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Magpul recently introduced their new MS1 Padded Sling. The MS1 Padded Sling by itself is an adjustable 2-point sling with a wider padded section of webbing towards the middle that does not come with any attachment points other than the webbing. IWC has taken the Magpul MS1 Padded Sling to the next step by adding their patented 2-To-1 Point Triglide and two (2) Heavy Duty Push Button QD Swivels to the sling making it the complete package. With this setup the user can easily use the sling as a 2-point sling or attach the front QD to the 2-To-1 Point Triglide and use it as a Single Point Sling. 

IWC Magpul MS1 Sling with QDs and 2to1 Point Triglide 1 copy

IWC Magpul MS1 Sling with QDs and 2to1 Point Triglide 1 copy

IWC Magpul MS1 Sling with QDs and 2to1 Point Triglide 1 copy

By purchasing the new Magpul MS1 2-Point Sling, IWC 2-To-1 Point Triglide and 2 Heavy Duty Push Button QD’s from Impact Weapons Components as a package you can save $23.85 compared to buying all of the components individually. If you’ve been eyeing the new MS1 Sling but wanted a bit more or want a great Christmas present for someone, head on over to and grab this awesome combo deal. 

For this specific combo deal there are no additional discounts allowed but if you find anything else on IWC’s website such as their awesome QD End Plate (goes great with this sling), you can use the discount code “ar15news” at checkout to save 5% off the rest of your order. 

This article is a special guest post by my buddy Johnny Danger. Johnny Danger is a man that needs no introductions. If you’ve met him before you know enough to check your wallet after you part ways. He is a man that loves his country and will save a puppy before he saves you. Oh and he takes some awesome photos. Enjoy!

Competition drives innovation and fortunately for gun owners, there are no shortages when it comes to firearm accessories. Currently, the market has more than its fair share of “me too” products and it is somewhat cumbersome distinguishing one product from another; some falling short of user expectations leaving you less than enthusiastic. One thing we know for sure is that when it comes to quality products, whether they are triggers, hand guards or optics, you ultimately “get what you pay for”. I think a few of us can admit that at some point, we made a “budget” purchase to get by because we couldn’t justify the cost of product XYZ. I mean, they accomplish the same task don’t they? “Save a nickel spend a dime” come to mind!? Sometimes overlooked and usually not given the same amount of consideration, a rifle sling is an important accessory where there is a vast array of choices but finding the right one may be difficult. Any shooter that has spent significant time carrying their rifle will attest to the importance of a quality sling and the one we’re reviewing today may open your eyes to an option that has gone under the radar.

Savvy Sniper (SS) Slings is a small outfit that has gained a steady following among military, law enforcement and civilian circles as having one of the most well thought out, high quality slings on the market. Made proudly right here in the USA, each sling is custom hand-made using only the best components. Today’s review is Savvy Sniper’s top of the line offering, the QUAD Dual QD MS Cobra with the new ALG Defense Forged Sling Swivel – All Metal (MSRP $124.95; ALG Defense FSS were added at an extra cost).  The sling below features high-end Cobra AustriAlpin tri-glide & buckle components with Mount-N-Slot (MS) 2 to 1 Point QD Triglide.

Savvy Sniper Sling with ALG FSS 1

First thing you’ll noticed when you pick up the sling is how well constructed it is or “bomber” as the folks at SS like to call it; it literally oozes high quality. The attention to detail and manufacturing is evident and to say that the stitching is top notch would be an understatement. If you own any high quality outdoor clothing, you’ll appreciate the double stitching that went into all critical areas to ensure that they will not fail under hard use. The slings are made with heavy duty 1” mil-spec tubular nylon and feature an 11” bungee section that allows for just enough stretch (~8”) when needed.  

The Cobra buckle is quickly being adopted in high end gear whether it is belts, chest rigs, and now slings. SS incorporates the Cobra buckle for its quick disconnect feature but also to minimizes unintentional release by requiring actuation of both buttons to be pressed to release the buckle. The quick disconnect feature is useful if you should find yourself in a position where you need to ditch your weapon or if you need to remove the weapon for field maintenance or stow it. Reattaching the rifle back to the sling via the Cobra buckle is a breeze and does not require the same fiddling with QDs, hooks, pull tabs, etc.

