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NEW!! JFE Custom MultiCam BCM 14.5″ Carbine

Posted on March 28th, 2014 by ar15news

Joint Force Enterprises has for quite a while now been known for their awesome weapon coatings. JFE has partnered up with numerous firearms manufacturers over the years, including coating all of the BCM Jack Carbines for HSP, but had never offered any complete firearms for sale themselves. That is until now. JFE recently teamed up with BCM (Bravo Company Manufacturing), B5 Systems, Black Widow Armament and Magpul to offer a really sweet looking rifle that should shoot as awesome as it looks. They just started the pre-order on these rifles which I expect to sell very fast. Check out the pics and details below. 

Joint Force Enterprises 14.5 BCM Carbine Multicam 1

Joint Force Enterprises 14.5 BCM Carbine Multicam 1

Joint Force Enterprises 14.5 BCM Carbine Multicam 1

Joint Force Enterprises 14.5 BCM Carbine Multicam 1

As you can see, this thing looks pretty amazing. Cliff and the guys at JFE are masters in the coating business and have people raving about their work. Now add in BCM (one of the most desirable AR builders out there), B5 Systems, Black Widow Armament and Magpul and you’ve got a winning combination. Ordering details are listed below. 


-  14.5″ BCM Carbine
-  13″ BCM KMR Rail
-  Pinned and Welded BCM Comp
-  BCM Mod 4 Charging Handle
-  B5 Systems Bravo Stock
-  BCM Pistol Grip
-  Magpul Pro Flip-up Sights
-  Black Widow Armament NoMar Qds End Plate
-  Coated in Multicam
-  Laser Engraved JFE Markings
-  Comes with certificate for 15% off your next coating project with JFE.

*Optic and Light not included

Total package price $1,999.00 plus shipping.

Please contact us at 904-993-3574 or email us at to place orders.

You can also check out Joint Force Enterprises on Facebook.

NEW!! BCM KMR KeyMod Handguard – Now Available

Posted on March 4th, 2014 by ar15news

We’ve posted about the awesome new BCM (Bravo Company Manufacturing) KMR KeyMod handguard in the past and I know a lot of you have been waiting patiently for them to become available for purchase. Aside from the given quality you’ve come to expect from BCM, one of the things I really like about this rail is that it offers KeyMod slots at all of the 45 degree angles too not just at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. Today our friends over at Soldier Systems Daily helped launch the release of the KMR for purchase as a standalone product for BCM and we figured we’d help spread the word.

They released both a 10″ and 13″ length today. I’m sure many of you are already thinking you want a different length than just 10″ or 13″ which is to be expected. I’ve not heard whether or not they will offer additional lengths but I would be willing to be their will be as production continues. Take a look at the awesome pictures below that feature some awesome KeyMod components from Impact Weapons Components as well as some of our favorite lights from INFORCE

620 BCM KMR KeyMod Rail 5

620 BCM KMR KeyMod Rail 5

620 BCM KMR KeyMod Rail 5

The Bravo Company Manufacturing KMR (KeyMod Rail)

Manufactured from an exclusive blended aluminum and magnesium alloy, it weighs 30-40% less than aluminum with the same strength properties. Also featuring a proprietary patent pending mounting, indexing and lock up system that mitigates 12:00 rail movement under heat generated from the barrel nut.

Handguard alone weighs 4.1oz for 10″ and 5.5oz for 13″!

Mounting hardware weighs only 2.2oz, for a total of 6.3oz and 7.7oz respectively.

The KMR’s propriety finish was originally developed for the Aerospace industry. It is a plasma deposition process which creates a stabilized ceramic-like surface coating with superior wear and scratch resistance when compared to anodize or even hard chrome. The stabilized nature of the coating means it has a higher corrosion resistance as well, due to the lack of ‘pores’ in the surface.

The KeyMod™ interface system was developed by Eric Kincel (now the Director of BCMs’ product development team) to work in parallel with the current picatinny system. In many applications it will advance modularity past the current 1913 rail system.

The BCM KMR also allows for a larger range of modularity offering 4 different offset mounting positions between traditional 3,6,9, and 12:00 positions.

In the most basic of applications the KeyMod™ system allows for universal modularity between various manufacturers of accessories, and accessory rails. A big win for the trigger puller. As the industry advances the modular accessories will mount directly to the KeyMod™ instead of picatinny, allowing for a lighter, cleaner, and less bulky weapon system.

