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We all know there are a TON of multitools out there on the market ranging from cheap and useless to the Swiss Army knife of multitools with so many tools you have no idea what some of them are. For the AR15 owner there¬†we tend to be consumed by our passion for AR15’s and there is absolutely no better multitool for us to have than the Multitasker from Multitasker Tools. The Multitasker is an AR15-centric (AR15 focused) multitool and NOBODY packs the perfect amount of¬†relevant tools into one package like the Multitasker does.

Multitasker Tools Series 3x 1

I’ve been a huge fan of Multitasker Tools for years, in fact I have a pretty impressive collection of them including a Series 2X and Series 3. Now the Multitasker has gotten a bit of an update in the new Series 3X. At first glance you might not see these updates but as always, the man behind Multitasker Tools is always striving for perfection and pushing these to be the best multitools on the planet. The Series 3X upgrades are ….

Improved pliers and frame
Multitasker Tools Series 3x 1

The 3″ D2 knife blade is now PVD coated
Multitasker Tools Series 3x 1

The bit carrier can now hold ALL the supplied bits, including the FSP adjustment tool
Multitasker Tools Series 3x 1

Now don’t worry, the Series 3X still incorporates all of the fan favorite tools such as the AR15 Castle Nut Wrench,¬†3/8‚ÄĚ and 1/2″ hex wrench, Carbon Scraper, Otis Cleaning Tools Attachment, etc.

Multitasker Tools Series 3x 5

Multitasker Tools Series 3x 5

Multitasker Tools Series 3x 5

By now, the AR builder inside you is probably saying “Where does he get those wonderful toys?” and thankfully I have a nice list of retailers who should all have them in-stock and ready to ship.¬†Just pick your favorite retailer from the list below…you can thank me later. ūüôā I put an “**” next to the ones I could verify have them instock now.

Bravo Company USA **
Brownells, Inc.
Rainier Arms
SKD Tactical **
Tactical Distributors **
Weapon Outfitters **

Photos by the one and only Greg Skaz Photography

For the seasoned shooter, making adjustments on their go to optic may seem like second nature. For a novice or new shooter, making those same adjustments can take some time to figure out. Now throw in different optics with different click values and even an experienced shooter can get thrown off. ZeroBravo has just introduced the new S.M.A.R.T. Card which is designed as a tool to help you know right away what each click of virtually any optic represents from 7 meters all the way out to 400 meters.

The Simple Marksman Adjustment Reference Table, or S.M.A.R.T. Card, was developed to provide a simple answer to the question we have all had on the range. ‚ÄúHow many clicks do I need to move up an inch at this distance?‚ÄĚ

While the concept is simple, amassing the data into a useful format was key. For example ‚Äď The DeltaPoint Pro or Trijicon RMR moves 1‚ÄĚ per click at 100 yards. But how does that translate on your pistol at 7 yards? The answer to that question is 1 click moves 4/57‚ÄĚ at 7 yards. Great! That is useless information to someone trying to figure out how many clicks to move their adjustment. So it is simplified to 1/14 ‚Äď so it would take 14 clicks to move it 1 inch at 7 yards.

All the data was calculated for both yards and meters and the average was used. This number was then simplified to fractions of 1/* in order to give the shooter or coach a useful reference for how far to move that particular optic at the referenced distance. An example of this is that the M4 rear sight 3/4‚ÄĚ per click at 100 meters. At 25 meters, it moves 6/35‚ÄĚ. To simplify this, we change this to 7/35‚ÄĚ ‚Äď or simply 1/5‚ÄĚ. So now you know you need to go 5 clicks at 25 meters to move 1‚ÄĚ. While we freely acknowledge that the mathematical conversions are not exact, we feel that the difference of 1/35‚ÄĚ is negligible and the referenced measurement is much more useful as the simple fraction.


In addition to the data referenced on our wheel from 7m to 400 meters, the card also contains 2 rulers for measuring your groups as well as two trajectory illustrations for instructors to better explain this concept to their students.


The card is made from water proof die cut PVC so additional protection is not required for use on the range, in your field bag, or anywhere else. Measuring 5‚ÄĚ wide and 4‚ÄĚ tall, the card will easily fit in your uniform pocket, back pocket or range bag.

The S.M.A.R.T. Card is manufactured from die cut PVC and is 100% Made in the USA.

