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Geissele SMR MK4 On Sale!! – You Won’t Find A Better Deal

Posted on January 31st, 2014 by ar15news

The Geissle SMR line of rails are absolutely awesome. I have a few now and a couple more on order. The only complaint I hear is that some people can’t afford them. Well, here’s your chance to save big time. Our friends at Weapon Outfitters are having an awesome closeout deal on the awesome Geissele SMR MK4 rail. Geissele has decided to only produce the SMR MK4 with KeyMod from here on out so the standard SMR MK4 is no more. This is a very rare chance to get a top of the line rail system for your AR while saving about $100 off retail. They have a few versions of the SMR MK4 rail available starting with a Black 9.5″ rail for just $250. If you want a 13″ just add $20, if you want the Flat Dark Earth color add another $20. You have to create an account over at Weapon Outfitters first to see the special pricing. Then go to to get your fill of Geissele SMR MK4 awesomeness.   

620 Geissele SMR MK4 rails 3

620 Geissele SMR MK4 rails 4

On Sale!! Rainier Arms NiB and Phosphate 5.56/.223 Bolts

Posted on January 30th, 2014 by ar15news

Out of all of the different parts of an AR that can let you down and fail during a class, range session or worse, the bolt is one of the most common parts to have issues. Could be bad gas rings, extractor issues, broken bolt lugs, etc. Most issues are fixable but its always nice to have an extra bolt or two with you just in case. Rainier Arms has a couple of really nice bolts on sale right now. One is a black Manganese Phosphate & MP Inspected 9310 bolt. The other is basically the same thing but it’s Nickel Boron coated. If you need a good quality bolt you should definitely check these out while they’re on sale at the links below.

AR15 Bolt – 5.56 NATO

Rainier Arms Phosphate Bolt

AR15 Bolt – 5.56 NATO Nickel Boron

Rainier Arms Nickel Boron Bolt

Impact Weapons Components 45 Degree Offset QD Sling Mount

Posted on January 30th, 2014 by ar15news

There are a lot of companies out there that make QD sling mount options for rail systems and for good reason. Its nice to be able to position the QD mount where it’s most comfortable for you. Most of these QD sling mount options are annoyingly large and get in the way of other accessories. The ones that are smaller are typically pretty weak and feel like you could just pop them off the rail. This is why there are very few rail mounted QD sling attachment points that I actually use. One that I’ve used for a while now is the Impact Weapons Components 45 Degree Offset QD mount. 

620 IWC 45 degree offset Rail Mounted QD Sling Mount 1

The first thing you’ll notice is the size. It is extremely low profile and the QD cup is at a 45 degree angle which really tucks it in tight to the rail system. IWC designed it to mount using the same hardware as the popular Thorntail light mounts. The dual cross bolt mount makes it very strong.

620 IWC 45 degree offset Rail Mounted QD Sling Mount 2

Another thing you’ll notice is that it doesn’t stick up a whole lot above the top surface of the rail. This makes it easy to mount pretty  much anywhere because it doesn’t get in the way. It can even be mounted directly in front of most scopes without even being noticed. 

620 IWC 45 degree offset Rail Mounted QD Sling Mount 4

The IWC 45 Degree Offset QD mount is also very affordable. Impact Weapons Components has them in-stock right now. Retail is just $29.95 on them but has always been kind in offering all of our readers a 5% discount just by using the code “ar15news” at checkout. You can snag one for yourself at

Lehigh Defense Ammunition – Review Ideas

Posted on January 29th, 2014 by ar15news

The guys over at Lehigh Defense make some really nice ammunition. They were nice enough to send me a few boxes of 300BLK to try out including the Controlled Chaos, Maximum Expansion and Controlled Fracturing rounds as well as a box of .223 Controlled Chaos rounds. The Controlled Fracturing (pictured) are very unique and are designed to break up on impact to create multiple wound cavitites. Already thinking of interesting ways to test out the different rounds. Anyone have a suggestion?

Lehigh Defense 300BLK ammo

We’ve always been close friends with the guys at Ranger Proof and posted about all of the past Ranger Proof Limited Edition rifles. The resounding feedback from people regarding these rifles has always been very high praise. This is primarily because DMack, the owner, is very meticulous about what parts he uses in these builds including what receivers they use. For the most recent run of Ranger Proof limited edition rifles they released their awesome brand new billet receivers. 

PWS Ranger Proof Billet Set 1

They completely sold out of that limited edition run but wanted to now offer their Ranger Proof billet receiver set to you guys at a really great deal. Not only do you get a great billet upper and lower receiver set but you also get to choose between Black, FDE, OD Green or Grey Cerakote. Better yet…these are just $325 Shipped to your FFL. If interested, send an email to

Don’t forget to head on over to the Ranger Proof Facebook Page and give them a “Like” as well for future rifle builds and deals. 

