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**Press Release**

Apex, NC, March 11, 2015 – Arisaka LLC is pleased to announce the release of its new 600 Series Light Body.

The 600 Series Light Body is designed as a streamlined replacement for Surefire Scout Light M600 bodies. It is manufactured without the mounting interface for the stock Picatinny clamp, which increases clearance for front sights or other accessories. When used in combination with the low profile Arisaka Inline Scout Mount or Offset Scout Mount, the light can be tucked in very close to the rail system.

Arisaka 600 series scout body 3

The 600 Series Light Body is compatible with all E2 and Scout Light M600 series tail caps and heads. It will also fit in any aftermarket Scout mount, as it retains the mounting holes and square lug interface on the underside of the light body.

Arisaka 600 series scout body 3

Arisaka 600 series scout body 3

Like our smaller 300 Series Light Body, it is possible to build a complete light from scratch by sourcing a Surefire or aftermarket light head, and a tail cap or tape-switch.

The 600 Series Light Body is manufactured out of 6061 aluminum, type III hardcoat anodized, and made entirely in the USA.

Elzetta makes some absolutely awesome flashlights and now through the end of the month they are giving away a Free Knit Cap with the purchase of any of their Elzetta Modular Flashlights. Elzetta offers multiple different options including the single cell Alpha with an output of 315 lumens, two cell Bravo with your choice of standard (265 lumen) or high output AVS (650 lumen) heads and the three cell Charlie with your choice of standard or high output AVS (900 lumen) heads. You can also choose between many different multifunction tail cap switches and bezels. Head on over to and get your purchase in by September 30th.

Elzetta Flashlight Free hat

Free USA-Made black-on-black knit cap with any Elzetta Modular Flashlight purchase from our website! Yes, even the Knit Caps that we are giving away FREE with any Elzetta Modular Flashlight purchase proudly wear the Made in USA label. (Offer good through September 30 while supplies last.) Every product we offer (even promotional items) are Made in USA because American Made Matters!

I was perusing the Impact Weapons Components website last night and noticed they had some new combo deals listed. When I looked closer I realized they both included the new 500 Lumen INFORCE WMLx light and your choice of either a KeyMod Thorntail Offset Mount or a 1913 Picatinny Thorntail Offset Mount. I know a lot of you guys have been looking to buy the WMLx and this combo deal pairs it with offset mounts that were designed specifically with the INFORCE lights in mind. There’s not a ton of markup in either of these items but this combo deal will still save you $12.50 versus buying the two items separately. As you can see in the pictures below I personally own this setup and it really is awesome. Purchase these combo deals at the links below.

INFORCE WMLx and KeyMod Thorntail Offset Mount Combo Deal

3-Impact Weapons WMLx and KeyMod Thorntail Offset Combo 1

3-Impact Weapons WMLx and KeyMod Thorntail Offset Combo 1

INFORCE WMLx and 1913 Picatinny Thorntail Offset Mount Combo Deal

4-Impact Weapons WMLx and 1913 Thorntail Offset Combo 1

4-Impact Weapons WMLx and 1913 Thorntail Offset Combo 1

The Combo Deals on do not qualify for any additional discounts but if you see anything else you want to purchase on their website, use the discount code “ar15news” at checkout to save an additional 5% off most items. This is a special code that IWC gave to us so we can help pass some savings on to you guys. 

The other day I got a nice surprise box in the mail. In the box was the new INFORCE WMLx which is the 500 lumen variant of the very popular INFORCE WML. I personally own plenty of the standard WML’s so the new WMLx won’t take much getting use to as it really isn’t much different. As you can see in the picture below the WMLx is not much bigger than its predecessor. It is a bit longer just to accommodate for the extra CR123 battery and slightly larger head to help power the additional lumens. It still only weighs just 4 ounces with the batteries and has a run time of 2 hours.

620 INFORCE WMLx Geissele Voodoo IWC 1

The built in 1913 mounting clamp works exactly the same way on both lights as well as the lockout bar. Both of the lights pictured above have a lever on the side. That lever on the standard WML changes the output from White Light to IR Light. I assumed this was the same on the WMLx and expected to see the little red IR emitters glowing inside. Instead I totally blinded myself and realized that the lever on the WMLx changes the activation switch from multifunction to momentary only. This is one feature that I didn’t know about but really like. On one setting you have High, Momentary, Strobe and Off. With the lever flipped the other way you have Momentary ONLY. The Momentary Only setting is great for times when you only want a quick blast of light to blind an intruder, etc and have the light only stay on as long as you are holding the button down. As soon as you let go it shuts off. No fumbling through multiple settings, etc. 

