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As promised, this is the followup article to the one I shared on Saturday. Today is the release date for the CMT Tactical UPUR-1 billet AR15 upper receiver. The first run of uppers will be sold exclusively through Rainier Arms at a special introductory price and they are expected to sell very quick. I just wanted to let you know where you can buy your very own CMT Tactical AR15 Billet Upper Receiver and show you what I did with mine. If you want to check out my build below, click on the images for a high-res version. Otherwise head on over to to purchase you own upper now.

CMT Tactical Billet Receiver Set 1 620

CMT Tactical Billet Receiver Set 3 620CMT Tactical Billet Receiver Set 3 620

As you can see I went for a pretty lightweight KISS style rifle. I don’t really like to just haphazardly throw a build together. That’s one thing I always tell people who are building a rifle. Think through and figure out what you want your rifle to be. I have plenty of “overweight” rifles so from the start I planned on keeping this one fairly light. This build came in at only 6 lbs. 12 oz. which for a billet upper and lower set is pretty good. To do that I utilized some lightweight accessories which includes a Fortis Manufacturing REV 12″ rail, Magpul K grip and MBUS, Seekins Precision T-1 mount and B5 Systems SOPMOD Bravo stock and QD End Plate. Other parts that aren’t necessarily lightweight but were used are the Smith Enterprise Vortex flash hider, CIV Tactical 16″ M4 barrel and BCG, Impact Weapons Handstop, ALG Defense ACT Trigger, Battle Arms Development BAD-ASS selector, BCM Low Profile Gas Block and a Receiver Extension Kit from Damage Industries. Any questions or comments regarding this build? Shoot me an email HERE.

Sneak Peek!! CMT Tactical Billet Upper – Coming Soon

Posted on July 13th, 2013 by ar15news

This is a sneak peek at the new CMT Tactical UPUR-1 billet AR15 upper receiver. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one a bit early and man are these nice. Super clean lines, great finish. I have all the parts to finish off this upper and plan on doing it this weekend. These uppers will be available for purchase starting Monday. For now, due to just getting this upper last night, I took some quick shots with my iPhone that actually turned out not too bad for what they are. I’ll get this upper built and take some real pics of it to share with you on Monday. 

CMT Tactical UPUR-1 Billet Upper 1 620

CMT Tactical UPUR-1 Billet Upper 1 620

The Cross Machine Tool Ultra Precision Upper Receiver Part# UPUR-1 is the perfect Mate to your UHP-15 lower receiver or would also be a great match with any Mil-Spec lower. The UPUR-1 is machined from Billet 7075 T6 Aluminum unlike the more commonly used 6061. Using the 7075 T6 aluminum gives the UP-UR a 65% increase in strength & rigidity over 6061 aluminum receivers. The UPUR-1 is machined on a 5 Axis machining Center to reduce the number of operations/setups required to complete. This machining process allows the highest possible accuracy to be obtained over the traditional 3 or 4 Axis machining method. The UPUR-1 is designed for increased function, performance & to provide an advanced modern appearance & feel to the AR15 platform weapon system.

–  5 axis machined from 7075 T6 billet
–  M4 feed ramps
–  Laser engraved “T” numbers
–  1913 picatinny Rail flat top
–  Mil Spec Type III class II hard coat anodized Black
–  Shell deflector
–  Forward Assist machined into receiver
–  Dust cover port machined into receiver
–  Increased wall thickness for added rigidity
–  Compatible with Mil spec parts
–  Compatible with most aftermarket handguard/rail systems
–  Lifetime warranty against manufacture defects
–  WT 8.7 oz.

CMT Tactical UPUR-1 Billet Upper 1 620

Expect the new CMT Tactical UPUR-1 billet AR15 upper receiver to go on sale Monday (7-15-2013) with an MSRP of just $209.95. I’ve heard through the grapevine that Rainier Arms will be selling the initial run of lowers at a special introductory price so you’ll definitely want to keep tabs on the CMT Tactical “Manufacturer” Page at And if you really want to be prepared, Rainier Arms has the CMT Tactical UHP-15 billet lower in-stock at the before mentioned link.  

Another great way to keep tabs on the new upper and other new CMT Tactical products is by liking the CMT Tactical Facebook Page and clicking “Get Notifications” under the “LIKE” button drop down menu. They will be giving away at least one of these billet uppers to one of their fans this month. Have a great weekend guys.

