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BattleComp Black Friday Sale


Black Gun AR-15 Black Friday Sales

I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve not had a ton of time to go to the range but last week I specifically made time to hit the range and function test my 7.62×39 AR Pistol I built. This thing had been sitting in my HSP INCOG Rifle Bag completely ready to go just begging for some action and it was my pleasure to oblige. Below you’ll see some pics of my 7.62×39 AR Pistol. I’ll first cover the components I used to build it and the range report will follow after that.

KAK Ind 762x39 AR Pistol Build 7

Basically all you need to retrofit or build any AR upper as a 7.62×39 is the Barrel, Bolt and Mags and KAK Industry has everything you need in one place. I already had an extra AR Pistol lower built so I just needed some of their awesome upper components. The lower is a Noveske N4 forged lower with an ALG Defense ACT trigger, Battle Arms Development Selector, Magpul MOE K2 grip, Law Tactical Gen3 Folding Stock Adapter, Phase 5 Weapon Systems Pistol Buffer Tube and a Sig Sauer SB-15 Arm Brace. I upgraded to a Wolf High Power Hammer Spring but probably could have done without it. 

KAK Ind 762x39 AR Pistol Build 7

KAK Ind 762x39 AR Pistol Build 7

For the upper I sourced the heart of the build at KAK Industry. They make all of their own components and have a great reputation. I used the KAK Industry 11″ 7.62×39 barrel, KAK Industry 7.62×39 complete BCG, KAK Industry Gas Block and Gas Tube. The upper receiver is an AERO Precision forged upper with a Northtech Defense Ti-FANG Titanium forward assist, Fortis Mfg Hammer charging handle, Centurion Arms 11″ CMR rail and a BattleComp BABC. Topped it all off with a Vortex Optics Viper PST 1-4 scope and an American Defense Mfg QD mount.

KAK Ind 762x39 AR Pistol Build 7

KAK Ind 762x39 AR Pistol Build 7

Of course the weather is changing up here in Michigan. It was cold and rainy that morning at the range but I couldn’t care less. I brought along some really nice Hornady 123gr 7.62×39 SST ammo to run through the brand new AR Pistol. The best thing you can do when function testing a new AR is to take it slow. I only had one ASC 7.62×39 mag so I loaded one round in the mag, pulled back on the charging handle, flipped the selector to “America” and pulled the trigger. As expected it went BOOM so I checked the chamber to make sure the rifle ejected the spent casing, which it did. After that first round goes as planned you get a bit of a smile on your face and start to have fun.

KAK Ind 762x39 AR Pistol Build 7

I loaded up another 5 rounds and proceeded to fire them down range sighting in the Vortex Optics Viper PST 1-4 scope.  First 3 rounds went through perfect but on the fourth I had a Failure To Feed. Keep in mind I only had 5 rounds in the mag to start meaning this was the second to last round in the mag. I stripped the mag, removed the round and inspected it noticing that once the mag was removed the round didn’t really seem to be stuck or anything. I loaded another 10 rounds and again, second to last round FTF. This was a recurring theme and it became very clear that the issue was with the mag and definitely not at all a problem with the Upper, BCG or Barrel. Other than the second to last round of each mag issue I had absolutely ZERO malfunctions with this build. It really was a pleasure to shoot. I’ve heard the ASC mags get better as you wear them in but I will also be looking into some other brands and will do a followup article specifically regarding 7.62×39 AR Mags.

KAK Ind 762x39 AR Pistol Build 7

So after blowing through almost all of my ammo getting to know the 7.62×39 AR Pistol, I saved the last 5 rounds to get a little grouping on paper. Now keep in mind, when I test fire my AR’s I always go to the shorter range. Its basically a 30-35 yard range that typically has less people on it. When I shoot for groups I usually head on over to the 100 yard range but being that this is just an AR Pistol, I had no bipod, etc I decided to stay on the shorter range and just get a group there. The image below shows you a 5 round group, just resting the handguard on a block. I’m positive I could tighten this group up but I was out of ammo. One of these days I’ll get it out on the 100 yard range and get some longer range data. I was very happy with this group though based on the distance I would expect to shoot this rifle at in a real world situation. 

KAK Ind 762x39 AR Pistol Build 7

Overall, I am very pleased with this build. Aside from the magazine issue, all of the parts functioned flawlessly. KAK Industry really is a one stop shop for tons of AR Parts including 5.56, 300BLK, 7.62×39, 458 SOCOM and .308 builds. This is not my first experience with KAK Industry and I’ve enjoyed every part I’ve purchased from them. For this specific build you can check out the KAK 7.62×39 AR Parts here. For all other builds just visit the website and get to looking around at the awesome stuff they offer.  

Quite some time ago, BattleComp revealed some pictures of a new prototype called the BC51.0. The BC51.0 was a hybrid between a BattleComp BC1.0 and an AAC 51T suppressor mount. This will allow the end user more suppressor options while still retaining the awesome properties of having a BattleComp mounted to their rifle. These are now actual production units and can be purchased for a limited time at an introductory price. Check out the pics and details below. 

BattleComp BC51.0 AAC 51t mount

Introducing the long-awaited BC51.0!

The introductory price is just $180.00 while supplies last!

The MSRP is $195.00 once this run is sold.