Figuring out how I wanted to mount my new WMLx wasn’t hard at all. With any of my WML’s or Pistol Lights I either mount it to the top rail or use an Impact Weapons Components 1913 Offset Mount. To mount it to the Geissele SMR MK5 rail I used the KeyMod version. IWC makes some of my personal favorite mounts and this is one of them. They run $50 but you can save 5% if you use our discount code “ar15news” at checkout on I just couldn’t find my bag of allen wrenches. Right next to me I had my Multitasker Tools Series 3 multitool inside of a Tareinco MT3-Xtra pouch. I remembered that the MT3 came with the correct bit and used the bit driver to install the part. Multitasker Tools Series 3 to the rescue. 

620 INFORCE WMLx Geissele Voodoo IWC 1

620 INFORCE WMLx Geissele Voodoo IWC 1

620 INFORCE WMLx Geissele Voodoo IWC 1

I’ve only had it for a short time but I’m really digging the WMLx. At 500 lumens its significantly brighter than the standard 200 lumen WML but not really that much bigger. Some will say 500 lumens is too bright for use on a home defense rifle but that is something you will have to decide for yourself. I know if an encounter spilled into the outdoors at night, 500 lumens would come in really handy. I’m going to get some additional play time with the WMLx before writing a serious review but wanted to let you know what I thought so far. 

Word on the street is that these will be available later this month and will retail in the $150-160 range. Keep an eye on your favorite INFORCE retailer to get these in. You can check out all of the other lights INFORCE makes at

If you would like to purchase the KeyMod Offset Mount shown in the pictures above, head on over to Use the code “ar15news” at checkout to save 5%. 

Mission First Tactical just released a new product called the Torch Backup Light. As you can probably guess from the name the TBL is not intended to be a your main tactical light but was designed from the ground up as a low output light that will illuminate your immediate surroundings or act as a backup in case your main light goes out. Many of your more expensive tactical lights will have a low output light mode but it requires you to either cycle through other light modes, etc which means you could accidentally turn on your brights when you don’t want to. The TBL’s super low profile design makes it very easy to keep mounted on your rifle at the same time so you don’t have to mess with your standard light when needed.

620 MFT TBL 1

The TBL comes in 3 different models. First is a standard White Light model which features 20 lumens of white light. The next two, to me anyways, are the ones that make the most sense. Second is a White/Red Light model which features 10 lumens of either white or red light. Third is an IR/Red Model which offers 10 lumens of either IR or Red Light. I like that they give you the option for Red and IR light as red light doesn’t give you that blind spot in your eyes like white light can and the IR will work great with night vision without blinding the operator.

620 MFT TBL 1

620 MFT TBL 1

The TBL’s are all manufactured right here in the USA by very well known light manufacturer Princeton Tech. Depending on the mode, it has up to a 24 hour hour burn time on a simple watch battery and it has a IPX7 waterproof rating meaning it can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. Check out the 3 different Torch Backup Light models and their respective specs at

I’ve been using the SMC (Side Mount Cantilever) light mount from Impact Weapons Components for over a year now on a couple of different uppers. The SMC is part of the Mount-N-Slot series of products that are designed to attach to the Magpul MOE polymer handguards and is by far the best light mount I’ve found for MOE handguards.

One of the things I really like about it is that it can be mounted on either side of the handguard so left or right handed you are good to go and you can even mount the light on the opposite side of your support hand and use a tape switch, etc. And because it uses a modular light ring system it can accommodate pretty much any hand held tac-light you can think of. If you switch to a different size light, just buy a new ring, not a whole new mount.

IWC SMC Light Mount 1

The cantilever design pushes the light up and forward towards the FSP which puts it in the perfect spot to activate it with your thumb and gives you more room for your support hand grip. By mounting to the slots in the Magpul MOE handguard there is no need for a picatinny rail section to add bulk or weight. You’ll also notice that the mount is at a slight angle toward the center line of the gun because it follows the line of the handguard. This tucks it in a bit tighter than if it were just sticking off the side or straight up.

IWC SMC Light Mount 1

If you’re looking for the best light mount to run on your MOE handguard, this is exactly what I would recommend. It’s CNC machined out of 6-series Aluminum and made right here in the USA. You can find it under the “Light Mount” tab at As always, you can save 5% by using the discount code “AR15NEWS” at checkout.

Do you have a light on your AR? I personally try to make sure all of my AR’s have a light on them. Shown below are just three different ways you can mount them and do a great job at it. INFORCE WML at 12 o’clock, Elzetta Bravo light at 45 in an IWC Thorntail SBR mount and a TLR-1S in a Mossie Midnight Mount attached to a front sight. Also making an appearance is a couple BattleComp muzzle devices, Centurion Arms C4 rail, Geissele SMR MK3 rail and a Tactical Tailor Phantom Trekker SBR bag.

