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Each week Ballistic Advantage gives away one of their barrels through giveaways that are posted on their Facebook page. This week they are giving away one of their 10.5 inch Performance series 5.56 Barrels and a Low Profile Gas Block. This would make for a great start to an AR Pistol or SBR build. Get entered in the giveaway now at

Ballistic Advantage Weekly Giveaway

One winner will receive a 10.5″ Performance W/Lo-Pro Series Barrel.

Entry for this weeks contest will close this Sunday 3/23/15. So be sure to enter before it’s too late!

Ballistic Advantage has started another Weekly Giveaway. This week, the winner gets to pick between either a 14.5″ Carbine Length Modern Series barrel or a 14.5″ Mid Length Modern Series barrel. Both are chambered in 5.56 and have a QPQ finish inside and out. More info on the barrels can be found HERE. To get entered, click on the giveaway link below and follow the simple steps. Good Luck!

Ballistic Advantage Weekly Giveaway

BA Contest of the week!

One winner will be able to pick from any in stock BA 14.5″ 5.56 Modern Series Barrel.

Entry for this weeks contest will close this Sunday 3/16/15. So be sure to enter before it’s too late!

Instead of having a Black Friday sale, Elzetta Design has decided to give away one of their awesome flashlights. You can choose from any Elzetta Modular Flashlight with Elzetta Custom Shop personalized laser engraving. To enter, simply like the Elzetta Facebook page and complete the simple form at the following link: 

620 Elzetta Flashlight Giveaway Black Friday

Enter to win a free Elzetta Modular Flashlight in your choice of 96 unique configurations + Elzetta Custom Shop personalized engraving!

Two simple steps to enter:
1. Like us on facebook:
2. Complete this form

Winner to be chosen randomly and announced Friday, November 29, 2013.
(Limit one entry per person.)

If you remember a few months back, Rainier Arms had their massive Grand Opening of their new showroom out in Auburn, Washington. Unfortunately a large portion of their fan base is spread all across the United States and couldn’t be present at the Grand Opening. They promised everyone an online Grand Opening that we wouldn’t want to miss and that is exactly what they announced just last night. You’ll have an opportunity to win a Complete AR-15, Uppers, Receiver Sets, Flashlights and much more. This is an awesome giveaway that you won’t want to miss out on. Click on the image or link below to be taken to their Facebook Giveaway. The giveaway does not work on mobile Facebook so you need to get to a desktop computer to enter.

The Rainier Arms Grand Opening Part II: ONLINE GIVEAWAY is under way and will run through the 19th of November, 2013. 

620 Rainier Arms Grand Opening Online Giveaway 1

“Rainier Arms is doing a GIVEAWAY for all of our fans and customers that were not able to make it to our on site Grand Opening. Click on the banner below, Like each contributors page to reveal the prizes, enter your email and share on your page to b entered into our giveaway. We will be Randomly drawing 14 names on November 19th and announce the winners on our Facebook page and contacting them via email.    Good luck!!”

Enter the Rainier Arms Facebook giveaway HERE!

AERO Precision is giving away one of their brand new Ambi Forged Lowers to one of their lucky fans on Facebook. Its pretty easy to enter.  Just click on the link below, enter your email address and let the app share the giveaway with your friends. You also need to be a fan of AERO Precision on FB. The winner will be selected on Labor Day, 9/2/2013. They also have some receivers in-stock including blem uppers and lowers that are a great deal. Links are listed below.

Enter the AERO Precision Labor Day Giveaway HERE

Labor Day AERO Precision Ambi Forged Lower

AERO Precision Uppers In-Stock HERE

AERO Precision Lowers In-Stock HERE

By now most you are aware of the legendary toughness and all around awesomeness of the Elzetta Design ZFL-M60 Tactical Flashlight. Not familiar yet? Google “Elzetta ZFL-M60 torture test” and watch the videos. Simply amazing flashlights. Right now Elzetta is actually giving away a Limited Edition Dark Earth version of their ZFL-M60 light. The very simple instructions are listed below. Check it out.

FDE Elzetta ZFL-M60 620

GIVEAWAY! – How would you like to win a new Elzetta Limited Edition Dark Earth Flashlight? Win and you get to choose the specific configuration of the Light. Even more, we’ll run it through the Elzetta Custom Shop and personalize the engraving for you! Simply ‘like’ Elzetta Design on facebook and then fill out this simple form: 

Winner chosen randomly on August 7, 2013. One entry per person.

