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NEW!! AERO Precision 16″ M4 5.56 Barrel

Posted on February 14th, 2014 by ar15news

Some of you guys might remember back when AERO Precision was mainly known for their lowers and what was back then an elusive COP Upper. Well, those days seem to be a very distant memory anymore. AERO Precision now is churning out multiple different types of Lowers, Uppers, COP uppers, Scope Mounts, Buffer Tubes, Complete Uppers on a very regular basis and now they are introducing their own 16″ M4 profile 5.56 barrel. These barrels feature a QPQ finish which is another term for Nitride. This gives the barrels much better corrosion resistance so you can even shoot all the corrosive ammo you want. This would make a great barrel for your new upper build and at just $195 with FREE SHIPPING, it won’t break the bank either. These are available for purchase now at

620 AERO Precision M4 Profile Barrel 2

620 AERO Precision M4 Profile Barrel 2

Our AR15 barrels help you to build a custom AR15 from the ground up. Mil-spec dimensions and coating ensure the highest quality and correct component interface.

- 16″ barrel, M4 profile, 5.56 chamber, 1 in 7 twist
- 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium, QPQ corrosion resistant finish
- .750 gas block journal, .0635 gas port
- Carbine length gas system
- M4 barrel extension
- HP and MPI tested
- 28 oz

NEW!! AERO Precision Cerakoted Pistol Buffer Tubes

Posted on February 9th, 2014 by ar15news

With the increased wait times with the ATF and the fact that quite a few states don’t allow their residents to own SBR’s, the AR Pistol has seen a surge in popularity lately. More and more people are realizing that an AR Pistol can be a great option for a shorter, more manageable weapon. The main difference between an AR Pistol and an SBR is that an AR Pistol can not accept any type of stock that is meant to rest on the shoulder so the buffer tube is typically a round black tube. Some have pads on them but they’re typically just Black.

The guys at AERO Precision just released their own line of Pistol Buffer Tubes but with one main upgrade, these are available Cerakoted in FDE, OD Green, Burnt Bronze, Titanium and Tungsten. As you can imagine, these would go great on an AR Pistol with FDE or OD Green furniture or if you are going to very popular route and have the rest of gun Cerakoted in one of these colors. 

620 AERO Precision Cerakoted Buffer Tube 1

620 AERO Precision Cerakoted Buffer Tube 1

These new Cerakoted Pistol Buffer Tubes are now available as well as standard Black ones as well. Check them out at the links below.

Purchase an AERO Precision Cerakoted Pistol Buffer Tube.
Purchase an AERO Precision Black Pistol Buffer Tube.

Every once in a while you see something or hear something said that is just so absurd that it goes viral at such a pace that it’s all you see for a week. This is the case with, the obviously ill-informed and now laughingstock of the gun community, Senator Kevin de Leon who recently called an AR-15 that was made with an 80% lower a “Ghost Gun” and said that it “has the ability with a .30 cabiler clip to disperse with 30 bullets within half a second”. This “Ghost Gun” term is now being used 1.5 million times per second at the mere sighting of anything even closely resembling an AR-15 (I can exaggerate too Senator de Leon). 

Last month AERO Precision started offering limited edition lowers starting with their “PEW PEW PEW” lowers which will end on Monday 1/27/14. They now have started taking pre-orders for their new “Ghost Gun” limited edition AR-15 lower receivers which are sure to be a massive hit for AERO Precision. These new lowers actually say “GHOST GUN” right on the magwell and the serial number starts with the word “GHOST”. The selector markings are also pretty cool. These lowers WILL BE anodized. The one in the picture below was the first one off the machines at AERO Precision.

620 AERO Precision Special Edition Ghost Gun Lower 2

Overall, I thought Senator Kevin de Leon’s speech was awesome. Its always great to see an anti-gunner say something so stupid that it actually increases the number of “Ghost Gun’s” sold. He might even be related to Biden. Lets hope for more awesomeness from Senator de Leon soon. You can order your new “Ghost Gun” AR-15 lower from

Sweet Deal!! AERO Precision Complete COP Pistol/SBR Upper

Posted on December 28th, 2013 by ar15news

AERO Precision has just introduced their new Complete COP (Continuous Optics Platform) Pistol/SBR Upper receiver and are opening ordering up with a special introductory price. These uppers come complete as described with COP Upper, Charging Handle, BCG, 7.5″ Barrel and a KVP Linear Comp. I am a huge fan of the COP upper. The one I own is easily one of, if not my favorite upper in my arsenal. Normal retail on this upper starts at $795 but for a limited time will be starting at just $715.50 for a standard Black Anodized Minimalist Kit. Other options are available as well such FDE and Titanium Cerakote. Check out the new AERO Precision Upper Receiver section at

620 AERO Precision COP Complete Upper

-  7.5″ Barrel, 1 in 9 twist, 5.56 chamber
-  8620 Bolt Carrier, 9310 Bolt, HPT/MPI
-  Kaw Valley Precision linear compensator, designed to direct muzzle noise away from shooter
-  Compatible with Mil – STD AR15 components
-  7075-T6 forged aluminum construction
-  Extremely rigid user configured rail system
-  Dedicated thumb perch for improved ergonomics when gripping the magwell with the weak hand
-  All kit components made in the USA Small Made in USA flag
-  All NFA Rules Apply

*Great Deal* “PEW PEW PEW” Matched Upper / Lower Set – $145

Posted on December 20th, 2013 by ar15news

I just saw this deal pop up earlier today and thought it was just too good of a deal to pass up posting about. I’ve already posted about the new “PEW PEW PEW” special edition forged lowers from AERO Precision that are only available through the end of this month. They do nothing different than the standard lowers but say “NO PEW, PEW and PEW PEW PEW” in the selector markings which is awesome! Just now they added a deal where you can pick up a matched stripped forged upper at the same time for just $40 more. AERO Precision receivers are very high quality and are some of my favorite ones to build off of. Grab your matched special edition set now at for just $145.

