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Midwest Industries just announced their new Blast Can muzzle device and I’ve got to say, it looks pretty nice. It is 1.2″ wide and appears to be somewhere around 3″ long. The 1.2″ outside diameter means it will fit underneath a large number of rail systems which is a very popular setup. The fluting along the sides gives it a nicer look as well. The other nice part is that everyone should be able to afford one with an MSPR at just $34.95.

Midwest Industries Blast Can 1

Midwest Industries Blast Can 1

Midwest Industries new blast can will be coming soon. These will be available in a number of different thread patterns. The OD of these is 1.2 inches. These will be retailing for $34.95 More info coming soon.

Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts has partnered up with Midwest Industries to offer a special edition rifle called the Sentinel Concepts Carbine. The new rifle has a forged receiver set, Criterion Barrels .223 Wylde Hybrid Contour barrel, Magpul grip, stock and magazine, AXTS ambi charging handle and safety and then it is finished off with some Midwest Industries goodies such as the 15″ M-LOK rail, BUIS and a two-chamber muzzle brake. This isn’t just some slapped together package and should be one smooth running, lightweight blaster. Knowing it has the Sentinel Concepts name on it means its been designed and vetted by Steve Fisher himself. Check out the pics and details below. These will be offered in a few weeks at an introductory price at

MI Sentinel Concepts Carbine 1

MI Sentinel Concepts Carbine 2

MI Sentinel Concepts Carbine 3

One of the more popular setups in the AR world right now is utilizing a longer rail with a large Inside Diameter (ID) that will accommodate either a suppressor or a larger blast diffuser muzzle device like the Noveske KX3. Seems like every time I post something about a new rail the number one question is “Whats the Inside Diameter?” for that very reason. Midwest Industries just introduced their new SP line of hand guards that features a 1.75″ ID which is large enough for many suppressors. The Noveske KX3 at 1.37″ will have plenty of room to be tucked under the rail. 

Midwest Industres SP large inside diameter rail 1Midwest Industres SP large inside diameter rail 1

As you can see, M-LOK is the attachment method for these rails and there are plenty of mounting slots to choose from with M-LOK at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock as well as the 45 degree spaces in between. These are definitely worth taking a look at for anyone wanting to mount a larger muzzle device or suppressor underneath the rail. According to their Facebook page they are starting with their 12.65″ long model first and I’m sure additional lengths will follow. $165 including one Magpul rail section and the barrel nut wrench is pretty hard to beat.

Midwest Industries just announced their new Heavy Duty QD End Plate. The new Heavy Duty QD End Plate is machined from a single piece of billet 4140 Tool Steel instead of a two piece design where the QD cup is pressed into the End Plate. This is a much stronger design and means there is no way the QD cup can get pulled out under pressure. The good part is that it is pretty closely priced to other QD End Plates on the market, making it easy for you to choose whichever End Plate is the best for your build. Will be available soon on

Midwest Industries QD End Plate 1

Midwest Industries QD End Plate 1

Midwest Industries, Inc. New Heavy Duty QD End Plate

Machined from billet 4140 tool steel and treated with magnesium phosphate

Anti-Rotation built in to insure your sling does not twist

.7 grams

Retail Price: $27.50
Introductory Price: $23.50

Midwest Industries is one of the companies that has been really branching out of late. At one point they were best known for their nice AR-15 rail systems. Now they make rails for .308 rifles, KeyMod hand guards, have their own billet receivers and even offer complete rifles too. Just the other day they came out with another new product which is their new KeyMod Panel Covers. 

The new KeyMod Panel Covers use mechanical fasteners to attach to the handguard which makes them extremely secure. These will be sold in kits that come with 3 covers (a 3 slot, 4 slot and 5 slot). The 3 slot covers are available in both the standard flat style or with a built-in Handstop. 

Midwest Industries KeyMod Panel Covers 1

Midwest Industries KeyMod Panel Covers 1

Midwest Industries KeyMod Panel Covers 1

These covers when placed on the MI-SSK handguard which has an outside diameter of 1.5” only increases it to 1.760” with the panels installed. The three panels with all flats weigh in at .8oz and will retail for $22.50. The three panel kit with the hand stop panel weighs in at .9oz and will retail for $24.95. Available for purchase soon at

You can also follow Midwest Industries on Facebook.