Faxon Firearms ARAK-21 Complete Upper

Posted on July 11th, 2013 by ar15news

To say that I want an ARAK-21 upper from Faxon Firearms is quite the understatement. The ARAK-21 is a Piston Driven upper receiver that fits any mil-spec AR15 lower receiver. You might be asking yourself, “What’s the big deal?” but there are many differences between the ARAK-21 and your normal AR15 Piston upper. Most Piston uppers require the use of a Buffer Tube, Buffer and Buffer Spring. They would also typically require the use of a rear charging handle. The ARAK-21’s self contained design means you don’t need any of that. When the weapon is fired the bolt travels inside the upper and never exits the rear of the upper like an AR15 which opens up so many possibilities for finishing off your build. The ARAK-21 features a monolithic style handguard/rail system and has a non-reciprocating forward mounted Side Charging Handle that can be swapped to either side. Basically, if you took the best parts of an AK, SCAR and AR15 and created one complete upper you would have the ARAK-21 upper. This may very well be my next upper. I’m liking it more and more as I watch the video and look at the pics below that my good friends at Defense Marketing Group put together. Check it out!

Faxon Firearms ARAK-21 1 620

Faxon Firearms ARAK-21 2 620

Faxon Firearms ARAK-21 2 620

Faxon Firearms ARAK-21 2 620

For more information on this awesome upper head on over to FaxonFirearms.comKeep an eye on Defense Marketing Group for additional coverage of the ARAK-21 upper.  

NEW!! AERO Precision Now Offering Cerakoted AR15 Receivers

Posted on July 8th, 2013 by ar15news

AERO Precision has very recently started offering all of their AR15 receivers Cerakoted in both Desert and Olive colors. According to AERO, the colors are designed to match as close to Magpul colors as possible. The Desert color would be similar to the Magpul FDE and the Olive would be a good match to Magpul OD Green. The cool part is you can now get this on all of their receivers including the popular COP Uppers. There’s not really much by way of specs or details other than to say that these are the same as their usual high quality mil-spec receivers just offered in something other than Black. Click on the pictures below to view the individual items or head on over to

AERO Precision Cerakote Lowers

AERO Precision Cerakote Uppers

AERO Precision Cerakote COP Uppers

Weapon Outfitters is having one of the best money saving 4th of July Sales that I’ve seen this year. They are offering 15% off all Complete Uppers and Custom Upper Builds on their website. This includes uppers from from some awesome companies such as AAC (Advanced Armament Corp), Centurion Arms, Daniel Defense, KAC (Knights Armament Company), LWRC, PWS (Primary Weapon Systems) and TROY. 15% off is probably the most generous discount you’ll see for a while on uppers of this quality. Use the code “4THOFJULY” at checkout, now through Monday the 8th to save 15% off your order. Head on over and check these out at

Weapon Outfitters Custom AR15 Upper Build 4th July 2013 1 620 Weapon Outfitters Custom AR15 Upper Build 4th July 2013 1 620 Weapon Outfitters Custom AR15 Upper Build 4th July 2013 1 620 Weapon Outfitters Custom AR15 Upper Build 4th July 2013 1 620

**4th Of July 2013 Sale** DIY Armory 80% Lowers

Posted on July 2nd, 2013 by ar15news

The guys over at just received their latest shipment of 80% lowers and these look like the nicest ones I’ve seen to date. They are all on sale right now through July 13th at midnight. There has been a huge explosion in the popularity of 80% lowers lately. I would venture to say there are thousands of people right now that have ordered 80% lowers from Crowd Funding Campaigns promising lowers for ridiculous prices. These customers still have not received them for one reason/excuse or another. That is not the case with All of their lowers are in-stock and ready to ship and were actually produced by one of the largest forges in the U.S. These new lowers also feature grip serrations on the front of the magwell and also have the Safe and Fire selector symbols already etched in so that is one less thing for you to have to do. Many people think the benefit of buying an 80% lower is to save money but in actuality you probably won’t save any money. The real benefit is to have a non-serialized lower that only you know about. Get yours at and get yours way before those other guys will. Details are listed below.

620 DIY Armory 80 percent Lower New Style 1

620 DIY Armory 80 percent Lower New Style 1

620 DIY Armory 80 percent Lower New Style 1

As always:

-7075 t6 forged lowers

-Flared and 100% Broached mag wells

-Mil Spec

-Type 3 anodizing

-Made in the USA

Some of the new features on the lowers which we are really excited about and we think make these the best 80% lowers on the market are.

New features:

-Grips have been milled out on the mag well for increased stability when firing.

-A screw hole has been added so a torsion screw can be inserted (screw not included) for increased stability   between the upper and lower.

-We have etched in fire and safe logo’s for customer convenience and savings

Also, if the Facebook Page reaches 25k fans by the end of the month (which would be a huge feat) they will be giving away a lower build kit which includes one 880% lower, one LPK and one Buttstock and Buffer Tube Kit. Make sure you like their page to qualify.

