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AR15NEWS Exclusive Deal – San Tan Tactical STT-15 Blem Lower

Posted on February 7th, 2014 by ar15news

One of the sweetest new lowers to come out on the market recently is the San Tan Tactical STT-15 billet completely ambi lower. Not only does it have a super unique look with a great finish but each lower also comes with fully ambidextrous controls including ambi bolt release and ambi mag release, plus ambi QD sling mounts built right into the lower. Normal retails is $290 but right now they have some lowers with minor cosmetic blemishes that they are calling STT-15-GRENADES and are ready to move them at a heavily discounted price. 

620 San Tan Tactical STT-15 Billet Lower Blem 1 620 San Tan Tactical STT-15 Billet Lower Blem 1

These blem lowers are 100% functionally the same as non-blem models but may have minor nicks or visible tool marks but nothing major. They are also switching to a reversed flag design where these have the forward facing flag. Some companies wouldn’t even think twice about selling these as normal lowers but they just simply aren’t up to San Tan Tactical quality standards when it comes to the finish and look of the lower. The pictures below are of an actual blem lower and show an example of the minor cosmetic issues.

620 San Tan Tactical STT-15 Billet Lower Blem 1

620 San Tan Tactical STT-15 Billet Lower Blem 1

For non-AR15NEWS readers the price on these blem lowers is $230. However, we were able to get a special discount code just for you guys. Use the code “ar15newsblem” at checkout and you can get yours for just $199.99. You can even choose with or without the San Tan Tactical logo on the magwell. Head on over to to get one for yourself. 

The old discount code had expired but San Tan Tactical gave us a new code in celebration of Presidents Day. Use the code “AR15news4Pres” at checkout to snag one for a limited time only at just $199.99 a piece.

Damage Industries Valentine’s Day Sale

Posted on February 6th, 2014 by ar15news

Damage Industries apparently feels the same way about AR-15’s as I do. Since they love the AR-15 so much they decided to have a Valentine’s Day Sale.  They always have great deals all over their website but right now they have a specific section with all of the “<3 AR-LOVE <3″ deals in one place. If you don’t see the part you’re looking for there you can also use the code “AR-LOVE” to take 20% off all items in the AR-15 categories. Take a look for yourself below. 

Damage Industries Valentines Day Sale 620

Use coupon code “AR-LOVE” for 20% off our AR-15 Categories. Coupon doesn’t count toward already discounted items in the “AR-LOVE” category.

Lots more great deals, but here’s some highlights:
Complete Lower Assembly Kit w/buttstock $90
BCG $99
2 for 1 swivels
Hammer/Trigger Group Kits $25
Pink Furniture Kits on sale
Multimount & GI QD Socket Mount $15 ea.

Check out all the discounted products here:

Coming Soon!! Revolvr Android App

Posted on February 6th, 2014 by ar15news

A Revolutionary New M-Commerce App in the Firearms Industry
(Official Public BETA Launch on Feb 10, 2014)

Revolvr is a firearm accessory peer to peer exchange that was founded by the entrepreneurs behind Rainier Arms, Defense Marketing Group, and the newly announced PayMeBaby platform that drives the PistolPay payment service. Today, Revolvr officially unveiled the company and its first product, the free Revolvr Android app, which is based on creating a social buying experience for firearm enthusiasts.  Revolvr is the first native m-commerce application that is open to the 2A friendly community that allows individuals to freely buy and sell firearm accessories.

Revolvr App

“Hundreds of millions of dollars are exchanged each year in the secondary firearm market, we are looking to decrease the friction of this exchange using technologies of today paired with our new partners at PistolPay, to enable safe payments between firearm enthusiasts across the United States.” said John Hwang, founder & CEO of Revolvr.  “We created Revolvr so that the firearm industry can “revolve” their used firearm accessories.”

Revolvr solves the much needed problem of person to person transactions in the firearms community.  A new Revolvr user can download the application from the Google Play Store and sign up for the service and begin posting their new or used parts & accessories in the mobile application.  “We wanted to create a mobile first experience with Revolvr which is why we didn’t start with a website commerce site” said Tony Bristol, founder & Chief Product Officer of Revolvr.  “Eventually we will have a website, though we didn’t want it to drive our design or user experience in the mobile centric society we operate in today’s world.”  Revolvr will bring together firearm enthusiasts from across the United States to exchange their valued items in a safe and secure way. Revolvr takes a small fee of each sale to cover credit card transaction fees as well as continued investment into the Revolvr app development.

