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**Press Release**

Designed to teach the thumbs forward grip, XTech Tactical releases the PTG (Pistol Training Gloves)

XTECH Tactical PTG Pistol Training Gloves

Mesa, AZ- XTech Tactical, makers of the adjustable angle ATG AR Grip and their VP9 & P30 magazines and extensions announced today the release of their PTG (Pistol Training Gloves). The patent pending gloves use hook and loop to reinforce the “thumbs forward grip”.  

Check out this quick video!

The Pistol Training Glove, or PTG from XTech Tactical teaches & reinforces the “thumbs forward” grip technique used by military, law enforcement, and professional shooters. With its grip interlock technology, the PTG’s hook and loop fasteners engage only when your hands are in the correct position.  The use of this training tool will develop habits and muscle memory that build shooting skills and confidence.

XTECH Tactical PTG Pistol Training Gloves 3

The gloves are breathable, comfortable and made from high end materials. They come in a full range of sizes ranging from XS-L to meet almost any trainee’s needs. The gloves are fully ambidextrous and address a problem we can all relate to. When introducing a beginner pistol shooter to the thumbs forward grip it is often quickly forgotten. And without the instructor by the trainee’s side and prior to muscle memory being established, the trainee becomes unsure of themselves.  Also, in a training environment when handling a live weapon for the first time the trainee often forgets the grip and the instructor is forced to correct them, which often requires physical contact.  This can create a dangerous situation but at a minimum affects the confidence of the trainee.  With the gloves, you will find the grip will no longer need to be a major focus of training and they assist in building confidence and a more enjoyable experience!

XTECH Tactical PTG Pistol Training Gloves

The gloves are simple to use and are an excellent tool in your range bag no matter if you are a beginner, instructor, or just act as a 2nd Amendment Ambassador and introducing others to shooting pistols!

MSRP is $34.95. They can be purchased at Dealer pricing, and special NRA instructor pricing is available.  Dealer and Instructor inquiries please contact

BCM has started a new series of short films called American Gunfighter. Each new video focuses on a different instructor from the BCM Gunfighter program. They just released Episode 3 which features one of my personal favorites, Pat McNamara of TMACs Inc. Pat Mac is as intense as it gets.

Pat McNamara (Mac) has 22 years of Special Operations experience, 13 of which were in 1st SFOD-D. He has extensive experience in hostile fire/combat zones in the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. He trains individuals at basic and advanced levels of marksmanship and combat tactics. He retired in 2005 from the Army’s premier hostage rescue unit as a Sergeant Major.

Pat McNamara TMACs Inc  620

View Pat’s BCM Gunfighter Page at

View TMACs website at

See Pat’s class schedule here:

Spring time is coming which means there will be a lot more time to get out and train / shoot your guns here in the near future. Right now would be a great time to start preparing for the warmer weather by stocking up on some great range time accessories. For the month of February, TacStrike has their Arch Frame Target Carrier, the best target stand I’ve ever used, on sale for just $26. 

620 TacStrike Arch Frame Target Carrier 1

I’m currently using mine in conjunction with the Drop Steel Swinger target I bought from TacStrike a few months ago but you don’t need any fancy targets to use the Arch Frame Target Carrier. With the Arched Frame Target Carrier all you need is two 2×2 posts (I just rip a 2×4 in half) that lock into the pockets of the carrier. You can make them as short or as tall as you want them to be and staple paper targets, IDPA targets, etc. to the wood posts.

620 TacStrike Arch Frame Target Carrier 3

620 TacStrike Arch Frame Target Carrier 2

The biggest improvement that the Arch Frame Target Carrier offers comes is where they get the name from. The feet of the target are not just flat bars like most target carriers. You rarely find perfectly flat ground so TacStrike has arched the feet of the carrier so that it has 4 points of contact and doesn’t rock back and forth on uneven ground. The feet actually dig into the ground a bit and add stability.