The owners at Savvy Sniper are so confident in their product that they back it with a lifetime warranty. If you should ever be in a situation where you’re hanging off the side of a cliff by your sling and it breaks, breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your next of kin will get quick replacement from Savvy Snipers. 🙂

Savvy Sniper Sling with ALG FSS 1

The sling is secured to the rifle using the ALG Defense FSS which are lightweight (0.5 ounces), heavy duty (pull forces of up to 800 lbs), and forged from 7075 T6 aluminum. The FSS also features a low recessed button to prevent accidental release if bumped into equipment but easy enough to press with gloved fingers.  

Savvy Sniper Sling with ALG FSS 1

Where this sling really shines is the quick-adjust buckle that features the tri-glide plate. I’ve owned various slings that were equipped with quick adjust straps only to be disappointed by how difficult they were to reach and manipulate. Unlike slings that require using loose straps or velcro to adjust the length of the sling, Savvy Sniper utilizes a tri-glide component with a nice sized loop that allows effortless adjustment of the sling with a finger or thumb (even with gloved hands). If you want to tighten the sling, simply use your thumb and push the looped tri-glide forward. To release, simply use your two fingers to pull the loop towards you. It simply does not get any simpler than that folks.

Savvy Sniper Sling with ALG FSS 1

Another great feature that Savvy Sniper executed perfectly is the transition between a two-point sling to a single point configuration utilizing the MS QD attachment point. The MS QD attachment features an anti-rotation point of connection for the ALG Defense FSS. As soon as you lock the FSS into the MS QD, you use your support hand to cinch the tri-glide loop towards the MS QD and you’re good to go. With other single point slings, I found that after I transition from a 2-point to a single, the rifle would sag really low even when cinched up real tight. Not so with the SS sling; even in single point attachment it keeps the rifle sitting high on the chest allowing you to quickly shoulder the rifle. Most importantly, the sling feels very comfortable supporting the full weight of the rifle. 

There will be some readers that will scoff at the cost of the sling and that’s understandable; not everyone needs their top of the line offering. If Cobra buckles, all metal hardware, and QD attachments aren’t required, maybe you should give a look at their QUAD HK Sling (MSRP $59.99). No matter which sling you select, they all use the same tri-glide system and some variation of the hardware to give you the same functionality. For me, I wanted to see what the company’s best offering was and they did not disappoint. In addition, I also ordered their M4 Lite sling (MSRP $29.95) which does not come with any attachment points or bungee section (user provided) but still features the quick disconnect and tri-glide system. This would be a great option for those that have their own mounting system. 

Overall, I feel that Savvy Snipers puts together quality products that should satisfy the most demanding user. With a variety of slings, each customer should be able to find the sling that meets their needs at a price point their comfortable with. For more information about Savvy Sniper Slings, check out their website at You can also follow Savvy Sniper Slings on Facebook.

The ALG Defense FSS (Forged Sling Swivel) will be available soon at

After announcing the new EMR (Ergonomic Modular Rail) and SCB (Single Chamber Brake) ALG Defense sneaked in another awesome new product for you guys to check out. This is quite possibly the nicest QD sling swivel I’ve seen to date. I love the design of the loop and how it seems to do a great job of keeping the sling webbing where it needs to be. Because the swivel is forged from 7075-T6 Aluminum it is also extremely strong and according to ALG, it’s capable of withstanding up to 800lbs. of pull force. These will be on display at SHOT Show 2014 and available soon after. Check out the pics and details below. 

620 ALG Defense Forged Sling Swivel 2

One more product that we will have on display at SHOT will be the Forged Sling Swivel (FSS)! The FSS weighs in at roughly 0.5 ounces and is about half the weight of similar steel QD sling swivel assemblies. The FSS is forged from 7075 T6 aluminum, which is the same aluminum and manufacturing process used to make mil-spec upper and lower receivers. This process allows the FSS to be very strong and can withstand pull forces of up to 800lbs. The body of the FSS is type 3 hardcoated for a durable finish, while the button is Black Nitride processed. Initially black will be the only color option with gray soon to follow. The FSS will retail at 32$!

620 ALG Defense Forged Sling Swivel 1

620 ALG Defense Forged Sling Swivel 1

I didn’t even know about this deal until a few moments ago as I was perusing my buddy Triple Bravo’s photos. He has been shooting some pictures for Grey Ghost Gear and mentioned that this sling was on sale for just $19. I for a second thought it must be a typo but he was right.  Grey Ghost Gear makes some awesome products. If you’re in the market for a 2-Point sling or just want to pick one up for the future, this is a great deal.  Check it out at

06-28-13 GGG 2pt Sling TB 620

Click HERE for larger picture

Awesome photo by Triple Bravo.  Make sure you are following the Triple Bravo FB page for more awesome pics.

