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LUTH-AR Modular AR-15 Stock Making Waves

Posted on April 15th, 2014 by ar15news

Randy Luth’s latest invention is simply amazing and cutting edge at the same time, which makes this stock a game changer! 

Since the inception of Eugene Stoner’s original 1960’s fixed A1 stock for the M16/AR-15 platform, we have seen very few offerings come to market in the way of fixed stock options in the last 40-years. Perhaps the most significant fixed stock to date has been the Magpul PRS which was the first fixed AR style stock to add adjustability for the shooters comfort, length of pull and cheek weld. For a decade the PRS has dominated the market and for good reason. Magpul makes a great product that has been time tested in battle. 

If you are like me, the name Randy Luth or LUTH-AR meant nothing to me, but that all changed recently when Rainier Arms started carrying their new MBA stock.


The MBA (Modular Buttstock Assembly) is lighter, quicker and an easier to adjust stock that is high quality and less than half the price of the Magpul PRS. That is a big feat to accomplish by someone who is perceivably new to the AR market.

As you can see from the quick comparison, the MBA is the clear winner over the long time champion. 

Quick Look Comparison:


*Street price from

So who is Randy Luth anyway?

Randy is perhaps the Steve Jobs of the gun industry. Perhaps you have heard of DPMS? Randy founded DPMS in 1986 and sold the company to Cerberus/Freedom Group in 2007 and remained President of DPMS. The former DPMS owner currently holds at least seven U.S. patents in the firearms industry. In addition he earned Rifle of the Year awards in 2005 from Shooting Illustrated and in 2006 from American Rifleman. In 2009, Luth was chosen as Outdoor Life “Readers’ Choice” Person of the Year. Luth is the current owner of Del-Tone/Luth Gun Club and in his spare time serves on the board of directors for USA Shooting Team. Mr. Luth is also an avid hunter and 3-gun competitor. 

I would say he is more than qualified to come to market with a design that simply kicks butt.

“Most of the adjustable buttstock assemblies out there are complicated, cumbersome and add unnecessary weight to the AR,”Luth said. “I realized there was a niche for something lightweight and affordable that allows shooters to get the customized fit they need to enhance their shooting experience.”


The MBA stock is seemingly easy to install over a standard A1 or A2 receiver extension (buffer tube) and will work on any AR-15/AR-10 rifle that accepts a buffer tube. 

Made from Super Strong Glass Filled Nylon, the MBA is Fully Ambidextrous and can be comfortably used shooting off either shoulder as the cheek piece can be installed on either side for right or left hand shooters. In addition, the design allows the cheek weld to be moved forward or backward by adjusting the vertical pillars mounted to the holes than run the length of the stock. 


The cheek saddle allows for up to 1-inch of height adjustment and the butt-plate length has an adjustment of 1.125”. An optional rear sling swivel is available for an additional $4.

The MBA is currently available in two configurations, the MBA-1, which is the full-meal-deal package that includes everything you need for full adjustment or the MBA-2 “Skullaton” which is a skeletonized version of the MBA-1 with no adjustable pieces, however they can be added at a later time. The MBA-2 has an MSRP of $49.95.

At the range, the MBA stock performed flawlessly. The adjustment held strong round after round on our 308 and 556 test guns including the DRD Tactical G762 rifle which is shown in these photos. 



I had a really good chat with Randy on the phone and I am very impress by everything I have seen from LUTH-AR so far and I eagerly look forward to seeing more in the near future. Randy dropped this little hint:

“We are working on a carbine version now and while it posses some challenges, we hope to have it done soon” Luth said. 

By the way, if you’re curious, the MBA is made right here in the United States, including the molds.


The Luth-AR MBA and MBA-2 are currently available for purchase from Brownells, Rainier Arms or from Luth-AR directly. Interested dealers and wholesalers are currently being accepted and should contact Luth directly. The official website is or email


About the Author:  Jody Lewis is a professional photographer based in the PNW who has articles published on many of the popular websites including RECOIL-WEB and Guns & Tactics Magazine. He is also the Director of Operations and Business Development for Defense Marketing Group. You can follow him on his page XFIREPIX on Facebook.