BCM KMR 10″ available here:

BCM KMR 13″ available here:

BCM KMR Complete Uppers available here:

NEW!! BMC GUNFIGHTER Vertical Grip – Short

Posted on October 29th, 2013 by ar15news

BCM (Bravo Company Manufacturing) has just recently released their new BCM GUNFIGHTER Vertical Grip in the Short configuration. I’ve had the opportunity to mess around with one for the last couple of weeks now and I really like it. Its my first experience using any of the BCM grips which now has me questioning some of my past purchases. As you can see in the pictures below the grip features a slight angle which you can face forward or backwards depending on how you like the feel. It also features a decent size storage compartment for storing your Tactical Skittles in. Another feature I like was the spring loaded clamp that can be easily removed and put on the other side depending on your preference. Overall, this thing was built right. It feels extremely solid and is worth every penny. Right now they are in-stock at

620 BCM Vertical Grip Short Black 2

620 BCM Vertical Grip Short Black 1

The picture below shows my current setup with it right now. I put part of a Magpul Handstop kit around it and my index finger sits just in front of the finger groove. I don’t grab the VFG like a broom stick. I tuck my hand right into the angle so my pinky and ring finger are on the vfg, my middle and index finger are on the rail and thumb is on top of the rail. The index finger fits right in front of the bump and feels nice. Not a perfect color match but who cares. 

620 BCM Vertical Grip Short FDE Ben

BCM Gunfighter Vertical Grip Short
-  Low-profile length for increased mobility and decreased “snag” factor.
-  The forward angle increases the rigidity of the forearm, while providing a more natural wrist angle.
-  Can be mounted in reverse angle to increase control when grabbing handguard and grip
-  Flat sides give better yaw control to the shooter during firing and non-firing manipulations.
-  Aggressive texture and storage volume combined with modular design to allow improvements and adaptation in the future.
-  Cross bolt designed to work with improvised tools (such as a quarter) and allow for easy adjustment or re-tightening.
-  Reversible clamps allow user to set up fasteners to reside on either side.
-  Spring-loaded clamps makes installation and removal easier.
-  Made in the U.S.A. Small Made in USA flag , and manufactured from high quality, impact resistant polymers.

SNEAK PEEK!! Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM) KeyMod Rail

Posted on August 28th, 2013 by ar15news

Let me first say that I honestly have ZERO information regarding this product. I just happened to run across these pics and wanted to share them with you since it seems everyone is asking about them. The one and only Pat Rogers of E.A.G. Tactical has been evaluating this new BCM KeyMod rail and shared these pics on Facebook. Even he said he has no idea when these would be available.

We (or at least I) first learned of this rail when Travis Haley showed a short snip-it of it in a video for the new HSP KeyMod light mounts a month or so ago. The fact that they are not only doing 3, 6 and 9 o’clock KeyMod slots but are also doing the 45 degrees as well is awesome. Definitely excited to see these come to market and see what lengths they come out with. For now, all we can do is look at the images below. Click on them to view a larger image in a new window.

BCM KeyMod Rail EAG Tactical 1 620

BCM KeyMod Rail EAG Tactical 1 620

BCM KeyMod Rail EAG Tactical 1 620

Photos by Pat Rogers of E.A.G. Tactical

Good Deal!! BCM Gunfighter Charging Handles

Posted on July 19th, 2013 by ar15news

Our friends over at have started carrying the BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle. I was just checking out their site and it looks like they have just about every single model instock including the 7.62 and Ambi versions and all at or below the going rate for these CH’s. If you’ve been looking for a deal on one of these, plug in the code “AR15NEWS” at checkout to save an additional 5% off these prices. No expiration date on the code or pricing. This is just the standard good pricing that I’ve been finding on the stuff at  

BCM Gunfighter CH 620


Weapon Outfitters always seems to come up with the best combo deals. Right now they are running a “Trigger and Charging Handle” promo for Father’s Day. Take your pick from a bunch of Geissele triggers and eithe a BCM or Rainier Arms Charging Handle. No codes to remember on this one. Just head on over to Weapon Outfitters and save 10% when you purchase a new Trigger and CH at the following link.

Weapon Outfitters Fathers Day Sale 2013

“Triggers and Charging Handles are two of the most important input devices on a rifle, and it took the market decades to figure out how to do it right. Enjoy the fruits of their labor with our Father’s Day special!

Previous “tac latches” would strain the roll pin and fail (done it myself a few times) and previous triggers would fail with a heavy firing schedule.

BCM and Rainier Arms ambi charging handles are ergonomic, durable, and spoil you. All the engineering and ergonomic issues of the standard and upgraded charging handles of years past… SOLVED.

Geissele’s triggers which are cryo treated and EDM wire cut last forever. My SSA with a scratched on serial from 2008 feels as good as the day i first got it… and feels as good as the newest batches from Geissele today.”



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