Magpul officially released the MS4 sling and 10 Round PMAGs today.  The MS4 Sling appears to be a nice tweak over the MS3 and Ms3-QD.   Magpul has now gone completely QD, even using QDs when transitioning the sling from Single Point to Two Point.  As with all Magpul slings I’m sure the MS4 will be a nice sling.  The 10 Round PMAG is something that has really drawn a lot of criticism from people thinking that Magpul is “giving in” or catering to states that have legislation against STANDARD capacity AR15 magazines.  That is obviously not the case as Magpul has been working on them for quite some time.  They are looking at it as more of a Low Profile Magazine.  Check out the details and pics below.  For additional information head on over to

Magpul MS4 Sling2


Filling the same mission requirement as the standard MS3 Sling, the MS4 can quickly switch between one-point and two-point configuration. The MS4 maintains webbing material construction and specifications identical to that of the standard MS3, but features a melonite-finished steel D-ring and two heavy-duty push-button QD sling swivels rather than the Magpul Paraclips™. This modification allows compatibility with QD sling cups commonly found on lower receivers, receiver end plates, buttstocks, and many low-profile forward QD Sling mounts, including the Magpul RSA-QD.

Magpul 10 round PMAG

After several years stuck in development while we worked on the standard-capacity GEN M3 magazine technology, the PMAG 10 GEN M3 is finally shipping. The PMAG 10 GEN M3 is a 10-round 5.56×45 NATO (.223 Remington) polymer magazine for AR15/M4 compatible weapons. Incorporating new material technology and manufacturing processes for enhanced strength, durability, and reliability, the PMAG 10 provides next-generation performance for those needing lower profile magazines.


I’m starting to get caught up on some reviews and the Chameleon Sling by Tactical Dynamics Firearms Training was one that I was excited to tell you guys about.  I recently had a chance to use this sling for a month or so and see what its all about.  The Chameleon Sling name fits it right as it is very adaptable to not only the equipment you are using but also to the users preference as well.  The Chameleon Sling is designed as a Vest-Integrated sling but can be modified to be used without a Vest, Chest Rig or Plate Carrier.  By mounting your sling to your Plate Carrier, etc. it removes the pull on your neck reducing neck strain and skin irritation. 

There are three main modes the Chameleon Sling can be mounted, two Vest-Integrated and one Non-Vest-Integrated Single Point mode.  The first mode and the one that separates this sling from all the others is the Chameleon mode.  This is where you use just the bungee section of the sling and attach it to your vest/plate carrier using the supplied snaps as shown attached to my Banshee Rifle Plate Carrier in the picture below.  By mounting one in the front and one in the back your weapon is slung high and tight to your side instead of right in the front where it can get in the way while moving, etc.  Depending on how you prefer to set this up it can create very easy transitions to your secondary weapon by dropping the rifle to the opposite side leaving clear access to the secondary. 

TD Chameleon Sling 1

TD Chameleon Sling 2

The Second Vest-Integrated mode is the Patrol mode.  This entails again using just the bungee section of the sling and attaching the sling higher up on the shoulders leaving the rifle to hang in the center of the chest.  Depending on how tall you are and how long your arms are you can just change which loop you connect the sling to.  I personally am a bit taller and have pretty long arms so it works better for me to have the rifle slung a bit lower.  

TD Chameleon Sling 3

TD Chameleon Sling 4

The last mode is the standard Single-Point Bungee mode.  This is an easy setup just by attaching the supplied adjustable strap to the bungee section of the sling.  This gives you the ability to use the Chameleon sling even without the use of a Chest Rig or Plate Carrier.

TD Chameleon Sling 5

TD Chameleon Sling 6 

The ease of use of this sling was very surprising.  Normally an item that is very configurable can be overly complex but this wasn’t the case with the Chameleon Sling.  I was very impressed with the quality of the construction and materials used for the Chameleon Sling.  All of the components are very high quality and built to last.  I personally only had one small issue at all during my use with the Chameleon Sling and was one that has been remedied on all future units.  Periodically during use I noticed that while attaching it or shouldering it would get the webbing to ride up on the carabiner and get caught on the pivot pin for the gate and the sharp edges in the same area.  I did let them know about this and they have already begun using heat shrink tubing around this area which will keep this from happening at all.  This will also dress it up a bit.  At the time of my review the Chameleon Sling only came with Mash Hooks as an attachment option. 