New!! 16.5″ Solo LITE KeyMod Handguard from SLR Rifleworks

Posted on April 2nd, 2014 by ar15news

There are tons of AR-15 hand guards on the market. The newest, most popular version would be KeyMod rails with their unique style of mounting accessories and slim/lightweight style. With the most common style of AR-15 features a 16″ barrel, you will typically find most rails in lengths anywhere from 7″ all the way out to 15″. However, there are plenty of with AR’s that have 18″+ barrels on them. For those of you looking for a longer rail option, SLR Rifleworks has a new 16.5″ version of their Solo LITE KeyMod rail that looks awesome. 

SLR Rifleworks 16.5 Solo LITE Rail 1

-  16.5″ Billet Version
-  1.3″ ID
-  Lightweight Design 12.5oz w/hardware
-  Super slim profile
-  KeyMod mounts utilize all KeyMod accessories
-  SLR’s QMod – All KeyMod mounting holes double as QD Mounts
-  Hardcoat Anodize
-  New clamp system fully shrouds clamp hardware
-  7075 Billet barrel nut
-  Barrel nut can be loosened with gas tube in place
-  Grade 8 Fasteners
-  Stainless Locking Plate
-  Proven anti-rotation and anti slip system
-  No Special Tools Need for Barrel Nut
-  Continuous top rail design
-  Mil-Spec 1913 Mounting rails
-  Mega Compatible available upon request

SLR Rifleworks 16.5 Solo LITE Rail 1

SLR Rifleworks 16.5 Solo LITE Rail 1

I do not personally own any SLR Rifleworks rails but I did shoot some photos for them a while back and they are really great feeling rails. The rifle shown above has a 16″ barrel and a Kuuma Comp from Balistic Advantage. I think this would be cool to see on an 18″ or 20″ barreled AR. The craziest part is that this whole 16.5″ rail only weighs 12.5 ounces including the barrel nut and hardware. Another cool feature is the SLR QMod that makes each KeyMod slot double as a QD Sling Mount. That means there are 51 different possible spots to attach your QD Sling. These 16.5″ rails are being anodized as we speak and will be available for purchase soon. Head on over to and check them out for yourself.

NEW!! Impact Weapons Components SCAR QD Sling Mount

Posted on March 28th, 2014 by ar15news

Every so often we’ll run across an item that, while it may not be an AR-15 related product, merits posting about on the website. One of our friends in the industry, Impact Weapons Components, makes a ton of products for different popular weapon platforms. Lately they’ve created some really cool products for the FN SCAR series of rifles. As with most rifles, the manufacturer never really thinks through the design 100% which leaves some room for improvement. If you’re familiar with the FN SCAR you’ll know that they don’t come with any QD Sling Mounts anywhere on the gun. Seems kind of odd for such a pricey rifle. Instead they have 3 small loops to attach hooks or shackles to which isn’t always preferred. IWC has come up with a pretty slick solution to this problem.

Basically they have machined very small rotation limited QD Sling Mounts out of solid 303 Stainless Steel that fit right into the existing sling loops and lock in place. This now gives you easy to access QD Sling Mounts for any FN SCAR and opens up your options when picking a sling for your rifle. They even thought to make one for you lefties that mounts on the right side of the rifle as well. 

IWC SCAR QD Sling Mount 2

IWC SCAR QD Sling Mount 2

The SCAR QD Sling Mounts are Black Melonite coated as shown in the image below which gives them excellent wear and corrosion resistance. Obviously not everyone has an FN SCAR and not every FN SCAR owner will feel the need to upgrade to QD Sling Mounts but if you’re one that has wished there was a high quality (not cheap aluminum) option to fix this issue, this is the product you’ve been waiting for.

IWC SCAR QD Sling Mount 2

These new SCAR QD Sling Mounts cost less than $35 and are now available for purchase at As with most products on IWC’s website, use the code “ar15news” at checkout to save 5%. GeT sOmE!!

NEW!! Torch Backup Light from Mission First Tactical

Posted on March 26th, 2014 by ar15news

Mission First Tactical just released a new product called the Torch Backup Light. As you can probably guess from the name the TBL is not intended to be a your main tactical light but was designed from the ground up as a low output light that will illuminate your immediate surroundings or act as a backup in case your main light goes out. Many of your more expensive tactical lights will have a low output light mode but it requires you to either cycle through other light modes, etc which means you could accidentally turn on your brights when you don’t want to. The TBL’s super low profile design makes it very easy to keep mounted on your rifle at the same time so you don’t have to mess with your standard light when needed.

