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**Press Release**

Griffin Armament is proud to announce the “Make Silencers Great Again Promotion” Effective immediately every silencer* shipping from Griffin’s manufacturing floor to its Dealers and Distributors will contain two $100 coupons which can be mailed to Griffins address in exchange for store credit on their website.  Boxes containing coupons will be sealed with a gold label.

Make Silencers Great Again Promotion Griffin Armament

“Sales are down unnecessarily”, said Evan Green business development manager at Griffin Armament. “When the markets have been rallying and jobs are being produced, consumer misunderstanding of the legislative process and the Hearing Protection Act, is hurting an otherwise stable industry. Many people who want to buy are sitting on discretionary spending in the hopes that HPA will soon pass. The entire industry has come to a very similar conclusion that it will be quite a while until HPA is able to pass if at all despite almost unanimous support. People not buying right now is only further delaying them from enjoying silencers. It just doesn’t make any sense and this shouldn’t have happened.  Unfortunately a lot of miss information was flying around and nobody in the industry was trying to educate consumers on how long it actually takes to get a bill to pass, what percentage of bills pass, that the legislative process usually takes hundreds of days etc. This bill in some form has been presented to congress since 2015 and this congressional session is closing in a few months, so it looks like it will be rolling to another year.  Griffin is just as hopeful as everyone else for the HPA. However having a realistic viewpoint on it is critical to the survival of the silencer industry and the Americans who work hard to move it forward.  The ‘Make Silencers Great Again’ promotion is the most we can do as a company to try to encourage spending right now.” Evan continued. “It’s honestly an amazing time to be a buyer.  I remember when I was younger and was spending my money on an OPS INC can and promotions didn’t exist in the market. You could barely even get a dealer to handle the sale for you. Muzzle devices had to be purchased separately from the silencer, etc. I remember having to help my local class 3 dealer to understand the paperwork because he did so few transactions. But times have changed and there are plenty of dealers on the market selling products at great prices and walking the customer through the purchase quickly while keeping them informed. This program is also a great way to let consumers know that we appreciate them, we’ve been wanting to so something like this for a while.”

Make Silencers Great Again Promotion Griffin Armament 2

For more information visit All Griffin silencers are applicable to the “Make Silencers Great Again” promotion except for Griffin rimfire silencers.

Shellback Tactical is now carrying MTEK Weapon Systems Products including the lightweight Critical Protection Inserts for your plate carriers and the awesome FAST or Facial Armor SysTem that attaches to your MICH/ACH style Helmet. MTEK also makes some accessories such as the Versa Rail System, MWS Blast Visor, CSP-1 and more. For more information and details on the MTEK Weapons Systems line of products, head on over to

MTEK Weapon Systems 2

MTEK Weapon Systems 2

A while back we helped one of our sponsors, Shellback Tactical, introduce their new QD version of the popular BANSHEE Rifle Plate Carrier.  Many of  you who currently own the non-QD version of the BANSHEE expressed an interest in upgrading to the QD Cummerbund  as a separate accessory. Well, your wishes have been answered.  Shellback Tactical is planning on releasing the QD Cummerbund Accessory very soon.  This makes it much quicker and quieter to put on and take off.  Also, once you set the size you can just leave it where with the Velcro based system you have to re-adjust it every time you put it on.  No word just yet on the cost but it will obviously be cheaper than upgrading to a whole brand new PC.  As with other Shellback Tactical products, you’ll be able to use the code “AR15NEWS” at checkout to save 10% off your purchase.  We’ll let you know as soon as these are available for purchase.  In the mean time you can peruse the other awesome products on

Shellback Tacitlca Banshee QD Cummerbund 620

If you want the best ballistic eye protection, now is the time to buy.  Revision Military will be offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders placed at their webstore now through Memorial Day.  This offer applied to all US and APO/FPO orders.  Also, if you use the code “AR15NEWS” or “FANS” you save 30% off your order.

Revision Military banner 620

Revision Military banner 620

Now through Memorial Day we’re offering FREE ground shipping in the Revision online store for all U.S. and APO/FPO orders. Don’t forget to use the discount code FANS to receive 30% off all eyewear.

If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck Plate Carrier there is no other PC to buy than the Shellback Tactical Banshee Rifle Plate Carrier.  I have one and it really is amazing that they don’t have it priced at $400+.  These are 100% American Made Small Made in USA flag high quality and are priced at only $160 retail.  Well, right now you can pick one up for just $120 but you have to hurry to STREICHER’S ( to get in on this deal.  These will most likely be sold out today so jump on it now.  Get yours now at


If you guys are looking for an awesome Plate Carrier that won’t break the bank Shellback Tactical has their Banshee Rifle Plate Carriers back in-stock.  Right now they have just Black and A-TACS instock.  They will have Coyote Tan and Multicam in soon as well.  I have one myself and love this thing.  Very high quality and 100% made in the USA!!  One of the most appealing parts is that it retails for just $135.95 plus save 10% when you use the code “AR15NEWS” at checkout.  That is a fraction of what most other high quality Plate Carriers cost unless you get one that is made over seas.  Check them out at  Also keep an eye out on the Shellback Tactical Facebook page for info on new products coming out at SHOT Show 2o13.

Shellback Tactical Banshee Rifle Plate Carrier

Just found out our friends over at Revision Military have a very generous Holiday Offer for you.  Now through Friday December 21st Revision Military offering FREE ground shipping for all U.S. and APO/FPO orders.  Don’t forget to use the code “AR15News” to get 30% off your order.  Get yourself some awesome eyepro.  I have a few pairs and love them.


Now through Monday November 26th, when you place an order of $99 or more in the Revision online store, you’ll receive a free Revision Swag Kit. Use the code AR15NEWS to get 30% off on your order.