We need your help to come up with a better name for one of our mortar systems. This is the heaviest one in our arsenal, however, it needs a better name. It’s sister is called NanoMortar and we are pretty high on that name since it only weighs a little over 12 pounds.

mortar_naming_contest 620CLICK TO ENLARGE

To attract some good names (and bad ones too) we will be giving away to two things: 200 Rounds of 300BLK Match or 7.62×51 Sniper ammunition and our military patches to the name we choose.

You can still win some ammunition by sharing and liking the post (linked to below) to attract others who may be better with the written word than you or I. This part of the contest will be for a $250 gift certificate to our online store and one of our secret squirrel military patches to boot.


Well, here we are again.  This time we get to announce the winner of our 40K Facebook Fan Giveaway.  First things first though, a massive  “THANK YOU” needs to go out to our sponsors for caring enough about you guys to donate some amazing prizes.  There were seriously so many that we couldn’t eve list them all.  Everything from a complete Adams Arms AR15 to Uppers, Rails, Weapon Lights and Mags to Plate Carriers, Holster and even a Weapon Coating.  We pretty much covered everything you can think of.  An additional “THANK YOU” goes out to our fans.  You guys are the best and we do this stuff for you!  **All 3 winners will receive a message on Facebook (I will pay the $1 to make sure it goes to the inbox) and will have 48 hours to respond.  If we don’t hear back within 48 hours we will pick a replacement winner.  As we hear back from each winner we will begin coordinating with them to receive all of their prizes.**  Check out the information below to see if you were one of the lucky winners.


3rd place winner


3rd Place Dani Bryan

2nd place winner


2nd Place Michael L Waters

1st place winner


1st Place Mike Heisler



This morning Jim from Adams Arms let me know that they want to let our AR15NEWS readers/followers in on their awesome FREE AR15 Lower Receiver Challenge.  Challenge ACCEPTED!!  The challenge starts today and we’re honored to be able to help with this.  Over the course of the next 10 weeks Adams Arms will be giving away a total of ten (10) Adams Arms AR15 stripped lower receivers.  Each week they will issue a new challenge to those who are interested in participating.  The challenges aren’t going to be super easy either which means that those who do participate will have an even greater chance at winning.  Each week we’ll announce the new challenge details and the winner from the previous week’s challenge.  Please see the details and instructions for this weeks challenge beneath the following picture and enter the challenge at the link below.

Adams Arms stripped lower

(submission deadline Thursday, March 14th, 4:00PMET)

Best video explanation/demonstration of how the Adams Arms Piston System works and its benefits.  Video must be your own original video, not just something you found on the internet.

You can post the link to your Challenge Video in the comment section HERE

Our friends over at PNW Arms have done a great job making a huge splash in the civilian ammunition market .  One thing most people don’t know is that they also have plans to offer complete rifles and components as well.  As a combined campaign to spread the word not only about their rifles and components but also to raise awareness of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, PNW Arms is going to be giving away one of their new Signature Series 16″ 300BLK Uppers.  All you have to do is become a fan of their Facebook page and comment on their 50K 2A Campaign thread which I have linked to below.  Please remember that all comments left here will not count towards this campaign.    In an effort to raise awareness for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, PNW Arms has created some really nice images that have been sized specifically for use on iPhones, Tablets, etc.  You can check them out at the Flickr link below. 

50k 2A Campaign
CLICK THIS IMAGE!! to leave a comment.

“The PNW Arms 50K 2A Campaign is officially on! Click on the image above to leave a comment and Like PNW Arms to be entered to win a PNW Arms Signature Series 16” 300BLK Upper. This upper has a new lightweight rail system and flash hider / compensator and shoots sub .6 MOA at 100 yards with our 300BLK Match ammunition. Being just an upper we can ship to anywhere quickly without an FFL transfer required. Look to pre-purchase these rifles this week or the next on our store. There will be no price gouging either, it will be sub $2,000 for a complete weapons system that will blow your mind away, in 300BLK or 5.56!

The real goal of this campaign is to raise awareness of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; those things that most of us swore an oath to uphold. Below you will find a series of images that can be used as wallpaper and backgrounds for PCs, iPhones, iPads, Tablets, and other devices. If you would like a custom resolution, please PM us so that we can ensure that you are not left out. Share this with your friends and anyone that you think would like the image or to see a picture of the actual Bill of Rights as ratified by Congress way back when. Please help us inform others what the Bill of Rights actually says and why!

Once we reach a total of 50K Likes we will randomly choose one of the post comments. Only valid in the USA. Void where prohibited by law.”