Height: ‚ÄÉ 4 in (10.16 cm)

Width: ‚ÄÉ 5 in (12.7 cm)

Depth: ‚ÄÉ 0.06 in (0.15 cm)

Weight: ‚ÄÉ 0.5 oz (14.17 g)

I personally love to take someone who has never shot before and teach them firearms safety, get them out shooting, learning how to make scope adjustments, etc. The last thing I want to do with that new shooter is overwhelm them with a figuring out click values at different distances.

Using a tool like this in conjunction¬†with working¬†through the actual math reinforces that you’re doing the correct mental math. Practice Makes Perfect!¬†While not everyone will feel the need for this product I definitely see it coming in very handy when helping new shooters learn how to make adjustments, working with a new optic, etc. Being that its made of a¬†durable PVC material its an easy item to just throw in your range bag and take it with you anytime you shoot.

The new ZeroBravo S.M.A.R.T. Card is priced at just $14.95 available right now at

This article was written by Mark B Wentzel

Multitasker Tools is officially announcing that they are offering the¬†Multitasker Tools TWIST mulititool in #TeamTaskerTan (a blend of Coyote Tan with a hint of OD). The Multitasker Tools TWIST is hands down one of the most useful and easily carried tools I own. When not in use the TWIST is basically the size of a sharpie and clips to a pocket, pouch, MOLLE webbing, etc. but when you need its help it quickly changes into the superhero of multitools able to tackle pretty much anything you ask of it. Even though the TWIST is “weaponcentric” (designed for weapon maintenance) you’ll find yourself grabbing the TWIST for tons of non-weapon jobs as well.


The Multitasker Tools TWIST combines all of the following tools into one compact package:
Р Aimpoint turret adjuster on rear cap
Р Pocket clip is a light-duty slotted screwdriver
Р Heavy-duty dental pick with brass shank
Р 3/32 pin punch
Р Radial carbon scraper
– ¬†M16A2 style FSP adjustment tool on a magnetic ¬ľ” hex bit holder
– ¬†10 ¬ľ” hex bits + carrier strip
– ¬†Dimensions: 5″ long by 2/3″ wide
Р Weight: Less than 2 ounces


The “TeamTasker Tan” version of the Multitasker Tools TWIST will¬†initially be available soon at the following locations.

**Photos by Greg Skaz Photography. TWIST overview video by NSZ85

This article was written by Mark B Wentzel

I think its pretty fair assessment to say I am a big fan of Multitasker Tools. So far I currently own a Series 2X, two Series 3 and a EDC-2 that Multitasker Tools makes for Emerson Knives which have all been awesome.¬†The same can easily be said of TAREINCO¬†gear. I still use an old version of the TAREINCO¬†VTP Sling as well as some Tape Switch Holders and even a Camera Strap. When I found out that TAREINCO¬†was now making a carry pouch specifically for the new Multitasker Tools Series I couldn’t help myself.¬†

The new Multitasker Tools Series 3 is the first version to come with a built in pocket clip which is probably why they decided to not include a pouch with it. I still personally found the Series 3 too bulky to want to carry in my pocket so I either carried it in a bag our in my hand until I could set it down somewhere. TAREINCO¬†realized this as well and decided to offer both a PALs and Belt mount model carrier, called the MT3-XTRA, which is specifically designed to fit the Series 3 and the supplied 1/4″ Bit Set. As you can see in the photo below I went with the PALs model (technically could still be used on a belt though).

Tareinco MT3-XTRA 1 copy

The MT3-XTRA basically consists of a small pouch (for carrying the Bit Set) that is sewn to the front of a larger pouch (for carrying the Series 3). Both pouches are made from heavy duty webbing, have Velcro closures and Elastic sides to hold their contents tight. The 1/4″ Bit Set is stored in the smaller front pouch which can be accessed by simply pulling up on the closure itself. The Series 3 multitool is stored in the larger pouch which is accessed by pulling up on the D-Ring pull loop at the bottom of the front pouch. I like this design because,¬†without even looking, I can feel for the D-Rin pull loop and remove the Series 3.¬†

Tareinco MT3-XTRA 1 copy

Tareinco MT3-XTRA 1 copy

Even though it’s carrying a lot, the¬†MT3-XTRA is still pretty low profile. The overall size of the¬†MT3-XTRA is just barely larger than the size of the Series 3 itself yet makes it so much more usable by having a way to carry the 1/4″ Bit Set along with it.¬†

Tareinco MT3-XTRA 1 copy

As I mentioned earlier, TAREINCO¬†makes both a PALs and Belt mountable version of the¬†MT3-XTRA carrier. I personally liked the PALs version better simply because it can be mounted to Backpacks, Battle Belts, Plate Carriers (shown below), etc. I’ve had mine mounted to my Plate Carrier cummerbund but you could mount it anywhere you want. The PALs version comes with a Malice Clip so its as easy as threading the clip and snapping it in place. Another thing to note is that the¬†MT3-XTRA also works well with the Series 2X Multitasker as well.

