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Lubbock, TX – ZRODELTA is pleased to announce the acquisition of War Sport Manufacturing of Eagle Springs, NC.

ZRODELTA is a leader in the field of precision firearms and accessories, employing patented technologies that improve the modularity, accuracy, and performance of a wide spectrum of OEM products throughout the small arms industry. ZRODELTA is best known for its DLOC reflex and variable power optics mounts, HEAD-S tripod shooting platform, and Cowl Induction Muzzle Break. ZRO’s DLOC platform is currently utilized by most major optics manufacturers, and in addition, ZRO’s recent merger with Critical Capabilities has increased the reach and breadth of the company’s capabilities within the OEM marketspace.    

ZRODELTA’s motto is ‘The Foundation for Accuracy.’ ZRO’s founding partner, John Birk, says “We do not use the term ‘Accuracy’ casually, and the drive to achieve it is pervasive throughout our company culture. To realize accuracy in a final product, and consistency from product to product, a company must have unparalleled discipline, professionalism, and organizational control built into every aspect of its operational processes. At ZRO, that’s what we excel at: creating the intersection of talented people, thoughtful processes, and bottom-to-top organizational control.”   

War Sport Manufacturing is best known publicly for its LVOA line of AR15 rifles. The company also manufactures rifle and pistol barrels, receiver sets, rail systems, and other accessories. With a button barrel line capable of producing 18,000 barrels per month, multi-axis turning centers, 5-axis VMCs, and a world-class metallurgy laboratory, War Sport’s capability and capacity is truly immense. It’s this potential that led the team at ZRODELTA to acquire the company.   

ZERO Delta Aquires War Sport Manufacturing“The potential at War Sport is nothing shy of incredible, and we intend to carry forward the promise the company holds after integrating it into ZRO’s vision, processes, and organizational controls,” says ZRO partner and former Green Beret Pat Harrigan. ‘We’ll be making the finest OEM barrels in the industry, and will transition the rest of the equipment into our research and development center. A core tenant of ZRO is to push the boundaries of innovation, and that’s exactly what we intend to do. Stay tuned during the next few weeks as we release our first flagship product.”

ZRO’s recent acquisition with Critical Capabilities has increased the reach and breadth of the company’s capabilities within the OEM market space and the acquisition of War Sport Manufacturing ensures the demand of high quality products will be met. These acquisitions also support ZRODelta’s line of firearms including several models and calibers ranging from 9mm to 6.5 Creedmoor. Look for these new offerings to be on display at Shot Show 2018. Booth #15834

ZRODelta is a U.S. based manufacturer of scope mounts, tripods, and other precision shooting accessories best known for its DLOC scope mounts, HEAD-S tripod shooting platform, and Cowl Induction Muzzle Break. ZRODelta’s recent acquisition of Critical Capabilities and War Sport Manufacturing has expanded its ability to provide high quality parts to large OEM, military, and retail customers across the world.

This is a Sneak Peek at the new War Sport Industries Bolt Catch. I’m really digging the look and design of this thing. As you can see the actual “Bolt Hold” portion of the Bolt Catch sticks out further than the rest of it making it easier to feel when clearing a malfunction, etc. The “Bolt Release” portion is quite a bit larger as well. Both the Hold and Release areas also have nice deep grooves machined into them as well. I know oversized Bolt Catch’s are nothing new but I really like the tactile (i.e. perceptible by touch) nature of this new War Sport Industries version. 

War Sport Ind Bolt Catch 620

The Bolt Catch in the photo is shown in the raw but the actual product will have some sort of protective coating, I’m just not sure what yet. Looking forward to these coming out for sale on I think I’m gonna need like Eleventeen of these things. 

The new War Sport AR Case is pretty awesome.  Its a hard case that features pre-cut high density polyethylene designed to accommodate multiple different styles of AR’s so no need to get your butter knife out.  It also has cutouts for Mags, a Suppressor, Ammo, etc. and multiple spots for locks molded into the outside.  These cases are made for War Sport Industries by a local company in North Carolina called Patriot Case so you know you’re getting a great quality case.  Probably the most surprising part is that the case is just $59.95 which is a great deal.  Check out the pics and details below.  You can purchase your War Sport Industries AR Case at

War Sport AR Case 1

War Sport AR Case 1

Pre-cut MSR, SBR, Carbine, AR case in high density polyethylene foam with cavities for 4 mags, suppressor, ammo, and vertical grip.

–   The case is injection molded polypropylene
–   Six molded holes for locking/securing
–   Top foam is thick polyurethane
–   Bottom foam is die cut 2.2lb high density polyethylene.
–   This foam is impervious to oils and solvents and prevents the contents from shifting during storage and transit.
–   Pre-cut cavities for the rifle, two mags slots (fits 2-3 mags each slot), suppressor slot, ammo/misc slot.
–   Weighs only 8 lbs.
–   Internal Dimensions are 41 x 13 x 4.5 Fits most stocks and barrels up to 20″

War Sport logo 2War Sport Industries has released a limited edition run of their new Signature Series Complete Lower Receivers.  Some companies will say Limited Edition but it will be 1 out of say 2,000.  War Sport Industries understands the meaning of limited edition and will be selling only a total of 15 Signature Series Complete Lowers.  That’s  a real limited edition.  The lowers are hand assembled using only parts that they have been testing and feel comfortable putting their name behind.  These parts consist of a Geissele SSA-E Trigger, Battle Arms Development 45 Degree Short Throw Selector, Vltor Buffer, Spikes Buffer and a War Sport / Legion Firearms Lower that is made by Mega Arms and colored to your choice.  It also features the War Sport Industries “MIAD Mix-up” grip, Magpul CTR Stock and a few other nice touches (see below).  I added up the prices for all of these components and from what I see this is a killer deal if you looking for a high end lower.  Check out the details, pics and pricing below.    Continue reading “War Sport Ind – Signature Series Complete Lower Receiver – Limited Edition Run of 15” »

I’ve been wanting to tell you guys about this cool new “MIAD Mix-up” thing that War Sport Industries has been doing but it seems like there’s always some time sensitive article that needs to be written right away.  Well, now I have the time so I am going to tell you all about it.  As you may already know, one of the most popular grips for the AR-15 is the Magpul MIAD (MIssion ADaptable grip).  There are many reasons for this but the main reasons are: it comes pre-textured (almost like stippling), it offers multiple great storage options including the Bolt & Firing Pin Core, it comes in all of the popular colors and last but not least it is very customizable in that you can change the front and rear straps to accommodate their hand size.  When the MIAD grip kits came out you started seeing people buying two of them in different colors and interchanging the straps to make the grips look even cooler.  The issue with that was you had to buy two grips for $36 each which can make for an expensive grip if you only needed one and that is what turned many people off from doing that.  Well, the price is no longer an issue!  Check out the info and pics to below. Continue reading “NEW!! War Sport Industries – Magpul “MIAD Mix-up”” »