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Usually I wouldn’t want to be considered “deplorable” but when someone like Hillary Clinton (Killary) basically says anyone who doesn’t support her is deplorable, you can surely count me in that basket of people. Forward Controls Design has come up with the Deplorable Patch which 2.75″ wide and 1″ tall with a Multicam background and Velcro backing. You can purchase the patch for $6 shipped or get one free with any purchase over $75. Get yours at  **Update: the first batch sold out but you can still order one.**


We’ve always tried to stay out of politics, for it is our part to innovate and produce superior US made firearms components, not to take sides in politics and proselytize,  I believe that being in the firearms business makes it impossible to stay neutral.

Apparently, half of us belong in the basket of deplorables, and of these, some are irredeemable.  Thus have we been labelled by the most corrupt and dishonest presidential contender in recent history.

We are not politically correct, and we are not useful idiots.  Fortunately, we’re also not without a self deprecating sense of humor.  If it is our lot to be sneered at and made fun of, I say embrace the basket, and stay deplorable my friends 🙂

The patch is free with orders of $75 or more (while supplies last), and available for sale.  We will make a donation to a worthy cause and post the receipt here

The Velcro backed patch is 2.75″ wide and 1″ tall, with Multicam background, OD border and black text.

Many of you have probably noticed American Defense Mfg really branching out this last year. Not only are they coming out with a new rifle called the UIC (Universally Improved Carbine) but they’ve also started adding stuff to their website such as Optic / Mount Combo Deals and upping their Swag game too. 

The Combo Deals are great. They basically pair a high quality optic with one of their awesome mounts at a great price. Most scopes/optics don’t come with a good mount and everyone knows you need a good mount if you want to get the most out of the scope. Instead of having to shop for an optic and then look around for a mount, you can just check them out in one place and from what I’ve seen, get a better deal too. The most recent combo deals they’ve added are the awesome US Optics scopes paired with different ADM Recon mounts but they have a wide variety from other manufacturers as well such as Aimpoint, Lucid, Primary Arms and Vortex Optics. You can view them all at

620 ADM US Optics Combo pkg

I’m sure many of you are also pretty big fans of American Defense Manufacturing so you might be happy to see they’ve had some nice PVC patches made featuring their new ADM logo. For just $6 you get all three of the 2″ x 2″ velcro backed patches. These, and all other ADM Schwag, are available at

620 ADM Patches

For a long time, AR15NEWS has been lacking what I would consider a really good logo. Recently a friend of mine recommended that we partnered up with a very well known graphic artist, Steve St-Louis and his company Webtechgear, to create a new logo that was simple but really showed what we are all about. The new logo needed to be something that we could use to watermark our photography but also could easily be made into cool looking patches and stickers or put on a shirt, mug, etc. It took a little while as we went through multiple different designs and stages but I think the final version is exactly what I was looking for. 

New AR15NEWS Logo Showcase 620

This logo lends itself very well to be used with different color combinations so Steve actually made us a bunch of different templates to use. The overall shape of the logo I think would be perfect for a really cool looking patch or sticker and has a sort of Military look to it. On our photos we’ll use a slightly less bold version that still sticks with the same theme as shown in the image below.  

New AR15NEWS Logo 620

I’m extremely happy with the final version. You’ll definitely be seeing more of this logo in the future as we do some cool things with it. Just FYI, if you are looking for a great professional to work with on your graphic needs, I would strongly recommend Steve St-Louis and Webtechgear. To be very honest, at first I was worried that Steve wouldn’t have time to work with me but he happily took on a new client and worked me into his busy schedule.  

Steve is the principal and designer behind Webtechgear. As a native and resident of Canada, he is immersed in his nation’s natural, rugged beauty, adapting with its seasons, and frequently finds himself engaged in a variety of wilderness and outdoor activities from fitness training, hiking, to precision shooting.

Webtechgear Highlight Steve St Louis 620

Beginning his creative and design career as a photographer and then continuing on with graphic design, Steve has been passionate, well versed and studied in these professional fields. Combining his interests with his creative skill set, he works closely with and is recognized for his design services to prestigious clients and companies internationally in the outdoor, tactical, military, and law enforcement services and products spaces.

