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Looks like the guys at RealWorld Tactical have a pretty cool new mag pouch coming to market. The new RP2 features a single AR mag pouch in back with a Pistol mag pouch in front utilizing their new retention system and attaches to your chest rig or plate carrier. These can be placed side by side to create the perfect setup for your personal gear. This new retention system is designed to basically grab the corner of the magazines to hold them in place. When you reach for your mag you simply use your index finger to slip the retention off of the mag and pull it out. Looks pretty sweet and seems to work great. Looking forward to seeing some user reviews on this product. Check out the video and links below.

Realworld Tactical RP2 RIP series

RIP (Retention Improvised Pouch) Series Tactical Gear is now available. Designed by operational necessity after 2 years of extensive testing we bring you real world retention with the fastest magazine reload capabilities.

RIP (r

RIP (Retention Improvised Pouch) Series Tactical Gear is now available. Designed by operational necessity after 2 years of extensive testing we bring you real world retention with the fastest magazine reload capabilities.

Posted by RealWorld Tactical on Friday, July 17, 2015


The RIP RP2 is available for purchase now through two sources that I know of. One is through RealWorld Tactical directly at and the other source is from our friends Shellback Tactical at

A buddy of mine told me about a smoking deal that Shellback Tactical has right now. They recently had a manufacturing overrun on a contract for an American Made Plate Carrier. Typically anything “American Made” will cost you double or more the price of stuff made over seas but because of it being an overrun they are blowing these out at just $49.99 each. That’s $150 off of retail. Don’t wait too long as these will be gone in no time. These are available here:

Shellback Plate Carrier 1

Shellback Plate Carrier 1

Shellback Plate Carrier 1

Once you’ve snagged your Plate Carrier, head on over to Shellback Tactical’s sister site which is and pick up a few of the new OPFOR 5.56 Magazine Carriers from Limitless Gear. These are a pretty cool new take on the mag pouch and would go great on any MOLLE equipped plate carrier.

OPFOR Mag Carrier 1OPFOR Mag Carrier 1OPFOR Mag Carrier 1

Our friends at G-CODE just released a couple of awesome new products that are sure to make the gun owner in your life happy as can be. The first product G-CODE released was their new series of Scorpion Mag Carriers which are available in 5.56 and 7.62 sizes for rifle magazines as well as Single and Double Stack Pistol Mag Carriers.

G-CODE Scorpion Mag Carriers 1

The Rifle mag carriers can be mounted to a belt via multiple different accessories, mounted to a Battle Belt or even mounted to a Plate Carrier. The Pistol mag carriers can either be mounted to a belt or stacked onto the front of one of the Rifle mag carriers. The mag carriers are ambidextrous and tension adjustable. 

G-CODE Scorpion Mag Carriers 1

G-CODE Scorpion Mag Carriers 1

G-CODE Scorpion Mag Carriers 1

As if the mag carriers wasn’t cool enough, just yesterday G-CODE introduced the new HSP INCOG Eclipse holster. The Eclipse is an evolution of the original INCOG holster and features a new patent pending modular mounting point called the Super Mojo Adapter which allows the user to adjust the angle of the holster. The Super Mojo Adapter also features a negative angle which forces the gun closer to your body making it easier to conceal. 

G-CODE INCOG Eclipse Holster 1

The INCOG Eclipse is a minimum bulk, multi-positional, concealment holster. Each of its distinctive features improve the concealed carry of a handgun from a variety of carry positions while aiding the acquisition of a full firing grip on the weapon prior to the draw. Combined, these features maximize function respective to the users: body type, deployment tactics, level of training and personal preferences.

G-CODE INCOG Eclipse Holster 1

G-CODE INCOG Eclipse Holster 1

G-CODE makes some really high quality products and I’m sure both of these new products will live up to that reputation. Not to mention I don’t know of anyone who would be opposed to finding either of them under the Christmas tree this year. If either of these products peak your interest, click on the links below to view them on G-CODE’s website.

G-CODE Scorpion Mag Carriers
G-CODE INCOG Eclipse Holster

I was recently introduced to Doug, the CEO of Gear 4 Grunts, by my buddy DMack who runs the site Doug has designed the RAMP which stands for Rapid Access Magazine Pod. The RAMP mounts to any MOLLE/PALS chest rigs or plate carriers as a way to mount AR15 magazines to your gear. Doug was nice enough to send me a couple of the PMAG model RAMPs to mess around with about a month ago and I wanted to give you a good rundown of my initial thoughts.

Anytime I try out a new product I always think of how it could fail. Basically looking for reasons why it isn’t going to be a good fit. For me there were 3 areas of concern.  One, I thought it would be too heavy. Two, I figured it would be a pain to remove the PMAG from the RAMP. And Three, I thought most likely if I were to jump or hit the deck, etc the weight of a loaded mag would prove too much for the RAMP and the mag would drop or fall out. When I first received the RAMP I was surprised at how light weight they are yet they are very rigid and not flexible at all. Of course the first thing I did was get out one of my PMAGs and insert it into the RAMP and it fit perfect and snug. I then pulled it out and again no issues. So I figured I would find the flaw and grabbed a fully loaded 30 round PMAG and insert it into the RAMP. I then proceeded to hold onto the RAMP and whip it trying to get the PMAG to go flying and it didn’t budge. All three of my initial reservations were wrong, which was great to see.

Gear 4 Grunts RAMP 1

Next up was to get a Plate Carrier out and try to mount them to it. This was a lot more difficult than I thought it was going to be as the RAMP has, as you can see in the first picture, 4 opposing hooks. Its a lot easier to install when your gear is flexible so take out your Plates or Mags, etc. Once on though the design makes total sense and its not going anywhere. They mount tight with very little wobble and can be positioned with the magazine facing down or facing up.

