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Strike Industries first introduced their new Viper PDW Stock about a year ago and everyone’s been anxiously waiting for its arrival ever since. One of the coolest features of the Viper PDW stock is that it is spring loaded and fully extends with just the push of a button, meaning it can truly be operated with just one hand. Another awesome feature is that it includes a removable rubberized cheek rest. It also allows for the use of any BCG. 

Strike Industries Viper PDW Stock 2

Strike Industries Viper PDW Stock 2

The Strike Industries Viper PDW stock represents the pinnacle of ultra compact PDW systems. At the compressed position, the compact Viper PDW allows for effortless maneuverability particularly in close quarters and vehicular operations. With the press of a button, the rapid deployment system instantly springs to the extended position for greater shot stability. Previous PDW systems for ARs have been notorious for expensive proprietary systems, spotty reliability and poor ergonomics.

The Viper Stock is designed to able to drop into your existing platform. The buffer system is carefully engineered to provide for high reliability while allowing for the use of standard bolt carriers, allowing for multi-role use with a single system. The included flat wire spring increases bolt load despite the compact dimensions for greater reliability, even in extreme short barrel configurations.

In addition to mechanical reliability and performance, we at Strike Industries have also paid close attention to human factors to increase comfort and controllability. The low footprint shoulder weld is shaped to conform to the shoulder pocket for maximum stability and control even in compromised or unconventional shooting positions. Included with the Viper PDW is a rubberized cheek rest to create a comfortable cheek weld, a criticism of many competitor PDW systems.

Finally, a PDW stock without compromise. Strike Hard, Strike Fast with the SI Viper PDW.


Strike Industries just announced that they are now accepting preorders for the new Viper PDW stock. As a preorder special, they are offering $25 off plus FREE SHIPPING on the stock only. The first batch is expected to ship in 45-60 days. (Late June, possibly sooner). Get your preorder in now at

SI (Strike Industries) just released another version of their SI Ultimate Dust Cover with a new Flag design. The previous version had more of a looping / flowing flag design. The new design features more straight lines that go better with the lines of an AR15. The coolest part about the SI UDCs is that they can be installed in seconds without needing to remove the handguard. They have a spring loaded pin that can be manually retracted for easy installation. 

The new Flag model of the SI Ultimate Dust Cover is finally in stock and shipping now in black and FDE!

SI Ultimate Dust Cover Flag V2

Strike Industries has been cranking out some cool products lately and it looks like they have another cool option coming soon. Making its debut at SHOT Show 2016, Strike Industries will be showing off their new PDW stock which features a cool looking butt pad but what sets it aside is how it extends to full length. Just push a button and the stock automatically extends and locks in place. There wasn’t much more information on this setup at the moment but we’ll fill you in as soon as we know more.

Strike Industries has been teasing us with pics of their new Viper Stock for months now, almost to the point of wondering if it would ever actually come out. 🙂 Well they stuck to their word and have just released the new Viper stock for purchase. The Viper stock is a light weight stock coming in at just 6.3 ounces and features QD Sling Mounts on both sides of the stock. The looks are good but what might be even more attractive is the affordable price point. You can get a Black or FDE for just $49.95 or if you want the redline version with the red highlights it is just $1 more. Pics and details are below. Check them out at

Strike Industries Viper Stock BlackStrike Industries Viper Stock FDE

Viper stock, Are you ready?Are you ready? Finally the Viper mod-01 buttstock is available. Learn more at

Posted by Strike Industries on Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Strike Industries drop-in replacement buttstock for AR/15/M16 carbine using mil-spec sized receiver extension tubes. The Viper stock integrates features sought by military professionals and firearms enthusiasts around the world. Strike Industries came up with a lighter, compact buttstock, at an even more attractive price point.

Package includes
1x VIPER Stock

– Slide on replacement for factory collapsible butt stock.
– QD sling mounting points integrated on both sides in positions for optimum usage.
– Enhanced cheek weld
– Easy to replace and quick to install

Now, I’m not sure how many of you guys will think this new Trigger and Hammer Jig is cool but I’m kind of an AR Nerd and am all about stuff like this. The Strike Industries Trigger and Hammer Jig is a skeletonized block that represents the Fire Control Pocket of an AR-15 lower. It will accommodate an AR-15 Trigger and Hammer Assembly, Safety Selector and Pistol Grip. I can already think of multiple scenarios where this would be an awesome tool to have.