620 MFT TBL 1

The TBL comes in 3 different models. First is a standard White Light model which features 20 lumens of white light. The next two, to me anyways, are the ones that make the most sense. Second is a White/Red Light model which features 10 lumens of either white or red light. Third is an IR/Red Model which offers 10 lumens of either IR or Red Light. I like that they give you the option for Red and IR light as red light doesn’t give you that blind spot in your eyes like white light can and the IR will work great with night vision without blinding the operator.

620 MFT TBL 1

620 MFT TBL 1

The TBL’s are all manufactured right here in the USA by very well known light manufacturer Princeton Tech. Depending on the mode, it has up to a 24 hour hour burn time on a simple watch battery and it has a IPX7 waterproof rating meaning it can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. Check out the 3 different Torch Backup Light models and their respective specs at

March End Plate Madness Sale at Damage Industries

Posted on March 25th, 2014 by ar15news

One of the things I love most about Damage Industries is that they only put out very high quality parts. I’ve used their parts on many rifles and have never regretted it and I’ve never heard of anyone who has. Another reason I like them so much…they like to put together a sale once a month and we all love a good sale. This month they’ve put all of their AR-15 End Plate’s on sale. Plus you can add a QD Swivel for just $10. Check out the details below. 

620 End Plate Madness

All styles of our end plates are on sale – PLUS add a qd swivel to your end plate order for only $10! (Tell us in your order comments which swivel you want, or we’ll pick one at random for you.)

USGI M4 End Plate $2.10
Ambi Snap Hook End Plate $10.00
Tri QD End Plate $24
Ambi QD End Plate $24
Single QD End Plate $13.50
Thin Profile Single QD End Plate (Steel or Aluminum) $13.50
MAD End Plate Mk I (Multi-Adaptable Design) $17.00
MAD End Plate Mk II (Multi-Adaptable Design) $15.00

Sale link:

VooDoo Innovations 5.45×39 AR Upper Build / Review

Posted on March 23rd, 2014 by ar15news

Whether you train with an AR-15 or just shoot a lot you know how expensive it can be. Ammo costs have skyrocketed in recent years and what we would normally consider affordable ammo is either non-existent or double the price of what it used to be. This is what got me to really start looking for a more affordable and readily available ammunition option. I wanted something that would feel and shoot similar to my normal 5.56×45 AR-15′s and the answer was Russian surplus 5.45×39 ammo. It can be found just about anywhere for roughly half of what it would cost to buy 5.56 and it shoots very similar to a 5.56 upper. Now I just needed to figure out what parts I needed to build my upper. 

As it usually happens, great minds are thinking alike :) and the guys at VooDoo Innovations (Sister company to Adams Arms) were getting ready to introduce a 5.45×39 Conversion Kit that included everything you would need to convert an existing AR-15 upper over to 5.45×39 but it also would make for a great kit to build a new upper with. I had originally just written an article and shared the info with you guys but when they found out I was interested in building an upper myself they offered to let me review one which of course made my day.

The 5.45×39 Conversion Kit from VooDoo Innovations is offered in both Carbine and Mid Length versions. I have to admit I had no idea what to expect when building this upper. Quite a few people told me that 5.45×39 is hard to get to cycle correctly, has hard primers, dirty ammo, etc. I decided standard with AR’s which is a carbine length gas system and then adjust things as needed from there. The kit showed up with a 16″ Melonite coated Carbine Length barrel, a Melonite coated 5.45×39 bolt, a Melonite coated A2 flash hider, one 5.45×39 ASC Stainless Steel magazine and a High Power Hammer Spring to ensure ignition even with harder primers. 

620 VooDoo Innovations 5.45x39 Upper Build 1

If you’re looking to build a 5.45×39 upper you’re going to hear a lot about how corrosive it is. You can either clean your rifle a lot or get parts that are designed to deal with it. As I mentioned, the barrel, flash hider and bolt are all Melonite coated which is perfect for the corrosive Russian 5.45×39 surplus ammo. The Melonite coating is on the inside and out of the barrel and which gives it awesome protection against corrosion and extreme durability. The deep black coating looks really great too.

