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Aimpoint Mount and Optic Combos = Great Deals at ADM

Posted on April 4th, 2014 by ar15news

The guys over at American Defense Manufacturing (ADM) have been working overtime this year. Not only have they been testing their awesome new UIC which stands for Universally Improved Carbine, which we’ll tell you all about soon, but they’ve also been adding some great combo deals to their website. The latest set of combo deals are the ones I’ve been waiting for. The Aimpoint Combos! These deals are perfect for anyone who is looking to pick up an Aimpoint and then upgrade the mount. You can definitely same some money this way. Here are a couple of the deals I noticed and thought, now that’s a good deal.  

They are offering an Aimpoint PRO with 4 different mount options for just $504. If you were to buy these separately you would pay $400′ish + Shipping for the PRO and about $130-140 + Shipping for the mount. Just doing some simple math you can see that you’re saving $30-40 plus lowering your shipping cost.

620 ADM Aimpont Pro and QD Mount Combo 1

Perhaps the best deal though is on the Aimpoint T-1′s. Many of you probably know that Aimpoint T-1 prices skyrocketed last year. To purchase an Aimpoint T-1 with nothing more than a basic crap mount is going to run you somewhere between $650-700+ depending on where you buy and if you want the 2MOA or 4MOA dot. Yes, the T-1 is an awesome optic. I have one and love it. But then you need to upgrade to a better mount it really starts to get prohibitive. Thankfully ADM is able to save you some major coin by bundling the Aimpoint T-1 and one of three different Quick Release Mounts for just $643. And these are the 2MOA Red Dots, not the 4MOA too. You’re easily saving over $100 on this combo deal. 

620 ADM Aimpont T-1 and QD Mount Combo 1

As if that wasn’t good enough, ADM doesn’t stop at just the Aimpoint PRO and T-1. The offer packages for the H-1 (slightly less waterproof than the T-1), COMPM4 and the 3X Magnifier as well. Its nice to have a source like this. Buying high quality optics and then upgrading their standard crap mounts to nice ones like what American Defense Manufacturing offers is never easy on the wallet but its nice to know if you’re gonna do it you can save a good amount at the same time. Check out the rest of their Aimpoint Mount and Optic Combos at

CHRISTmas Sale – American Defense Manufacturing

Posted on December 19th, 2013 by ar15news

The American Defense Manufacturing Christmas Sale starts tomorrow. From now through 12/29/2013, ADM is offering 10% off and FREE SHIPPING on what many consider to be some of the best red dot mounts and scope mounts on the market. Be sure to head on over to to snag some Christmas goodies and save some money.  

American Defense Mfg Christmas Sale 620

Black Friday Sale – American Defense Manufacturing

Posted on November 27th, 2013 by ar15news

American Defense Manufacturing is a very popular manufacturer of all kinds of mounts for everything from Red Dots to Scopes, risers, etc. They also sell combos where you get a Mount and an Optic, rails, accessories, etc. Starting today they are offering 10% off and FREE SHIPPING on everything site wide. This is a pretty big deal as they rarely have any deals like this. No discount codes to worry about either. The Discount and Free Shipping will come off automatically at checkout. Head on over to to get a hookup on some awesome mounts.

American Defense Mfg Black Friday 2013

Here’s a pic of one my AR’s with an ADM RECON mount on it.  The scope is the Vortex Viper PST 1-4.

620 American Defense Mfg Black Friday 2013

NEW Upgrade!! Tac Lever for American Defense Mfg QD Mounts

Posted on October 4th, 2013 by ar15news

American Defense Manufacturing recently announced a new Tactical Lever upgrade option for their awesome QD Scope Mounts. The Tactical Lever is an inexpensive option that gives you some additional material to grab on to when using gloves, etc. Its kind of like the popular extended latches on charging handles. The Tactical Lever is available as a standalone $18 upgrade for those who already own an ADM QD Mount or as a FREE upgrade when purchasing a brand new mount from ADM. These are definitely a nice option to look into. If you don’t already have an ADM mount you might want to look into getting that squared away too.  : )  Check them out at

620 ADM Tactical QD Lever 1

Upgrade your existing standard lever to the new Tactical Lever. Price is for each assembly. If replacing the levers on an AD-Recon or any other dual throw lever mount, you will need to order two assembly’s. These levers will fit all American Defense Mounts except the AD-15R, AD-Delta and the AD-RMR-RH. ( Extended thumb pad will face upward. ) NOTE: Some mounts ( mostly older models ) use the smaller .187″ bolt, compared to the new .203″ bolt. To tell what bolt size you need, remove your throw lever assembly from the mount. With a calipers, measure the width and height of the throw lever cross bolt. If both measurements are .187″, you need a .187″ bolt. If the width measures .203″, you need a .203″ bolt. Alternatively, If 2 Quarters and 1 Penny fit snug in the cross bolt slot on the bottom of the mount itself, you need a .187″ bolt. If 2 Quarters and a Nickel fit snug, then you need a .203″ Bolt. Includes Tactical Lever, Bolt and spare adjustment nut.

-  Weight: .78oz.


Posted on September 12th, 2013 by ar15news

American Defense Manufacturing let me know last week that they were coming out with some brand new products soon. Well it didn’t take long for the first one to surface. The new AD-RECON-30 is designed for those users who plan on shooting out past 1000 yards as it has 30 MOA compensation built into the mount itself. This means it cants the scope down in the front angling the bore upwards so that you have 30 more MOA of elevation adjustment when shooting long distances. You can only adjust your crosshairs so far and depending on what scope you are using, at extreme distances, you can pretty much max out your adjustment. Adding 30 MOA can be a big help. The AD-RECON-30 is also a cantilever style mount that pushes the scope out forward to help you get the correct eye relief. 



The AD-RECON-30 mount is made for putting high power glass onto a flattop style AR-15 with 30 MOA built in to the base. The cantilever throws the scope out front, allowing you to get the right eye relief. It is precision machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and finished in hard coat T3 Mil-Spec anodize. It features the Patented QD Auto Lock™ Lever system to accommodate both in spec and out of spec rail systems.


The AD-RECON-30 mount features the Patented QD Auto Lock™ Lever system which has the following advantages:

-  Does not require proprietary tools for adjustment.
-  Can be adjusted with your finger or a flat blade screwdriver.
-  Lever can be configured to lock to the front or the rear.
-  Superior clamping surface to insure maximum rail engagement.


The AD-RECON-30 mount is precision CNC machined from a block of 6061 T6 aluminum and finished in hard coat type 3 Mil-Spec anodize for a rock hard lasting finish.

-  Precision machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum.
-  Hard coat anodized for a lifetime of performance.
-  Fully adjustable to fit both in spec and out of spec rail systems.
-  American Defense MFG, LLC. products feature a lifetime warranty.
-  Features the Patented QD Auto Lock™ Lever system.
-  Made with pride in the U.S.A. Small Made in USA flag


The AD-RECON-30 mount has the following specifications:

-  Weight: 8.40 ounces

American Defense Manufacturing definitely has some great scope mounts not just for you long range precision shooters but also for many other applications including standard QD Scope Mounts and QD Red Dot mounts. Check out the new AD-RECON-30 and more at



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