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Some super exciting information came out today.  Battle Arms Development, makers of the best Ambi Safeties on the market, just received their 07 FFL.  An 07 FFL is a manufacturing license which will allow them to produce Forged and Billet lowers with their own logo on them and sell them as well.  This is very exciting.  If they put half as much care into making a quality lower as they do into making their BAD-ASS selectors, these could very well be one of the best lowers ever.  For now I have no pictures or anything and not really even any time frame.  I can just show you a screen capture from the Battle Arms Development FB page showing you what they have planned.  See below.

Battle Arms Development 07 FFL

Memorial Day 2013 – Iron Sight 15 Discount

Posted on May 26th, 2013 by ar15news

Just the other day we helped launch the new Iron Sight 15 upper receivers (more info HERE).  Today they let us know that they are offering a discount code in honor of Memorial Day.  All you have to do is use the code “MEMORIALDAY” at checkout and you’ll receive $10 off your total.  I’ve been able to get my hands on one of these receivers and they are definitely nicer than your usual mass produced AR15 upper receivers.  They are finished to perfection.  Discount is only good until 11:59pm on Memorial Day 2013.  Take advantage of this opportunity to grab one or more for just $109.99 each.  Get yours at

Iron Sight 15 AR15 Forged Stripped Upper 3

Memorial Day 2013 – AERO Precision Lower Receiver Sale

Posted on May 24th, 2013 by ar15news

AERO Precision has decided to offer a Memorial Day Sale on their Forged AR15 Lower Receivers.  Right now they have lowered the price on both the Blemished and Non-Blemished lowers.  Blemished ones may have minor scratches or defects but nothing that will effect the function of the lower.  Most of the people I know of who have bought blemished lowers from AERO can’t even find the issue.  If you need a new lower, get in on this deal!

AERO Precision Blemished AR15 Lowers:  $85.00

AERO Precision Standard (Non-Blemished) AR15 Lowers:  $148.50

AERO Precision AR15 Lower 620

NEW!! IRON SIGHT 15 Forged AR15 Upper Receiver

Posted on May 24th, 2013 by ar15news

The new Iron Sight 15 forged AR15 upper receiver’s are now available for purchase.  You might be thinking exactly what I originally thought, “So what, its an AR15 upper”.  Well, you’re right.  The part that makes this upper receiver different is the care taken in finishing the product and really making it one of the nicest I’ve handled.  I was able to get my hands on one for the last week or so and I’ve gotta say….I’m pretty impressed.  

Iron Sight 15 AR15 Forged Stripped Upper

After installing the Dust Cover and Forward Assist I mated it up with a 5.56 Black Hole Weaponry barrel housed in a Seekins Precision MCSR v2 15″ rail.  Slapped on a BattleComp BC2.0 and it was done.  Everything went together nicely and just seemed to click.  I was a bit worried about the anti-rotation tabs on the Seekins rail as some uppers have issues in that area but again, fit like a glove.  

Iron Sight 15 AR15 Forged Stripped Upper 2

Iron Sight 15 AR15 Forged Stripped Upper 1

As you’ve probably already noticed there is some laser etching on the left side of the upper.  I typically don’t really care for this kind of thing but it seems to have really grown on me and I actually like it on this one.  They have also added the laser engraved T-marks.  

Iron Sight 15 AR15 Forged Stripped Upper 4

All in all, I would say this is a very nicely made forged upper receiver.  Nothing extremely different other than the care with which it was created.  I’ve copied the details for the Iron Sight 15 Forged AR15 Upper Receiver below.  The IS15 upper retails for $119.99 but they were nice enough to offer all AR15NEWS readers a discount code.  Use the code “AR15NEWS” at checkout and save yourself $5.  Purchase one for yourself at

Iron Sight 15 AR15 Forged Stripped Upper 3

Forged Stripped Upper Receiver (Flattop)

High Quality – Precision machined to proper M16/M4 Specs


-  7075 T6 Aluminum
-  M4 Feed ramps
-  .250” takedown holes
-  High Quality machining
-  Tumbled and deburring
-  Vapor Degreased
-  Stainless Steel Blasted
-  Hardcoat Anodize Type III Class 2 black per MIL-A-8625
-  (ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Certified)
-  Mil standard 1913 Picatinny accessory rail, with “T” markings
-  Laser Etching on left side of receiver

Purchase  the new Iron Sight 15 forged upper receiver at

Our friends over at S & J Tactical have given us some information regarding their soon to be released billet receiver set.  They have already been selling their billet lowers for a while and everyone seems to be very happy with them.  Now they have the other piece to the puzzle which is their new billet AR15 upper receiver.  As with most things billet the looks are much cooler than the standard forged upper receivers.  I spoke with Shawn at S & J Tactical and he told me they plan to offer the billet upper separately and in matched sets with one of their lowers.  Cost for just the upper should be $230 which is right in line with some other nicely machined billet uppers.  A matched billet set would run $429.99.  I don’t know about you guys but I’m excited to see more billet upper options.  They sell out so fast you can never get one.  Keep an eye on  Word is they will be adding them to the website by the weekend.  :)

S and J Tactical Billet Upper1 620

2013 S & J Tactical Billet Match Set 
7075-T6 Alum.
Type 3 Anodize

S and J Tactical Billet Upper2 620

S and J Tactical Billet Upper Rifle

S & J Tactical Billet Lower On Sale This Weekend!!

