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LUTH-AR Modular AR-15 Stock Making Waves

Posted on April 15th, 2014 by ar15news

Randy Luth’s latest invention is simply amazing and cutting edge at the same time, which makes this stock a game changer! 

Since the inception of Eugene Stoner’s original 1960’s fixed A1 stock for the M16/AR-15 platform, we have seen very few offerings come to market in the way of fixed stock options in the last 40-years. Perhaps the most significant fixed stock to date has been the Magpul PRS which was the first fixed AR style stock to add adjustability for the shooters comfort, length of pull and cheek weld. For a decade the PRS has dominated the market and for good reason. Magpul makes a great product that has been time tested in battle. 

If you are like me, the name Randy Luth or LUTH-AR meant nothing to me, but that all changed recently when Rainier Arms started carrying their new MBA stock.


The MBA (Modular Buttstock Assembly) is lighter, quicker and an easier to adjust stock that is high quality and less than half the price of the Magpul PRS. That is a big feat to accomplish by someone who is perceivably new to the AR market.

As you can see from the quick comparison, the MBA is the clear winner over the long time champion. 

Quick Look Comparison:


*Street price from

So who is Randy Luth anyway?

Randy is perhaps the Steve Jobs of the gun industry. Perhaps you have heard of DPMS? Randy founded DPMS in 1986 and sold the company to Cerberus/Freedom Group in 2007 and remained President of DPMS. The former DPMS owner currently holds at least seven U.S. patents in the firearms industry. In addition he earned Rifle of the Year awards in 2005 from Shooting Illustrated and in 2006 from American Rifleman. In 2009, Luth was chosen as Outdoor Life “Readers’ Choice” Person of the Year. Luth is the current owner of Del-Tone/Luth Gun Club and in his spare time serves on the board of directors for USA Shooting Team. Mr. Luth is also an avid hunter and 3-gun competitor. 

I would say he is more than qualified to come to market with a design that simply kicks butt.

“Most of the adjustable buttstock assemblies out there are complicated, cumbersome and add unnecessary weight to the AR,”Luth said. “I realized there was a niche for something lightweight and affordable that allows shooters to get the customized fit they need to enhance their shooting experience.”


The MBA stock is seemingly easy to install over a standard A1 or A2 receiver extension (buffer tube) and will work on any AR-15/AR-10 rifle that accepts a buffer tube. 

Made from Super Strong Glass Filled Nylon, the MBA is Fully Ambidextrous and can be comfortably used shooting off either shoulder as the cheek piece can be installed on either side for right or left hand shooters. In addition, the design allows the cheek weld to be moved forward or backward by adjusting the vertical pillars mounted to the holes than run the length of the stock. 


The cheek saddle allows for up to 1-inch of height adjustment and the butt-plate length has an adjustment of 1.125”. An optional rear sling swivel is available for an additional $4.

The MBA is currently available in two configurations, the MBA-1, which is the full-meal-deal package that includes everything you need for full adjustment or the MBA-2 “Skullaton” which is a skeletonized version of the MBA-1 with no adjustable pieces, however they can be added at a later time. The MBA-2 has an MSRP of $49.95.

At the range, the MBA stock performed flawlessly. The adjustment held strong round after round on our 308 and 556 test guns including the DRD Tactical G762 rifle which is shown in these photos. 



I had a really good chat with Randy on the phone and I am very impress by everything I have seen from LUTH-AR so far and I eagerly look forward to seeing more in the near future. Randy dropped this little hint:

“We are working on a carbine version now and while it posses some challenges, we hope to have it done soon” Luth said. 

By the way, if you’re curious, the MBA is made right here in the United States, including the molds.


The Luth-AR MBA and MBA-2 are currently available for purchase from Brownells, Rainier Arms or from Luth-AR directly. Interested dealers and wholesalers are currently being accepted and should contact Luth directly. The official website is or email


About the Author:  Jody Lewis is a professional photographer based in the PNW who has articles published on many of the popular websites including RECOIL-WEB and Guns & Tactics Magazine. He is also the Director of Operations and Business Development for Defense Marketing Group. You can follow him on his page XFIREPIX on Facebook.

