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Posted on October 2nd, 2014 by ar15news

This is probably one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time. Got a sweet little SBR or AR Pistol lower just laying around waiting for the right upper? THIS is what you’ve been waiting for! Weapon Outfitters just got in some of the Primary Weapon Systems 7″ Piston Driven Pistol Uppers that come with an awesome briefcase that has custom foam cutouts inside that will house the Upper, an Aimpoint, a Lower and two Mags. Its even available in both .223 Wylde and 762×39. This is so stinking cool and I want one BAD!! Check it out over at

PWS Briefcase AR Pistol 1 PWS Briefcase AR Pistol 1 PWS Briefcase AR Pistol 1

This bundle comes with your choice of PWS 7 inch upper in 2.23 Wylde or 7.62×39 and a Kenneth Cole Reaction “Changed the Lock” Briefcase that fits the upper and a pistol lower along with a couple magazines.*

*Pistol Lower and Magazines not included.

You could likely fit in your registered SBR lower but you might need to cut the foam a bit to fit. Also has a pre-cut segment you can remove that is the right size for an AImpoint T1.

PSA “PMags and a Bag” Deal is Back

Posted on August 16th, 2014 by ar15news

This is a deal that comes around every once in a while from Palmetto State Armory and its such a good deal that I always make sure to tell you guys about it. Right now, PSA has their “PMags and a Bag” deal going on which includes 6 PMAGs and a 36″ PSA Single Rifle Case all for just $89.95. They’ve updated the deal to include Gen M3 PMAGs so you’re getting the best of the best. The Gen M3 PMAGs usually sell for $15 each as it is so when you add it all up you are getting a FREE PSA Rifle Case when you purchase this deal. If this is the deal you’ve been looking for, head on over to and Get You Some before they’re all gone!

PSA Mags and a Bag Deal High Res PMAG

NEW!! Hogue Gear Double Rifle Bags

Posted on July 30th, 2014 by ar15news

We previously shared some information regarding Hogue’s new Ruber OverMolded AR stocks and G-10 Trigger Guards. Just today they debuted their new Hogue Gear Double Rifle Bags and these things are nice! These bags seem to be very well thought out, are totally large enough to hold most firearms without disassembling them at all and have tons of storage options. Take a look at the pics and details from Hogue below. 

Hogue, Inc. is proud to announce the latest edition to their expanded Hogue Gear® line. What we have created is a solution to the problem facing three gun shooters and armed professionals the world over: too much gear to carry in existing shooting cases. Our new rifle bags are designed to accommodate the three gun shooter or the highly equipped traveler equally well.

Hogue Gear Double Rifle Bag 1

With an exterior construction of 1000D Cordura and Ballistic Nylon, these bags will take a beating and last for years. Padded, suede lined compartments inside will protect your investments and deliver functioning firearms to your destination time and time again. Strong YKK zippers are incredibly resistant to breaking or derailing. Multiple D-Ring locations insure you can attach the sling wherever you want to get the center of gravity where you need it, muzzle up or down. Ample storage in front pockets insure that if you can carry it, you can fit it. Ample padding on the sling and handles insure that you’ll be carrying it comfortably.

Hogue Gear Double Rifle Bag 1

Hogue Gear Double Rifle Bag 1

Hogue Gear Double Rifle Bag 1

Hogue Gear Double Rifle Bag 1

Our 46” Double Rifle Bag will hold two 46” long firearms and the gear that goes with them. Our 52” Double Rifle Bag will hold two 52” long firearms and even more gear. Both bags come in black or green. MSRP 259.95 (46”) & 269.95(52”)

Purchase now at

Haley Strategic Partners recently introduced their new INCOG Discreet Rifle Bag which seems to be really nice and comes at a great price point. The INCOG Rifle Bag is large enough to fit a full 16″ AR inside, has an expendable zippered pouch for mags, etc., plenty of extra space inside for stuff like a handgun or optics and has modular Velcro tie down straps to keep everything in place. Larger rifles will need to be broken down but can still fit. Another nice feature is the ability to open the bag using a single zipper or using the Dual Peel Zipper which makes it very easy to access the contents of the bag. The bag can be carry by the carry handle or the included shoulder strap.