Also, I prefer to use QD’s so I attached a small QD to the Mash Hook which you can see in the pics above and it worked great.  They now offer a total of 3 attachment options, Mash Hook, Snap Shackle or QD Swivel.  With all of the features this sling offers you might be thinking “Its got to be expensive” but its not.  The Chameleon Sling comes standard with the Mash Hooks for just $45.  If you would like Snap Shackles or QD Swivels the price is just $50 and $55 respectively.   Overall, I think this is a fantastic sling especially for those of you who wear a Chest Rig or Plate Carrier daily or if you’re looking for a sling that can adapt to its environment like a Chameleon.  

You can purchase your Chameleon Sling at

Be sure to check out the Chameleon Shooting Products Facebook page for your chance to win one of these awesome slings when they reach 500 fans.   

Phase 5 Tactical has been one of my favorite manufacturers for quite a while and I’m sure they are no stranger to most of you as well.  They make some really awesome gear including the EBR.v2 batter assist lever and their awesome CQC pistols and pistol components.  What many of you might not be aware of is that they make a killer Single Point Bungee Sling.  Their bungee slings even feature a MOLLE section that you can attach items to such as a TQ Holder, Small Knife and Sheath or whatever you may need.  The new MultiCam version is really awesome looking.  The MultiCam patter on this sling is not printed on but actually woven in which is an indication of the quality components P5T uses.  These are definitely worth taking a look at.  You can purchase one for just $65 over at  

P5T Single Point Sling Multicam

Phase 5™ Single Point Bungee Sling with MOLLE attachment system.  -MULTICAM-

The P5T Single point bungee sling allows the weapon to be carried close to the operator’s
body resulting in a quick to-shoulder situation.

Heavy duty elastic cord with reinforced hog-ring clips for extra weight support.

-powder coated steel hardware and metal trigger snap.
-heavy duty shrink tubing.
-double reinforced hog-ring clips.
-heavy duty bungee cords.
-multiple colors and patterns available.
-MOLLE attachment system.
-AR-15 / M-16 / CAR / M4 / AR-15 Pistol

*MADE IN ROSEVILLE, CA, USA*  Small Made in USA flag

Apex Defense wants to hook up just our AR15NEWS readers this Thanksgiving.  All weekend long, starting Thanksgiving day, Apex Defense will be running a sale on both the Multipoint and Tech versions of their slings.  These are very nicely made slings that are made right here in the USA!!  Typically depending on the sale, Apex Defense will have these listed for $25-30 but for the “Black Friday” weekend sale you can pick one up for just $15.  You couldn’t build this sling for anywhere close to that cheap.  Many companies will try to make up on their loses on Black Friday by bumping up shipping charges but Apex is charging just $2.67 shipping as well.  Jump on this deal if you have a chance this weekend.  All you have to do is enter the code “AR15NEWS” at checkout to get the discount.  Eat this deal up like its a piece of turkey dinner!

Black Friday 2012 Apex Defense

LaRue_Logo_JPGI’ll be the first to admit I’ve not had a lot of experience with any LaRue Tactical products but I’m totally jealous of those who have.  I know quite a few guys who own OBR’s and PredatAR’s and they absolutely love them.  I’ll buy a LaRue rifle one of these days but for now lets talk about the new LaRue Tactical OSS or Optimized Sniper Sling.  I think this sling is pretty slick.  It addresses longer range shooting technique called “Bipod Loading” where you push the legs of your bipod up against a stationary object and push your shoulder into the buttstock thus locking the rifle into place.  This is a technique I personally try to use whenever I shoot longer range but had no idea it was called “Bipod Loading”.  The issue is that snipers or anyone that may be using their rifle in the prone can find themselves in a position without any way of loading the bipod.  They end up either trying to dig the legs into the ground or holding the bipod legs with their support hand.  This is why the OSS was designed.  Read the information below to see how the LaRue Tactical OSS can help give you a stable shooting platform in any situation.    Continue reading “NEW!! LaRue Tactical OSS (Optimized Sniper Sling)” »