Tareinco MT3-XTRA 1 copy

Overall, I have been extremely pleased with the¬†MT3-XTRA. It is a very simple, straightforward and affordable carrier that does exactly what it is designed to do. The stitching is straight and you can tell they take great care to make sure the assembly is square and done right. One thing I would possibly like to see is additional colors such as MultiCam or Kryptek colors as it is currently available in Black or Coyote. As with all TAREINCO¬†gear, the¬†MT3-XTRA is made right here in the USA. If you’re a Multitasker Tools fan like I am, this is the perfect pouch for you. I’ve put links below that will take you directly to the PALs or Belt model below.

TAREINCO MT3-XTRA Carrier – PALs – $27

TAREINCO MT3-XTRA Carrier – Belt – $25

Last month for Black Friday 2013 Geissele Automatics offered an Armorer’s Package which consisted of the awesome Reaction Rod, Trigger Fitting Pin, Gas Block Roll Pin Tool and Gas Block Pin Punch Set. That was the first time they ever offered the tools they use every day as a complete package but it was an overwhelmingly popular package. Since then, so many people have requested to buy it that Geissele has decided to offer the Armorer’s Package on a more permanent basis. If you are looking for a set of super high quality Armorer’s Tools at a very fair price, this is the deal for you. Check it out at

620 Geissele-Reaction-Rod-Armorers-Package

The Geissele Armorer’s Packages includes all of the Geissele tools necessary for working on your AR15 or M4 platform.

The package includes the following:
Р AR15/M4 Reaction Rod
Р Trigger Fitting Pin
Р Gas Block Roll Pin Tool
Р Gas Block Pin Punch Set

As you may have already heard, the much anticipated Mutlitasker Tools Series 3 multitools are finally available for purchase and we were lucky enough to get our hands on one. ¬†The Series 3, much like its predecessors, is much more than just a multitool. ¬†Its designed from the ground up as a “pocket toolbox” for your AR15. ¬†As we did with the Series 2X, a full review is in the works. ¬†For now I wanted to give you a nice photographic overview of the features found on the new Multitasker Tools Series 3 which you will find below.

When I opened the package I received in the mail and saw this beautiful box, I thought Shane (the Multitasker Tools genius) had bought me a new watch or something.  But this is just the first of many things that will show you that there were no corners cut with the Series 3.

Multitasker Tools Series 3 16

I’ll give you a second to gather yourself and stop drooling. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Once you remove the Series 3 from the box you’ll get to see it in all its glory with those awesome looking G10 scales. ¬†You’ll also notice the neatly organized hex bit set. ¬†You might be thinking “What is a hex bit set doing in there?” ¬†We’ll get to that in a second. ¬†

Multitasker Tools Series 3 2

One of the first things that caught my eye was the fact that the Series 3 has a pocket clip. ¬†This is something that is a much needed feature. ¬†In the past the Multitasker’s have come with pouches but I don’t know of many people who actually used them. ¬†I think this is a great upgrade over past models for sure as it makes it easier to carry in your pocket instead of just throwing it in your range bag, etc. ¬†

Multitasker Tools Series 3 15

As I alluded to before, the Series 3 Multitasker is what you might call “AR-Centric”. ¬†Many of its features are specifically designed to aid in the maintenance and cleaning of an AR15. ¬†For instance, the Front Sight Adjuster (shown below) is something that comes in extremely handy whether you’re in the field or at the range.¬†

Multitasker Tools Series 3 3

The Front Sight Adjustment tool is held in place by a pretty strong magnet. ¬†Once removed it reveals a 1/4″ Bit Driver which is where the nifty little Hex Bit set comes into play. ¬†The Hex Bit set includes ten very commonly used bits that snap into place and held there by the magnet. ¬†This also makes it easier to keep small screws on the bits as well. ¬†The bits included are: ¬†TORX: T10 and T15; HEX: 3/32, 7/64, 1/8, 9/64, 3/16 and 3/32; Std Screwdriver: 3/32 and 3/16; Phillips Screwdriver: No. 1