NEW!! CIV Tactical Match, 3-Gun and SPR Barrels

Posted on January 28th, 2014 by ar15news

If you’ve been around for a while it won’t surprise you to hear me speak highly of CIV Tactical. The owner, Dustin, is one of those guys who looks at Gunsmithing as a form of art and has made a very reputable name for himself. CIV Tactical doesn’t cut corners and only offers the best of the best gunsmithing. A few months ago he let me know he was going to start making his very own CIV Tactical Match barrels and the each barrel would come with a matched and headspaced bolt. I knew from personal experience with CIV Tactical products that this was going to be a barrel to wait for. The wait is finally over!

CIV Tactical Match Barrels 3

Each CIV Tactical Match barrel is hand made from a Shilen stainless steel blank. Dustin profiles the barrels, threads and hand chambers the barrels in .223 Wylde. Bolts are then hand picked and matched to each barrel to the tightest SAAMI specs allowed. All chambers are hand polished and the muzzles are crowned, polished and lapped. All of this creates an amazingly accurate barrel. You can also pick from Machine Polished, Bead Blast (Matte) and Cerakote finishes.

620 CIV Tactical Match Barrels 2

Available barrels will be 20″, 18″, 16″ and 10.5″ with 14.5 inch, 13.7 inch and 7.5 inch coming soon. Both 1/8 and 1/9 twists available.  

620 CIV Tactical Match Barrels 1

The guys at CIV Tactical are working on adding the new Match barrels to as we speak but they can already be ordered by contacting them directly. For more information on a specific barrel or to discuss a custom barrel order, email Dustin at  

NEW!! Diamondhead USA Polymer Flip Up Sights with NightBrite

Posted on January 27th, 2014 by ar15news

These new Polymer Flip Up Sights from Diamondhead USA are pretty awesome. Diamondhead USA has been known for making some very high quality metal flip up sights but as with most metal sights, they can be kind of costly. The new Polymer version is much more affordable yet still retains the patented Diamond-shaped apertures and housings. Both the front and rear sight feature NiteBrite inserts that can be charged with natural light or in just a few seconds by a bright flashlight which is something you don’t expect to see in an affordable set of BUIS. These sights also stay folded until you press the release button on the side at which time the spring loaded sights flip up for action. Gotta say, I’m pretty stoked that Diamondhead USA decided to produce these. I personally have not had a chance to check out a set of these yet but my buddy Zero7One has and reviewed them for Arms Collective (link below). 

620 Diamondhead-USA DIAMOND Polymer Sights 004-1000


620 Diamondhead-USA DIAMOND Polymer Sights 004-1000


620 Diamondhead-USA DIAMOND Polymer Sights 007-1000

Diamondhead’s Diamond Rear Polymer Sight is designed for all AR15s and Modern Sporting Rifles. It is suitable for firearms fitted with a factory hand-guard and a fixed front sight, or can be paired with any Picatinny rail mounted Diamondhead Front Sight e.g. Diamond Front Polymer Sight, Diamond Front Combat Sight, Auto-Ranger Front Combat Sight, etc.

- Advanced Polymer/Composite construction for  strength, light weight & exceptional durability
- NiteBritePhotoluminescent Inserts (the low-cost alternative to Tritium) – can be charged by natural light or with a flashlight
Spring-loaded sight flips up quickly with the push of a button, stays up securely and folds down flat
Patented Diamond-shaped Apertures and Upper Housing for fast alignment with any Diamondhead Front Sight
Dual same plane long and short range apertures – at exact same height as factory A2 sights
Defaults to either small or large aperture
Secure and accurate 0.5MOA windage adjustment

These new sights are now available for purchase at just $49 (front) and $69 (rear) which comes out to $118 for the set at

Read Zero7One’s review at

NEW!! Complete 5.45×39 Conversion Kit from VooDoo Innovations

Posted on January 26th, 2014 by ar15news

About 4 weeks ago we introduced you guys to the really nice new 5.45×39 Melonite treated barrel from VooDoo Innovations which is the sister company to Adams Arms. I was personally excited about this as I’ve been considering building a 5.45×39 upper. You’re probably wondering “Why 5.45×39?”. The biggest reason is that you can find this ammo for around 15 cents per round which is less than half the price of any 5.56/.223 ammo you can find right now. The biggest hold back was finding all of the additional components needed to do the conversion which consists of a new Barrel, Flash Hider, 5.45 Magazine and the hardest to find part which is the 5.45 Bolt. With the new 5.45 Conversion Kit from VooDoo Innovations you don’t have to do any additional shopping.