Iron Sight 15 just announced the other day that they were dropping the prices on their AR15 upper receivers permanently. I have a few and they are just super clean, high quality upper receivers. The new purchase price for a single stripped upper will be $110.99 instead of the old $119.99 and 2-pack uppers will sell for $211.99 instead of $229.99. In addition to the new pricing they are also running a special in celebration of the 4th of July. By using the code “IS15JULY4″ you will save an additional $10 at checkout. Head on over to

Iron Sight 15 Banner

Iron Sight 15 AR15 Forged Stripped Upper 3

Perfect Lowers and Uppers for the Do-It-Yourself’er

Posted on June 27th, 2013 by ar15news

AERO Precision just introduced some of their forged AR15 Uppers and Lowers that are non-anodized. Some of you might be thinking “Why in the world would I want an unprotected receiver?”. Well, its actually a pretty awesome idea. I know tons of people who buy lowers only to sand blast the anodizing off and do a custom Cerakote or similar coating in any number of colors or patterns. Want a little Bling-On-Your-Sling? Polish these up and throw on a clear coat. By having the ability to purchase non-anodized receivers you not only save yourself a few dollars but also save yourself quite a bit of time and effort. If you are a do-it-yourself’er and plan on re-coating your lower, this is a great way to go. These are not blemished receivers. Uppers are just $79 and Lowers are $99. Purchase at the links below.


AERO Precision Non Anodized Upper


AERO Precision Non Anodized Lower

NEW!! EDS Tactical Armory Billet AR15 Lower

Posted on June 27th, 2013 by ar15news

This is simply one of the coolest lowers I have come across. It may not be for everyone but I think everyone can appreciate the thought and meaning behind all of the markings, etc. Today was the first I’ve seen of the new EDS Tactical Armory billet lower or even heard of the company. Come to find out the company is owned by a relative of a good friend of mine. 

As you can see in the pics below, everything about this lower screams Patriot, 2nd Amendment Supporter, Don’t Tread On Me, etc. There is a Minuteman/Patriot logo on the magwell. The model of this lower is “2A”. The 3 selector positions are “Freedom – Safe”, “Oppression – Fire” and “Revolution – Full Auto”. 

EDS Tactical Armory Billet Lower 1 620

On the reverse side of the magwell, where you will often see “RESTRICTED  MILITARY / GOVERNMENT / LAW ENFORCEMENT / EXPORT USE ONLY”, they have “RESTRICTED  LAW ABIDING / MILITIA / CITIZEN USE ONLY”.

EDS Tactical Armory Billet Lower 1 620

Here’s some information I snagged from their website.  

-  Made from 7075 T6 Aluminum
-  Type 3 Hard black anodizing
-  Precision broached mag well
-  Features larger beveled mag well for more positive magazine insertion.
-  Integrated flared trigger guard for use with gloves.
-  Larger contour around mag release for better efficiency

The final finished product has not been release yet but will be very soon and at just $179.95 they will go fast. There are some discounted blemished units on their website if you just can’t wait to get your hands on one. I would definitely recommend following the EDS Tactical Armory Facebook page for additional information as it is released. You can also check out their website at

Thanks again to my buddies Richard Kim (aka UWone77) and Stickman for the heads up and awesome pictures.  

Lately I’ve posted quite a few times about stripped uppers and the common question is “Where can I get one with the Dust Cover and Forward Assist installed?”. Well, here it is and its a nice one! It’s been a while since the guys over at Phase 5 Tactical have offered their receivers for standalone purchase because they’ve been putting them all towards filling orders for their very popular rifles and pistol builds. With their last re-stock of receivers they allocated some stripped Lowers and assembled Uppers for individual purchase. The lowers are pretty sweet looking with the P5T logo on the side and run $150. What I think will really appeal to you guys is the upper. The P5T upper comes complete with Dust Cover and Forward Assist already installed at just $120. This is also a great chance buy them together to get a great, high quality receiver set for just $270. These are available for purchase at

Phase 5 Tactical forged upper 620

Phase 5™ A3 Flat Top Complete Upper Receiver.

-Flat top upper receiver, complete.
-Mil-spec type III hard coat anodizing
-Precision machined to M16/M4 specs
-M4 feedramps

Includes: Forward assist assembly, ejection port cover assembly.

Phase 5 Tactical forged lower 620

Phase 5™ Multical stripped AR-15 lower receiver.

-Semi-auto AR15 lower receiver
-Machined from 7075-T6 aluminum forging
-Mil-spec type III hard coat anodizing

Mil-spec dimensions and coatings ensure the highest quality and proper fitment of components



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