NEW!! JFE Custom MultiCam BCM 14.5″ Carbine

Posted on March 28th, 2014 by ar15news

Joint Force Enterprises has for quite a while now been known for their awesome weapon coatings. JFE has partnered up with numerous firearms manufacturers over the years, including coating all of the BCM Jack Carbines for HSP, but had never offered any complete firearms for sale themselves. That is until now. JFE recently teamed up with BCM (Bravo Company Manufacturing), B5 Systems, Black Widow Armament and Magpul to offer a really sweet looking rifle that should shoot as awesome as it looks. They just started the pre-order on these rifles which I expect to sell very fast. Check out the pics and details below. 

Joint Force Enterprises 14.5 BCM Carbine Multicam 1

Joint Force Enterprises 14.5 BCM Carbine Multicam 1

Joint Force Enterprises 14.5 BCM Carbine Multicam 1

Joint Force Enterprises 14.5 BCM Carbine Multicam 1

As you can see, this thing looks pretty amazing. Cliff and the guys at JFE are masters in the coating business and have people raving about their work. Now add in BCM (one of the most desirable AR builders out there), B5 Systems, Black Widow Armament and Magpul and you’ve got a winning combination. Ordering details are listed below. 


-  14.5″ BCM Carbine
-  13″ BCM KMR Rail
-  Pinned and Welded BCM Comp
-  BCM Mod 4 Charging Handle
-  B5 Systems Bravo Stock
-  BCM Pistol Grip
-  Magpul Pro Flip-up Sights
-  Black Widow Armament NoMar Qds End Plate
-  Coated in Multicam
-  Laser Engraved JFE Markings
-  Comes with certificate for 15% off your next coating project with JFE.

*Optic and Light not included

Total package price $1,999.00 plus shipping.

Please contact us at 904-993-3574 or email us at to place orders.

You can also check out Joint Force Enterprises on Facebook.

NEW!! ALG Defense Ergonomic Modular Rail System (EMR)

Posted on January 7th, 2014 by ar15news

ALG Defense (sister company to Geissele Automatics) will be introducing multiple products at SHOT Show 2014; including the new free-floating Ergonomic Modular Rail (EMR) system. The EMR was developed as a cost-effective, lightweight, ergonomic, and modular option for the M4 carbine and all mil-spec AR-15. The EMR package starts at just $135 and will be available in 10″, 12″, and 13″ lengths. The EMR will be initially introduced with black anodizing; however, grey will also be an option.  

620 ALG Defense EMR-1q620 ALG Defense EMR-1


The EMR provides complete modularity with easy to install accessory rails that can be secured at both the 45 and 90 degree quadrants; ideal for shooters that need to mount their sights, lights or lasers at a 45 degree offset. Accessory rails are secured to the EMR via steel slide nuts that can be replaced if lost or damaged by cross threading. By screwing the accessory rails directly into steel and not the aluminum of the EMR, the attachment method is much stronger and resists loosening due to vibrations. Additionally, the EMR features integrated quick disconnect (QD) swivel attachment points so that you don’t need to add an additional rail or QD mounts; this further reduces overall weight of the system.  

620 ALG Defense EMR-1

Strength and rigidity

The EMR’s strength and rigidity comes from the materials used in its construction. The EMR is machined from an extrusion made from aircraft grade aluminum giving it a superior strength to weight ratio. The EMR is mounted to the upper receiver via a 2.25″ barrel nut that is machined from aircraft grade aluminum and hard coat anodized for a durable surface. Included with the EMR is a proprietary ALG EMR barrel nut wrench. The rail is secured to the barrel nut via six mounting bolts which also allows for easy removal and reattachment.

620 ALG Defense EMR-1


The EMR allows the shooter to comfortably grip the rail by removing the four sharp and jagged M1913 rails and utilizing easy to install accessory rail that are 3D machined to fit the contour of the EMR. Both traditional hold and forward grip shooters will appreciate the ergonomic design of the EMR. Starting at the 12 o’clock position, the rail features a rounded tower in which shooters can do a thumbs over grip or the tower can be used as an indexing point. Moving along the 3, 6, and 9 positions, the rail has a lengthwise grooves and relief cuts that help the shooter maintain a positive grip on the handguard.

620 ALG Defense EMR-1

The weights provided below include the proprietary EMR barrel nut minus the weight of the stock barrel nut. Weights for the 13″ EMR will be forthcoming.