Gear 4 Grunts RAMP 1

Gear 4 Grunts RAMP 1

You might be thinking “Well, I already have mag pouches on my rig” and that’s fine. Here’s where I found that these stood out big time over mag pouches. Because mag pouches are made of flimsy nylon they are a lot taller and typically have a retention strap to hold the mag in place. To do a mag change you have to move the retention strap (if there is one) and the with two fingers grab the bottom of the mag, remove it, re-position the mag in your hand and insert it into the magwell. Because of the way the RAMP was designed you just simple grab the mag in the same way you would hold it to do a mag change and remove it from the RAMP. Its a much quicker design. I also found it much much quicker and easier to re-insert a mag.

Gear 4 Grunts RAMP 1

So my initial thoughts for you guys. This is a great little piece of equipment. They run $27 for standard colors and $30 for MC so not any more than a typical mag pouch. They do come in different configurations which is actually the only downside to it. I put a USGI mag in my PMAG RAMP and it was super tight so you wouldn’t want to run with any mix of mags on your gear. These are available for purchase at Check out the video below to see the RAMP in action.

Palmetto State Armory Logo 2I really like this deal.  I remember being a new AR-15 owner and thinking “Okay, got the AR-15.  Now I’ve got to find a nice gun case and buy some mags decent mags.”  This deal is exactly what I would have purchased if it were around back then.  Palmetto State Armory is offering an awesome package deal where you get a really nice Rifle Case plus a total of 7 D&H Black Teflon Coated 30rd AR-15Mags with Magpul Anti-tilt followers all for just $99.99.  Typically you could expect to spend somewhere around $10 per mag and around $60 for the bag.  I think you can do the math and see that this works out in your favor.  This is a very tempting deal even if its just to buy some extra mags and an extra case.  Check out the rest of the details below. 

PSA Mags and a Bag


One Palmetto State Armory 36″ Single Gun Case – Black

–   Padded backpack straps for hands-free transport

–   Three large storage pouches for ammunition and firearm accessories

–   Dual zippered storage area

–   Designed to protect a rifle during transport and storage

–   Made of 600D Polyester

–   Standard Combat load of 7 D&H Black Teflon Coated 30rd AR-15Mags with Magpul Anti-tilt follower

The PSA Mags and a Bag deal can be purchased only at


Fab Defense logoI ran across this last night while surfing the web.  FAB Defense, suppliers to the Israeli Police, Military and Special Forces, just introduced a new buttstock that will be available very soon.  It’s called the FAB Defense GL-MAG M4 Survival Buttstock.   You might be wondering what makes it a “Survival” buttstock.  Well, they’ve incorporated an M4 Mag Carrier right into the rear of the buttstock.   Its intended for a 10 round mag due to its smaller size and lighter weight when loaded.  This is a pretty sweet design concept for the buttstock.  When the time comes that you need your gun you never want to run out of ammo and this gives you just one more place to keep some.   From what I understand it will also accept 20 and 3o round mags as well but I think the 30 rounders would be a bit to long and would just get in the way.  Check out the pics and specs below.   Continue reading “NEW!! FAB Defense GL-MAG M4 ‘Survival’ Buttstock” »

We don’t do very many guest posts/reviews here on AR15NEWS but when Steve Aryan, Director of Training at the US Shooting Academy, asked us to help share his review of the ITW Military FastMag Pistol Pouches we were honored and more than happy to assist.  Be on the look out for more articles from Steve in the near future including some great fitness articles.  For now please take a minute to read his review below.  –  Ben

ITW FastMag Review - Steve Aryan 1 Continue reading “ITW FastMag Pistol Pouches – Review by Steve Aryan” »

Grey Ghost Gear LogoGrey Ghost Gear has announced on their Facebook Page that, for a limited time, with every Grey Ghost Gear Backpack order they’ll be throwing in 1 butt-stock mag pouch of your choice AND 1 sling of your choice.  These items are on clearance right now so its first come first serve.  They specifically said that its an “IMPROMPTU FACEBOOK SPECIAL” and did not give an expiration date other than “until we decide to quit” so if you’re interested in this special I would move on it as quick as possible.  This sale does include their very popular LiteLok backpacks as well. 

Grey Ghost Gear Deal

Check out the full line of backpacks on

Click the following links to see the Butt-Stock Mag Pouch and Sling options.


Rob from Off The Grid Concepts just emailed me a pic of their new 3X Mag Carrier for the AR-15 and it looks pretty sweet.  The 3X Mag Carrier was designed to be mounted to the front of an SKD Pig Plate Carrier but will also work with any similar Plate Carrier that offers at least 8 Molle panels on the front.  It’s mounted securely in place using Malice Clips and Shock Cord which will help it stay flush with the Plate Carrier and out of your way during use.  If you’re familiar with OTG Concepts you’ll already know that they make some pretty impressive Kydex products and I’m sure this new 3X Mag Carrier will be just as nice.  Check out the details and pic below.  Continue reading “NEW!! OTG Concepts AR-15 3X Mag Carrier” »

AR15news - logoHey guys.  Hope you’re gearing up for a great weekend!  I thought I would share with you a cool product that I ran across yesterday called the FASTMAG Gen 3.  The FASTMAG is designed and manufactured by Down East Inc. and distributed by ITW Military Products.  If any of you have some experience with the FASTMAG we’d love to hear what you think so feel free to leave comments.

The FASTMAG Gen III holds most 5.56mm/.223 ammunition magazines. It reduces reloading cycle time for the operator and can be mounted in the up or down direction Continue reading “ITW Military Products – FASTMAG Gen 3” »