Midwest Industries should be no stranger to you guys. They’ve been making a ton of AR15 accessories such as rails, complete uppers, sling mounts, etc for a long time and we’ve posted about a lot of them. Recently they introduced their new billet upper and lower and now they’ve introduced their new 7075-T6 Forged Upper Receivers and are offering a great introductory price. These uppers will be available as a completely stripped upper for just $89.95 or as an assembled upper with the Forward Assist and Dust Cover installed for just $109.95. These new uppers can be purchased right now at

Midwest Industries Forged Upper Receiver

Midwest Industries has been selling lots of upper receivers and parts for a long time now. In the last few months they introduced their own billet receiver set which to me meant they were about to start offering their own rifles. Well, I was right. Just yesterday Midwest Industries released their new SSK12 Minuteman Rifle which features their billet receiver set, 12″ SSK KeyMod rail and other nice features such as a Battle Arms Development 45 degree selector, 16″ Midlength Hammer Forged barrel made by FN, BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle and Grip and a B5 Systems Bravo stock. This rifle looks great but is also a great value. Take a look at the pics and details below then head on over to to snag one for yourself.  

620 Midwest Industries SSK12 Minuteman Rifle 5

620 Midwest Industries SSK12 Minuteman Rifle 4

620 Midwest Industries SSK12 Minuteman Rifle 4

Midwest Industries just introduced what I think is one of the coolest looking KeyMod hand guards that I’ve seen. Their new MI-SSK KeyMod hand guard is built off of their very popular Gen2 SS Freefloat Tube but they didn’t just machine in some KeyMod slots, they gave it some flare, some QD Sling Mounts and made it look like it is a completely new hand guard. I know looks isn’t everything when it comes to buying new parts for your AR but when it comes to KeyMod hand guards, they almost all look the same. Only a few manufacturers have come up with a different look so its definitely nice to see another one added to the list.

620 Midwest Industries MI-SSK KeyMod Rail 1

The first model to be available will be the 12″ called the MI-SSK KeyMod Hand Guard with additional lengths already in production including a 15″ version. The MI-SSK is very lightweight with the 12″ model coming in at just 8.5 ounces. Check out the details and pics below. You’ll definitely want to keep an eye on the Midwest Industries Facebook page and on as these should be available for purchase very soon.

620 Midwest Industries MI-SSK KeyMod Rail 1

620 Midwest Industries MI-SSK KeyMod Rail 1

Midwest Industries is proud to release the MI-SSK-12 KeyMod Hand Guard.

The MI-SSK-12 weighs 8.5oz WITH the barrel nut, actual length is 12.625″, OD is 1.5″, ID is 1.3″.

It has 5 built in QD anti-rotation sling sockets, two on each side and one on the bottom front.

There are 12 KeyMod slots on the sides and bottom of the hand guard.

Will be available in 12″ and 15″ lengths.

Expected to be available in 3-4 weeks.

Retail pricing will be $209.95 for the 12″ MI-SSK.

Its been a while since I posted about any new stuff from Midwest Industries so you can imagine I was pretty excited to see the release of the new MI-17K Drop-In KeyMod Rail. Until now, those with the standard Delta Ring and FSB were kind of left out of the KeyMod game unless they were willing to at least cut off the Delta Ring to mount the rail. The new MI-17K is a two-piece rail that mounts to the existing hardware and installs in just minutes. Midwest Industries is starting with the Carbine length version first and will add a Mid and Rifle length version soon. A couple of stats that I felt stood out as highlights for the Carbine version are 1. it weighs in at just 5.1 oz, 2. has 5 anti-rotation QD swivel sockets and 3. it will retail for just $149.95. No purchase link just yet. You can either keep checking or wait and we’ll put out an update as soon as its available for purchase.

Midwest Industries MI-17K Drop In KeyMod Rail 1 620

Midwest Industries MI-17K Drop In KeyMod Rail 1 620

Midwest Industries is proud to release the first drop in keymod handguard.

Six keymod slots per side, five built in anti-rotation QD swivel sockets and a monolithic type top rail.

Very small diameter with a height of 2.230 inches and a width of 1.830 inches.

This incredibly lightweight handguard weighs in at 5.1 oz without any rail sections and with the provided section it weighs only 5.8 oz.

This carbine length is going to be the first in a series of keymod handguards from MI with a drop in mid and rifle length soon to follow.