Strike Industries AR Hammer adn Trigger Jig 1

For myself, it would have been a great tool years ago when I was learning how to build AR’s. Being able to see exactly how an AR-15 trigger works, how the installation should look, etc. would have been a really nice tool.

From a retailers point of view this could be an invaluable tool to have in the showroom to let people try out different triggers that are offered. I’ve written a lot of articles about new trigger groups that are available and one thing everyone says is, “I wish I could try it before I by it.”. By having this available in a showroom the Joe Blow’s Gun Shop would be able to let customers try out different trigger upgrades without having a bunch of assembled lowers sitting around. This jig even has a built in plastic block that allows you to dry-fire the trigger without damaging the Hammer or Jig.

Another way the Trigger and Hammer Jig could come in handy is for those of us who do our own DIY Trigger Jobs. With a jig like this you will be able to see how the Trigger and Hammer are working together and make and educated adjustment that will hopefully make fine tuning your AR-15 trigger a breeze. You can also put the jig in a vice and measure trigger pull easily as well.

Strike Industries AR Hammer adn Trigger Jig 2

Strike Industries AR Hammer adn Trigger Jig 2

I’m sure I could come up with other useful ideas for this product but the point is, for an AR owner, this is pretty cool. The AR-15 Trigger and Hammer Jig is available for purchase right now for just $39.95 from

In the 4 years I’ve been writing about new AR-15 parts I don’t think I’ve written about a new Dust Cover more than one or two times. For the most part they just aren’t news worthy. One of the things that most AR builders will tell you is that the dust cover is kind of a annoying to install. Strike Industries has just introduced a new polymer Quick Install AR-15 Dust Cover that is super simple to install, has a double seal to keep dirt and dust out of the receiver and comes in different designs as well. From the pictures I’ve seen there is a plain version, one with an American Flag (probably should reverse the stars to be heading into battle) and one with lines cut out, all being offered in Black and FDE. Some of them say “MULTICAL” as well. I would like to see them offer an option for 5.56 NATO, 300BLK, 5.45×39, 6.5, 6.8SPCII, etc. According to their Facebook page they are just waiting for packaging to come in and then these will be available for sale. Keep an eye on the Strike Industries Facebook page and for availability.

620 Strike Industries QD Dust Cover for AR-15 1 copy

Strike Industries UDC (Ultimate Dust Cover) Quick Install Dust Cover

1. True and double seal. Prevent dust go into your AR chamber. (Traditional dust cover has gaps.)
2. Quick install (10 sec) and uninstall (5 sec).
3. Engravable material

Strike Industries has been consistently introducing new products lately. Most recent is the new ARCH or AR Charging Handle. The ARCH is a nice blend of Function and Flare. Its not an ambi CH and doesn’t feature an oversized latch but its overall shape will help with the operation. It also has a slightly different design that helps to redirect gases away from the shooter. Most of all, it looks cool and won’t break the bank. The ARCH also comes in Black, FDE and Urban Grey. The Strike Industries ARCH is just $29.95 and available for purchase at

620 Strike Industries ARCH 2

620 Strike Industries ARCH 2

The new ARCH or A.R. Charging Handle from Strike Industries is a T-6 7075 forged hard anodized charging handle that functions with easy. With its high polished surface, its ergonomic design makes for a smooth, clean charge. The quality of the ARCH is second to none, it’s built for durability. Its gas busting ability diverts harmful gases, oil and dirt away from the shooter. Once you place the ARCH on your rifle, you will see, feel, and know the quality of the ARCH!

–  Material T6-7075
–  High polish surface for smooth charging
–  Forge process
–  Hard Anodize
–  Gas buster function
–  Built for durability
–  Great ergonomic feel

Strike Industries recently released their new Mega Fins KeyMod rail. Being that this is their first attempt at an AR15 rail I didn’t really know what to expect but I’ve been running one on one of my carbines for about a month now and have been pleasantly surprised. The price point is really awesome too. Most of the pics below are ones I took for this quick initial review.

The Mega Fins get their name due to the heatsink fins on the inside of the rail to help dissipate barrel heat evenly. It also appears to have helped make for a very rigid structure because for as lightweight and compact as the Mega Fins are, they are very sturdy too. The set they sent me was a 7″ version so I installed them on a pretty cool upper using a well loved prototype Colt SOCOM barrel (not rusted, its paint), a Standard FSB and the Strike Industries J-COMP. 