Revolvr is integrated with the latest social tools like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to share items easily with user’s social networks. Revolvr also leverages the PistolPay payment service which is the only 2A friendly peer-to-peer payment service in the market, combining the security PCI compliance with the safety of an escrow solution.   

Revolvr was founded in August, 2013 by a team of firearm innovators and a mobile application pioneer: John Hwang and Paul Hwang of Rainier Arms and Tony Bristol, previously with Microsoft; and for the last 6 years, an executive and founder of multiple mobile startups.

“For several years our industry has been discriminated against by large ecommerce and payment solutions.  Revolvr brings together the latest mobile technologies leveraging Tony’s experience in the technology and mobile startup ecosystem with Paul and my grassroots knowledge of the firearms industry, to deliver a product that truly serves our industry.”  said John Hwang, Rainier Arms CEO and firearms marketing guru.

Revolvr is a mobile firearm accessory marketplace built around the mobile social experience. Firearm enthusiasts are able to quickly post their accessories and buy new or used items right from their phones. Revolvr’s 2A friendly community brings firearm enthusiast together to share their individual collections, allowing open commerce for a community underserved by the newest technologies. Founded in August of 2013, Revolvr is headquartered in Auburn, WA.  For more information, please visit Revolvr’s free Android App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Follow us on our Revolvr Facebook page

For more information, please contact:
Tony Bristol

NEW!! Spartan-15 Billet AR-15 Lower from Joe Bob Outfitters

Posted on February 5th, 2014 by ar15news

A few months ago Joe Bob Outfitters introduced their new Spartan-15 Enhanced Billet Lower. I wanted to show you guys but they kept selling out before I could do anything. This time I was ready when they came back in-stock. As you already know, there are lots of billet lowers on the market, but so many of them look just like the next one and not to mention they can be very expensive. This is not the case with the new Spartan-15 Enhanced Billet Lower. The Spartan-15 has a very unique looking design and also features a Spartan Helmet on the right side of the magwell with the famous inscription “ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ” just below the helmet. Not only does this lower look amazing but it is also one of the best deals running. At just $119.95 its nearly the same prices as most forged lowers but offers a lot of addition features such as a flared magwell, 45 degree selector compatibility, threaded bolt catch assembly, upper receiver tensioning screw, and a bunch more (listed below). These seriously are a no-brainer. I need another lower like I need another hole in my head but I think I’m going to have to buy one of these. You can buy one too at

620 Joe Bob Outfitters Spartan Billet Lower 1 620 Joe Bob Outfitters Spartan Billet Lower 1

-Manufactured from a solid block of Aircraft Grade 7075-T6 Billet Aluminum
-Broached Magazine Well with drop free design and beveled bottom lip
-CNC Deep Rotary Engraved to exceed ATF depth requirements
-MIL-A-8625 Type III Hard Anodizing (Deep Black)
-Captured take down pin spring/detent (includes hardware)-Uses 1/16” Allen wrench
(Rear take-down pin spring may need to be trimmed if set screw is used to give proper tension on pin)
-Upper Tensioning screw (includes hardware)-Uses 1/8” Allen wrench
-Threaded bolt catch pin hole (includes hardware)-Uses 1/16” Allen wrench
-Safety Selector pocket notched for BAD 45 degree selector drop in with no modifications needed
-Engraving accommodates 45 degree BAD, 60 degree Noveske, and 90 degree (standard) selectors
-Compatible with Norgon and other aftermarket ambi mag releases
-Integrated enhanced trigger guard
-Low Shelf design to make full auto conversions for LE, MIL or post sample machine guns easier (RDIAS/RLL)
-Continuous threading through receiver extension hole and pistol grip screw hole
-Compatible with all Lower Parts Kits, Mil-Spec and Commercial receiver extensions, and most aftermarket parts.
-The Tactical Link AR-15 Enhanced Battery Assist Lever WILL work with the ML-15
-Like most billet lowers, the Magpul BAD lever will NOT function properly on the ML-15