12-19-2013 Inforce Elzetta Geissele Centurion Arms IWC BattleComp 620

Check out this awesome video that Elzetta Design just put out explaining Battery Current Draw specs for CR123 batteries and why the Elzetta Design lights are considered to be the best in the world. When an electronic device draws more than the recommended current CR123 batteries are known to explode. You can Google “CR123 Explode” to see what I’m talking about. I have an Elzetta light and wouldn’t replace it for anything…well, except for maybe one of those awesome AVS High Output models. Check out these awesome lights at

TNVC LogoThe TNVC Torch PRO is the latest generation of the wildly popular Torch line of Infrared Illuminators and yet again, shifts the paradigm.  The Torch PRO re-imagines the concept by introducing a host of features not found in any other product on the market, while offering performance that rivals anything in its class.  A clean, smooth, and focus-able beam of infrared light is emitted from its high-power LED.  Seamless mechanical focus allows adjustment between 1 and 10°, offering area or point illumination at distances past 800 yards!  Continue reading “NEW!! TNVC Torch PRO Extreme Distance Infrared Illuminator – Budget Friendly” »

Elzetta Logo 1One of the things I love most about the AR-15 is that its pretty rare to see that someone else built one exactly the same way I did.  There’s always something different, maybe the color, maybe the grip or the stock, etc.  That’s typically not the case when it comes to items such as your weapon light.  Chances are you’ve got a couple of the same ones I do.  Even if they’re a different model it probably still looks very similar…..unless you purchased an Elzetta ZFL-M60 and customized it through their online Custom Shop.  Did you know their is already 72 different configurations you can create when ordering your ZFL-M60?  As if that amount of customization wasn’t enough now you can pay just $10 more and have them custom engrave anything you want, such as your name, right on the side of the flashlight.  No more having someone pick your flashlight up and try to argue that it was theirs.  If you’re not familiar with Elzetta’s reputation you should definitely search “Elzetta ZFL-M60 Torture Test” and watch the videos that come up.  Check out the rest of the information listed below then get yourself one of the best lights on the planet.   Continue reading “NEW!! Elzetta Design Custom Shop” »

One of my favorite light mounts is the HSP THORNTAIL Adaptive Light Mount which is made by Impact Weapons Components.  The THORNTAIL extends the light out beyond the end of the rail allowing for more realestate for your hands.  The first version uses different size rings to accommodate different flashlights.  Haley Strategic Partners and Impact Weapons Components have just released a picture of their newest version which is designed to be used with the SureFire Millennium series of Weapon Lights. 

The HSP THORNTAIL Adaptive Offset Light Mount is designed to be used with Millenium M951, M952, M961, M962 & M620 Weaponlights.  Keep your eye on for availability and pricing!

In the firearm accessory industry its rare for your typical large manufacturer to listen their customers requests, change an already popular product and bring out a new product within just months simply because you asked for it.  Luckily for all of us, INFORCE is not your typical manufacturer.  They listened to all of you who asked for a Momentary Only version of their unbelievably popular WML (Weapon Mounted Light) and are now making the Momentary Model a permanent full production model.  We will have more INFORCE news for you in the coming months but until then, check out the details of the new Momentary Only model below!   Continue reading “NEW!! INFORCE WML – Momentary Only Model” »

So our 300 AAC Blackout complete upper build is pretty much finished.  So far we’ve shared 3 articles showing the progress of this build.  We’ll be showing you all the final product soon and then do a range report as well.  Right now we’re going to show you a few accessories we chose for this build.  No massive scopes, no IR Lasers, no wires running all over, etc.  We wanted to keep it simple, lightweight and clean.  With the help of a few of my friends we were able to do just that.  Check out the awesome light, light mount, hand stop and custom mag we chose below!  Continue reading “ 300 AAC Blackout Build – Accessorizing” »

California based Tactical Flashlight manufacturer, Kellan, has introduced a very unique new line of weapon lights that can be controlled using their multifunction tailcap switch OR…this is the cool part…by wireless remote controls built into the front/rear grip of the weapon.  They’ve been very carefully engineered to make sure there is zero chance of frequency interference or interaction.  Read the rest of this article to see the pictures and more details.  Continue reading “NEW!! Kellan Introduces Remote Controlled Weapon/Handheld Lights” »

Gear Scout published an article by Stickman earlier today regarding the new Mossie Tactics 2400 Light Mount.  This looks like a pretty sweet light mount for you SureFire die hards.   Some times a simple well thought out product is the one that makes the most sense.  Definitely worth checking out!  Get all the details and pics below.

Continue reading “NEW!! Mossie Tactics 2400 Light Mount” »