexpensive option for those looking for a new sling.  They come in Khaki, Ranger Green, MultiCam and Black.  One cool thing that is important to point out is that these are American Made and are 100% Berry Amendment Compliant.  This typically translates to a much higher price but Damage Industries has managed to keep the cost down to less than $40.  Check out the pics and details below!  Continue reading “NEW!! Single Point Adjustable QD Slings from Damage Industries” »