620 Joe Bob Outfitters Spartan Billet Lower 1 620 Joe Bob Outfitters Spartan Billet Lower 1

Purchase the Spartan-15 Enhanced Billet Lower from Joe Bob Outfitters at

Photos by Stickman

Bulk/Dealer Pricing available as well:
Use Coupon Code “SPARTAN3″ for $20 Off Each Lower with 3+ Qty ($99.95)
Use Coupon Code “SPARTAN10″ for $25 Off Each Lower with 10+ Qty ($94.95)
Use Coupon Code “SPARTAN25″ for $30 Off Each Lower with 25+ Qty ($89.95)

Magpul MBUS PRO Front and Rear Sights In-stock

Posted on February 4th, 2014 by ar15news

I’ve had numerous people ask me lately where they can find a set of Magpul MBUS PRO sights. The new MBUS PRO’s have gained the reputation of being just as good as the awesome KAC Micro BUIS but a bit more affordable. Unfortunately, Magpul doesn’t always send both front and rear sights to retailers at the same time so its been hard to get a complete set even when you do find them in-stock. Right now I know of two sources who have Magpul MBUS PRO’s in-stock.

Weapon Outfitters has both Front and Rear Magpul MBUS PRO’s in-stock right now which as I say is kind of rare. The front and rear set together costs $189.90 with $7.95 shipping. If you spend over $200 with WO you get FREE SHIPPING so keep that in mind if you need any other items that WO may have. 
Purchase the Magpul MBUS PRO Rear Sight HERE
Purchase the Magpul MBUS PRO Front Sight HERE

620 Magpul MBUS PRO set Stickman

Chase Tactical has just the Front Magpul MBUS PRO in-stock. If you only need the front sight this is a good deal. If you use the discount code “ar15news” at checkout you’ll save 10% and the price is just $78.63 Shipped.
Purchase the Magpul MBUS PRO Front Sight HERE

620 Magpul MBUS PRO set Stickman

Photos by Stickman

Arch Frame Target Carrier Sale at TacStrike

Posted on February 4th, 2014 by ar15news

Spring time is coming which means there will be a lot more time to get out and train / shoot your guns here in the near future. Right now would be a great time to start preparing for the warmer weather by stocking up on some great range time accessories. For the month of February, TacStrike has their Arch Frame Target Carrier, the best target stand I’ve ever used, on sale for just $26. 

620 TacStrike Arch Frame Target Carrier 1

I’m currently using mine in conjunction with the Drop Steel Swinger target I bought from TacStrike a few months ago but you don’t need any fancy targets to use the Arch Frame Target Carrier. With the Arched Frame Target Carrier all you need is two 2×2 posts (I just rip a 2×4 in half) that lock into the pockets of the carrier. You can make them as short or as tall as you want them to be and staple paper targets, IDPA targets, etc. to the wood posts.

620 TacStrike Arch Frame Target Carrier 3

620 TacStrike Arch Frame Target Carrier 2

The biggest improvement that the Arch Frame Target Carrier offers comes is where they get the name from. The feet of the target are not just flat bars like most target carriers. You rarely find perfectly flat ground so TacStrike has arched the feet of the carrier so that it has 4 points of contact and doesn’t rock back and forth on uneven ground. The feet actually dig into the ground a bit and add stability.

If you’re hoping to train a bit more this year or just want to upgrade your current target setup, head on over to TacStrike and pic up a couple Arch Frame Target Carriers. You may want to take a look at the other awesome target options while you’re there. 

NEW!! Tactical Walls Lockable Concealment Shelves

Posted on February 3rd, 2014 by ar15news

We’ve been a huge fan of Tactical Walls for some time now. What started out with a few small wall inserts that you could hide behind a mirror, etc. has grown into an large product line consisting of multiple different sizes of wall inserts and really cool covers such as lockable sliding mirrors. The only thing that was missing was one of the most requested items and that was a “Renter Friendly” option. To meet the needs of those who rent their living space or simply just don’t want to cut a huge hole in their wall to install the wall insert, Tactical Walls has now created lockable Concealment Shelves. I’ve got to say, this is about as cool as it gets. 

Tactical Walls now offers two different size Concealment Shelves, the RLS (Rifle Length Shelf) and the PLS (Pistol Length Shelf). Both shelves are lockable and use a magnetic key that allows access to the hidden storage compartment which lowers from the bottom of the shelf. Not only do these look like really nice shelves for your house or apartment but they also don’t require you to cut any holes in your walls to install. Just mount the brackets (on top of the shelf) to a wall by screwing it into the studs of the wall and that things not going to budge. These mounting brackets look like fancy bookends but add a lot of strength to the design.