Phase 5 Tactical LogoOver the past few years I’ve become a big fan of the guys over at Phase 5 Tactical.  They make some awesome products and just announced a new product called T.A.A.P.S. which stands for Tactical Add A Patch System.  The T.A.A.P.S. was developed in conjunction with a friend of mine, Steve Aryan, who is the Director of Training at the United States Shooting Academy.  The patent pending design of the T.A.A.P.S. allows the user to attach Velcro faced panel anywhere they want as long as it can be attached to either MOLLE or ALICE retention systems.  Lots of Chest Rigs and Plate Carriers come with Velcro sections but depending on other gear and general setup those sections can sometimes be ineffective.  By using this modular system you can just move the ID Patch / Badge where ever its best suited on the Chest Rig/Plate Carrier and can also be added to the front of mag pouches.  Looks like another great AMERICAN MADE Small Made in USA flag product from Phase 5 Tactical.  Read below for more information and pics. Continue reading “NEW!! Phase 5 Tactical T.A.A.P.S. (Tactical-Add-A-Patch-System)” »

Mission First Tactical is already know for producing some excellent Hard Goods for their huge lineup of AR and AK accessories.  Recently they’ve shown that they also know a thing or two about designing some sweet Soft Goods as well.  Just yesterday the added 3 new Morale Patches to their web store which will be offered in multiple different colors.  My favorite is the “I Love Violence” patch.  They also introduced an cool looking Eagle patch and a Crosshairs patch.  If you like patches like I do you should definitely check them all out below! 

Continue reading “NEW!! 3 Awesome Mission First Tactical Morale Patches” »

So I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but…I love to collect patches!  It’s one of those things that started out very small when I received my first one which I believe was from Battle Arms Development.  Now every time I see a new patch I want to buy it.  The only issue that has been keeping me from going nuts is…What do you do with 100+ patches?  You can only use so many at a time.  You can put them on an Operator’s Hat, Chest Rig or attach them to the sleeve of a combat shirt or jacket but what’s the point of having all these other patches?  So basically I’ve kept my collection very limited because all they do is just sit there in a drawer in my AR workshop.   Continue reading “What to do with ALL of those patches??? Problem Solved!!” »

Well, it’s finally Friday and the end of our latest LARGE Facebook Giveaway.  Before we announce all 6 winners, First things first.  We need to say a huge “Thank You!” to Battle Arms Development, GoGun USA, Praetor Defense, Strike Industries, Tomahawk Tactical and Weapon Outfitters for sponsoring our latest giveaway!  They all put up some awesome stuff and it’s much appreciated.  Without them there would be no giveaway so be sure to continue to show these guys some love.

Secondly a big “Thanks” goes out to all of our fans for participating.  This was definitely our most popular and active contest yet.  I hope all of you enjoyed the contest.  We will continue to do these giveaways and introduce you guys to some new manufacturers that you may not already know about.  If you haven’t already found AR15news on Facebook be sure to “Like” our page so you can get in on these great giveaways!

Our next giveaway will be just as awesome but will feature a few different manufacturers.  Be on the lookout for the giveaway sponsor announcements coming up soon!

Now on to what you all really care about 🙂 the winner announcement.  We have a total of 6 winners today.  One for the 2,500 fan giveaway and 5 individual trigger guard winners.  And the winners are………….. Continue reading “2,500 Fan Facebook Giveaway – Winner Announcement” »

First I just need to say “Thanks” to all of you that have chosen to be part of the AR15news Facebook family.  Second a big “Thanks” to our sponsors of this giveaway.  Strike Industries and Phase 5 Tactical.  You guys truly are awesome.  I appreciate all of you making it a fun, interactive place to learn about new products for the AR-15, tactical gear and to discuss the rifle itself.

Back in April of this year when I really started to post on the AR15news Facebook fanpage with 23 fans I never thought we would be here so fast.  Now we are already looking forward to our next giveaway at 2,500 fans in the very near future.  Hang in there if you haven’t already won something you might be next!  🙂

Here is what the winner will receive:

  • Strike Industries Cobra Series Trigger Guard
  • Phase 5 Tactical MB-5SP muzzle brake, EBRv2, and your choice of T-Shirt and Patch.


Alright, who wants to see who won? Continue reading “AR15news 2,000 STRONG Facebook Winner!!” »

Magpul Japanese Relief Patch 1I just thought I would share something cool that Magpul is currently doing to aid in the relief help following the devastating Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.

They are selling a limited edition Japanese style 3″ moral patch as a fundraiser.  All profits from the sales of this patch will go directly to the Red Cross and other organizations that are helping with the relief efforts in Japan.

These patches are only $6 each.  Check out the pics and information below from to join in and support this great cause!  Continue reading “Magpul Limited Edition Japanese Relief Patch” »