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NEW!! Pray Hard / Shoot Straight AR Dust Cover

Posted on July 25th, 2014 by ar15news

Most of you have probably heard of Dustin Ellermann. Dustin not only was the Grand Prize Winner of Season 3 on Top Shot, he’s also the director of Camp His Way and has the reputation as one of the nicest all around guys you’ll meet. He just introduced a new AR Dust Cover that has the laser engraving “Pray Hard” on the outside and “Shoot Straight” on the inside. The sale of these Dust Covers as well as other products on his website go towards helping fund Camp His Way. If you like the message and want to support Dustin and Camp His Way, head on over to and get one for yourself. 

Dustin Ellermann - Camp His Way - Pray Hard Shoot Straight AR Dust Cover

It’s a pretty well known fact that Elzetta Design makes the highest quality, indestructible tactical lights on the market and that they are 100% American Made Small Made in USA flag. What’s not so well known is that each year, Elzetta comes out with a small run of limited edition versions of their awesome flashlights. This year they have introduced another awesome looking limited edition model that is only available in Stealth Gray instead of the usual all black. The new Stealth Gray is a 2-cell Bravo 650 lumen model with a Crenelated Bezel and you get to choose between the Standard or Flood lens and High/Low or High/Strobe Tailcaps. 

620 Elzetta Design Stealth Gray Bravo Light 1

The Stealth Gray Elzetta Design flashlight may not give you super powers or make you an operator but it will definitely give you confidence in knowing that your light will still be standing with you no matter how dark it gets. If you are unfamiliar with Elzetta Design lights, CLICK HERE to see our past articles regarding Elzetta lights OR just click here to see the Google Results for “Elzetta Torture Test”.

The limited edition models are priced exactly the same as standard models which is a nice change since most places charge more for limited edition anything. You can check out the new website and purchase the Stealth Gray Limited Edition model or any other model for that matter at

Great Light Mount for Your Magpul MOE Handguard

Posted on February 24th, 2014 by ar15news

I’ve been using the SMC (Side Mount Cantilever) light mount from Impact Weapons Components for over a year now on a couple of different uppers. The SMC is part of the Mount-N-Slot series of products that are designed to attach to the Magpul MOE polymer handguards and is by far the best light mount I’ve found for MOE handguards.

One of the things I really like about it is that it can be mounted on either side of the handguard so left or right handed you are good to go and you can even mount the light on the opposite side of your support hand and use a tape switch, etc. And because it uses a modular light ring system it can accommodate pretty much any hand held tac-light you can think of. If you switch to a different size light, just buy a new ring, not a whole new mount.

IWC SMC Light Mount 1

The cantilever design pushes the light up and forward towards the FSP which puts it in the perfect spot to activate it with your thumb and gives you more room for your support hand grip. By mounting to the slots in the Magpul MOE handguard there is no need for a picatinny rail section to add bulk or weight. You’ll also notice that the mount is at a slight angle toward the center line of the gun because it follows the line of the handguard. This tucks it in a bit tighter than if it were just sticking off the side or straight up.

IWC SMC Light Mount 1

If you’re looking for the best light mount to run on your MOE handguard, this is exactly what I would recommend. It’s CNC machined out of 6-series Aluminum and made right here in the USA. You can find it under the “Light Mount” tab at As always, you can save 5% by using the discount code “AR15NEWS” at checkout.

NEW!! Elzetta Alpha 1-Cell EDC Light

Posted on January 17th, 2014 by ar15news

This is an update to our sneak peek we showed you guys a few weeks ago. Elzetta had the new Alpha 1-cell light at SHOT Show 2014 this week and my buddy Triple Bravo was able to get a nice shot of it (See below). According to TB it will boast 300 Lumens which is going to make this an absolutely awesome EDC light. The other great thing is that, as with all Elzetta lights, it is modular. You’ll be able to choose between different tail caps (High/Low, High/Strobe, etc.) and accessories for the Alpha. Look for this to be available for purchase in the very near future. No word on pricing just yet.

620 Elzetta Alpha Coming Soon 1

SNEAK PEEK!! Elzetta Alpha 1-Cell Modular Flashlight

Posted on December 28th, 2013 by ar15news

**Updated 1-17-14 – New pic and details at the bottom**

Now this is something I know a lot of people have been waiting and asking for. A 1-Cell, pocket-sized version of the extremely popular Elzetta flashlights. Elzetta is well known for making the toughest, highest quality tactical flashlight on the market. Recently they changed the name of their already in production 2-cell and 3-cell models to “Bravo” and “Charlie” which in my mind meant … the Alpha was coming! The new Elzetta Alpha 1-Cell flashlight is just as modular as their Bravo and Charlie models, for which there were already 96 different configurations available. No word just yet as to the lumen output but it does appear to take the same High Output AVS head as the Bravo and Charlie models which produces 650 and 900 lumens respectively so it should be a pretty impressive number from just a single cell flashlight. 

620 Elzetta Alpha Coming Soon

Along with the new Alpha 1-cell light, Elzetta is also working on an optional pocket clip that will fit all models of Elzetta lights. They do expect to have prototypes of the new Alpha light at SHOT Show 2014 in just a few weeks. Unfortunately the pocket clip will not be ready by then but just know it is coming. For continued release info be sure to follow the Elzetta Design Facebook Page.

**UPDATE 1-17-2014**

Elzetta had the new Alpha 1-cell light at SHOT Show 2014 this week and my buddy Triple Bravo was able to get a nice shot of it (See below). According to TB it will boast 300 Lumens which is going to make this an absolutely awesome EDC light. The other great thing is that, as with all Elzetta lights, it is modular. You’ll be able to choose between different tail caps (High/Low, High/Strobe, etc.) and accessories for the Alpha. Look for this to be available for purchase in the very near future. No word on pricing just yet.