620 Tactical Walls Both Concealment Shelf 1

620 Tactical Walls Concealment Shelves RLS and PLS 4

Tactical Walls Both Shelves Animated

I’m really stoked that Tactical Walls continues to create very cool new products to meet the demands of their customers. This “Renter Friendly” design is going to be an awesome option for any home owner whether renting or own. Get in on the pre-order of the Tactical Walls Concealment Shelves right now to get FREE SHIPPING. Pre-orders will ship during the month of February so it won’t be a very long wait like some pre-orders. Order yours now at

NEW!! Damage Industries Reversible QD End Plate and QDS3

Posted on February 1st, 2014 by ar15news

Seems I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve neglected my good friends over at Damage Industries. They always have some really great deals and awesome products. They recently introduced a couple of brand new products that are really cool and stuff that would definitely be of interest to our AR15NEWS readers. The first is the Multi Adaptable Carbine End Plate. The second is a brand new style of QD sling attachment called the QDS3 (Quick Detach Silent Sling Swivel). I have the info for both of these items listed below.

The Multi Adaptable Carbine End Plate that features multiple sling attachment options including 2 QD points (one center and one on the side) and one Hook Loop on the side. This may not sound completely new but the major difference is that this end plate can be flipped around letting you determine which side you want the outer QD and Hook Loop on. Its also made of 4140 Steel and Phosphate coated but very high strength and corrosion resistance. Best of all, they’re just $19.95 each. You can purchase them at

620 Damage Industries Multi Adaptable QD End Plate

The other cool new product that they introduced just today is the QDS3 or Quick Detach Silent Sling Swivel. This new swivel is called the Silent Sling Swivel because it eliminates the normal loop and has a machined in loop that doesn’t move. This will be most silent when used in conjunction with a sling webbing but you could also attach other items such as a sling that has hook attachments to this which would work pretty nicely as well. This QD is made entirely of Stainless Steel and will feature a Black Oxide finish. As with all Damage Industries products, these are made right here in the USA. Look for the new QDS3 to be available for purchase very soon.

620 Damage Industries QDS3 1

620 Damage Industries QDS3 2

620 Damage Industries QD End Plate and QDS3

Geissele SMR MK4 On Sale!! – You Won’t Find A Better Deal

Posted on January 31st, 2014 by ar15news

The Geissle SMR line of rails are absolutely awesome. I have a few now and a couple more on order. The only complaint I hear is that some people can’t afford them. Well, here’s your chance to save big time. Our friends at Weapon Outfitters are having an awesome closeout deal on the awesome Geissele SMR MK4 rail. Geissele has decided to only produce the SMR MK4 with KeyMod from here on out so the standard SMR MK4 is no more. This is a very rare chance to get a top of the line rail system for your AR while saving about $100 off retail. They have a few versions of the SMR MK4 rail available starting with a Black 9.5″ rail for just $250. If you want a 13″ just add $20, if you want the Flat Dark Earth color add another $20. You have to create an account over at Weapon Outfitters first to see the special pricing. Then go to to get your fill of Geissele SMR MK4 awesomeness.   

620 Geissele SMR MK4 rails 3

620 Geissele SMR MK4 rails 4

On Sale!! Rainier Arms NiB and Phosphate 5.56/.223 Bolts

Posted on January 30th, 2014 by ar15news

Out of all of the different parts of an AR that can let you down and fail during a class, range session or worse, the bolt is one of the most common parts to have issues. Could be bad gas rings, extractor issues, broken bolt lugs, etc. Most issues are fixable but its always nice to have an extra bolt or two with you just in case. Rainier Arms has a couple of really nice bolts on sale right now. One is a black Manganese Phosphate & MP Inspected 9310 bolt. The other is basically the same thing but it’s Nickel Boron coated. If you need a good quality bolt you should definitely check these out while they’re on sale at the links below.

AR15 Bolt – 5.56 NATO

Rainier Arms Phosphate Bolt

AR15 Bolt – 5.56 NATO Nickel Boron

Rainier Arms Nickel Boron Bolt



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