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AR15news - logoYou all know as well as I do that a lot of the accessories available for our rifles can be pretty expensive.  So I wanted to start letting you all know about some products that I have come across that not only get the job done but help you have some money left over to put towards those more expensive items.

For my first “Accessories On A Budget” article I’m gonna give you a two-for-one.   Continue reading “AR-15 Accessories On A Budget” »

AR15news - logo(**Update**  –  This contest has ended.  Congratulations to Terry.  He was the only one to comment on this post so he has won two brand new TAPCO Intrafuse Gen II AR 30 Rd Polymer Magaines.  Ben)

Just wanted to let you all know that I am going to be giving away a pair of TAPCO Gen II AR-15 Black Polymer Magazines.  These are really nice polymer mags that any AR-15 owner would be proud to use with their rifle.

All you need to do to register for the giveaway is Continue reading “AR15NEWS Giveaway – TAPCO Gen II 30rd AR-15 Polymer Mags” »

One of the first things AR owners do is install a rail system to their new rifle.  TAPCO INTRAFUSE AR Handguard 8Without that how would you mount all of those cool accessories that you plan on buying?  Well, unless you are independently wealthy, after buying your rifle there isn’t an additional $200-500 left in the old AR-15 Piggy Bank.

Thankfully, TAPCO has come out with a line of inexpensive,  lightweight, high-strength composite accessories called the INTRAFUSE AR Stock System.  The INTRAFUSE AR product line includes Continue reading “New Product Review – Tapco INTRAFUSE AR Handguard” »

Well, ever since I purchased my AR-15 I have been using my standard metal 30 round mags.  You know…the old looking, boring, not-so-cool, metal 30 round mags.  Don’t get me wrong, they work okay but I wanted something that looked like it belonged on an AR-15 like some Polymer Magazines.  They weigh less than the standard metal ones and also seem to be a bit quieter.

As with most AR-15 owners my first thought was to go out and get a set of Continue reading “New Product Review – Tapco Intrafuse Gen II 30 Rd AR-15 Polymer Mags” »