The BattleComp 51.0 is a one-piece unit manufactured from 17-4PH Stainless Steel. The 51.0 will integrate with those suppressors using an AAC 51T-style interface.

This suppressor variant is only available in 5.56 caliber at the moment.  The BC51.0 comes with a Black Oxide finish only.  100% made in the USA.

More models to follow.

Purchase at

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BattleComp Labor Day Sale 2 BattleComp Labor Day Sale 2

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Recently BattleComp was awarded their Patent Letter recognizing BattleComp’s rights to the design of the original BattleComp Tactical Compensator. Getting a Patent Letter with the big Red Ribbon on it is huge for any manufacturer and definitely worth celebrating. That’s why BC is celebrating with a special discount code that will save you 18% on any BattleComp in-stock over at Use the code “RED RIBBON” at checkout but don’t wait. This sale ends at midnight, April 29th, 2014. 

620 BattleComp Red Ribbon Sale

To celebrate getting our Red Ribbon today for the Original Patented BattleComp (US Patent 8,695,474) we are honored to offer an 18% discount on all BattleComps in stock for the next week, if you use RED RIBBON as your coupon code.

This offer is limited to stock on hand, and ends at midnight on April 29, 2014.

Thank you again for all of your support!

The BattleComp Thanksgiving Sale has already started. From now through Monday (12/2/2013), BattleComp is offering 10% off all of their muzzle devices, BAD-ASS selectors and Mossie Midnight Mounts. If you’ve been looking to save on some high quality stuff, this is it! Check it out at

620 BattleComp Black Friday sale

We know there are a bunch of Black Friday Sales coming up but did you know there are some Veteran’s Day Sales coming up that you can take advantage of to save some money. BattleComp is offering a 15% discount on all BattleComp’s, Battle Arms Development Ambi Safety Selectors and Mossie Midnight Mounts. These are some of the most sought after products on the market so any discount is very well received. No discount code to worry about this time around. Just head on over and take a look at the sale prices. The BattleComp Veteran’s Day Sale starts now and ends on November 13th at midnight.

620 BattleComp and Mossie Midnight Mount AR15NEWS

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Summertime brings us our Independence Day Sale, starting today through July 7th. Enjoy an excellent discount on BattleComps, Battle Arms Development, Dark Angel Medical, Mossie Mounts, and Multitaskers as we celebrate our willingness to combat tyranny just 237 short years ago. Use FREEDOM2013 as your discount code upon checkout, while supplies last. Happy Birthday USA!

BattleComp is offering a nice discount for purchased made on their website now through the weekend in celebration of their 3rd Birthday and for Memorial Day.  They aren’t allowed to advertise how much the discount is but we did the math and it comes out to 18% off which is pretty substantial.  Use the code “HONORTHEM2013” at checkout.  They also are doing FREE SHIPPING on items over $150.  It appears that you’ll still get free shipping even if the discount takes you back below the $150 mark.  Check it out at

01-17-13 BC MMM Ben2

Battle Comp Enterprises, LLC was born on Memorial Weekend of 2010. To celebrate our 3rd birthday and in honor of those who sacrificed all to keep America free, we are offering another promotion. Please use HONORTHEM2013 as your discount code during checkout. We cannot advertise how much the discount is, but we can say it is the deepest discount we have ever offered. Let’s remember and honor all of our American warrior heroes, and remember their families, too. Take care.

BattleComp has just announced a “MOLON LABE” sale that will be going on through Election Day which is November 6th, 2012.  However, this deal isn’t just on BattleComp’s though, it’s also on all Mossie Midnight Mounts and MultiTasker Tools in-stock at  By entering the code “MOLON LABE” you will save 15% off of these items.  If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to pick any of these up, now’s the time to do it. 

BattleComp Molon Labe Sale

Effective immediately: Come and Take Them sale code: MOLON LABE — good until November 6, 2012. Cannot be combined with other codes. Good for all BCE produced goods and Multitasker tools.


BattleComp Logo 1For the past few months the guys over at BattleComp have been teasing us with pics of these cool new “Hybrid” BattleComp / AAC 51T suppressor mounts.  Every time another pic surfaces tons of people have been screaming “I want that so bad!”  “I’m in!!”  “I’ll take two!” , etc.  So now’s your chance.  BattleComp is now accepting orders for this popular modification which will mate either your current AAC 51T Blackout or AAC 51T Breakout Suppressor Mount to a new BattleComp.  I was thinking they would be charging an arm and a leg to do this but its only $6 more than buying just a standard BC1.0 buy itself.  This is great news for those looking to have the best of both worlds combining a great compensator with the option of being able to quickly mount their Suppressor.  Check out the details below.    Continue reading “NEW!! BattleComp AAC 51T Modification Service” »

Gear Scout published an article by Stickman earlier today regarding the new Mossie Tactics 2400 Light Mount.  This looks like a pretty sweet light mount for you SureFire die hards.   Some times a simple well thought out product is the one that makes the most sense.  Definitely worth checking out!  Get all the details and pics below.

Continue reading “NEW!! Mossie Tactics 2400 Light Mount” »

AR15news - logoBattleComp LogoFor those of you who don’t already know, the BattleComp 2.0 has been available for a few weeks now.  Check out the information below and then head on over to to get yours.  Continue reading “New AR-15 Accessory! BattleComp 2.0” »