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NEW!! B5 Systems P-GRIP 23

Posted on May 5th, 2014 by ar15news

B5 Systems has partnered up with our friends at Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group to add their Grip 23 to their line of AR-15 furniture. The UCWRG grip with its more vertical angle has been extremely popular, so much so that it’s usually sold out. The fact that there is now a B5 Systems version will hopefully make them a little more readily available. Like its counterpart, the B5 Systems P-GRIP 23 is being offered in different colors. The B5 Systems version is available in the usual Black and Flat Dark Earth but they have also added a Grey (probably close to the Arc’teryx Grey) and the ever popular MultiCam.

620 B5 Systems P GRIP 2

620 B5 Systems P GRIP 2

I just happened to be on AIM Surplus’ website this morning and saw that they are selling these grips for just $19 with FREE SHIPPING (MultiCam will run you $24) which makes for a pretty affordable upgrade to your AR. Head on over and snag a few for yourself at

NEW!! Umbrella Corp Weapons Research Group BCG

Posted on January 10th, 2014 by ar15news

I know a lot of people have been anxiously waiting for the Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group BCG’s. Well, the wait is over. Late, late last night UCWRG made these BCG’s live on their website and man they look awesome. Not only can you now buy one but they are even being offered at a special discounted introductory price. Check out the pics and details below. Available for purchase now at

620 Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group BCG 4

Umbrella Corporation AR-15 Bolt Carrier Groups are our take on a premium, no snake oil, combat ready BCG. Each and every bolt is proof fired, ultrasonically cleaned, tested via magnetic particle inspection (MPI), and once certified, parkerized for corrosion protection and lube retention. In keeping with a superior product, we don’t utilize a Crane O-Ring as a crutch to increase extractor tension. Instead, our bolts are built with a mil-spec black insert coupled with a 5-coil high load extractor spring that’s compatible with all DI gas system lengths. It’s rated for 150K+ cycles to outlast your rifle barrel many times over. And of course we manufacture these to the finest standards and give an unconditional guarantee against material defect and manufacturing failure. Assembly/function check by a qualified Armorer is required.

620 Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group BCG 1

620 Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group BCG 1

620 Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group BCG 1620 Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group BCG 1

For a limited time we are offering these premium BCG’s at an introductory price of $30 off list! But be advised, shipping during SHOT Show will be extremely limited so please don’t expect delivery until late January.


- Bolt precision machined from Carpenter Technology No. 158 alloy, carburized/case hardened, shot peened per ASTM B851/SAE AMS2430, vibratory tumbled, individual high pressure/proof test fired, individual magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonically cleaned, markings deep laser engraved (SP=Shot Peened/HPT=High Pressure Tested, MPI=Magnetic Particle Inspection/158UC=Car Tech 158 alloy type & Umbrella Corporation), manganese phosphate

- Extractor, machined 4140 Tool steel alloy, hardened, shot peened per ASTM B851/SAE AMS2430, markings deep laser engraved (SP=Shot Peened/4140UC=alloy type & Umbrella Corporation), manganese phosphate, precision machined and ground S2 shock resistant tool steel alloy retaining pin

- Extractor Spring, 5 coil, ASTM Grade A401 Chrome Silicon wire stock, heat treated, stress relieved, dual stage shot peen, Molybdenum-Disulfide infused, cryogenic processed (all post winding), high durometer black mil-spec insert (premium spring/insert eliminates need for Crane O-Ring)

- Ejector, S2 shock resistant tool steel alloy, hardened, shot peened per ASTM B851/SAE AMS2430, manganese phosphate

- Ejector Spring, ASTM Grade A401 Chrome Silicon wire stock, heat treated, stress relieved, dual stage shot peen, Molybdenum-Disulfide infused, cryogenic processed (all post winding)

- Gas Rings, mil standard stainless steel X3

- Carrier machined from 8620 alloy, full auto profile, heat treated, hard chrome bore, precision ground gas key interface, Umbrella logo deep laser engraved, manganese phosphate

- Gas Key machined from 4130 chromoly steel alloy, heat treated, hard chrome internal, manganese phosphate, Permatex sealed, Grade 8 Torx Plus cap screws torqued and staked per mil-spec

- Cam Pin—precision machined 4340 chromoly steel alloy, heat treated/processed per mil-spec, manganese phosphate

- Firing Pin—precision machined 8640 steel alloy, heat treated/processed per mil-spec, hard chrome plate