Multitasker Tools Series 3 4

Another very “AR-Centric” feature is the availability of a 3/8″ and 1/2″ Hex Wrench which are common bolt sizes found on LaRue mounts and other scope rings. ¬†


Multitasker Tools Series 3 5

Perhaps the most “AR-Centric” feature of all is the Castle Nut Wrench. ¬†Multitasker Tools is the only manufacturer to incorporate a Castle Nut Wrench into their product. ¬†They have studied their end user, listened to feedback and understand exactly what their customers want and need.¬†

Multitasker Tools Series 3 6

One thing that always seems to be missing on multitools is a good blade. ¬†Well, Mutlitasker Tools set out to make that a thing of the past this time around and they’ve done just that. ¬†The Series 3 features a full size blade with a thumb assist for easy opening.

Multitasker Tools Series 3 7

It also features a very crisp/solid Liner Lock to keep the blade in place.  When you want to fold it just press the safety tab to the left and it folds with ease.

Multitasker Tools Series 3 8Multitasker Tools Series 3 8

Another nice feature which can be used for many different uses is the 3/32 Pin Punch. ¬†I tend to use mine for pushing Hammer and Trigger Pins out. ¬†I’ve also seen it used on handguns during tear down as well. ¬†Once again, not wanting to waste any space, there is another little surprise waiting for you. ¬† ¬†

Multitasker Tools Series 3 9

Simply unscrew the 3/32 Pin Punch to reveal a 8-32 male thread.  This allow you to attach your Series 3 to different cleaning accessories, especially those found in the OTIS cleaning kits.  

Multitasker Tools Series 3 10

The Multitasker Tools feature one of the best Carbon Scraper tools I’ve used. ¬†It works fantastic at scraping the carbon off of AR15 bolts and bolt carriers but can be used for a wide variety of other tasks as well.¬†

Multitasker Tools Series 3 11

Now on to the business end.  The Series 3 has one serious set of teeth and its not afraid to use them.  The Pliers on the Seris 3 are made of D2 Tool Steel and feature a super smooth hybrid bearing.  As with the rest of the major components on the Series 3, the Pliers are wireEDM/CNC machined giving it a strength and precision that is unmatched.  Another new feature for the Series 3 is the user replaceable cutting blades (one on each side of the plier).  

Multitasker Tools Series 3 13

I can tell you just from messing around with it over the past week or so that Multitasker Tools went all in on this tool. ¬†The quality and workmanship is unreal. ¬†I’m really looking forward to using the Series 3 Multitasker over the next few months and really get some good use out of it. ¬†If you would like to purchase one for yourself right now I have included a few links below to retailers that have them in-stock including our good friends at Weapon Outfitters and TacStrike.

The Series3 MULTITASKER is approx. 140 (plus S&H), and currently available from:

The 1MOA Solutions Combat Operations Data Book was designed to withstand the kind of abuse Snipers encounter when crawling through the dirt and mud or operating in inclement weather.

1MOA Solutions Combat Operations Date Book 1

By utilizing a modular design Shooters are able to add to or remove data inserts to fit their individual needs or mission requirements. Currently the Combat Operations Data Book is the only product of its kind constructed of rip resistant and water proof materials. This combination of features ensures you receive the maximum return on your investment.

Shooters who are currently using the US Army Sniper School data book or similar commercial products will be familiar with the format and able to quickly employ this version.

Combining the required formats to record target engagement data with additional pages containing mission planning and support info (such as 9 Line MEDEVAC, Call for fire/Close Air Support requests, Operations Order Templates, and Troop Leading Procedures) provides the warfighter a tool that increases effectiveness on the battlefield.¬†Shooters now have one hard use product they can rely on instead of struggling with multiple data books, smart cards, or SOP’s.

Additional data inserts containing information on the XM2010 .300WM, M107 .50 cal, and advanced ballistic formulas will be available for the MIL/LE orders.  Email if you have any questions or for more details.

1MOA Solutions Combat Operations Date Book

Each Combat Operations Data Book includes a three ring poly binder (8.5in x 5.5in) in tan or brown and 118 waterproof/tear resistant/writable sheets containing standard formulas and data gathering pages (see list below).

