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**IN-STOCK** Stripped AR15 Upper Receivers – $90

Posted on May 6th, 2013 by ar15news

I’m not really sure how long these will be in-stock as there is just 97 of them available at the time of posting this article.  AERO Precision has forged stripped upper receivers in-stock.  I know everyone’s still having a hard time trying to find uppers so here is your chance.  Enough of my rambling.  GeT sOmE!!  Purchase at


My buddy Tom over at GPI Custom Gunworks just let me know that they have some Forged AR15 Stripped Receiver sets in-stock.  These receivers will be Cerakoated in your choice of either Black or FDE.  The best part is they have dropped the price of the set down to just $249.  If you’re looking for a receiver set this is a great find.  Only 41 in-stock at the moment so don’t take your time.  Purchase at  **GPI Dragon Logo not included on the lower**

GPI Custom Gunworks forged Receiver set

S & J Tactical Billet Lowers On Sale This Week – $199

Posted on April 23rd, 2013 by ar15news

S & J Tactical makes a really nice looking billet lower.   A friend of mine owns one and loves it.  This week they are running a sale on them for just $199 each which is cheaper than most billet lowers were even before the panic buying started.  I think the nicest part about billet lowers is they have a much more industrial look than that standard forged lowers and this one is no exception.  The S & J Tactical Billet Lowers usually sell for $250 but right now you can pick one up for just $199.  At the moment their website is having some maintenance done on it so they are recommending that you go on the S & J Tactical Facebook Page and submit a message to them to order.  

S and J Tactical Billet Lower

Two Awesome Billet AR15 Lowers In-Stock At Rainier Arms

Posted on April 21st, 2013 by ar15news

When it comes to finding parts and accessories in this difficult market, Rainier Arms has been my go to website.  Because of their excellent reputation and sales track record they have been able to contract with some manufacturers to get us some very sought after products such as these two Billet AR15 lower receivers.  The best part is that they are able to negotiate on the behalf of the customer to keep the prices of these products at pre-panic pricing.  Take a minute to check these lowers out.  If you’re looking for a lower that will be high quality and give your AR15 a different look these will do just that.  

CMT Tactical UHP-15 Billet AR15 Lower  -  $220

CMT Tac UHP-15

NorthTech Defense Billet AR15 Lower  -  $237.45

NorthTech Defense Billet Lower

The other day I was pleasantly surprised when I was contacted by a nice lady named Tammy who was representing a small gun shop in Beeville, TX called Americana Arms, LLC.  She said that some of their customers mentioned we ( might be interested in knowing about their new billet AR15 lowers and wanted to know how to get the word out.  I don’t just post everything that comes my way so I asked a few questions and my jaw dropped when she told me that they were only $169.99.  I actually checked again to verify that this price was correct and it is.  These things are extremely nice looking and have features you would expect to see on lowers costing double this price.  They have 60 units in-stock right now, another 100 will be in 4 weeks from now and another 100 every 4-5 weeks after that.  Check out the pics and details below.  

Americana Arms Billet AR15 Lower

Americana Arms Billet AR15 Lower

Americana Arms Billet AR15 Lower


-   6061 Aluminum, Type III anodized
-   Integrated Winter Trigger Guard
-   Tensioning Screw 
-   Lower requires no roll pins.  Bolt Catch/Release is held in place by a threaded pin.
-   Flared Magwell
-   Price:  $169.99

You can order an Americana Arms billet AR15 lower or request additional information by emailing Tammy at  Americana Arms is a smaller “mom and pop” style shop specializing in good ol’ fashion customer service.  If you need to call them you can do so at (361) 362-3573 from 5pm – 8pm Central Time during the week.  

Americana Arms is having some site maintenance done right now.  I would suggest liking the Americana Arms Facebook page for future notifications as they will have billet .308 lowers and billet uppers in-stock soon too.

**UPDATE**  As of 12pm EST on 4/18/2013 all 60 “in-stock” units have sold out.  There will be an additional 100 units in 4 weeks so still email Tammy to lock one in.

**IN-STOCK** 4 Different CIV Tactical AR15 Uppers

Posted on April 12th, 2013 by ar15news

I’ve asked my buddy Dustin over at CIV Tactical to let me know whenever he gets some extra AR15 uppers built and listed as in-stock on his website.  Dustin is so meticulous with his custom upper builds that I swear he has some OCD issues or something but it definitely makes for an awesome upper.  LoL!  No seriously though, its because he cares about the quality of each and every one of the uppers that leave his shop.  Right now he has 4 different styles of uppers listed on his website that are available for purchase starting from a his basic M4 upper to the very nice Light Scout Upper w/ Troy MRF-R Free Float Rail.  He has all of the parts in and will be building these when they are ordered and in the order they were purchased.  He said he is running about a 2-3 week lead time before they ship.  Check them out below.  The prices on these are great and they go fast.  

