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Sneak Peek!! Rainier Arms A-DAC Forged Lower Receiver

Posted on July 18th, 2014 by ar15news

Now this is something I’m excited about. Rainier Arms (one of my favorite retailers) is coming out with a new version of their high quality Forged Lowers. The new lower will have the same features such as compatibility with the Battle Arms Development 45 degree selectors but will also add the A-DAC function from AXTS Weapons.

Rainier Arms Forged A-DAC Lower 1

Rainier Arms Forged A-DAC Lower 1

The A-DAC function is a right-hand bolt catch (integrated into the magazine release button). The A-DAC allows you to hold the magazine release button in (dropping the mag if one is inserted), pull the charging handle to the rear and lock the bolt back all at the same time. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I could care less about an ambi Bolt RELEASE. I want an ambi Bolt HOLD to help with increasing the speed of clearing malfunctions, etc. There really isn’t any other reason for you to manually hold the bolt open unless you’re clearing a malfunction or inspecting the weapon which in both cases you will want to remove the magazine. The A-DAC system is the perfect solution. Watch the following video that shows how the A-DAC system works.

The original Forged lower will still be available, if you don’t want or need this feature. The Mountain logo has also been added to the left side of the receiver.

Rainier Arms Forged A-DAC Lower 3 

Prices will be slightly higher for this version, but unknown at this time. Will be sure to update you as soon as these are available at

Big thanks to my buddy Rich for making the trip to Rainier Arms and sharing these cell phone pics with me. You can follow his professional photography work at UWone77 on Facebook

AR15NEWS Weekly Photo and Build Details

Posted on November 30th, 2012 by ar15news

Had a short delay between articles in our “Weekly Photo and Build Details” series with Holidays and our Facebook Giveaway going on but we are back at it and I think you’ll like this one.  This time around I will focus on 6 components to one of my rifles.  Five of them I’ve been using for quite some time but the sixth one is very new to me.  Just to restate what we’ve already discussed, I am not being compensated or asked to tell you guys about these products.  Most of them are products I have purchased myself with my own money because I believe in their quality and I like how they work.  Anyways, check out the photo below and the details that follow.    You can click on the images to see them full size as well.

11-30-12 Build Details AXTS AX556 ALG Defense BAD Impact Weapons Aimpoint Magpul

1.  Centurion Arms C4 12.0 RailOne of my personal favorite rails, the Centurion Arms C4 rail was designed based on the operational experience of the owner of Centurion Arms who is an active duty Navy Seal.  As I’ve mentioned before, they are a Freefloat 2-piece rail that installs directly onto the existing barrel nut which gives you lightning quick installation and removal.  They also feature 4 QD sling mounts as well.  Probably one of the sturdiest rails you can buy.  You do have to pay a little bit more to have the best but its well worth the cost.  I purchased mine from,

2.  AXTS Weapons Systems AX556 Lower:  Aside from its very unique and awesome looks there is a better reason why I love this lower.  Those of you who have known me for a while know that I am a big fan of ambidextrous operation on my rifles.  I think every prepared shooter needs to practice shooting with both hands.  If you ever find yourself wounded in a gun fight, whether at home or at war, and lose the use of your strong side hand/arm you need to be able to use your week side.  A good way to make this easier is to make the functions of your rifle ambidextrous.  The AX556 lower gives you the most ambidextrous control over any other lower on the market.  There are others on the market with Ambit Bolt Release and very few offer an Ambi Mag Release.  However, none offer a built-in Bolt Hold except for the AX556.  It also accommodates the Battle Arms Development 45 Degree Selectors as well. (see below)  Unfortunately this is not a very easy lower to purchase.  They are on a 60-90 day backorder at the moment.  I can’t tell you who but I was only able to purchase mine because a very well known Industry Leader / Trainer had one for sale.  Basically, if you see one for sale, snag it!!  If not, get your name on the list at

3.  ALG Defense ACT Trigger:  So far so good.  I’m really impressed with this affordable trigger group.  For $65 its probably one of the best bang for your buck triggers out there. These are standard mil-spec triggers that are Nickel Boron coated and have been tuned by Geissele Automatics (makers of $200-300 trigger groups).  The NiB coating and polishing have really reduced any grittiness that is usually associated with Mil-Spec triggers.  Trigger pull is around 6lbs. which is not as light as some of the more expensive triggers but this is a Mil-Spec trigger which means it needs to be at 5.5lbs or higher.  Some triggers you’ll find in a standard LPK are closer to 9/9.5lbs.  I have not issue with recommending this trigger group to anyone looking to upgrade their standard trigger group.  Check out for more info.  I purchased my ALG Defense ACT trigger from Rainier Arms.

4.  Battle Arms Development Ambi Safety Selectors:  If you haven’t heard of Battle Arms Development yet then you haven’t been listening to me.  I won’t build a gun without these awesome selectors as a first component.  This specific model is the BAD-CASS-SA-ST.  That stands for the Combat Ambi Safety Selector – Semi Automatic – Short Throw.  The standard BAD-ASS selector is a huge upgrade by itself but the BAD-CASS family is a beefed up combat version of the BAD-ASS.  By using a dovetail mounting system they’ve reduced the stress put on the screws of the selector.  The Short Throw model bumps it up even one more notch by reducing the travel from SAFE to FIRE by 45 degrees.  This makes the action itself easier and much quicker.  I have two rifles with the Short Throw levers on them and love them.  You are supposed to have a 45 degree selector “compatible” lower but there are ways around that.  (contact me if you have any questions)  These are by far the best on the market and I put them on every rifle I own.  If its half the price, its because its only half as good.  You can purchase yours from Battle Arms Development.

