Everyone is familiar withCrimson Trace CT-MVF515 4 Crimson Trace and their great line of Laser Grips for pretty much any firearm available, but I wasn’t aware that they offered a great Vertical Foregrip with Green Laser and Light Combo designed specifically for the AR-15 Rifle.  As soon as I saw this I had to get some more information so I could post it for everyone to check out.

It is called the Modular Vertical Foregrip and incorporates a 150/200 Lumen LED white light module with selectable light intensity and your choice of either Red or Green Laser to give you the total Tactical package.  If you are looking to add some new Tactical Gear to your AR, why not do it all in one shot.  Check out the Crimson Trace Modular Vertical Foregrip on their website HERE.

Crimson Trace CT-MVF515 1

Crimson Trace CT-MVF515 3

Crimson Trace CT-MVF515

*Information and pictures courtesy of Crimson Trace.