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**Press Release**

Designed to teach the thumbs forward grip, XTech Tactical releases the PTG (Pistol Training Gloves)

XTECH Tactical PTG Pistol Training Gloves

Mesa, AZ- XTech Tactical, makers of the adjustable angle ATG AR Grip and their VP9 & P30 magazines and extensions announced today the release of their PTG (Pistol Training Gloves). The patent pending gloves use hook and loop to reinforce the “thumbs forward grip”.  

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The Pistol Training Glove, or PTG from XTech Tactical teaches & reinforces the “thumbs forward” grip technique used by military, law enforcement, and professional shooters. With its grip interlock technology, the PTG’s hook and loop fasteners engage only when your hands are in the correct position.  The use of this training tool will develop habits and muscle memory that build shooting skills and confidence.

XTECH Tactical PTG Pistol Training Gloves 3

The gloves are breathable, comfortable and made from high end materials. They come in a full range of sizes ranging from XS-L to meet almost any trainee’s needs. The gloves are fully ambidextrous and address a problem we can all relate to. When introducing a beginner pistol shooter to the thumbs forward grip it is often quickly forgotten. And without the instructor by the trainee’s side and prior to muscle memory being established, the trainee becomes unsure of themselves.  Also, in a training environment when handling a live weapon for the first time the trainee often forgets the grip and the instructor is forced to correct them, which often requires physical contact.  This can create a dangerous situation but at a minimum affects the confidence of the trainee.  With the gloves, you will find the grip will no longer need to be a major focus of training and they assist in building confidence and a more enjoyable experience!

XTECH Tactical PTG Pistol Training Gloves

The gloves are simple to use and are an excellent tool in your range bag no matter if you are a beginner, instructor, or just act as a 2nd Amendment Ambassador and introducing others to shooting pistols!

MSRP is $34.95. They can be purchased at Dealer pricing, and special NRA instructor pricing is available.  Dealer and Instructor inquiries please contact

Mechanix Wear LogoRight now Mechanix Wear is offering 30% off on their entire line of gloves including their Tactical and Safety gloves.  Mechanix gloves are already a steal but now you can get some of them for less than $20.  Wearing shooting / tactical gloves is obviously not anything new.  Many people choose to wear them for protection from rough edges on their rails, accessories or the elements.  Over the last few years more and more people have begun adopting new shooting techniques that have the shooter place their support hand as close to the muzzle as possible (see pic below).  This technique helps control muzzle climb for faster followup shots and I’ve personally found it also helps me with quick target acquisition.  Being that your hand is so close to the muzzle with this popular technique a good pair of tac gloves may be a nice investment.  Shooting a few rounds like this you may not ever feel any effects from it but shooting a 3 day course with 1,000-1,500 rounds may be a different story.  Check out the details below.    Continue reading “Sweet Deal!! SAVE 30% On Mechanix Wear Tactical Gloves” »