5.  Rainier Arms RAPTOR Ambi Charging Handle:  If you’re just heading out to the backyard to shoot some cans you will probably be just fine with your standard AR-15 charging handle but if your AR will see some hard use the standard charging handle is one of the first things you should replace.  The Rainier Arms RAPTOR Ambi Charging Handle is a brand new product for 2012 but it has already made some huge waves in the industry.  They really are mechanically speaking works of art.  Both sides have the same style skeletonized latches and they function exactly the same as the other.  The best part is without intentionally damaging these you aren’t going to break them.  They are built like a tank!  These will be as essential to my future builds as my BAD-ASS selectors.  I did receive a couple of these on the house from my buddy John but have already purchased additional units from the my favorite retailer who just happens to make these,

6.  Impact Weapons Components QD Sling Mount for Magpul UBR stock:  Its kind of hard to see in this pic but this is an upgrade that was seriously needed.  The standard Magpul UBR stock comes with a reversible QD sling mount but its a real pain to swap it around.  What’s worse is that once you switch it to the side you want it makes it difficult to run weak side drills while using a single point sling that is mounted to it.  Earl at Impact Weapons Components started his business by looking at a product and finding the small things that needed to be tweaked.  For the UBR he designed a QD Sling Mount that replaced the sideways facing QD with a downward facing QD sling mount.  The result is a QD Sling Mount that is ambidextrous.  Its CNC machined to fit right in place of the stock unit and is awesome.  I’m a huge fan of this product and I use IWC products a lot.  Now switching from strong side to weak side and back is no issue.  It even works well with a 2-point sling.  Check this and many other great products out at ImpactWeaponsComponents.comDon’t forget to use the code “AR15NEWS” at checkout to save 5% on ALL PRODUCTS in their online store. 

Rainier Arms RAPTOR 7.62 Pre-Order & Introductory Price

Posted on November 27th, 2012 by ar15news

RAINIER ARMS LOGO 2Rainier Arms has just announced the start of the pre-order for the 7.62 (.308) version of their unbelievably successful RAPTOR Ambi Charging Handle.  For those of you who decide to pre-order one you will get a special discounted price and will guarantee yourself one of the units from the first batch.  When the RAPTOR 5.56 launched they offered 300 of them at a similar discount and they sold out within a matter of about 20 minutes.  I’m expecting to see the 7.62 crowd to jump all over these as they tend to get forgotten when it comes to new accessories.  If you have a 7.62 AR-15 or are hoping to build one, be sure to get in on this pre-order.  Otherwise you may have to wait a while for the next batch.  Pics, details and link are all listed below. 

Rainier Arms RAPTOR 7.62 2

[combogallery id='86']

Rainier Arms Raptor ambidextrous charging handle by AXTS. The Raptor is truly revolutionary in design & function. From rapid palm “blading” or finger thumb charges of the weapon, the motion is fluid & fast from either strong or support side. Made in the USA from aircraft grade 7075 aluminum and milspec anodized. Designed for 308 / 762

PRE-ORDER SPECIAL: Please read completely before ordering. We are currently taking pre-orders for the 7.62MM Raptors at in Introductory discounted price which should be shipping sometime in January 2013. We will process your payment immediately and ship out when available. If there are multiple items on the order, in-stock items will ship now and the Raptor will ship when available.


Cyber Monday Sale!! AXTS Weapons Systems

Posted on November 21st, 2012 by ar15news

No details just yet as to what the special will be but I’m excited to find out.  I’m a huge fan of AXTS Weapons Systems and recently purchased my very own AX556 lower and also own a bunch of the Rainier Arms RAPTOR ambi charging handles that are made by AXTS.  If you’ve been wanting some AXTS goodness you had better keep an eye on the AXTS Weapons Systems Facebook Page.  Sale will be officially announced on Thanksgiving! 

**UPDATE**  Here are the details:

From AXTS:  “Here’s our cyber Monday deal. Starting Monday at 12AM EST when you buy a Raptor you get $25 off a BAD ASS CASS 45 or 90 degree selector! And as with any order that includes the Raptor you will still get FREE SHIPPING!”

Black Friday 2012 AXTS Weapons 2




AXTS Weapon Systems AX556 Billet Lower – Veterans Day Sale

Posted on November 10th, 2011 by ar15news

AXTS Weapons Systems just announced a Veterans Day Sale for their amazing new AX556 billet lower receiver.  In case you are not familiar with it the AX556 is the only FULLY Ambidextrous lower receiver on the market and is one of the coolest looking lowers out there.  Starting tomorrow at 5PM EASTERN when you order and AX556 in combination with a BAD ASS Safety you will receive Continue reading “AXTS Weapon Systems AX556 Billet Lower – Veterans Day Sale” »

AR15news - logoAXTS Billet 556 Lower Receiver 1As I mentioned before, AXTS and Battle Arms Development are teaming up to bring a fully ambidextrous billet lower receiver to market soon.  Up until now all we had were CAD drawing pics.  The high-res pics below show just how nice this lower is going to be.  This has to be the coolest looking lower receiver I have seen.  Continue reading “High-Res pics of new AXTS Billet Lower w/Battle Arms Development AMBI Safety Selector” »



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