- Firing Pin Retaining Pin—1038 carbon steel, heat treated/processed per mil-spec, manganese phosphate

- All components, material, and packaging made in the USA

Umbrella Corporation Billet Lower Receiver Pre-Order

Posted on August 7th, 2013 by ar15news

I know a lot of you guys have been very interested in the Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group forged lower I built my AR Pistol around. Recently UCWRG released a series of pictures that revealed the long awaited Billet Lower. It turned out to be quite impressive. They said from the beginning that they weren’t going to cut any corners and true to their word, they didn’t. This attention to detail also means it isn’t cheap. The machining on this lower is one of, if not THE best I’ve seen. It also features the AXTS Weapons A-DAC ambi bolt catch system which if I remember correctly makes this the only non-AXTS lower to have that feature. Because of so many people begging for it, UCWRG decided to do a pre-order for these and also their forged lowers. These lowers are not in-stock yet but once you take a look at the pictures below, you’ll most likely want one just as bad as I do. Head on over to and place your pre-order for your choice of a BILLET or FORGED lower.

UCWRG Billet Lower Pre-Order 1 620

UCWRG Billet Lower Pre-Order 1 620

UCWRG Billet Lower Pre-Order 1 620

UCWRG Billet Lower Pre-Order 1 620

Umbrella Corp Rifle Grip In-Stock – $19 w/Free Shipping

Posted on February 20th, 2013 by ar15news

I’ve gotten quite a few emails from people lately asking where they can get one of the cool Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group rifle grips that they’ve been seeing all over the internet.  Right now has them in-stock at just $19 with FREE SHIPPING.  I’ve been using a few of these grips for a while now and they’re pretty awesome, especially when you factor in how inexpensive they are.  At $19 it can’t hurt to just give it a try.  

11-24-12 UCWRG BAD Ben.jpg


The Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group is releasing a very small batch of their awesome AR15 lower receivers over the course of this weekend.  The first set of 100 will release at 9pm EST tonight, Friday 1/25/13 and will run until supply is gone.  Another 100 lowers will also be released Saturday and Sunday as well at 5pm EST for a total of 300 lowers to be sold.  There is no limit on the number you are allowed to buy but the pricing is different.  Your first one is just $175, while each additional one is $250.  This should curb those looking to buy a bunch and turn them for a profit.  I’m sure these will go very fast but I wanted to give you guys a heads up.  If you are lucky you might be able to snag one.  You can purchase yours at  Good luck!  If you would like more information regarding the reason for the pricing structure you can read HERE.

01-24-13-1 UCWRG TB

01-24-13-1 UCWRG TB

Any attempt to circumvent or cheat our pricing structure will result in all orders being cancelled! Please see our Newsletter link for details and further explanation.

While our forged lower receivers exhibit a very high level of fit and finish, it’s simply not just the quality of the machining that separates Umbrella lowers from the rest. We are meticulous with our inspection protocol to insure every receiver shipped represents premium manufacturing synonymous with the brand. We’ve added a simple chamfer to the grip interface for easy installation of even the most stubborn designs. And unlike many forged lowers, our magwell bevel is extreme for faster reloads. The deep laser engraved umbrella consumes thirty minutes of machine time alone but it’s the only way to get such a crisp and well defined logo. The excellence is in the details. Umbrella Corporation AR-15 forged lower receivers are made to the finest standards and carry an unconditional guarantee against material defect and manufacturing failure. Assembly by a qualified Armorer is required.


-   Precision machined from Aerospace 7075 Aluminum Alloy forging, T6 Temper

-   Certified MIL-A-8625F, Type III, Class 2, Hard Anodic Coating, Flat Black Dye, Non-Reflective, NiAc Seal

-   TDP/Mil standard take down and fire control pin dimensions

-   Chamfered interface for ease of aftermarket grip installation (patent pending)

-   Kaiser chemical composition certifications for the 7075 Aluminum

-   Anchor-Harvey certifications for raw forgings verifying physical properties and aged condition

-   Anderson Laboratories independent analysis verifying both Kaiser and Anchor-Harvey’s specifications

