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$99 M16/Full Auto Bolt Carrier Group Sale Plus 10% Discount Code

Posted on October 20th, 2013 by ar15news

Not more than just a few weeks ago ICE Arms sat patiently waiting to get a ton of Bolt Carrier Groups back from coating. Just yesterday they shot me a message saying they were finally caught up on outstanding BCG orders and have about 400 BCGs in-stock and ready for shipping. They put together a nice sale on their two different Phosphate coated M16 Full Auto BCGs for just $99 to help move the inventory in preparation for their new Nitride BCGs that are coming. This is a great chance to grab a BCG and save a few bucks. Choose between Carpenter 158 Bolt or 9310 Bolt below (both MPI and HPT with 8620 Carrier). See discount code info for all other BCGs, Barrels, etc below as well.

ICE Arms Phosphate BCG 1 620

Phosphate M-16 Bolt Carrier Group, C-158 Bolt.  –  $99

Phosphate M-16 Bolt Carrier Group, 9310 Bolt.  –  $99

If you decide to go for a Nickel Boron coated BCG or pick up a nice 416R Stainless Steel barrel or any other product on the ICE Arms website, use the code “ar15news” at checkout to save yourself 10% off the normal price. The code does not work on the $99 BCGs though. Take a look over at

Need A New BCG? I Think I’ve Found BCG Heaven!

Posted on September 6th, 2013 by ar15news

So a while back I started hearing about a company called ICE Arms. At that time it seemed like everyone and their brother were trying to make BCG’s to jump in on the panic buying so I didn’t really pay any attention. Fast forward a few months and the scene has completely changed. Those who made a good name for themselves are still in business. The ones who were in it for the quick buck and had no interest in actually being a long term part of the firearms community are long gone. ICE Arms is one of the ones who now have a strong following because of their great customer service and a large selection of not just BCG’s but upper parts as well. 

ICE Arms Banner

One of the things I noticed was that they offer a ton of BCG options. Not only do they have a Nickel Boron BCG or Phosphate BCG but they offer different bolt materials to suit your preference. You can also choose to buy just the bolt or just the carrier. And all of the prices are very reasonable. If you’re looking for a new BCG is a great place to start looking.

ICE Arms NiB BCG 1 620

But wait…there’s more! While you’re there, check out the rest of their upper parts. They have some really nice barrels in-stock and are coming out with a really cool Side Charging Piston Upper called NAMELESS. You can check these out HERE.

ICE Arms Piston Upper



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