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Here’s an awesome holiday sale you’re not going to want to miss out on. Now through 1/16/2017 if you buy an Action Target PT IDPA Practice Torso steel target or PT Hostage steel target you will also get your choice of either a Rimfire Blue Hostage steel target or a Rimfire Blue Tactical Torso steel target absolutely FREE. This is a no-brainer deal to get in on. Head on over to to snag your pair before they’re all gone. 

Action Target Buy One Get One Holiday Sale 1Action Target Buy One Get One Holiday Sale 1Action Target Buy One Get One Holiday Sale 1

Halfcocked Targets is offering a 20% discount on all products including Steel Targets, Knockdown Targets, Target Stands, etc. now through Memorial Day, 5-30-2016. Just use the code “Memorial” at checkout on



Honoring our fallen heroes on Memorial Day.

Celebrate/ Honor/ Remember

Promo Code: Memorial

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen guys stapling targets to this flimsy, make shift target carrier that always seems to fall apart after being shot or just blown around by the wind. Then there are the guys who need to bring all of their power tools and build a target carrier that is so over built that it could be later outfitted as some sort of medieval trebuchet. Either way, both of those guys spent an excessive amount of time building or repairing their Target Carrier when they should have been shooting. 

Nobody knows this scenario better than Rob of TacStrike. Rob has been a very well known instructor for years now and also builds some of the best steel targets and target carriers on the market. Today Rob is introducing a new product that is so simple yet so smart. You’ll never need to build a target carrier again.

Rob’s new target carrier design utilizes 3 pieces of square steel tubing that is welded together to create each leg of the target base. You simply rip a 2×4 in half, cut the two “feet” to the length you want them, cut the center post to the length you need to accommodate the target you will be shooting and then insert the uprights and you’re ready to shoot. All of the pieces are held in place using thumb screws so you don’t need any tools to assemble or disassemble the carrier.

TacStrike Target Carrier 1

TacStrike Target Carrier 3

This new target carrier is also adaptable in that it can change to accommodate any size target you want to attach to the uprights by simply adjusting the width of the center post. Another thing to note is that if its windy out that day, you can cut the “feet” of the carrier a bit longer to make it harder to blow over.

TacStrike Target Carrier 3

One of the best parts about a super simple design is that it usually comes with a super simple price tag. TacStrike will be selling these as a pair for $21.95 plus $6 shipping anywhere in the lower 48. Now that is an affordable modular target carrier. Check them out now at

Our friends at TacStrike have been doing a great sale this month and I have been meaning to tell you guys about it. Through the end of the month you can save 15% and get FREE SHIPPING on 3 of TacStrike’s most popular Steel Targets. The 1/4 Scale, 1/4 Scale Ultralight and Full Size are all on sale. Just use the code “100 Yards” at checkout to get the 15% discount and free shipping. The targets on sale are the first 3 listed on the “Steel Targets” page at

TacStrike Quarter Scale Ultralight Steel Target1/4 Scale UltraLight Steel Target

TacStrike Quarter Scale Steel Target1/4 Scale Steel Target

TacStrike Full Size Steel TargetFull Size Steel Target

If you happen to be looking for a more affordable way to get into shooting Steel Targets you might want to take a look at their line of Gongs and Swinger Steel Targets including their “Shepherds Hook” targets that are an AR500 plate of steel offered in different sizes that all hang from an inexpensive metal Shepherd’s Hook that you can find in the gardening section of most stores.

TacStrike Shepherds Hook Steel Target

I just noticed that TacStrike has recently started their annual Christmas Sale. I can say from experience that there really is nothing quite like shooting steel and TacStrike produces a wide variety of what are considered some of the best Steel Targets and Target Stands in the shooting industry. Now you have a chance to save big time on a great selection of their most popular products. I’ve listed some of my personal favorites that I recommend you check out as well.

My Recommendations
–  One of my personal favorite targets I use is a combination of the Arched Frame Target Carrier and the Dropped Steel Swinger. I bought this setup on their last Christmas sale and have been abusing the heck out of it. The swinging plate really gets moving as you shoot it which helps you work on timing your shots, etc and is an inexpensive way to shoot steel. 

–  The BMI or Body Mass Index dual plate swinger is next on my list. Basically it takes the Dropped Steel Swinger that I mentioned above to the next level adding a larger steel “Torso” that swings independently creating two different moving targets. Add the Arched Frame Target Carrier and you’ve got an awesome setup.