620 VooDoo Innovations 5.45x39 Upper Build 1

It just so happened that at the same time I received a box of goodies from my friends at Geissele Automatics. In it was a new SMR MK5 KeyMod rail, Super Gas Block and an SD-3G trigger (more on the trigger in a few). I knew immediately that I was going to put the SMR MK5 rail and gas block on this upper and got it all assembled. I added a few of my favorite KeyMod accessories which are the QD Sling Mount and Handstop pictured below from Impact Weapons Components

620 VooDoo Innovations 5.45x39 Upper Build 1

620 VooDoo Innovations 5.45x39 Upper Build 1

For this build I went with what receivers I had on hand which was a forged upper from IS Fifteen and an AERO Precision Ambi forged mil spec lower. This particular lower is actually my favorite forged lower because it has the PDQ Lever installed and works great. Because I didn’t have a matched forged receiver set the fit was pretty tight. I installed a set of Battle Arms Development EPS (Enhanced Pin Set) pins and it made it much easier to push the pins in and out to separate the receivers. As you can see I decided to go with the Geissele SD-3G trigger. I was tempted to use a standard mil spec trigger with the High Power Hammer Spring instead of the SD-3G but I really wanted to try what I would normally do to an AR first and adjust things later. This ended up being a great decision.

620 VooDoo Innovations 5.45x39 Upper Build 1

At this point the rifle was done. I had added a Trijicon SRS red dot, some Troy BUIS, Rainer Arms RAPTOR charging handle, etc. I had purchased 1,080 rounds of 5.45×39 from AIM Surplus for $170 plus shipping. I still hadn’t shot it so the next step was to hit the range and do some function testing, nail down any issues and make any necessary changes…or so I thought.

620 VooDoo Innovations 5.45x39 Upper Build 1

620 VooDoo Innovations 5.45x39 Upper Build 1

I ended up taking the completed 5.45×39 rifle out to the range in 19 degree weather with some crazy blowing snow. If you’re gonna test something why not take it to the extreme, right!? After an initial inspection verifying that everything seemed to be installed correctly and functioning right it was time to shoot it. The main things I was keeping an eye out for were feeding issues, ejection issues, light primer strikes and making sure the bolt held open on an empty mag.

To start I put 2 rounds of 5.45×39 in the supplied mag, inserted it into the magwell and fired away. The first round fed into the upper very smooth. I pulled the trigger on the Geissele SD-3G and sure enough, BANG! First round fired properly. I check to see that the round had ejected properly, which it did and was laying on the ground to my right. I pulled the trigger again and just as it did the first time it sent a round down range with a great sounding crack! Remember I had only loaded 2 rounds so a quick twist of the rifle to my left and I can see that the bolt has definitely held open on the empty mag. (FYI, unlike what some people told me, 5.45×39 does not work in a PMAG unless its modified)

Right now I was pretty happy! I decided to load up a full mag and have at it. After a bit of sighting in we set a 6″x6″ steel plate about 75 yards down range and went medieval on it. Trigger pull after trigger pull, in extreme cold conditions, it continued to perform flawlessly. We were able to repeatedly blast that 6″x6″ plate with ease from a standing position. The Geissele SD-3G trigger had absolutely no issue igniting those hard Russian primers.

620 VooDoo Innovations 5.45x39 Upper Build 1

Surprisingly, this upper is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I simply can’t say enough good things about it. So far I have put over 300 rounds through this upper and have not experienced a single Failure To Feed, Failure To Eject, Light Primer Strike or any malfunction of any kind. I didn’t have to make a single adjustment to the upper after assembly. I’m very happy with the quality of the components and it’s proven to be very accurate. On my next trip to the range I’ll get some bench shooting in and grab some data on grouping at 100 yards, etc. If you’re on the fence about building a 5.45×39 upper or just looking for a more affordable option for the range, don’t hesitate. This 5.45×39 Conversion Kit from VooDoo Innovations is something I would recommend all day long. Quick thanks to VooDoo Innovations for making an awesome product and letting me get my hands on it.

I wanted to make it easy on you so below is a list of links to purchase the items I used in this build.

First and Foremost
VooDoo Innovations 5.45×39 Conversion Kits and Parts
5.45×39 Ammunition at AIM Surplus (big shipment coming in this week so get on the email list)

Additional Components
Geissele Automatics SMR Rails, Triggers and Gas Blocks
Impact Weapons Components KeyMod accessories. (Use code “ar15news” to save 5%)
Battle Arms Development EPS pin set and Safety Selector
Rainier Arms Raptor charging handle
AERO Precision Ambi Forged Lower
IS Fifteen Forged Upper
Trijicon SRS Red Dot
Magpul Stock and Grip
Phase 5 Weapon Systems Trigger Guard



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