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Blue Force Gear LogoThis new product from Blue Force Gear is pretty awesome.  Its called the R.E.D. Swivel which is a completely redesigned QD Swivel that addresses a safety that has been around for quite some time.  R.E.D. stands for Rapid Emergency Detachment.  The QD Loop is quickly becoming the fan favorite for mounting slings but they can be a real pain to operate at times.  The buttons on the standard QD mounts are so small and are not in the most user friendly spot, now couple this with the use of gloves or use under extreme stressful situations and you can see why there’s an issue.  As BFG puts it “Trapped in a burning bird or stuck in a sinking HMMWV – you can’t let your weapon hold you back.”  The new R.E.D. Swivel incorporates a pull release instead of a push release making it much easier to get yourself out of a pretty sticky situation.  Check out the rest of the details and pics below!   Continue reading “NEW!! Blue Force Gear R.E.D. (Rapid Emergency Detachment) Swivel” »

NEW!! Damage Industries QD Enhanced M4 Buttstock

Posted on July 18th, 2012 by ar15news


Damage Industries Logo NEWAs much as we talk about all of the new upgrade accessories available for the AR-15 you’ll probably be surprised to hear that I personally really like the look of a bone stock AR-15.  That’s right, I like the look of the A2 front sight, glacier guards, A2 grip and even the standard Mil-Spec buttstock.  The issue is that these standard parts aren’t always as “up to date” as other new components and therefore are justified upgrades.  Well, Damage Industries has just release what I think is a really cool new buttstock that combines the old and the new while keeping the cost way down.  Did I mention that it also comes in some awesome colors too?  Continue reading “NEW!! Damage Industries QD Enhanced M4 Buttstock” »

NEW!! M.A.D. Hookup Ambidextrous Sling Attachment Point

Posted on June 30th, 2012 by ar15news

Mission Adapted Design LogoThe M.A.D.  Hookup is a pretty cool new sling attachment point from a company called Mission Adapted Design.  The Hookup mounts to the rear of the receiver and utilizes a wide “kidney bean” shaped loop that will work well with pretty much any type of sling attachment other than a QD. 

Instead of removing the End Plate and replacing it with a new Sling Attachment End Plate the Hookup actually clamps right onto the buffer tube in between the castle nut and the butt-stock.  The Mod-Free design is important for one reason.  Many of us take for granted that we have the right and ability to totally customize our own rifles to make them work and feel however suits us.  However, most Law Enforcement Officers are restricted by their departments as to what, if any, modificati0nns they can make to their duty weapons.  If they wanted to add a rear sling attachment option to their duty rifle this is one of very few ways it can be done.   Continue reading “NEW!! M.A.D. Hookup Ambidextrous Sling Attachment Point” »

Upgrade Your Magpul MS3 To MS3 QD On The Cheap

Posted on June 19th, 2012 by ar15news

With the new Magpul MS3 QD shipping to dealers, there will undoubtedly be many people putting their barely used Magpul MS3 Gen1 on the shelf and spending another $60 to get the new QD version.  Normally I’m telling you guys to go buy the latest and greatest but I personally would rather try to upgrade my Gen1 MS3 at a cheaper price.  Now what I’m going to show you below is not rocket science nor is it my idea.  I just think without actually showing how simple yet effective it is many people will just buy the new MS3 QD.  I told you guys last week about the new Damage Industries D Loop QD sling attachments that they came out with.  I took the pictures below to show you guys how well they worked with my Magpul MS3 Gen1 to create my own version of an MS3 QD.  The new “D” shaped ring on these QD’s makes more of a difference than I had originally anticipated.  The sling doesn’t feel like its binding up or fighting against the QD because it stays in the smooth arched area of the ring instead of twisting and slipping from one side to the other as with a standard Webbing Ring QD.  Check out the pics below!    Continue reading “Upgrade Your Magpul MS3 To MS3 QD On The Cheap” »

NEW!! Strike Industries SLING CATCH

Posted on June 15th, 2012 by ar15news

A few months ago our friends over at Strike Industries announced a really cool new product in the works called the Sling Catch.  Anyone who has spent more than an hour lugging their weapon around on a sling can tell you that you can really chew up your neck pretty quick, especially if your doing a lot of moving around or running.  Many people will opt to attach a pad to their sling to help with this but even those can get annoying once they get all sweaty and sand infused.  The new Sling Catch is designed to completely keep the Sling webbing away from your neck by attaching it to your tactical vest or plate carrier.  I really think they’ve come up with a great product here.  Plus I think they hit the perfect price point right on the head.  Check out the details and pics below.   Continue reading “NEW!! Strike Industries SLING CATCH” »

NEW!! Damage Industries “D” Ring QD Sling Swivels

Posted on June 13th, 2012 by ar15news

This new “D” Ring QD Sling Swivel is a prime example of a company listening to their customers requests and then following through by producing exactly what they asked for.  I’ve been wishing someone would come out with this exact product for quite some time now and its great to see it finally available.  Out of all of the slings I own only two of them actually come with QD’s actually built in but rather use some type of hook attachment point like the Magpul MS3 Gen1′s ParaClip.  Many people opt to add a QD to the existing attachment point to make it a QD sling.  The only issue is that the QD’s tend to bind up with the end of the sling as the hook/clip slide back and forth on the QD loop as they were designed for use with Nylon Webbing.  The new “D” Ring should make using QD’s attached to the end of your sling a much more pleasant experience.  Check out the pics and details below!  Continue reading “NEW!! Damage Industries “D” Ring QD Sling Swivels” »



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