Carbine retail price: $149.95

Just wanted let you guys know that our friends over at Midwest Industries have very nice Milspec M16 Full Auto BCG’s in-stock and at a super reasonable price.  Just $149.95 each.   These are MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspected) and feature a Carpenter 158 Steel Bolt, Carrier made from 8620 Steel and chrome lined Carrier and Gas Key.  Nice to see the prices finally getting back to normal.  Grab one for yourself at

Midwest Industries BCG M16 Full Auto

Predator Armament has put together two new combo packages for you guys.  They’ve been trying their hardest to get their hands on some high quality/hard to find parts to package together and offer to our AR15NEWS family and have been doing a great job for us.  Check out the pictures and details of the packages below.  Just keep in mind there are only a certain amount of each package available.  

MI Package 1


Predator MI-Deluxe Package

–   MI G2 SS 12″ Black Handguard

–   Aero Precision Stripped Upper

–   Three(3) Magpul MOE PMAGS

–   BCM Gunfighter Comp Mod 1

–   Only 3 packages available at $449.99  Buy HERE!


MI Package 2q

Predator MI-PMAG Package

–   MI G2 SS 12″ Black Handguard

–   2 Magpul MOE PMAGS

–   Only 6 packages available at $219.99.  Purchase HERE!


My buddy Jesse from Predator Intelligence just sent me these pics.  These pics show the new Rail Sections and Covers for the Midwest Industries SS series of drop-in rails.  These SS rails were introduced mid 2012 and are extremely lightweight.  If you picked one up when they first came out you’ll be happy to see these new rail sections and covers are now available.

Midwest Industries Rail Pannels PI

These new products are available for purchase at

Coverage and picture courtesy of Jesse Smith of Predator Intelligence.  You can follow Jesse at

You can also check out his websites: 

midwest industries logoaAs many of you already know I’m a huge fan of the T-Series Quad Rails from Midwest Industries.  I personally own multiple lengths of the Gen1 and have always been more than happy with their quality, light weight, strength and value.  I started out with the T-7 which is a carbine length rail and was so impressed that I ordered a T15 and a MI micro gas block so I could get my hands further out towards the muzzle of the gun.  Of course you can imagine how excited I was earlier today when I saw that they released their Gen2 version of the T-Series Quad Rail starting with the 7, 9, and 12 inch lengths with the 10 and 15 inch lengths coming soon.  Available in Black or FDE.  Check out the details and pics  of the awesome new quad rail below.   Continue reading “NEW!! Midwest Industries Gen2 T-Series One Piece Freefloat Rail” »

CORE15-Logo-WHITEBGI’ve gotten to know the guys over at CORE15 Rifle Systems pretty well and can tell you they’re some pretty cool dudes…..but I had no idea they were this cool!!  I notice that they had been pretty quiet for a while and now I know why.  They’ve been working on a super secret project with Magpul, SureFire, Trijicon and Midwest Industries to build an absolutely awesome rifle which they will be giving away as a 4th of July celebration.  The rules are simple and to the point.  Register on the CORE15 website anytime between now and September 3rd at 12 noon.  One winner will be randomly chosen as the winner of the rifle below.  I don’t know about you but I’m in for sure!  Check out the picture of the rifle and details below.  I’ve also included a link to the registration page.   GeT sOmE!!   Continue reading “CORE15 Great AMERICAN AR-15 Giveaway” »

Midwest Industries has just announced their release of a brand new super lightweight Modular Drop-in Handguard called the MI-17SS.  This is going to be an awesome option for those of you looking to keep the weight and cost of your rifle down while having the ability to customize it to meet your needs.  The MI-17SS is made from 6061 Aluminum but according to their stats the new MI-17SS Drop-in Handguard will be lighter than your standard Plastic Handguards and will offer your choice of either polymer or aluminum modular rail sections.  With the MI-17SS you’ll also have 5 anti-rotation QD slots for attaching your two-point sling to.  Another good thing to point out about this style of handguard is that it requires no gunsmithing at all to install due to its 2 piece construction.  Just simply remove the plastic handguards and replace them with the new ones.  The tab at the rear of the new handguard will fill in the rail gap above the Delta Ring that is prevalent when using many other handguards.  Check out the details and pictures below.   Continue reading “NEW!! Midwest Industries ULTRA Affordable / Lightweight Modular Drop-in Handguard” »