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CORE Rifle Systems just released their new CORE Muzzle Brake and I have to admit, it looks pretty awesome. It features a dual chamber design to reduce recoil and 4 vertical ports to compensate for muzzle rise which will help with faster follow up shots. Right now they are offering a special introductory price. Normal price is $89.99 but they are intro’ing them at just $59.99 for a short time. You can watch a video of it in action here:

Head on over to and snag one now. 

Core 15 rifles CORE muzzle brake

CORE Rifle Systems just announced the production of Left Handed Rifles! Currently they are offering left handed rifles in the HARDCORE line but more models will be available soon. Each Left Handed rifle will also be equipped with the CORE Ambi Charging Handle.

Core 15 Rifles left hand rifle 1

Core 15 Rifles left hand rifle 1

More details and purchase information available at

CORE Rifle Systems has what I would call an AWESOME Black Friday Sale going on. The are offering discounts on complete rifles, rifle and upper combos, parts, etc. In fact there was just too much for me to fit into this post so I am linking you over to their eBlast they sent out. Check out the CORE Rifle Systems Black Friday sale HERE.

CORE Rifle Systems Black Friday Sale

If you are looking for a new rifle or some new barrels, etc this Black Friday, CORE Rifle Systems is where its at. All of their 5.56, 300BLK and 7.62×51 (.308) barrels are on sale. They also have some of their awesome combos on sale such as the CORE15 M4 Rifle with .22LR Upper Combo, the CORE15 TAC II.V Rifle and TAC II.V 300BLK Upper Combo and more. This is definitely a sale worth checking out. Head on over to and check out this awesome sale.

620 Core Rifle Systems Black Friday Sale 1

I’ve been a huge fan of CORE15 for a long time now. They make some very high quality guns and parts that I have personally owned and loved. I really like this new Super Combo Sale they have going on now. They are coupling together some of their most popular items and offering them at a very good discount. What makes it different is that they aren’t pairing the usual little items, they are pairing stuff like their CORE15 M4 5.56 Rifle with their CORE15 22LR M4 Upper or their CORE15  TAC II V 5.56 Rifle with a CORE15 TAC II V 300BLK Upper giving you some real bang for your buck. Check out the details below then click on the link or image for more information.

CORE15® M4 Rifle + .22LR M4 Upper Combo
List price: $1,388.99 / Combo Price: $999.99

620 Core15 M4 Rifle and 22lr Upper Combo

List price: $2,979.98 / Combo Price: $2,399.99

620 Core15 MOE M4 Rifle and Core15 MOE 308 Rifle Combo

CORE15® TAC II.V Rifle & TAC II.V 300BLK Upper Combo
List price: $2,049.98 / Combo Price: $1,599.99

620 Core15 TAC II V Rifle and 300BLK Upper Combo

A bunch of you guys picked up some LPK’s from Core15 Rifles yesterday but whats even cooler is they let me in a little secret.  They just added some NiB (Nickel Boron) M16 BCG to their online store and I get to share them with you guys first.  I personally bought one of these NiB BCG’s from Core15 about a year ago and its easily one of the best BCG’s I’ve used.  I have had so many people asking about NiB BCG’s lately that I’m sure these will sell out pretty quickly.  Right now there is about 50 units in-stock and are listed at just $249.  Hurry up and get over to to get yours.  

Core15 NIB BCG Nickel Boron

–   Mil-Spec M16 Bolt Carrier. The same M16 Bolt Carrier Group that you will find in all of our rifles have now been Nickel Boron coated.
–   Includes the Bolt, Cam Pin, Firing Pin, & Retaining Pin.

My good buddies over at Core15 Rifles have some nice LPK’s in-stock right now.  These are complete meaning they do include the Fire Control Group (Hammer and Trigger setup).  Also comes with your choice of Core15 Billet Oversized Trigger Guard.  If you’ve bought a stripped lower recently or just want to have an extra LPK on hand get on over to and pick one up.  

NEW-LPK-with-OTG 1

This is not some screaming deal but Core15 Rifle Systems has a very limited supply of 30 Round USGI Aluminum magazines in-stock with Anti-Tilt Followers.  These are going for $19.95 each and are limited to 10 per customer.  If you need some mags this may be one of only a few left in-stock for a while.  Check them out at


CORE15-Logo-WHITEBGThe other day I received an email from the guys at Core15 Rifle Systems letting me know about their new Core15 Hardcore V.3 Charging Handle model.  I’ve show you guys V.1 and V.2 in the past but to recap they are good, quality, billet mil-spec charging handles that feature an extended latch with a more aggressive gripping surface.  The new V.3 model features an even longer latch than the previous 2 models but other than that retains it’s mil-spec design.  The thing that really got me interested is that they have also begun to move into the .308 (7.62×51) market as well and now offer Hardcore V.1, V.2 and V.3 charging handles that will fit the AR-10/SR25 rifles.  This is just the beginning for the guys over at Core15 on the .308 scene.  Be on the lookout for more .308 goodness from the guys in the very near future. Until then, check out the Core15 Hardcore line of charging handles below.