10” EMR (No ACCY Rails Attached) = 7.68oz
10” EMR (With Co-Witness Only Attached) = 10.1oz
10” EMR (With All ACCY Rails Attached) = 12oz

12” EMR (No ACCY Rails Attached) = 8.96oz
12” EMR (With Co-Witness Only Attached) = 11.68oz
12” EMR ( With All ACCY Rails Attached) = 13.28oz

Again, this complete rail system, including barrel wrench and allen key, retails starting at $135.

Keep an eye on the ALG Defense FB page for additional information as these products become available for purchase. 

NEW!! Costa Media Group

Posted on December 17th, 2013 by ar15news

Costa Ludus and crew have started a cool new marketing strategy for their clients and its called Costa Media Group. They just released what hopefully will be the first of many “short” videos or what you might think of as a commercial featuring guns and gear from their different clients. This is not your typical “Youtube” production. Instead they have teamed up with guys such as Isaac Marchiona to create some very high quality cinematography that makes the product placement subconscious but something that you’ll remember. No, you won’t see any Subway subs or anything like that, just high quality gear….oh and a beard. Take a look at the new video and the “Behind the Scenes” video as well. Be sure to subscribe to the Costa Media Group Youtube channel so you’ll get a notification of any future video releases.

30 Day Report on the Cool Guy Yard Sale Website

Posted on November 23rd, 2013 by ar15news

About 1 month ago we helped introduce you guys to the new Cool Guy Yard Sale website. After just 1 month in business it looks like CGYS is here to stay and is rocking right along. CGYS is a great place where you can buy and sell new and used gear. I am on there quite often and there is always great deals. Members of CGYS also get exclusive discounts from a bunch of awesome manufacturers and their is even a “News Feed” that shows you all of the latest articles from the best Industry News websites.

If you’re like Rob, the owner of TacStrike and CGYS, you most likely have a bunch of gear in a closet that you haven’t even looked at in a while. Throw it up there for sale and help fund your next build or some Christmas presents or something. Check out the press release from Cool Guy Yard Sale below to see where they are now and what they have coming up. Don’t forget to check out the website for yourself too at

620 Cool Guy Yard Sale screencap

Cool Guy Yard Sale
Press Release

Subject: One Month of Service

Friends and Shooters I would like to bring you all an update on the activity at Cool Guy Yard Sale (CGYS) over the last 30 days since the website went live bringing a new idea to the shooting community.  A service based business that serves members in 3 ways and we are pushing forward with new initiatives, partners and members daily.

As I mentioned above CGYS is a very different idea.  If you look around the shooting sports industry you will find very few service-based businesses outside of the gunsmiths and custom shops.  We are out to change that dynamic with the first multi-faceted, membership based, convenience website. Services currently range in three areas with more services being built into a single website so that we can provide a single location on the web for you to go to receive information and discounts from industry leaders, news concerning the shooting sports and Second Amendment activities, along with an outlet for moving guns and gear that you no longer need or want.

The last 30 days have been very exciting for us and for all of our new members who have been making great deals and taking up our industry partners for amazing discounts direct from the manufactures.  In the last month we have had more than 70,000 page views with an average time on CGYS of more than 4 minutes.  That is huge and has started to drive the engine of commerce between all the people we are brining together.

CGYS has a lot to do to make sure that your membership fee of $10 per month is a huge bargain for each and every one of you.  Let me tell you how we are doing it.

First there is the news and podcasts links that we are building in with more pages coming soon. I know that everyone is busy with work and life and I also know that surfing the net isn’t as easy as it once was.  Social media is distracting and much of what you wanted to see by “liking” a page is missed due to Facebook rules and Twitter is limited by character content.  CGYS is working with the best bloggers, podcasters and video channels to bring everything into one central location for you convenience and knowledge.

Next, we are working with some of the best places to shop and train to provide member only special discounts that will save you more than your membership dues over the course of the year.  Just a few of the companies on board are Raven Concealment, Austere Provisions, Peter’s Custom Holsters, Ballistics USA and TacStrike Steel Target Systems.

To provide an example TacStrike Systems provides CGYS members a special 15% discount code that can be found when you are member of CGYS.  TacStrike’s flagship steel target called the ¼ Scale sells for $250.  So if you were in the market for some steel you could save $37.50 per ¼ Scale just for being a member at CGYS.  That’s almost 4 month’s of membership fees covered in one outside purchase.