Voodoo Innovation banner

The kit has a new Barrel (Carbine or Mid), Flash Hider, 5.45 Magazine and Bolt plus it includes an Extra Power Hammer Spring to ensure proper ignition with each trigger pull. The Melonite treatment to the Barrel (inside and out) and the Flash Hider prevents corrosion from the corrosive Russian ammo which makes it so you don’t have to rush home and clean your gun after every trip to the range. 

Voodoo Innovation 5.45 Complete Conversion Kit 620

As I mentioned when we introduced the barrels, this is a great way to save some money at the range. The more you shoot the quicker you will be able to recoup your initial investment in converting/building a 5.45 upper. I personally will be using this exact kit to build a brand new upper. This will be my first experience with an AR in this caliber and I am very excited to give you guys a full review of how it goes. However, you don’t have to wait on me. This new kit as well as the individual barrels can be purchased online at

You’ll also want to “LIKE” the VooDoo Innovations Facebook page as they continue to bring exciting new products to the market. Be on the lookout for our 5.45×39 build and review. 

PayMeBaby – Press Release

Posted on January 25th, 2014 by ar15news

Industry Leaders, Merchant Services LTD and Rainier Arms, Join Forces to Release 2A Friendly eCommerce Solutions

MIAMI, FL, January 15, 2014 – Merchant Services LTD (“MSL”), a Miami-based merchant services company processing over $14 billion in transactions a year, and Rainier Arms, a leader in the firearms community with their AR-15 products and online store, today announced the launch of their new collaborative project, “PayMeBaby”. PayMeBaby’s technology platform is used today to drive the PistolPay website ( as well as an industry-first peer-to-peer exchange mobile app for firearms & accessories, called Revolvr (currently in closed beta).

PayMeBaby’s technology combines payment processing of all the major credit cards with a secure, third-party intermediary service (similar to escrow) to provide consumers in the firearm industry “peace of mind” when transacting high value items with other like-minded people all across the USA. PayMeBaby uses patent pending technology to deliver PCI compliant transactions to both the buyer and the seller with minimal risk of chargebacks, fraud, or otherwise.

The new partnership between MSLTD and Rainier Arms, is positioning PayMeBaby to become the premier payments technology platform for high value items and has targeted the firearms industry, with Rainier Arm’s commitment to the industry to furnish a responsive, modern payment service built from the ground up to serve 2A needs.

“I initially got involved with PayMeBaby to solve a major pain point in the industry. It’s about time that we have a peer-to-peer payment method that we don’t have to hide behind or hope that the product I bought is the one that I am receiving.” said John Hwang, Rainier Arm’s CEO and firearms marketing guru.

MSLTD’s involvement is key to the success of PayMeBaby as it brings payments experience and necessary financial compliance and security to the entire payment process. MSLTD was recently named by Inc Magazine’s INC 500 list as the 18th fastest growing private company in the United States.

“We are excited to team up with Rainier Arms on PayMeBaby. PistolPay has been specifically 2A friendly since we rolled it out 16 months ago, though we see an opportunity to improve and expand the technology with the guidance of experienced industry insiders. PayMeBaby is our effort to look at all of the amazing possibilities for the future of eCommerce in the Shooting Sports Industry. Ultimately, the goal is to examine everything we have learned with PistolPay and leverage those lessons with Rainier’s vast eCommerce experience to provide the best financial services to the industry and allow our projects and products to grow with the industry moving forward.” said Chapman Ducote, MSLTD’s CEO.

Look out for improvements to the PistolPay platform and the launch of Revolvr in the coming weeks.

About Merchant Services LTD
Merchant Services LTD [MSL] is a vertically-integrated direct credit card processing firm providing competitive merchant processing nationwide. MSL has been and remains a stalwart supporter of the Shooting Sports Industry and the Second Amendment rights of Americans, providing services for both brick and mortar retailers and those embracing internet commerce. MSL helped to launch the PistolPay Payment Platform 16 months ago in order to fill a gap in the market left by other P2P payment providers who turned their backs on the industry.

About Rainier Arms, LLC
Rainier Arms [RA] was founded in 2005 as an online retailer that specializes in AR15s, parts & accessories. RA now operates a storefront & distribution center located in Auburn, WA. RA manufactures parts, accessories and offers a complete line of AR15 rifles and has become the leader in the AR15 market place. RA distributes products all over the US and launched international distribution in 2013

Need Ammo? Greyfox has you covered!

Posted on January 24th, 2014 by ar15news

Greyfox has just restocked their inventory of 5.56 and 7.62 ammo. This isn’t crap ammo either. Its all Federal or Lake City XM855, M855 and XM193 5.56 plus some Lake City 147gr Ball 7.62. One thing that is nice about purchasing from Greyfox (other than their good prices) is that there are no limits. You can simply purchase as much as you want until they are sold out. Head on over and snag some food for your blasters now at

GreyFox Ammo 6 620



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