AERO Precision Pew Pew Pew AR15 Lower Upper Combo

If you would like to purchase just the new black anodized special edition lower, you can do that here:

620 AERO Precision Pew Pew Pew AR15 Lower Receiver 1

NEW!! AERO Precision “PEW PEW PEW” Special Edition Lower

Posted on December 13th, 2013 by ar15news

AERO Precision is releasing a really cool special edition lower for the holidays. Instead of the typical Safe, Fire, FA markings on the lower they are using the words “NO PEW, PEW and PEW PEW PEW” which is just a fun variation. Still get the same high quality receiver you come to expect from AERO Precision but a bit different than your buddies. The images below show the lower without anodizing to highlight the text but all of these will come anodized. From what I’ve heard these will not be something that they will keep as a cataloged item but just a short term holiday thing. Get your “PEW PEW PEW” forged lower now at

620 AERO Precision Pew Pew Pew AR15 Lower Receiver 3

620 AERO Precision Pew Pew Pew AR15 Lower Receiver 1

620 AERO Precision Pew Pew Pew AR15 Lower Receiver 1

-  Semi-auto AR15 lower receiver
-  Machined from 7075-T6 forged aluminum
-  Matte black hard-coat anodized Mil 8625 Type 3 Class 2
-  Marked “Cal Multi”
-  Works with standard AR15 components and magazines
-  Rear takedown pin detent hole is threaded for a 4-40 set screw

Black Friday 2013 Sale – AERO Preicison

Posted on November 20th, 2013 by ar15news

AERO Precision has jump started the “Black Rifle Friday” sales this year. Their sale starts now and ends on December 3rd. If you’ve been looking to pick up some new AR-15 receivers, a COP Upper, some Cerakoted AR receivers, scope mounts, etc. this is a great time to save on some awesome products. This is a two part sale so here are the details.

First, you can save 10% on all Non-Cerakoted parts that are in-stock on the AERO Precision website by using the code “blackfriday” at checkout.

Second, you can save 15% on all Cerakoted products by using the code “nonblackfriday” at checkout.

620 AERO Precision Black Friday 2013 Sale

AERO Precision COP Upper Installation AR15NEWS 1

Veteran’s Day Sale – AERO Precision

Posted on November 8th, 2013 by ar15news

AERO Precision has started their Veteran’s Day Sale. Pretty simple…save 13% off your order of $130 or more when you use the code “veteransday” at checkout. This is a great chance to get a discount on that COP Upper or grab a couple of lowers and uppers at a great price. Check out my all AERO rifle below then head on over to

AERO Precision Receiver COP Lower

Veteran’s Day sale! Use coupon code “veteransday” to receive 13% off your order of $130 or more from now until 13 of November!

NEW!! AERO Precision Gen2 Completely Ambi Forged Lower

Posted on October 19th, 2013 by ar15news

A few months ago we introduced you guys to a new ambi lower from AERO Precision. The Gen1 ambi lower added what is called the PDQ Lever which is a built in Bolt Hold/Release. The new Gen2 ambi lower keeps the PDQ lever but takes it a step further and adds the functionality of a Battle Arms Development BAD-CASS-SA-ST (Combat Ambi Safety Selector – 45 Degree Short Throw) and Norgon Ambi Catch ambidextrous mag release. This is actually a really rock solid setup. I have personal experience with the Gen1 ambi lower and really like the PDQ lever. I also have a lower with a Norgon Ambi Catch which I really feel is the best ambi mag release around. All of my lowers have a Battle Arms Development ambi safety of some sort (I won’t build a lower without one). Put all of these together and you truly have a 100% ambi forged lower. This lower also features the new 45 degree compatible selector markings.

620 AERO Precision Gen2 Ambi Forged Lower

This picture below shows the PDQ Lever. Its basically a standard bolt catch/release paddle that has and extended arm that comes out the right side of the receiver. AERO Precision machines the channel for the PDQ and anodizes the lower after machining so this is a quality and time saver plus for you. The PDQ Lever operates the Bolt Hold and Bolt Release function with your trigger finger without having anything in the trigger opening.

620 AERO Precision Gen2 Ambi Forged Lower

620 AERO Precision Gen2 Ambi Forged Lower

At first glance the $325 price might surprise you but when you actually add up the price of the components you quickly realize that is a $40 savings off of the normal retail price. I realize not everyone is concerned about ambi controls but the point is of you already plan on using these components its not a bad deal. No ordering from multiple sites. Only one shipping charge. They all show up at the same time, etc. Most other “ambi” lowers only come with a bolt drop. No bolt hold, no ambi selector and no ambi mag release but the AERO Gen2 ambi lower comes with all of them. For more information on these or to order one for yourself, head on over to

AERO Precision Fall Sale

Posted on October 16th, 2013 by ar15news

AERO Precision has a nice little Fall Sale going on right now. Its two part. First, use the code “facebook” to save 10% off everything on the site except blem receivers. This is a great opportunity to save one their standard receiver sets, a COP Upper or even a nice Scope Mount. Second, they have lowered the price for their Blem Stripped Uppers to just $50. If you don’t care who put the first scratch on your “tool” this is an inexpensive way to start a build. Check out the details below then head on over to

620 AERO Precision

Use coupon code “facebook” to save 10% until 20 October! (excluding blems)

Adding to our fall sale, we’re dropping the price on blemished stripped uppers! Only $50 now until the end of the month!



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