Then there is the Yard Sale itself. This is the centerpiece of what we are doing as a service. A place that provides you a professional way to list your items for sale or buy new items that you want at great savings from other members.  Just visit the yard sale once and you will realize that we put a lot of effort into making CGYS look more like Amazon and nothing like a forum’s gear exchange.  Added to that an internal email system to protect your privacy and make communication a breeze and all of a sudden you have the ability to operate your very own “webstore” inside of Cool Guy Yard Sale.

Businesses are also welcome to join CGYS and sell their inventory on the website.  A slightly higher membership fee is required to run your store on CGYS but we will never ask you for another dime after your membership fees.  That’s right NO COMMISIONS, NO LISTING FEES, NO BRIBING YOU FOR A BETTER LISTING.

The future holds great things as well. Ammo finders, training schedules, NFA and FFL Resources, along with some top secret partnerships that will prove to be handy and informative for the members of CGYS.

Hundred of shooters have already joined the ranks of CGYS and personally I’ve already sold more than $700 worth of used gear that I will never miss and am halfway to my goal for a new optic. So stop over at and get involved with the new family that is growing and thriving just for you.

Thank you for taking the time to spend a few minutes learning about our new initiative and services that we are brining to shooters.


Rob Tackett
Owner of CGYS Inc.

NEW!! REAPER 33 Rifle From Arsenal Democracy

Posted on October 31st, 2013 by ar15news

Some of you may be familiar with the story of Army Ranger Nicholas Irving also known as “The Reaper”. During a 3 1/2 month tour of duty in Afghanistan, he was credited with eliminating 33 enemies which prompted his fellow warriors to refer to him as “The Reaper”. Nicholas Irving has partnered up with Arsenal Democracy (who are also former Special Forces Green Beret) to build an absolutely awesome rifle that anyone would be proud to own. This isn’t just some thrown together rifle, its a completely custom fighting rifle.

620 Arsenal Democracy Reaper 33 poster a

Not only does this rifle look sweet but it comes with a 14.7″ Shillen Match Barrel, Geissele trigger, custom Billet Receiver Set, custom KeyMod rail, ambi mag release, Raptor Charging Handle and lots more. You also get to pick your own choice of Cerakote color and even a custom serial number. Check out the following pics and details.


620 Arsenal Democracy Reaper 33 rifle 1

-  Whole rifle Cerakoted in color of choice
-  Lifetime warranty, no questions asked (but we would like to know how you broke it)
-  Crafted, designed and assembled by Special Operations Forces team members (guys who actually used these rifles in combat)
-  No shipping cost…  Just $1776 out the door to your nearest FFL

-  Upper Receiver- 7075 T6 Arsenal Democracy custom, hand fitted to the barrel extension and trued receiver mating surface
-  Barrel- 14.5″ Shilen 416R SS 4 groove Ratchet Rifling, 1:8 twist, Hand lapped with a medium heavy contour, Mid-Length Gas
-  Flash Hider-  Templar Tactical suppressor mountable flash hider, tack welded to barrel
-  Charging Handle- AXTS Raptor ambidextrous charging handle
-  Rail- Arsenal Democracy custom 13″ design, 5 QD points, with 3 sides of Key mod attachment points
-  Gas Block- 16 setting adjustable 4140 steel
-  Bolt Carrier Group- Chrome lined carrier and key with microslicked

-  Lower Receiver- 7075 T6 Arsenal Democracy custom, designed for seamless fitment with the upper
-  Trigger-  Geissele 2 stage
-  Safety Selector- Ambidextrous safety selector
-  Magazine Release- Norgon Ambidextrous mag release button
-  Buffer tube- PWS 416 MIL-SPEC 7075 T6 buffer tube with 2 built in QD’s
-  Buffer- Arsenal Democracy custom 117 gram tungsten powder buffer, microslicked
-  Butt Stock- Mission First Tactical Mil Spec Minimalist stock, weighs in at 5.9 Oz’s
-  Pistol Grip- Mission First Tactical EPGI16, 3 interchangeable grips for front and rear straps
-  Rear take-down pin and bolt catch utilizes set screw for ease of disassembly  

Arsenal Democracy has just started taking orders for the Reaper 33 rifle and expect them to ship on December 1st, 2013. The price of $1,776 is a steal for all of the high end products included with this rifle. Check it out over at



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