4x Consolidated Data, 10x Target Dimensions, 10x Cold Bore, 10x Grouping, 10x Stationary Target, 10x Special Target, 10x Moving Target, 10x Unknown Target, 10x Range card, 10x Field Sketch, 10x Observation, 4x Round Count, 4x Notes, 1x MOA/Conversion Table, 1x Range Estimate/Mil, 1x Range Table, 1x Wind Formula, 1x Hold/Angle Fire, 1x Moving Target Formula, 1x 9 Line MEDEVAC, 1x 5 Paragraph OPORD Template and 1x Close Air Support /Call for Fire Request.

The 1MOA Solutions Combat Operations Data Book can be purchased for just $69 only through

A while back I was sent a tool to review.¬† This tool was the HammerHead Rifle Tool.¬† While reviewing tools is not nearly as fun as reviewing guns or accessories this was actually something I got to use quite a bit.¬† I’m always tearing down rifles and putting them back together in different configurations for different photos etc. and the HammerHead Rifle Tool came in handy time after time.

HammerHead Rifle Tool 1.jpg

I think its safe to say that the HammerHead Rifle Tool was designed around its very unique Castle Nut Wrench.¬† This tool features an opening that slides over a bare buffer tube and engages all 4 notches of the castle nut at the same time which really allows you to tighten the Castle Nut.¬† This is one of my favorite features of this tool.¬† The fit is very precise which helps you to have confidence that when you do give it a good torque its not going to slip off the Castle Nut as I’ve had happen so many times in the past and sometimes really mess up the threads on the tube.¬† Lots of my Castle Nuts look as though they’ve been chewed on by a dog with steel teeth.

HammerHead Rifle Tool 1.jpg

The tool also features two very smartly designed Flash Hider wrenches.¬† The angle and position of the cuts made it so getting stubborn old Flash Hiders off and installing new ones a breeze.¬† Included are wrenches for .750″ and .825″ size FH’s.¬† The handle doesn’t have as many cutouts at the edge to hurt your hand but I would love to see them do some type of rubber backstrap for a bit of added comfort.¬† Just my $.02 though and not anything that would deter me from purchasing one.

HammerHead Rifle Tool 1.jpg

The HHRT is made of 3/16 thick head treated 1095 steel and is definitely built well.¬† There is a Titanium version available as well.¬† There are so many other little features included with this tool.¬† These include a 1/4, 1/2 and 3/8 torque drive sockets, 5/8 A2 style stock extension tube wrench and a receiver take down / pivot pin punch (or glass breaker in a pinch, LoL)¬† I honestly didn’t get a ton of use out of these but had I needed them, they would have been there and that is what matters.¬† One of the only things I feel like is missing is a barrel nut wrench.¬† I am always swapping out barrels or building a new upper and need a barrel nut wrench quite often.¬† However, there are things that the HammerHead Rifle Tool does better than any other tool I’ve used such as the Castle Nut and Flash Hider wrenches which is why it will always have a place in my range bag and armorers kit. ¬†

HammerHead Rifle Tool 1.jpg

These are available for purchase at for just $41.50 which to me seems like an awesome price.¬† Also, don’t forget to stop by the HammerHead Rifle Tool Facebook page and give them a “LIKE”.¬†

Weapon Outfitters right now is running a great deal for you AR15 owners who are looking to pick up another 1-2 mags and a sweet armorers tool.¬† I carry my MultiTasker Tools Series 2x with me everywhere.¬† Its by far the best AR15 specific multitool out there.¬† Right now if you buy one from Weapon Outfitters, you have the option to upgrade your purchase and add up to 2 Magpul EMAG’s to the order.¬† EMAG’s retail for $22.95 but through the upgrade you pay just $20.66 each.¬† If you are interested you better act fast.¬† There are only 4 of the packages left.¬† Purchase at¬†


Multitasker Tool and EMAG Promotion We have a limited amount of Multitasker Tools left! We are offering a deal that allows you to purchase a Multitasker and up to 2 Magpul EMAG’s at a generously discounted price. The cost for all of these items would normally be $165, but we’re offering them for $142.16 for one EMAG and $162.82.

