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Hey everyone,

Erica at LaserMax just let me know about a special deal that they have going on for the LaserMax Carbine Grip Laser.

The Carbine Grip Laser is specifically designed for the Carbine Rifle platform.  It has a precision red laser and a tactical navigation light.   They are usually $399 but right now you can get on for only $259.  And for a limited time only you will receive a LaserMax hat and a spare set of batteries with your order.  Check it out HERE!

They have a lot of other awesome products as well, like the New Uni-Max MicroUni-Max Rail Mount Red/Green Lasers and much more.  Right now you can also get a great deal on their Uni-Max Rifle Value Pack.  It includes the Uni-Max Red Rail Mount Laser, Momentary Activation Switch(MAS) and the MantaRail® Momentary Cord Control System.  Usually sells for $283 but right now it is only $219.  No hat with this one though. 🙁  You can check this deal out HERE!

All LaserMax products are designed and manufactured in the USA!

Happy Holidays!

LaserMax Carbine Grip Laser

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LaserMax Carbine Grip Laser - Descriptions

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