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SI (Strike Industries) just released another version of their SI Ultimate Dust Cover with a new Flag design. The previous version had more of a looping / flowing flag design. The new design features more straight lines that go better with the lines of an AR15. The coolest part about the SI UDCs is that they can be installed in seconds without needing to remove the handguard. They have a spring loaded pin that can be manually retracted for easy installation. 

The new Flag model of the SI Ultimate Dust Cover is finally in stock and shipping now in black and FDE!

SI Ultimate Dust Cover Flag V2

In the AR world there are lots of partially ambi receiver sets but that typically just means that they have an ambi bolt release lever. To me thats not really an ambi receiver because you’re still multiple other features that aren’t ambi. I know I’m obviously not the first to feel like that and I can guarantee you that is exactly what SI-Defense was thinking when they started designing their new Full Ambi Billet .308 Receiver Set.

One of the first things you’ll notice is that both sides of the lower receiver look exactly the same. The brain trust at SI-Defense did this on purpose to ensure your body gets used to doing the same exact thing whether you’re shooting with your right or left hand. These mirrored features include an Ambi Mag Release, Ambi Index Finger Grooves and a complete Bolt Catch Assembly on both sides giving you a true Ambi Bolt Hold function which is absolutely priceless when clearing malfunctions (I know you’ve heard me preach about that before).

SI Defense Ambi 308 Billet Set 1

SI Defense Ambi 308 Billet Set 2

Upon further inspection you’ll also see that they have also included a Pivot Pin Spring Housing on both sides of the lower receiver. That’s right! This new receiver set even offers an ambi Pivot Pin and Takedown Pin system which is something I don’t remember ever seeing before. A couple of other neat features are the Quick Release Dust Cover Assembly and a Threaded Forward Assist Pin Hole.

SI Defense Ambi 308 Billet Set 3SI Defense Ambi 308 Billet Set 3

So as you can see, this is a very well thought out design that looks just as good. I’ve also heard there will be an AR-15 version of this available as well so keep an eye out for that. SI-Defense is currently taking pre-orders for this new Ambi .308 Billet Set. Head on over to their brand new website at or call 406-752-4253 to place your pre-order.

**The receiver set includes dust cover, ambi bolt catch, ambi mag release. Forward assist, takedown pins and ambi selector not included but are available for sale in the Parts and Accessories section of their web store.

SI Defense Ambi 308 Billet Set 6

For more pictures of the new SI-Defense products and to keep up all things related to SI-Defense but sure to follow them on both Instagram and Facebook.

Most of you have probably heard of Dustin Ellermann. Dustin not only was the Grand Prize Winner of Season 3 on Top Shot, he’s also the director of Camp His Way and has the reputation as one of the nicest all around guys you’ll meet. He just introduced a new AR Dust Cover that has the laser engraving “Pray Hard” on the outside and “Shoot Straight” on the inside. The sale of these Dust Covers as well as other products on his website go towards helping fund Camp His Way. If you like the message and want to support Dustin and Camp His Way, head on over to and get one for yourself. 

Dustin Ellermann - Camp His Way - Pray Hard Shoot Straight AR Dust Cover

In the 4 years I’ve been writing about new AR-15 parts I don’t think I’ve written about a new Dust Cover more than one or two times. For the most part they just aren’t news worthy. One of the things that most AR builders will tell you is that the dust cover is kind of a annoying to install. Strike Industries has just introduced a new polymer Quick Install AR-15 Dust Cover that is super simple to install, has a double seal to keep dirt and dust out of the receiver and comes in different designs as well. From the pictures I’ve seen there is a plain version, one with an American Flag (probably should reverse the stars to be heading into battle) and one with lines cut out, all being offered in Black and FDE. Some of them say “MULTICAL” as well. I would like to see them offer an option for 5.56 NATO, 300BLK, 5.45×39, 6.5, 6.8SPCII, etc. According to their Facebook page they are just waiting for packaging to come in and then these will be available for sale. Keep an eye on the Strike Industries Facebook page and for availability.

620 Strike Industries QD Dust Cover for AR-15 1 copy

Strike Industries UDC (Ultimate Dust Cover) Quick Install Dust Cover

1. True and double seal. Prevent dust go into your AR chamber. (Traditional dust cover has gaps.)
2. Quick install (10 sec) and uninstall (5 sec).
3. Engravable material

Raven Concealment Systems (RCS), one of the most popular names in the Custom Kydex industry, recently introduced a very affordable new product that really surprised me. Its not a Holster, not a Mag Carrier, not a Knife Sheeth. Its the new TopStop Upper Receiver Cover and its a pretty awesome idea. 