If you’re hoping to train a bit more this year or just want to upgrade your current target setup, head on over to TacStrike and pic up a couple Arch Frame Target Carriers. You may want to take a look at the other awesome target options while you’re there. 

Shooting Steel Targets is pretty awesome. So lets be honest! What’s the one thing that keeps most people from actually shooting Steel? It’s always been the cost that was prohibitive for some people. In the past when you did find cheaper steel targets they were junk. Well, those issues are no longer valid. TacStrike has come up with the solution with their new SFRT (Small Flat Rate Target) and MFRT (Medium Flat Rate Target) which are just $30 and $65 respectively.

As you may have guessed, Tacstrike has cut versions of their extremely high quality and popular steel targets that will now fit in the USPS Flate Rate boxes. These are the exact same 3/8″ AR500/Brinell500 Steel that is used on their more expensive target systems. The steel target itself was never the part that drove the prices up, it was the additional labor associated with building stands and brackets that came with them. The new SFRT and MFRT targets will come with a bracket on the back that attaches to a standard sign / fence post that you can find at the local hardware store for less than ten bucks. By removing the upright stand and the labor to make it the cost has been drastically reduced to the point where you can now purchase 4 or 5 for the price of one standard steel target.

TacStrike SFRT MFRT Target 620

The TacStrike SFRT 8″ x 5″ Steel Target will start at just $30 plus $6 shipping and the MFRT 11″ x 13″ Steel Target will start at just $65 plus $14 shipping. The reason I say “start at” is because they are also offering discounts packages for buying more than one. 

If you want to start shooting steel or just want to add a few more steel targets to your range area, this is the way to go. Head on over to to take advantage of this new product. These will be shipping in just a couple of weeks.

I know there’s no way I can be the only person who’s spent a day at the range only to feel like I’ve basically wasted time and ammo because I didn’t have a plan for what I wanted to accomplish. With the right preparation, time at the range can be more than just blowing through some spare ammo and turn into a real training session. Trident Concepts has come up with an awesome new training aid that they call the TACOST Training Card Program.  

620 Trident Concepts tacost-training-card program 1

The TACOST Training Card Program is basically a set of cards that all have different drills on them. These drills are broken down into 4 different types of drills which are Marksmanship, Speed, Baseline, and Dry Fire. Most people go to the range and do the exact same thing as they did last time. By drawing a few cards from the deck it forces you to try new drills and get you out of your comfort zone. One of the cool parts is you can pick as many or few as you have time for. It also allows you to prepare for the training session. Pick some cards, look at them, grab the gear you need to successfully complete the drills and that’s it. No surprises and no lugging around gear you aren’t going to use. This means your training sessions will have a purpose and each shot will have a purpose which in turn makes it cost effective.

At just $19.99, the TACOST Training Card Program is a great “bang for your buck” training aid. Take a look at the details of the TACOST Training Card Program below, then head on over to to purchase a set for yourself.

TACOST Features:

• Four different training groups
• Thirteen training sessions per group
• Safety and evolution briefs
• Easy to follow training instructions
• Clearly defined objectives and scoring
• Suggested tracking protocol
• Portable, rugged and convenient

Training program is broken down into four different groups.

• Marksmanship groups will focus on the principle understanding of marksmanship skills. The drills vary from extreme distance, to extremely small targets and various drills in between.
• Speed groups will focus on pushing the boundaries of speed safely while at the same time maintaining a minimum hit ratio. The drills vary in number of rounds fired, positions and added complexities such as manipulations.
• Baseline groups will focus on establishing performance in a predefined series of drills. These baselines will set the tone for the rest of the groups and chart progress over time.
• Dry fire groups will combine both dry fire and at times live fire to increase the number of correct repetitions. Practicing to ensure that movements are smooth and precise.

The goal of each program is not just to challenge the student, but to also assist them in identifying discrepancies in their overall technique then providing them the tools necessary to improve and then sustain. The student is given a powerful tool to help them improve no matter their current skill level or education.