HSP INCOG Discreet Rifle Bag 1

HSP INCOG Discreet Rifle Bag 2

There’s always a debate as to whether or not a Discreet rifle case is actually discreet but I think the real issue is people confuse the word Discreet with the word Disguised. Discreet bags should not be overly “Tactical” looking, no large amounts of Molle/PALS, no camo, etc. on the outside but its still a gun case. A discreet bag is one that wouldn’t catch someone’s attention if they saw it out of the corner of their eye. It doesn’t draw attention to itself and say “Hey look, I’m putting a gun in the trunk of my car”. The majority of us will never need to carry a gun in a largely populated area where we the use of a DISGUISED rifle bag (i.e. Guitar/Tennis/Gym bag) would really be handy. If I wanted a “Disguised” rifle bag then I would also have to figure out what fits my character so it doesn’t stand out as well. Seeing me, a 6’2″, ruggedly handsome bearded man with a Tennis bag would probably look a bit out of character. (I may have embellished the “ruggedly handsome” part) I personally think a case like the INCOG would work perfect for my needs. The best part, these are available for just $170 from where you’ll find additional images and information as well. Check it out.

Memorial Day 2014 Sales – Palmetto State Armory

Posted on May 19th, 2014 by ar15news

We’re still a week away from Memorial Day 2014 and the sales have already started to show up. One such sale, and one of the biggest you’ll see, is from Palmetto State Armory. They have a huge sale going on a ton of AR-15 Parts and Accessories mainly consisting of different lower parts kits. There are a few other deals as well such as the $99 PMAGs-And-A-Bag, $195 complete AR-15 lower with ACS-L Stock or the $65 Stripped Upper Build Kit. If you’re in the building mood, head on over and take a look at the PSA Memorial Day 2014 Sale. There’s a chance they’ll be adding more items this week so keep checking back.

PSA Memorial Day Sale 2014 1a

PSA Memorial Day Sale 2014 1

PSA Memorial Day Sale 2014 1

PSA Memorial Day Sale 2014 1

NEW!! Tactical Walls Lockable Concealment Shelves

Posted on February 3rd, 2014 by ar15news

We’ve been a huge fan of Tactical Walls for some time now. What started out with a few small wall inserts that you could hide behind a mirror, etc. has grown into an large product line consisting of multiple different sizes of wall inserts and really cool covers such as lockable sliding mirrors. The only thing that was missing was one of the most requested items and that was a “Renter Friendly” option. To meet the needs of those who rent their living space or simply just don’t want to cut a huge hole in their wall to install the wall insert, Tactical Walls has now created lockable Concealment Shelves. I’ve got to say, this is about as cool as it gets. 

Tactical Walls now offers two different size Concealment Shelves, the RLS (Rifle Length Shelf) and the PLS (Pistol Length Shelf). Both shelves are lockable and use a magnetic key that allows access to the hidden storage compartment which lowers from the bottom of the shelf. Not only do these look like really nice shelves for your house or apartment but they also don’t require you to cut any holes in your walls to install. Just mount the brackets (on top of the shelf) to a wall by screwing it into the studs of the wall and that things not going to budge. These mounting brackets look like fancy bookends but add a lot of strength to the design.

620 Tactical Walls Both Concealment Shelf 1

620 Tactical Walls Concealment Shelves RLS and PLS 4

Tactical Walls Both Shelves Animated

I’m really stoked that Tactical Walls continues to create very cool new products to meet the demands of their customers. This “Renter Friendly” design is going to be an awesome option for any home owner whether renting or own. Get in on the pre-order of the Tactical Walls Concealment Shelves right now to get FREE SHIPPING. Pre-orders will ship during the month of February so it won’t be a very long wait like some pre-orders. Order yours now at

SNEAK PEEK!! 2 Vet’s Arms / L.B.T. – Covert Rifle Bag

Posted on December 2nd, 2013 by ar15news

This is a sneak peek at the new Covert Rifle Bag collaboration between 2 Vet’s Arms and London Bridge Trading. We’ve all seen lots of gun bags claiming to be “covert” or “discreet” rifle bags but all too often they should be called the “Obvious Rifle Bag” and can be quite cumbersome and difficult to use. This new collaboration between 2 Vet’s Arms and London Bridge Trading has hit on some of these issues and looks to be an awesome new option.

620 2 Vets Arms Covert Rifle Bag 1

One of the parts that stood out to me as a really cool new feature is the zippered Rifle Insert that goes inside the outer bag. In all of the other bags of this type that I’ve used the rifle just goes inside the bag and is strapped in. To use the bag for carrying something else you would have to take the rifle out in the open. With this setup the rifle is carried broken down and strapped inside of the insert along with a pouch designed to carry five 30 round mags. If I were out somewhere and needed to “covertly” remove the rifle from the bag, I could simply open it up and take out the Rifle Insert while the gun is still inside. This would allow me to convert the bag to a MASCAL med bag or use it for carrying other items in a snap without broadcasting that I have a rifle with me. That is the whole point to a bag like this.

