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Many of you know I just received my approval from the ATF for my SBR in just 36 days using an eFiled NFA Trust from Coyote Rifleworks. Well now Coyote Rifleworks is having an NFA Trust 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway! From 12/13/14 to 12/25/14 take $12 off when you pay online using the promo code “12DAYS” at Each day one person will receive a complete refund and get their Trust for free! So not only do you save a few dollars by using the code “12DAYS” but you might even get a complete refund.

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Want to know more about an NFA Trust and how it benefits you when purchasing and building NFA firearms? Visit

**AR15NEWS is not a law firm and is not authorized to provide legal advice. Please verify that Trusts purchased online are valid in your state.

**Edited for Cyber Monday**

NFA Trust from Coyote Rifleworks
–  Allows you to build and buy NFA Firearms that are legal in your state.
–  No Photographs
–  No Fingerprints
–  No CLEOSignature
–  Same day delivery

Coyote rifleworks Cyber Monday

NFA Trusts for only $85 when you pay online with checkout code “CYBER” now through Tuesday 12/2/2014.

Step one to My Journey To NFA Ownership was deciding to have Coyote Rifleworks create my NFA Trust for me. That was the easiest part of this whole thing. They have a great reputation, offer same day turnaround and they charge just $95. Using an NFA Trust means there is NO CLEO (Chief Law Enforcement Officer) Signature, NO Fingerprints and NO Photographs and it allows you to e-file your Form 1 on the ATF website. True to their word I was emailed my NFA Trust in .pdf format within just a few hours. I printed it out and got ready to do some leg work.

Coyote Rifleworks NFA Trust SBR Application

Now that I had my Trust printed out the next step was to meet up with a certified Notary Public, sign them and have the Trust notarized. At this point you do not need to add the serialized NFA items to the trust, just get the signatures done. There are plenty of ways to do this including searching for a local Notary Public or find offices such as Insurance Agencies where a lot of their employees would be a certified Notary. This should technically be a very easy step but with my family schedule, work schedule and the schedule of my Notary Public it took me forever to get done, hence why the lengthy time in between article #1 and #2. Once I finally did meet up with my Notary she looked it over and had zero issues making sense of the Coyote Rifleworks trust and in no time my wife and I were signing. A few minutes later I had a signed, witnessed and notarized NFA Trust in my hand that is the main key to My Journey To NFA Ownership. Before submitting the Form 1 you do need to assign your SBR Lower or Suppressor to the Trust on pages 18 and 19. Once I had my 19 page NFA Trust signed and notarized, and filled out it was time to submit my Form 1. 

By using an NFA Trust you can submit your Form 1 by going on the ATF eForms website at and eFiling the form instead of filling out a paper form and sending it in. This dramatically speeds up the approval process and gives you an easy way to check in on the status of your submitted forms. I will tell you that submitting a Form 1 on your own can be a bit intimidating on your first try. One of the most useful tools I found was this page on that actually takes you step by step through the whole submittal process.

ATF eForms Login Page

One simple tip I can give you to help make things go smoother is that when you scan the pages of your NFA Trust document back into a single .pdf, make sure you scan it at a low DPI and in Black and White. The ATF website has a 3MB limit on the size of attachment you can upload. I learned this the hard way and had to figure out how to compress the size of the .pdf using online software. Once you’ve uploaded the documents, filled out the required info and clicked submit, its just a waiting game.

It took me about an hour to carefully read through and submit my Form 1 online. Right now I’ve been waiting for about 10 days and anticipate it taking another 3-4 weeks before my application is approved. I’ve seen eFile applications get approved in as little as 19 days so here’s hoping that mine will go that fast. As you can see this is a very simple method of registering your SBR, converting your AR Pistol to an SBR or purchasing a new suppressor. The best thing I did was have Coyote Rifleworks do my NFA Trust. Head on over to to get your NFA Trust created today. 

**AR15NEWS is not a law firm and is not authorized to provide legal advice. Please verify that Trusts purchased online are valid in your state.

The Time Is Now to Get Your Coyote Rifleworks NFA Trust. I used Coyote Rifleworks for my trust and am documenting my path to SBR ownership with my second article coming very soon. ATF 41P is real and it’s happening now. Big money is being spent to make it a reality. It’s not a matter of “IF” anymore, it’s evolved to when. What is ATF41P you ask ? It is an executive action designed to limit the rights of responsible gun owners even further. Looms right around the corner at the start of 2015. I value my 2nd Amendment Rights, and I know you do too. Right now you can get $10 off your Coyote Rifleworks trust. After you submit your form on you will need to call in to finalize it with them. Just be sure to mention that you saw this short article on about it being $85 and they’ll adjust your price. I get nothing out of this, just trying to spread the word and get as many of you in the NFA game as possible. Head on over to and get your trust literally emailed back to you today.  

Coyote Rifleworks NFA Trust 620

**AR15NEWS is not a law firm and is not authorized to provide legal advice. Please verify that Trusts purchased online are valid in your state.

I’ve finally decided to get involved in the world of NFA Ownership and I’m going to document my journey. Basically, I want to legally own an SBR, Suppressor, etc. As a life long gun owner in the state of Michigan, it was all but impossible to own Suppressors or SBR/SBS due to state regulations…that is until now. Over the past few years Michigan gun owners have spoken up and lobbied the State Legislators to lift the ban on Suppressors and most recently the ban on SBRs and SBSs. After all, why would a state feel they need tighter regulations than what our Federal Government does.

Coyote Rifleworks NFA TRust 2
Photo courtesy of  UWone77 who is already a legal NFA Owner

As a family man with a wife and kids, I wanted to make sure there were no legal issues with my wife, or children as they get older, being in possession of my NFA regulated items. I decided to start with an NFA Trust but I’m new to this so I didn’t know where start. My buddy Stickman (widely regarded as one of the top weapons photographers in the industry) started his 100K Giveaway on Facebook a few weeks ago and one of the sponsors is a company called Coyote Rifleworks. They advertise $95 NFA Trusts and Same Day Turnaround. This sounded awesome, almost too good to be true, so I contacted them through Facebook to get some additional information. I got a very prompt/friendly response and we decided to talk on the phone. Eric spent an hour on the phone with me explaining how at Coyote Rifleworks they want to help as many people become NFA Owners as possible. They could charge more but don’t ever want anyone to say “I just couldn’t afford it.”. They’ve spent a ton of money having an attorney help them create the trust that you ultimately receive. I really felt comfortable with these guys so I decided to go for it. 

Coyote Rifleworks NFA TRust 1

I will be documenting my entire process of becoming an NFA Owner from start to finish. You’ll know of any and all snags, if any, that I run into. My gut feeling is that this will be a very enjoyable, easy process. I can tell you right now I have already filled out the required information on Coyote Rifleworks’ website, called to make payment and received my trust paperwork back within a few hours. Now that’s impressive and I’m very happy so far. I will go into more detail on this process including what to do after you get your trust paperwork back in the next article in this series. You can keep track of my progress by following along on the website or using this specific thread URL: You can also get started on your very own NFA Trust now at  

**AR15NEWS is not a law firm and is not authorized to provide legal advice. Please verify that Trusts purchased online are valid in your state.