–  If you want what the big boys are using at training courses, etc. the 1/4 Scale Steel Target System is what you need. These things are awesome and both the Ultra Light and Standard versions are on sale right now. Definitely worth checking out.

TacStrike Christmas Sale 620

Head on over to to get in on some Christmas Sale savings. Saving money on products that can take your shooting game to the next level is as good as it gets.

TacStrike is testing the waters and thinking about adding Package Deals with great savings to their website again. If there is enough interest they will add more to the site. To start they are offering a special package deal on the Tango On A String and an Arched Frame Target Carrier. The “Tango On A String” is basically a torso and head shaped AR500 steel target that hanged from a crossbar. Not only do you hear an audible confirmation when you hit your target but the target also moves adding an additional dimension to your range experience. I say lets show TacStrike that Package Deals are definitely the way to go. There are only 10 of these package deals available at just $150 so I anticipate these being gobbled up pretty quick. Take a look at the pics and details below then head on over to to order your Tango On A String Steel Target and Stand package deal. 

TacStrike Tango On A String Steel Package Deal


If you are reading this than you are part of my test bed for this new offering. Thanks for coming by.

I will have 10 of these to start with.  I will ship them all on Tuesday the 23rd.

This price is good till Friday the 19th and will only be offered on 10 units.

What you get:

1 – TacStrike Arch Frame Target Carrier

1 – TacStrike Standard Crossbar

1 – Tango On A String B/C Zone 3/8″ inch thick AR 500 Rifle Hard Steel Target

1 – Set of hardware to hang target from crossbar.

1 – Steel Target Usage Guide

1 – TacStrike SWAG pack

You will supply the wooden 2×2 uprights to set the target up. A $1.80 at the lumber store.

If there is a lot of response to this we will start adding some package sets into the website as time allows during the new website build.

Thanks Everyone!


My buddy Rob over at TacStrike makes some really awesome Steel Targets and Target Carriers. One of his most popular target carriers is the CPaSS which stands for “Carrier: Portable and Self Staking”. As you may have gathered from the name, it is a Target Carrier that is portable because it folds up into an easily carried shape. It also features a leg that folds out and stakes into the ground to add stability and keep your target from falling over when the wind blows. All you do after that is add some 2×2 wooden posts, attach a target and you’re ready to blast away. Right now he has these target carriers on sale for just $40.50 but there are not a ton left in-stock. Jump on one of these before they’re all gone at

TacStrike CPaSS 1 copy

TacStrike CPaSS 1 copy

TacStrike CPaSS 1 copy

TacStrike CPaSS 1 copy

TacStrike CPaSS 1 copy

We’ve helped spread the word about sales at TacStrike for years now. They make great, high quality Steel Targets, Target Carriers, etc. Their sales usually are a short term sale on a single item. That’s definitely not the case with this sale. Right now, you can save 15% off of everything on the TacStrike website. Whether you just need a simple target stand or you want to build your own complete Steel Target range, using the code “Stand-by” at checkout will save you 15%. Don’t wait though, this sale is running this month only. Check out the awesomeness at  

620 TacStrike April Sale 2

620 TacStrike April Sale 2

Spring time is coming which means there will be a lot more time to get out and train / shoot your guns here in the near future. Right now would be a great time to start preparing for the warmer weather by stocking up on some great range time accessories. For the month of February, TacStrike has their Arch Frame Target Carrier, the best target stand I’ve ever used, on sale for just $26. 

620 TacStrike Arch Frame Target Carrier 1

I’m currently using mine in conjunction with the Drop Steel Swinger target I bought from TacStrike a few months ago but you don’t need any fancy targets to use the Arch Frame Target Carrier. With the Arched Frame Target Carrier all you need is two 2×2 posts (I just rip a 2×4 in half) that lock into the pockets of the carrier. You can make them as short or as tall as you want them to be and staple paper targets, IDPA targets, etc. to the wood posts.

620 TacStrike Arch Frame Target Carrier 3

620 TacStrike Arch Frame Target Carrier 2

The biggest improvement that the Arch Frame Target Carrier offers comes is where they get the name from. The feet of the target are not just flat bars like most target carriers. You rarely find perfectly flat ground so TacStrike has arched the feet of the carrier so that it has 4 points of contact and doesn’t rock back and forth on uneven ground. The feet actually dig into the ground a bit and add stability.