16″ CIV TAC Basic M4 Rifle Upper

4-12-13 CIV Tactical Basic M4 Upper

**SOLD OUT**  16″ CIV TAC Standard Tactical Upper with Free Float Rail

4-12-13 CIV Tactical Standard Tactical Free Float Upper

16″ CIV TAC Standard Rifle Upper with YHM Free Float Rail

4-12-13 CIV Tactical Standard Rifle YHM Free Float Upper

**SOLD OUT**  16″ CIV TAC Light Scout Upper w/ Troy MRF-R Free Float Rail

4-12-13 CIV Tactical Light Scout Troy MRF-R Upper

**IN-STOCK** CMT Tactical Billet Lower – $220

Posted on April 11th, 2013 by ar15news

As you’re all well aware, the cost of AR15 parts have grown wildly lately.  Some items more than doubling in cost.  Every once in a while though we’re blessed with a look into the past when companies such as PSA, AIM, Rainier Arms, etc. are able to get us some parts at the pre-panic pricing.  This is one such deal.  AIM Surplus has some CMT Tactical Billet AR15 Lower Receivers in-stock right now for just $219.95 a piece.  They do have a limit of 1 per person which I like so you don’t get guys buying 10 to flip on Gun Broker, etc.  I really think this is a great looking lower.  It features an integrated winter trigger guard, some cool looking grip serrations that wrap around the front of the magwell and the bolt catch/release lever is held in place with a screw instead of a roll pin.  If you are interested in picking up a billet lower, you should definitely check these out as they may be the least expensive billet lower you see for a while.  Purchase yours at

CMT AR15 Billet Lower

CMT AR15 Billet Lower


-   MULTI CAL MARKED ( Pistol marked- available special order)

PSA AR15 Upper Build Kit On Sale – $30

Posted on April 11th, 2013 by ar15news

I know a lot of you guys have been buying up the AR15 Stripped Uppers I’ve posted about lately so I figured I should help you find the parts you need to finish them off.  While an AR15 Upper Parts Kit consists of way less parts compared to LPK’s they are still relatively hard to find right now.  Thankfully Palmetto State Armory has a really nice deal going on for their AR15 Upper Build Kits but it expires tomorrow.  These Upper Build Kits are listed at just $29.99 on their website right now which is 50% off of the normal price.  For a while PSA had a reputation of taking for ever to ship stuff but they have really worked hard to correct that.  All of the stuff I’ve ordered from them lately have shipped within 1-3 business days including some LPK’s.  Jump on this awesome deal while you can at

PSA Upper Build Kit

**IN-STOCK** SLR Rifleworks Stripped Lowers

Posted on April 2nd, 2013 by ar15news

A while back I had the opportunity to shoot some photos of the SLR Rifleworks Intrepid Handguard which is a really awesome handguard.  I haven’t had much of a chance to post about their stuff lately but I do know they make some high quality parts that’s for sure.  I just saw on Facebook that they have some of their forged SLR-15 lowers in-stock.  I’m not sure why but I’ve always really liked the looks of the SLR-15 lower.  I think it has something to do with the SLR roll mark on the magwell (kind of reminds me of text you’d see on a sports car or something) and the fact that they machine them right there in house instead of farming them out.  Anyways, these are in-stock and ready to ship so get on them now.  Just $149 at  Don’t forget to check out SLR Rifleworks on Facebook too.

SLR Rifleworks Stripped Lower

SLR Rifleworks Stripped Lower 2

Simplistic Shooting Solutions Billet 80% Lower – On Sale

Posted on April 1st, 2013 by ar15news

Weapon Outfitters has just a few (6) of these Billet 80% Lowers from Simplistic Shooting Solutions.  Their are two reasons this caught my eye.  The first being that these typically retail for $250 and WO has them on sale for just $185 each.  The second thing that caught my eye is that if you look closely they have marked where you need to drill the Hammer Pin, Trigger Pin and Safety holes.  This is a big help if you don’t have a jig to place the lower in for drilling.  The cool part about an 80% lower is that because there is no machined Fire Control Group its just a big paperweight requiring no serial number and no FFL Transfer.  You machine the rest yourself and have a completely unregistered AR15 lower.  Check these out for yourself at

SSS Billet 80 percent Lower WO 1

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