Black Friday 2012 Revision Military

The Swag Kit includes an ACU pattern goggle case, a red Revision bandana, a black Revision banana, a Revision Velcro patch and name tab, Revision anti-fog wipes, Revision stickers, and a discount card.

Our good friends over at Revision Military wanted us to remind you that all fans and readers can get in on their PRO DEAL!  You can use the code “AR15NEWS” at check out and save 30% off of the industry standard for protective eyewear.  I personally have a few pairs of these glasses and love them.  My favorite pair is the ViperTail simply for its “On the range” type of ballistic protection coupled with its “Out on the town” type of style.  Most people don’t even know that my ViperTail’s are even any type of eye protection at all.  If you are not looking for ballistic eye protection you can also check out their awesome Alphwing and Detlawing glasses.  Check out the graphic below and then head on over to Revision Military to pick out an awesome pair of Military Grade eyewear. 

Revision Military AR15News Discount Flyer

In celebration of SKD Tactical becoming one of the newest Shellback Tactical Dealers, they decided to kick it off today in a huge way, with a Great Deal on the Banshee Plate Carrier.  They have Black – Coyote Tan – Ranger Green and MULTICAM Banshee’s IN STOCK – Ready to Ship Immediately.  They are also offering FREE SHIPPING on every Banshee and a FREE Velcro US Flag Patch with every Banshee right now all for only $122.95.  You can’t beat this deal.  If you need a Banshee, SKD Tactical has it here –>

**USA Made-Full Berry Compliant**  Small Made in USA flag


If you’ve got some military-inspired or patriotic tattoos then you need to get in on this contest from Revision Military.  They just passed the 50K fan mark on Facebook and wanted to hook some of their fans up.  The contest runs from now through September 17th.  Everyone who enters is guaranteed to receive a free MP3 download from  On the 17th of September the guys at Revision Military will pick their 5 favorite tats.  Whoever submitted the winning tattoos will get to pick one pair of eyewear from Revision Military.  You can read the original announcement below, then head on over to the Revision Military Facebook page, click “Like” and get entered!  Good luck!


As a thank you to all of our fans for helping us reach the 50,000 fans mark on Facebook, we’re giving away MP3 downloads for pics of their military-inspired or patriotic tats.  All they need to do is post a pic of their tattoo on our Facebook wall and then message the Revision Facebook page to receive their free MP3 download code from

On September 17th, we’ll go through all of the pics and select our 5 favorite tattoos.  The owners of those tattoos will receive a free pair of Revision eyewear of their choice.

The contest is open to U.S. residents that are 18 years or older.

Revision Military logoThe other day I was talking to my buddy David over at Revision Military and he asked me to let you guys know that their new Photochromic lenses for the Sawfly ballistic glasses are now available.  These were first announced earlier in the first quarter this year and are definitely a great product.  The Photochromic lenses are light sensitive and transition from clear to dark tint very quickly.  There are two options when purchasing the Photochromic lenses.  You can either purchase the complete kit that includes the Frame, Lens and carrying case for just $149.99 or if you already own a set of Revision Military Sawfly’s you can upgrade your existing pair by purchasing just the lenses for $99.99.  As if that’s not already a good deal on the best ballistic eyewear around, last year Revision Military gave us a very generous discount code which will give you 30% off your order.  Just use the code AR15NEWS at checkout on  You can read the press release and see the pictures of the Sawfly below.  Continue reading “Now Available!! Revision Military Photochromic Sawfly Ballistic Eyewear” »

Blue Force Gear LogoThis new product from Blue Force Gear is pretty awesome.  Its called the R.E.D. Swivel which is a completely redesigned QD Swivel that addresses a safety that has been around for quite some time.  R.E.D. stands for Rapid Emergency Detachment.  The QD Loop is quickly becoming the fan favorite for mounting slings but they can be a real pain to operate at times.  The buttons on the standard QD mounts are so small and are not in the most user friendly spot, now couple this with the use of gloves or use under extreme stressful situations and you can see why there’s an issue.  As BFG puts it “Trapped in a burning bird or stuck in a sinking HMMWV – you can’t let your weapon hold you back.”  The new R.E.D. Swivel incorporates a pull release instead of a push release making it much easier to get yourself out of a pretty sticky situation.  Check out the rest of the details and pics below!   Continue reading “NEW!! Blue Force Gear R.E.D. (Rapid Emergency Detachment) Swivel” »

 JTECH Gear just announced a few new items to their already extensive list of Tactical Gear.  These new products are fully licensed by the United States Marine Corps and include a really nicely designed Plate Carrier called the Aegis IV which is constructed using highly durable 1000 Denier Nylon and features not only front and rear Ballistic Plates but also Side Plates as well.  They also released a new USMC Pistol Retention Lanyard and a new USMC MK-24 Sling.  I’ve personally handled some JTECH Gear and I can tell you that they don’t cut any corners.  Quite a few of their products are in use with SWAT and LE teams around the US and abroad.  If you’re looking for some new Tac Gear you should check these guys out.  I’ve included the specs and pics for these items below.  Continue reading “NEW!! JTECH Gear USMC Aegis IV Plate Carrier and accessories” »

line-of-fire-logoLine of Fire makes some pretty awesome Tactical Gloves that feature TEGS (Technologically Enhanced Gripping System) material.  When TEGS comes in contact with other pieces of TEGS it is like tons of little tiny fingers that intertwine with each other to create grip.  Up until now they have included a roll of TEGS Tape with their gloves so you could wrap your AR grip or just about anything else with it.  Continue reading “NEW!! Line of Fire Announces New Weapon Grip Lineup” »