Posted on May 18th, 2013 by ar15news

I’m really liking the look of this new billet lower from S & J Tactical.   A friend of mine owns one and loves it.  This weekend they are running a sale on them for just $199 each which is cheaper than most billet lowers were even before the panic buying started.  I think the nicest part about billet lowers is they have a much more industrial look than that standard forged lowers and this one is no exception.  The S & J Tactical Billet Lowers usually sell for $250 but right now you can pick one up for just $199.  Their website is still having some maintenance done on it so they are recommending that you go on the S & J Tactical Facebook Page and submit a message to them to order.  They just launched their new website so head on over to S& to place an order for your new lower.  his is a brand new run of lowers that will be in Monday/Tuesday next week so should ship pretty quick after that.  

S and J Tactical Billet Lower


-   CNC Machined From 7075-T6 Billet Aluminum
-   Hardcoat Anodizing: MIL-A-8625F, Type III, Class 2
-   .154″ Dia. Trigger and Hammer Pin Holes
-   Multi Caliber Marked (Safe – Fire)
-   Magwell Flare is Increased for Smooth Mag. Loading
-   Solid Trigger Guard for added Strength and Style

Order for $199.99 at

CIV Tactical Custom Uppers Available For Purchase

Posted on May 13th, 2013 by ar15news

Dustin at CIV Tactical just let me in on a little secret.  He’s been working overtime to produce some extra uppers that aren’t for his current orders as well as securing some additional parts for custom upper orders.  Right now he currently has about 10 of his custom Blueprinted and Lapped AR15 Upper Receivers in-stock and available for immediate purchase.  Custom Upper orders are running on a 4-6 week lead if you select the BCG option but may be shorter if ordered without a BCG.  Check out the details of these products below.    

CIV Tactical Blueprinted and Lapped Stripped Upper

CIV Tactical Blueprinted and Lapped Upper 3

-  Upper has been professionally blueprinted and the face of the receiver has been lapped on a lathe to make it perfectly squared off, ensuring that the barrel, bolt and the receiver are in perfect alignment.  This job is typically done on precision rifles but has been shown to increase accuracy out of an AR15 as well.
Purchase HERE

16″ CIV TAC Standard Tactical Upper with Free Float Rail

4-12-13 CIV Tactical Standard Tactical Free Float Upper

• CIV TAC forged 7075 M4 upper receiver
• 16″ M4 Profile Barrel Non Chrome Lined
• Chambered for 5.56 NATO
• M4 Feedramps
• CIV TAC upper height railed gas block
• Standard 7″ Carbine length free float quad rail
• YHM Phantom flash hider.
Purchase HERE

16″ CIV TAC Light Tactical Upper w/ Troy Alpha Rail 11″

16 CIV TAC Light Tactical Upper w Troy Alpha Rail 11

• CIV TAC forged 7075 Type-3 Hard Anodized M4 upper receiver
• 16″ M4 profile barrel non chrome lined
• chambered for 5.56 NATO
• M4 feedramps
• Low profile carbine length gas system
• Troy Alpha Rail 11″ lightweight free float handguard
• YHM phantom 5c2 flash hider/compensator
Purchase HERE

16″ CIV TAC Standard Rifle Upper with YHM Free Float Rail

CIV Tactial Standard YHM 2 620

• CIV TAC forged 7075 type3 hard anodized M4 upper receiver
• 16″ M4 Profile Barrel Non Chrome Lined
• Chambered for 5.56 NATO
• M4 feedramps
• Low profile carbine length gas system
• Rifle length YHM diamond free float rail system
• YHM phantom 5c2 flash hider/compensator
Purchase HERE

A majority of AR-15 owners spend a lot of time searching for super deals that allow them to finish off their latest AR build in the $800-1,000 range.  There is also a growing segment of AR-15 owners who want only the highest quality components and will pay whatever it takes to make sure they have a weapon that will perform under just about any condition you can throw at it.  I can be accused of both so I’m not saying one is better than the other.  Believe me, I’ve owned some crap in the past.  These high end components can also be hard to find as they are made in smaller quantities.  If you simply enjoy owning high end firearms or need one for your super cool day job, Weapon Outfitters has been stocking up on some super high end piston AR uppers and wants to let you have first dibs.  Check out the pics and details below and click the link to purchase.  You can also use the code “AR15NEWS” at checkout to save $50 but it only works on these uppers.  Enjoy your gun porn of the day.  :)

Weapon Outfitters Uppers 620

Weapon Outfitters Uppers 1 620


PWS MK116 Complete Upper with FSC-556 Muzzle Brake  -  $1,299.95

LWRC M6A2, 5.56mm 16″, SPR  -  $1,919.50

LWRC M6A2 SPR, 5.56mm 14.7″ with pinned/welded flash hider  -  $1,919.50


CMT Tactical makes a really great billet AR15 lower receiver.  It looks awesome and has some of the nicest machining you’ll find out there.  I know because I have one.  Some times the billet lower of your dreams just doesn’t fit into your budget as well as you’d like.  Well, here’s your chance to save on an awesome lower.  Right now CMT Tactical has their “Ammo Grade” Billet Lowers in-stock for just $176.   “Amm0 Grade” means it has some minor blemishes but nothing that would hinder the function of the lower at all.  If you don’t care who puts the first scratch on it, this is a great deal.  GeT sOmE!!   Purchase yours at

05-01-13 CMT 071

**IN-STOCK** Stripped AR15 Upper Receivers – $90

Posted on May 6th, 2013 by ar15news

I’m not really sure how long these will be in-stock as there is just 97 of them available at the time of posting this article.  AERO Precision has forged stripped upper receivers in-stock.  I know everyone’s still having a hard time trying to find uppers so here is your chance.  Enough of my rambling.  GeT sOmE!!  Purchase at




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