620 2 Vets Arms Covert Rifle Bag 2

620 2 Vets Arms Covert Rifle Bag 2

Some people don’t like the idea of a backpack rifle case because if you needed to use the rifle right away you would have to remove the backpack, open it up, assemble the rifle and then use it. This new Covert Rifle Bag also incorporates a nifty little zippered pocket near the small of your back where you can pack a handgun and access it immediately without having to remove the bag. Its also large enough that you could carry a med kit or iPad, etc. in there instead if you didn’t feel the need for the handgun. 

620 2 Vets Arms Covert Rifle Bag 4

This bag will officially be introduced at SHOT Show 2014 but I did notice they are already up on the 2 Vets Arms website available as both a stand alone bag or as part of their extremely popular 2VA Prepper Package. The 2VA Covert Rifle Bag is available in Arx’terryx Wolf Grey, Kryptek Nomad, Kryptek Highlander (1st QTR 2014), Kryptek Mandrake and Multicam. Definitely head on over to and check these things out. 

Tactical Walls has recently started producing all of their wall concealment products in house which has allowed them to really focus on increasing production and lowering lead times. Right now they actually have some of their smaller Lockable 1410 Bundles in-stock and ready to ship. This is awesome news as for a while they were totally on back order. So it seems they are starting to be able to keep up with the high demand of their products. Now that they are producing these in house and have an inventory of 1410’s they can also afford to run a special. Their normal pricing for the Lockable 1410 bundle pictured below is $235. For the rest of the month of July they on sale for just $220. As if that wasn’t cool enough, they also gave us a special 10% discount code that is good pretty much site wide.  Use the code “ar15news” at checkout to bring the price all the way down to $198. Now is definitely the best time to jump on one of these 1410 bundles. 

Tactical Walls 1410 Concealment Covers Bundle 620

I’m very excited to announce that I will be reviewing the Lockable 1410 Bundle very soon. (I actually have it but haven’t had a free minute to install it yet.) Just at first impressions I can say the quality of these units is very impressive. You get to choose from 6 different finishes and a few upgrades too. Head on over to and pick up one of these awesome Lockable 1410 Bundles for yourself.

NEW!! Phantom Trekker SBR Bag from Tactical Tailor

Posted on July 8th, 2013 by ar15news

Ever heard a manufacturer refer to their new weapon case as a “Discreet” such and such case when it really just looks like a smaller version of a normal case? They either have Molle all over it or come in OD Green, Tan or better yet…MultiCam. Most of these “Discreet” cases aren’t that discreet on the outside but have some nice touches on the inside such as modular walls, Velcro tie-down loops etc. The guys at Tactical Tailor decided to use their expertise in making weapon cases and make a bag that no one would ever expect to see a weapon come out of. The Tactical Tailor Phantom Trekker SBR Bag basically looks like a really nice hiking backpack that chocked full of awesome ways to store either an SBR, AR Pistol or a Full Size AR with either a folding stock or broken down. Its also big enough to carry all of your other essentials as well and comes in a variety of colors. Just fair warning, this is not your Walmart/Target budget gun case. Tactical Tailor does whatever it takes to make a high quality product and that type of dedication to quality dictates a higher price. These run $350 which may create some sticker shock for some of you. For others it probably seems about right for the type of quality you expect from TT. Its kind of like the guys who buy an Arc’teryx jacket and pay a ton but they know they’ll still be wearing that jacket 10 years down the road. Check out the pictures below and then head on over to for more details and to purchase one of these sweet bags.

Tactical Tailor SBR Bag 1 620

Tactical Tailor SBR Bag 2 620

Tactical Tailor SBR Bag 3 620

**Photos by my buddy Jody at Crossfire**

It’s Back!! PSA Mags & A Bag Deal (24 hours only)

Posted on June 18th, 2013 by ar15news

The popular Mags and a Bag deal at PSA is back for a very short time. As part of their latest “Deal of the Day” you can pick up a nice gun case/range bag that includes 7 30-round C Products Mags with Magpul Anti-Tilt Followers for just $99.99. You only have until 12pm EST tomorrow, 6/19/2013, to take advantage of this deal though. Check it out at

PSA Mags and a Bag Deal High Res



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