620 Elzetta Alpha Coming Soon 1

Tac-Light Current Battery Draw Testing – Elzetta vs Competition

Posted on December 18th, 2013 by ar15news

Check out this awesome video that Elzetta Design just put out explaining Battery Current Draw specs for CR123 batteries and why the Elzetta Design lights are considered to be the best in the world. When an electronic device draws more than the recommended current CR123 batteries are known to explode. You can Google “CR123 Explode” to see what I’m talking about. I have an Elzetta light and wouldn’t replace it for anything…well, except for maybe one of those awesome AVS High Output models. Check out these awesome lights at

Elzetta Design Black Friday Giveaway

Posted on November 27th, 2013 by ar15news

Instead of having a Black Friday sale, Elzetta Design has decided to give away one of their awesome flashlights. You can choose from any Elzetta Modular Flashlight with Elzetta Custom Shop personalized laser engraving. To enter, simply like the Elzetta Facebook page and complete the simple form at the following link: 

620 Elzetta Flashlight Giveaway Black Friday

Enter to win a free Elzetta Modular Flashlight in your choice of 96 unique configurations + Elzetta Custom Shop personalized engraving!

Two simple steps to enter:
1. Like us on facebook:
2. Complete this form

Winner to be chosen randomly and announced Friday, November 29, 2013.
(Limit one entry per person.)

NEW!! Elzetta Design 650 and 900 Lumen Lights and Components

Posted on September 14th, 2013 by ar15news

For the last few months Elzetta Design has been hinting around about a new “High Output” head for their already super popular, 100% USA Made, ZFL-M60 flashlight. The ZFL-M60 is widely regarded as the most indestructible tactical flashlight available. We all assumed that they would unveil something around 500 lumens. Boy were we in for surprise when they introduced the “Bravo” which is a 650 lumen 2-cell model and “Charlie” which is a 900 lumen 3-cell model. 

620 Elzetta High Output Flashlight 1

You can obviously go right on the Elzetta website and order a complete Flashlight. The are completely modular so when you do you get to choose which Tail Cap you want, which body (2-cell or 3-cell), which head (standard ZFL-M60 235 lumen or new High Output Head) and which bezel you want (standard/low profile or Crenelated).

You may have also noticed in the picture above that the body of the already very popular ZFL-M60 and the new Bravo and Charlie lights look the same. That’s because they are. If you are lucky enough to own a ZFL-M60 2-cell or 3-cell body you don’t need to order the complete Bravo or Charlie flashlight. As with all of the other components of the Elzetta flashlight, you can just buy the new High Output Head separately and attach it to your flashlight. The Bravo and Charlie models share the exact same heads. With their patent pending AVS Technology, put the High Output Head on a 2-Cell body and it knows to work at 650 lumens, put it on the 3-cell body and it automatically boosts it up to 900 lumens. Now that is awesome and cost effective!

620 Elzetta High Output Flashlight 2

Because it uses the same 2 or 3 Cell body as the ZFL-M60 it retains the same compact size that is easy to handle yet very rugged and unbreakable. It will still use all of the same light mounts as the original Elzetta ZFL-M60 so it will be easy to attach to your weapon. They are also small enough that they can be used as a handheld tactical light. Having a 650 or 900 lumen light in this size is pretty amazing. 

620 Elzetta High Output Flashlight 3

620 Elzetta High Output Flashlight 3

Make sure you watch the video produced by Elzetta below.  

Now that you’ve been completely blown away, head on over to and purchase yourself a new flashlight. These are seriously the best flashlights you can buy. 100% USA MADE Small Made in USA flag and guaranteed for life.

*Photos by my friends at Defense Marketing Group

**GIVEAWAY** Limited Edition Elzetta Design ZFL-M60 in FDE

Posted on July 24th, 2013 by ar15news

By now most you are aware of the legendary toughness and all around awesomeness of the Elzetta Design ZFL-M60 Tactical Flashlight. Not familiar yet? Google “Elzetta ZFL-M60 torture test” and watch the videos. Simply amazing flashlights. Right now Elzetta is actually giving away a Limited Edition Dark Earth version of their ZFL-M60 light. The very simple instructions are listed below. Check it out.

FDE Elzetta ZFL-M60 620

GIVEAWAY! – How would you like to win a new Elzetta Limited Edition Dark Earth Flashlight? Win and you get to choose the specific configuration of the Light. Even more, we’ll run it through the Elzetta Custom Shop and personalize the engraving for you! Simply ‘like’ Elzetta Design on facebook and then fill out this simple form: 

Winner chosen randomly on August 7, 2013. One entry per person.

NEW!! Elzetta ZRX Tactical Flashlight Mount

Posted on December 12th, 2012 by ar15news

Elzetta Logo 1Elzetta Design, makers of the awesome ZFL-M60 flashlight, have just released a brand new Affordable, Light Weight, Low Profile Light Mount called the ZRX.  It is not just for the ZFL-M60 though and is designed to fit most tactical flashlights with a 1″ tube.  The website says it will accommodate flashlights with tube dimensions ranging from 0.94 to 1.04 inches so you do have some room for lights that aren’t exactly 1″.  Its a super compact/low profile design using just two recoil slots on your rail.  Its also extremely lightweight coming in at just 1.1 ounces.  Aside from its cool looks and the other great features already stated, one of the things that makes it even more enticing is that fact that this 100% Made In the USA Small Made in USA flag mount is just $35.  You can choose between Black or FDE.  Check out the pictures below, then head on over and snag one for yourself at  I know I will be.

Elzetta ZRX Tactical Flashlight Mount

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