Core15 Hardcore CH V1 V2 V3

All versions of the AR-15 and AR-10/SR25 Hardcore charging handles can be purchased online at

If you happen to be one of the lucky people in the market for a new SBR’d upper, this is one to check out.  Core15 Rifle Systems by now is no stranger to you all.  They have been producing some very high quality rifles and parts for some time.  Well, they just outdid themselves.  Their new CORE15 Tac 2 SBR 300 Blackout Complete Upper is totally sweet.  Comes with a 9.5″ 416R Stainless Steel barrel under a 10″ Samson Evolution rail which is a modular rail that comes with (2) 2″ rails panels and (1) 4″ rail panel for adding accessories to the rail.  The inside diameter is 1.56″ and accepts most suppressors.  Its just asking for a sweet flash hider and suppressor to be mounted to it.  Also comes with an M16 BCG as well.  Check out the pics and details below.

CORE15 TAC 2 SBR 300 AAC Blackout 1

[combogallery id=’80’]

– 9.5” 416R Stainless Steel Barrel 1:8 Twist (5/8×24 TPI)
– Pistol Length Gas System
– CORE15™ Forged 7075-T6 M4 Flattop Upper with Internal Dry Lube and Laser T Marks
– CORE15™ V.2 Hardcore Billet Charging Handle
– Samson Evolution 10″ Rail
– Low Profile Gas Block
– M16 Bolt Carrier Group (MPI)
– CORE15’s NO BS Lifetime Warranty!
Purchase at for just $795.95

CORE15-Logo-WHITEBGThe popularity of converting AR-15’s to shoot .22LR is really increased over the last couple of years and there’s good reason.  First, .22LR ammunition is readily available for purchase.  Second, its an extremely cheap alternative to shooting your 5.56 or other AR rounds.  For these reasons there are more and more people training with .22LR uppers on their AR as the overall feel and weapon manipulation is virtually the same.  CORE15 produces some of the nicest dedicated .22LR AR-15 uppers on the market and this one is unbelievably sweet and extremely accurate.  Comes complete with your choice of either 12″ or 15″ modular handguards too.  Check out the details, pics and video below.  Continue reading “NEW!! CORE15 Rifle Systems TAC 3 .22 Long Rifle Upper w/Rail” »

This may not be the Deal of the Century but if you’re already looking to buy a new barrel for your build you might as well get a really nice barrel nut for free.  Right now through September 21st, if you purchase any barrel from Core15 you will also receive a free C15 barrel nut.  These aren’t just any barrel nut though, the C15 barrel nuts are precision CNC machined from Stress Proof Steel.  Read more about the C15 barrel nut and pic out your awesome new barrel at  Get over there before their all gone!!

A Core15 Barrel and Barrel Nut Deal

CORE15-Logo-WHITEBGFor those of you piecing together a new build or just simply swapping out barrels right now, I just wanted to give you guys a quick heads on a promotion that Core15 Rifle Systems is running.  Right now if you purchase any of the barrels on their website they will include one of their new CNC Machined Stress Proof C15 barrel nuts (more info here) for FREE.  No codes or coupons.  Just buy the barrel and it’ll be in there.    I personally own an upper with a Core15 416R stainless barrel and its a tack driver for sure.  Check them out at the link below!

Core15 Barrel Nut C15

Check the full line of available barrels at

CORE15-Logo-WHITEBGI’ve gotten to know the guys over at CORE15 Rifle Systems pretty well and can tell you they’re some pretty cool dudes…..but I had no idea they were this cool!!  I notice that they had been pretty quiet for a while and now I know why.  They’ve been working on a super secret project with Magpul, SureFire, Trijicon and Midwest Industries to build an absolutely awesome rifle which they will be giving away as a 4th of July celebration.  The rules are simple and to the point.  Register on the CORE15 website anytime between now and September 3rd at 12 noon.  One winner will be randomly chosen as the winner of the rifle below.  I don’t know about you but I’m in for sure!  Check out the picture of the rifle and details below.  I’ve also included a link to the registration page.   GeT sOmE!!   Continue reading “CORE15 Great AMERICAN AR-15 Giveaway” »