BattleComp has just announced a “MOLON LABE” sale that will be going on through Election Day which is November 6th, 2012.¬† However, this deal isn’t just on BattleComp’s though, it’s also on all Mossie Midnight Mounts and MultiTasker Tools in-stock at¬† By entering the code “MOLON LABE” you will save 15% off of these items.¬† If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to pick any of these up, now’s the time to do it.¬†

BattleComp Molon Labe Sale

Effective immediately: Come and Take Them sale code: MOLON LABE — good until November 6, 2012. Cannot be combined with other codes. Good for all BCE produced goods and Multitasker tools.


Gem State Armory LogoI’ve built quite a few rifles lately for myself or friends and have found myself wondering why every Armorers Wrench I’ve tried had been junk so I started looking around for the king of all armorers wrenches.¬† With the popularity of building AR’s instead of buying an off the shelf model there are more and more manufacturers jumping in on the Armorer Tool market.¬† Some are junk, some are okay but very few are really high quality products that have had some thought put into their construction and design.¬† There were tons of junk but I finally saw a post on Facebook for the Gem State Armory – AR Armorers Wrench and realized my search had ended.¬†

I decided to talk to Jeff, the owner of Gem State Armory, regarding their AR Armorers Wrench.¬† He was super stoked to get the word about his new wrench out to you guys and a few weeks later one showed up in the mail.¬† The first thing I did was get out a few other tools I had and compare them all and as always you can immediately tell a difference between the turds and the diamond.¬†¬† Continue reading “NEW!! Gem State Armory – AR Armorers Wrench – Review” »

You know how much Multitasker Tools likes you AR15News readers?¬† Enough to give you an exclusive sneak peek at their super popular Multitasker Series 2x with the soon to be released Tan G-10 handles.¬† This is a nice contrast to their usual black handles.¬† Shane sent us a pre-production version including a new prototype/concept carry pouch to take some photos of and then share with you guys.¬† Check out the pics and my initial impressions below.¬† Continue reading “AR15News Exclusive Sneak Peek at Tan Multitasker Series 2x” »

Battle Arms Development Logo 2I’ve been working closely with Battle Arms Development since the inception of and they are one of very few companies that make products that I don’t look at as optional accessories.¬† Every single AR-15 that I build starts with one of their Ambi Safety Selectors, then I build around that.¬† In fact the next build I do will start by buying a lower that is compatible with one of the Battle Arms Development’s 45 Degree Selectors.¬† This isn’t some fanboy obsession.¬† That’s just how good their products are.¬† Their products sell themselves but that’s not good enough for Battle Arms Development.

Today Battle Arms Development has decided to make a public announcement regarding the expanded coverage for their First Responder Discount Program which includes all LE, MIL, Firefighters and EMT and to make their understood Unconditional Lifetime Warranty an official part of their product lineup.¬† Please take a moment to read the announcement that Roger asked me to help share earlier today. ¬† Continue reading “Battle Arms Development Warranty and First Responder Discount Program Expanded” »

Here’s a quick look at the updated version of the current Gerber Military MP600 multi tool that Gerber Military will be showing at SHOT Show.¬† Looks like a really nice tool with tons of features.¬† The main updated feature of the new MP600 ST is the addition of a robust A2 front sight tool for the M4/M16 weapon.¬† I have had the fortunate opportunity to use/review a few different tools and knives for Gerber Military and I can tell you they make some awesome stuff.¬† Definitely worth checking out.¬† If you are venturing out to Las Vegas next week for SHOT Show 2012 be sure to stop by the Gerber Military booth #13614.¬† Continue reading “Sneak Peek!! Gerber Military MP600 ST (Sight Tool)” »

A while back we showed you guys a really innovative weapon maintenance tool called the CAT-M4 which was designed for the cleaning of the AR-15/M4 bolt carrier group.¬† At that time many of you one-uppers ūüôā had asked if they made one for 7.62 AR’s.¬† Well, recently they started offering their CAT-762 tool (Combat Application Tool for 7.62) which is designed to be used with the Armalite and DPMS BCG’s.¬† Currently there are multiple different variations of the 7.62 bolt itself that the CAT-762 may not work on due to differences in the bolt tail itself.¬† There is a larger version in the works that will work with other Big Bore AR’s though.¬† For now if you have an Armalite or DPMS 7.62 rifle you should definitely check these out.¬† I’ve personally used their CAT-M4 and love it.¬† Check out the details below. Continue reading “NEW!! CAT-762 Tool from High Sierra Group” »