They’re at it again!! My friends over at PNW Arms have been giving away some of their awesome ammo.  This time they will be giving away 1,500 rounds of .45ACP and Ten (10) 30 round Magpul PMAG’s to one lucky winner as soon as they reach 25,000 “LIKE”s on their page which will be very soon.  All you have to do to enter is “LIKE” the PNW Arms Facebook Page (link below) and then CLICK on the image below and leave a comment when the new window opens up.  DO NOT leave your comment on this article as they will not count. GeT sOmE!!

PNW Arms 25K Giveaway


The PNW Arms 25K GIVEAWAY is officially on! Comment on this post and Like PNW Arms to be entered to win 1,500 Rounds of .45 ACP and Ten (10) 30 Round Magpul PMAGs. Once we reach a total of 25K Likes we will randomly choose one of the post comments.

Only valid in the Continental US. Void where prohibited by law.

PNW ARMS Facebook Page to “LIKE”:

Image to leave a comment on:

Well, here we are again to announce another set of winners this time for our AR15NEWS 20K Facebook Fan Giveaway.  We had enough gear donated that allowed us to pick 6 winners this time around which leads me to my first order of business.  A huge “Thank you” goes out to all of the companies that donated some sweet products.  Some were downright expensive and it shows that you guys are the type of people they want to associate with…a bunch of gun loving nuts!  Also, thank you to all of our Facebook fans.  These giveaways are our way of giving back to you guys.  The winners are all listed out below.  If you didn’t win, hopefully you feel fortunate to have been introduced to some awesome companies in the process of the giveaway.  What are you waiting for?  Check to see if you won below!

AR15News 20k Giveaway Artwork-001

6th Place Winner

John Smith

John Smith

5th Place Winner

Wallace Woodward

Wallace Woodward

4th Place Winner

Meghan Martin

Meghan Martin

3rd place winner

Matt Mickle

Matt Mickle

2nd place winner

Phillip Kellum

Philip Kellum

1st place winner

Thomas Ray Dillon Jr

Thomas Ray Dillon Jr

**Winners, please be patient.  Today is Sunday so I will be messaging all of you on Facebook once I get home from church to get your details.  Congrats!!  –  Ben**

Hey guys.  One of our site sponsors, MGI Military, is giving away one of the coolest AR-15’s on the market.  Its called the MARCK-15 Hydra Rifle and is completely modular in caliber.  I spoke to Mac Gwinn about the giveaway the other day and they are really excited to give this bad boy away.  The basic idea is they are trying to increase their Facebook fan-base which makes this giveaway really easy for you.  All you have to do is 1.) Head on over and “LIKE” MGI Military on Facebook and then 2.) Click on this Facebook link and share the image on your wall.  That’s it!  By doing those simple steps you are now registered in the contest.  The winner will be announced at SHOT Show 2013 in Las Vegas, NV.  Well, what are you waiting for?  GeT SoMe!!

MGI Military Hydra Modular AR-15

Magpul LogoType 2010-1Magpul just announced that they are giving away 1,100 PMAGS in total to 11 lucky winners.  This is all going down between right now and midnight October 31, 2012.  Just one week to wait and all you have to do to enter is fill out a brief questionnaire.  On November 1, 2012 one lucky winner will be selected to receive one full case(100 count) of the new Magpul Gen M3 PMAGS, another 5 winners will receive a full case (100 count) of the GEN M2 MOE Window PMAGS, and another five winners will receive a case (100 count) of GEN M2 MOE PMAGs.

Pile o pmagsWhen you are filling out the questionnaire, question #4 will ask “How did you learn about this promotion?”.  Please tell them!  (Not or any other variation, just!)  🙂

You can register for the Magpul PMAG giveaway at

For full details on the giveaway click HERE.

I’ve got to be honest, I filled it out and I’m really hoping I win!!  Good luck guys!

Elzetta Logo 1Every so often Elzetta, makers of the amazing ZFL-M60 flashlight, do a limited edition colored or coated flashlight.  Last week they announced that they were going to do a limited edition Green colored flashlight instead of their standard Black.  This isn’t some ugly Pea Green or Zombie Green but more of a nicer dark green.  They will be offering this color in their two most popular configurations which are: ZFL-M60-CS2D (Crenellated Bezel, Standard Malkoff M60 LED Module, 2-Cell Body, & High/Low Tailcap) and ZFL-M60-CS2S (Crenellated Bezel, Standard Malkoff M60 LED Module, 2-Cell Body, & High/Strobe Tailcap).  The best part is that they want to give one of their Facebook fans one for free.  To qualify, you first need to “LIKE” Elzetta on Facebook and then enter your name and email address on THIS FORM.  That’s it!  Now just wait for the official announcement on October 10, 2012.  However, if you aren’t much of a fan of waiting you can always just purchase one for your self at

Green Elzetta ZFL-M60