620 Strike Industries Mega Fins KeyMod Rail 9

 620 Strike Industries Mega Fins KeyMod Rail 8

Once installed I decided to install one of the accessory rails that Strike Industries makes for their Mega Fins KeyMod rail. There are seven KeyMod sides so I had plenty to choose from. They make Polymer and Aluminum sections as well as a 45 degree offset rail section. The first I installed was a small polymer rail section for my Vertcal Grip. After that I initially installed the 45 degree section but the light I wanted to use had too large of a mount so I installed an Impact Weapons Components Offset KeyMod Mount because it brings the rail section a bit further away from the handguard. The great thing about KeyMod is that its open source tech so all manufacturers have the same specs and the different KeyMod accessories will work on different manufacturers rails, etc. All of the rail sections and accessories I installed on the Mega Fins KeyMod rail fit perfectly and mounted tight.

620 Strike Industries Mega Fins KeyMod Rail 1

620 Strike Industries Mega Fins KeyMod Rail 1

620 Strike Industries Mega Fins KeyMod Rail 1

620 Strike Industries Mega Fins KeyMod Rail 1

From this point on I just had fun with it. Its made a couple different trips to the range with it and the rail gave me zero issues. The J-COMP was great as well. It was loud but makes for a great little comp. The finish on mine is the Matte Black. They also come in FDE and Urban Grey and range from 7″ all the way out to 15″. Click on the images below for a larger version.

620 Strike Industries Mega Fins KeyMod Rail 7

620 Strike Industries Mega Fins KeyMod Rail 7

As I said before, I was pleasantly surprised with the Mega Fins and really like the look of them on this gun. The initial install was pretty straight forward with one exception. Basically the instructions call for you to install the supplied barrel nut, torque it down and then install the rail to see if the screw holes line up. This makes sense but if they aren’t lined up then you have to remove the barrel nut and add one of the multiple different size shims. Unfortunately it is trial and error as there is no way to know which shim to use. A simple index point on the barrel nut and a reference sheet could make this much easier. This is an observation not a complaint. After a few attempts I had the right combination and it lined up perfectly.

With Mega Fins prices starting at just $99 they are extremely affordable too. Right now, if you buy any Mega Fins Handguard, use the code S123231 at checkout to get a free t-shirt. Purchase the Strike Industries Mega Fins KeyMod rail at  

ADDITIONAL INFO:  The Offset KeyMod mount used in the photos above can be purchased from  Use the code “ar15news” at checkout to save 5%.

Strike Industries is offering a pre-order for their new J-COMP muzzle device. The J-COMP is actually a pretty sweet looking design that was fashioned after the comp found on the famous Howa Type 89 Japanese fighting rifle. These will be parkerized black (the pictures below show it before parkerizing). The pre-order is only for .223/5.56 calibers but 7.62 models are in the works as well. The J-COMP is long enough that it can be pinned and welded to a 14.5″ barrel to bring it to 16″ OAL. The pre-order is going on for a very limited time but jump on these now and pay just $29.99 with FREE SHIPPING. Details at the link below. 

Strike Industries J-COMP Pre-Order 1 620

Strike Industries J-COMP Pre-Order 1 620

The J-COMP concept comes from the Type 89 Japanese assault rifle used by the Japan Self-Defense Forces, the Japan Coast Guard’s Special Security Team units, and the Special Assault Team. Strike Industries has provided three version of the J-COMP to accommodate those who want to an effective and classic compensator on the end of their rifle. It comes in three calibers .223, .308, and 7.62×39. Multiple versions with a variety of ports and chambers are also available. The J-COMP is built to greatly reduce recoil and redirects concussive impact by utilizing a double chamber system and six ported side vents. The front ports act to minimize flash from the muzzle. This means the J-Comp is a true dual purpose article of weaponry. With the J-Comp you can have your sights stay on the target to make exceptionally fast follow up shots. Its smooth parkerized steel black finish gives it a clean appearance and the length of the J-Comp is long enough to turn your 14.5” barrel to 16”. Deck out your rifle with the J-COMPand terrorize the competition now!