If you’re hoping to train a bit more this year or just want to upgrade your current target setup, head on over to TacStrike and pic up a couple Arch Frame Target Carriers. You may want to take a look at the other awesome target options while you’re there. 

Our friends at TacStrike are doing a crazy sale on their Arch Frame Target Carriers for their Thanksgiving Sale. I have one of these carriers and love it. It has two pockets designed to hold a 2″x2″ post. I just take a 2X4 and rip it down the middle, insert them into the stand, attach a target and I’m ready to go. If you’re looking for a great portable target system this is it. Right now through 11/30/2013 they are on sale for just $26.50 only at

620 TacStrike Black Friday Sale

I’m thankful for each and every one of you every day. So let’s not wait for Black Friday and lets not only do this for a day. Sale is for a week and ends at midnight Saturday, November 30th.

I don’t know if you want to consider this an early Black Friday Sale or just a Holiday Sale, etc. but I do know these are some awesome deals on some of the best target products available. TacStrike has 3 products that are included in this sale. First is the super popular Arched Frame Carrier, Second is the B.M.I. Double Plate Swinger and Third is the industry benchmark 1/4 Scale Steel Target System. These are all listed at well below their normal prices but you’ll want to read the details on how this deal is going to work. If you need your products right away, this isn’t a sale you’ll want to get in on. Check out the prices in the image below then head on over to for the complete sale details.

09-05-2013 TacStrike End of Year Sale 620

TacStrike has decided to do a last minute 4th of July sale. This sale is only going to last for a max of 24 hours or until the items are gone. For a very limited time you can get a special 2-pack of the super popular CPaSS (Carrier Portable and Self Staking) target carrier for just $80. There are only 12 total packages available so get in on this before they are all gone at

TacStrike CPaSS 4th July Sale

July 4th Special at TacStrike. A TWO Pack of our revolutionary CPaSS Target Carrier for a low special price. I have already packed the 12 Sets that I have available for the sale and all I need to do is slap a label on the box and drop in your receipt. These will all ship on Friday Morning. Don’t miss out and please enjoy your 4th of July Celebration wherever you are. Semper Fi! ~ Rob Tackett

Many of you know my buddy Rob Tacket is the owner of TacStrike which produces some of the most sought after Steel Targets and Target Carriers on the market. He is also the Lead Firearms Instructor for Pat Goodale’s Practical Firearms Training which has given him the experience and expertise to build these targets. Rob was nice enough to put together some amazing pricing on him most popular TacStrike products just for us as a group buy. This includes 3 different steel targets and 2 different Target Carriers. This group buy will run from right now until January 31st, 2013 which is perfect considering its extremely cold outside and these will be in our hands well before spring hits. Production will begin February 1st and orders will be shipped somewhere between the 10th and 14th of February. This group buy is only available to readers and fans of our Facebook page and you will need our code to access the page. The access code is “Semi Auto” (case sensitive). Check out these awesome deals below then head on over to to bump up your game.

TacStrike Logo long

Arched Frame Carriers


BMI Double Steel Swinger

GOFO Steel Target

Quarter Scale Steel Target

Who:  All AR15NEWS Readers and Fans

What:  Group Buy of TacStrike Steel Targets and Carriers

Where:  Use password “Semi Auto” (case sensitive) to gain access.

When:  Now through January 31st, 2013

Why:  Because its a freaking awesome deal!!

TacStrike Logo NEWRob, the owner of TacStrike just let me know he had built a few too many targets recently and needed to move a few extra of two specific products.  The first being the 4″ Stake-In Steel Target.  These are awesome little ultra-portable targets that can either be just simply get staked into the ground where ever you want or you could install them in a bucket filled with dirt as well.  The 4″ Stake-In Steel Target is on sale for just $69.  Second is the 3-Position Stake-In Target Carrier.  If you have the need or desire to set up three targets side by side then you should check these out.  Can be installed pretty much anywhere and instantly makes any range look professionally up to date.  The 3-Position Stake-In Target Carrier is on sale for just $99.  I’ve posted pictures of the items below.  Click on the images or links below to head on over to for more info and to get yours today.


Stake-In Steel a


Stake in carrier