The TopStop Upper Receiver Cover is a polymer cover that snaps on to the under side of the upper receiver. This cover not only holds the BCG and Charging Handle in the upper along with any carbon buildup but also keeps additional dirt and grime from getting into the upper. Many AR owners, myself included, have more upper receivers than they do lower receivers which means the uppers get stored by themselves instead of attached to a lower. This would be a nice ad-on for the extra uppers during storage.


Quite often I hit the range with my favorite lower and multiple different uppers such as a 5.56 and a 300BLK OR a 14.5″ and 18″ upper. The TopStop would be perfect for a situation like this. Just snap it on the upper you aren’t using and keep the contents of the upper in place. 


The TopStop would also be a great option for those who need to transport a rifle in a more discreet way where the upper and lower receivers are separated and stored in a bag or case. Again, with the TopStop installed it would ensure that nothing gets into the upper that isn’t supposed to be there and keeps the BCG and Charging Handle in place. 


Another cool part…these are only priced at $9.99 each. The affordable price makes it very easy to outfit as many uppers as you might have without breaking the bank. You can check out the TopStop AR/M4 Upper Receiver Cover on the RCS Website.

Engraved dust covers for AR15’s have become increasingly popular in the last year or so.  I think part of it has to do with the quality of laser etching seems to be better but the majority of the popularity has to do with people wanting to have something that is unique in the world of “all black” guns.  Some of these engraved dust covers can be pretty funny, some can be pretty crude, while others can actually be a nice reminder such as this new one from Phase 5 Tactical.  Every time you charge the weapon whether at the range or just doing dry fire drills at home you’ll be reminded to “Stand & Fight” for your 2nd Amendment rights.  At just $15 these are very affordable as well.  Check them out at

2A Stand and Fight Ejection Door Cover Phase 5 Tactical 1

2A Stand and Fight Ejection Door Cover Phase 5 Tactical 1

I’ve been slowly making a few purchases to add to our 300 Blackout complete upper build.  I showed you last week that I am using a Wilson Combat RECON Match 16″ Fluted SS barrel and their Accu-Tac flash hider.  These next few items are much smaller parts but are just as integral in making this a really cool build.  It seems like everyone is talking about 300 Blackout right now so I’m going to be showing you every part I use.  That way you can either copy my build or customize the list of items so yours will look the way you want it to.  As always, feel free to email or call me if you have any questions.  Check out these cool items below.   Continue reading “ 300 AAC Blackout Build – Small But Important Parts!” »

ggg_logoLooking for an AIMPOINT Micro but just haven’t “pulled the trigger” yet?  This might just be that little extra push.  GG&G bought 15 AIMPOINT Micro T-1’s for super cheap and added on their Accucam Quick Detach Mounting Base With Integral Flip Up Lens Covers.  At just $617 you are basically getting the GG&G mount for free.  They only have 8 left so hurry up if you want one. Continue reading “Combo Deal!! AIMPOINT Micro T-1 w/GG&G Accucam QD Mount” »

ggg_logoOne of the most expensive things you can buy for your AR-15 or any rifle for that matter is Optics!  They can range from a couple hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, so it only makes sense to do whatever you can to protect them from the elements or other forms of abuse.   GG&G have just informed us of their new EOTech EXPS Hood and Lens Cover Combo and I’ve gotta say it looks pretty awesome.  This is an all aluminum design that replaces the original EOTech hood.  Throw out your old Neoprene covers and PUT SOME ARMOR ON IT! Continue reading “NEW!! GG&G – EOTech EXPS Hood And Lens Cover Combo” »

As Americans, there are a few things that have happened in recent history that we will never forget.  In fact most of can tell you exactly where we were and what we were doing when these events happened.  One of those events happened on 9/11/01 when Osama Bin Laden spearheaded an attack on U.S. soil that claimed the lives of nearly 2,800 people.  The next corresponding event happened almost 10 years later on 5/1/11 when Seal Team Six stormed Osama’s compound and exacted some long awaited payback.  For many of us this day gave a sort of closure to finally know he got what was coming to him.  Continue reading “556 Tactical – “9/11/01 Never Forget – 5/1/11 We Didn’t” AR-15 Dust Cover” »