–  Calibers: .223
–  Multiple versions for unique looks
–  Classic Type 89 look
–  High quality steel construction
–  Used by Japan’s Special Forces and military
–  Reduction of recoil from two chambers and 6 ports
–  Affordable and effective compensator
–  Length makes a 14.5” rifle to 16”

*Pre-order is now available. Secure yours today and receive the J-Comp type 89 at a very special low price! (Note: Item will not include packaging) Estimated date of release 8/1/13

Get in on the $29.99 pre-order with FREE SHIPPING now at

Strike Industries logo 2Strike Industries has been talking about their new FAT COMP (FC) Muzzle Break for some time now with lots of interest from their fans.  Their are 4 different models all of which have a much different design from what we are used to seeing in the AR-15 world.  For the most part muzzle breaks are nut much larger than the overall diameter of your barrel but the Strike Industries FAT COMP is more than double the diameter of a standard AR-15 barrel hence the name.  The reason for the size is that they are also designed for use with the Strike Industries Barrel Shroud which is the same size.  The added girth actually makes it look pretty neat coming out the end of a rail on an SBR.  I’ve not not had the opportunity to shoot with one of these before but may have to pick one up to try.  We already know they look cool and it would be interesting to see how well they work given their uniqueness in size and shape.  These are now available for purchase at just $40.  Take a few minutes to look at the pics and details below.   Continue reading “NEW!! FAT COMP (FC) Muzzle Breaks From Strike Industries – $40” »

Strike Industries logo 2

If you’re looking for some affordable armor plates for your carrier these new Strike Plates by Strike Industries may be just what you’re looking for.  If you don’t need rifle rated armor, they’re definitely worth taking a look at and are very affordable.  You can choose from Large and Small sizes too.  We all know how expensive plates can get.  Check out the details, pics and video below. 

The Strike Industries NIJ Level IIIA Stand Alone Plates exceeds Level IIIA specifications and withstands all resistance testing required for NIJ standard 0101.06 body armor certification and in addition exceeds NIJ STAB-III requirements for edged weapon and spike penetration resistance.  The laminated construction also resists blunt trauma from clubs or thrown objects by spreading the force imparted to a larger surface.  The SI Stand Alone Plates are constructed of lightweight, weaved fiber composition and covered with rubberized coating.  Designed for the civilian market, the SI Strike Plate does not require certification and can be purchased in any authorized dealer.     Continue reading “NEW!! Strike Industries NIJ Level IIIA Armor Plates” »

I’ve been holding on to these for a few days but figured it was time to give you guys a sneak peek at the upcoming Strike Industries 4th of July sale.  If you aren’t already familiar with Strike Industries you should definitely check them out.  They make some awesome AR-15 accessories, 1911 grips, rail attachments, etc.  One of the coolest items to come out lately is the Strike Industries Sling Catch.  Many of the items on sale will be discounted as stand alone purchases but their is a couple of combo deals as well.  There’s a chance that they may be releasing another sneak peek soon so I’ll keep an eye out for that as well.  Check out the current details of the sale below.   Continue reading “Sneak Peek!! Strike Industries 4th of July Sale” »

A few months ago our friends over at Strike Industries announced a really cool new product in the works called the Sling Catch.  Anyone who has spent more than an hour lugging their weapon around on a sling can tell you that you can really chew up your neck pretty quick, especially if your doing a lot of moving around or running.  Many people will opt to attach a pad to their sling to help with this but even those can get annoying once they get all sweaty and sand infused.  The new Sling Catch is designed to completely keep the Sling webbing away from your neck by attaching it to your tactical vest or plate carrier.  I really think they’ve come up with a great product here.  Plus I think they hit the perfect price point right on the head.  Check out the details and pics below.   Continue reading “NEW!! Strike Industries SLING CATCH” »

Over the last few years their has been a surge in popularity of lightweight, modular handguards.  Some of the more expensive ones are tubular carbon fiber ones but the most popular are the polymer ones.  Strike Industries just recently announced their own lightweight handguard called the MITCH (Multifunction Integrated Tactics Combat Handguard).  Strike put a new spin on this popular product by changing up the shape and adding an integrated moveable handstop.  They will soon be launching their modular rail sections for the MITCH as well.  I think the design for this handguard is definitely going in the right direction.  Hopefully we’ll see different lengths offered in the future too.  This is definitely worth checking out.  I’ve got some pictures and additional information below!  –  Ben  Continue reading “NEW!! Strike Industries MITCH Polymer Handguard” »

Strike Industries is celebrating their 1 year anniversary with a killer sale.  They’ve put together 6 different combo deals including some of their most popular items that are really awesome.    If you’ve been looking for a deal, this is the one to get in on.  Check out the combo details below.  The Strike Industries 1 year anniversary sale starts April 2 and will run through April 15th.  Take a look!   Continue reading “Strike Industries – 1 Year Anniversary Sale” »