-   Post machining operational reports

-   Anodizing QC certificates of compliance

-   Precision broached magazine well

-   Dimensional accuracy inspection

-   Sharp edges meticulously de-burred by hand

-   Inert media blast for uniform finish

-   Archaic selector stops machined away

-   Pictograph selector markings

-   No caliber specification for build versatility

-   AR-15 classic model designation

-   Text and logo high power laser engraved prior to anodize

-   Deep magwell bevel to the limit of a standard forging

-   All components, material, and packaging made in the USA

Umbrella Corp logoLast week the guys over at Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group started releasing some teaser pictures of their coming soon billet lower receiver.  The first few pictures were just of the SLA prototypes which is just a 3D Printed Model.  Well, the response was pretty overwhelming so they continued and finally showed the receiver in “the white” or bare metal with no anodizing.  Aside from the obvious visual enhancements of this billet lower such as the integrated Winter Trigger Guard and Flared Magwell, there are a couple of key features that I noticed in the pictures that will totally set this receiver apart from other similar units on the market.  First and foremost, UCWRG is borrowing the A-DAC technology from AXTS Weapon Systems which incorporates an Ambi Bolt Hold into the function of the Mag Release.  Second, this lower will also be one of only a handful of lowers on the market that is compatible with the Battle Arms Development 45 Degree Short Throw ambi safety selectors. 

The new Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group billet lowers will go into production mid January 2013 which is also when the pricing will be announced.  It looks like this beast is going to pretty awesome and I for one can’t wait to buy my own.  Check out the rest of the pictures below.  Don’t forget that these pics show prototype lowers.  The finished product will not have the machining marks and will be anodized as well. 

UCWRG Billet Lower Sneak Peek 1

[combogallery id='97']

For up to the minute information regarding all new product releases from Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group be sure to “LIKE” their Facebook Page and also check out the website as well.

**All photos were taken by my good buddy Triple Bravo.  He’s got some major skills with that camera! **

UCWRG LogoWhether you are a fan of the Resident Evil movies or not you may want to check out these awesome Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group forged AR-15 lower receivers.  UCWRG has made lowers before and are planning on doing more in the future but this specific lower will be a Limited Edition of just 200 units made for them by Mega Arms.  The logo on this Limited Edition run is recessed to allow for easy color fill.  Plus there are a few special feature such as the Mega Arms magwell bevel and UCWRG’s patent pending custom grip interface chamfers.  Pricing on this Limited Edition is still just $135 but they won’t be available for purchase until they launch their new website around 8pm EST 11/30/12 which is tonight.  Personally I would start checking earlier than that as these will sell out very fast.  As a Lower Receiver Collector myself, I would love to have one of these but the Christmas budget isn’t helping.  Get yours tonight at!!

Umbrella Corp AR15 Lower 1

[combogallery id='89']

Color fill? You got it! While we’re ramping up production for our forged lowers our friends at Mega Arms have done us a huge favor by running some for us in the mean time. We’ve had many people ask about color fill with our receivers and we

We know our standard logo is not conducive to a quality color job so we’ve answered with this pocketed style logo. If color fill is something you’re interested in, be ready for these lowers to hit our website Friday, November 30th, sometime after 8PM EST as we launch the new site. This is a limited edition run of this design so get them while you can, only 200 available! They have Mega’s great magwell bevel and UCWRG’s patent pending custom grip interface chamfers. Forget about struggling with tight aftermarket grips, with a lower from UCWRG it won’t be a problem. Price will be $135.

Our regular lowers are still a top priority for us and we’re working on getting production up and running shortly! Please stay tuned; we appreciate your patience!

Just FYI.  In case you were wondering, UCWRG has no affiliation with the Resident Evil movies but has secured the rights to use this logo and name.  -  Ben


Umbrella Corp logoThe Umbrella Corporation (also know as Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group) is gearing up for a very soon release of their new Rifle Grip and Operator Grip for the AR-15.  The Defense Marketing Group is really helping get the word out there for them and has released a few pics of the Rifle Grip.  The Rifle Grip has more of a vertical angle than a standard AR-15 grip (comparison below) and is closer in relation to the angle of a 1911.  This grip may look familiar to you and that’s for good reason.  The Grip Design itself comes from the minds at UCWRG but they enlisted the help of Magpul Design Group due to their extensive experience with polymers so you can see the influence here in the final appearance.  The development of this grip started back in 2007 during which time Magpul also started designing the Magpul MOE Grip as well.  According to UCWRG the grip will have a similar texture to the Magpul K grip but lends itself to user customization through stippling or rubber sleeve, etc.  More details such as pricing, release date and specifics on what sets this grip apart will be coming soon.  For now check out the pics and info below.    Continue reading “Sneak Peek!! AR-15 Rifle Grip By Umbrella Corporation Weapons Research Group” »



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