Apex Defense LogoA few weeks ago I introduced you guys to a very cost effective 2-to-1 point convertible sling made by APEX DEFENSE.  They just announced that the Multipoint Slings are now available in Coyote Tan as well which will make a lot of you happy.  Seems like more and more people are getting tired of just plain old black.  These slings are already a pretty smoking good deal at just $25 but for a limited time if you use the code “FACEBOOK” at checkout you can get them for just $20 each.  These are handmade right here in the USA Small Made in USA flag.  I have one that I am reviewing now and its a nice sling especially when you take into account the price.  Check em out!   Continue reading “APEX DEFENSE Mulit-Point Sling – Now In Coyote Tan” »

Blue Force Gear LogoThis new product from Blue Force Gear is pretty awesome.  Its called the R.E.D. Swivel which is a completely redesigned QD Swivel that addresses a safety that has been around for quite some time.  R.E.D. stands for Rapid Emergency Detachment.  The QD Loop is quickly becoming the fan favorite for mounting slings but they can be a real pain to operate at times.  The buttons on the standard QD mounts are so small and are not in the most user friendly spot, now couple this with the use of gloves or use under extreme stressful situations and you can see why there’s an issue.  As BFG puts it “Trapped in a burning bird or stuck in a sinking HMMWV – you can’t let your weapon hold you back.”  The new R.E.D. Swivel incorporates a pull release instead of a push release making it much easier to get yourself out of a pretty sticky situation.  Check out the rest of the details and pics below!   Continue reading “NEW!! Blue Force Gear R.E.D. (Rapid Emergency Detachment) Swivel” »

Grey Ghost Gear LogoGrey Ghost Gear has announced on their Facebook Page that, for a limited time, with every Grey Ghost Gear Backpack order they’ll be throwing in 1 butt-stock mag pouch of your choice AND 1 sling of your choice.  These items are on clearance right now so its first come first serve.  They specifically said that its an “IMPROMPTU FACEBOOK SPECIAL” and did not give an expiration date other than “until we decide to quit” so if you’re interested in this special I would move on it as quick as possible.  This sale does include their very popular LiteLok backpacks as well. 

Grey Ghost Gear Deal

Check out the full line of backpacks on

Click the following links to see the Butt-Stock Mag Pouch and Sling options.


Apex Defense LogoYesterday the guys from Apex Defense brought to my attention a great looking new sling that they just released called the Multi-Point Sling.  The Multi-Point Sling is American Made Small Made in USA flag and can be converted from Single-Point to Two-Point and comes with a shoulder pad which can definitely come in handy when you’re using the sling in the Single-Point configuration.  This sling is pretty basic and simple which really isn’t a bad thing.  This allows Apex Defense to keep the Multi-Point Sling at an incredible price point of just $30.  I have personally not had a chance to try the Apex Defense Multi-Point Sling yet but we should have one on the way for a review.  In the mean time, if you’re looking for a new convertible sling you may want to give this one a look.  You can see the pictures, details and purchase info below.    Continue reading “NEW!! Apex Defense Multi-Point Sling” »

With the new Magpul MS3 QD shipping to dealers, there will undoubtedly be many people putting their barely used Magpul MS3 Gen1 on the shelf and spending another $60 to get the new QD version.  Normally I’m telling you guys to go buy the latest and greatest but I personally would rather try to upgrade my Gen1 MS3 at a cheaper price.  Now what I’m going to show you below is not rocket science nor is it my idea.  I just think without actually showing how simple yet effective it is many people will just buy the new MS3 QD.  I told you guys last week about the new Damage Industries D Loop QD sling attachments that they came out with.  I took the pictures below to show you guys how well they worked with my Magpul MS3 Gen1 to create my own version of an MS3 QD.  The new “D” shaped ring on these QD’s makes more of a difference than I had originally anticipated.  The sling doesn’t feel like its binding up or fighting against the QD because it stays in the smooth arched area of the ring instead of twisting and slipping from one side to the other as with a standard Webbing Ring QD.  Check out the pics below!    Continue reading “Upgrade Your Magpul MS3 To MS3 QD On The Cheap” »

A few months ago our friends over at Strike Industries announced a really cool new product in the works called the Sling Catch.  Anyone who has spent more than an hour lugging their weapon around on a sling can tell you that you can really chew up your neck pretty quick, especially if your doing a lot of moving around or running.  Many people will opt to attach a pad to their sling to help with this but even those can get annoying once they get all sweaty and sand infused.  The new Sling Catch is designed to completely keep the Sling webbing away from your neck by attaching it to your tactical vest or plate carrier.  I really think they’ve come up with a great product here.  Plus I think they hit the perfect price point right on the head.  Check out the details and pics below.   Continue reading “NEW!! Strike Industries SLING CATCH” »