AR15news - logoGear Sector Stubby VFG Vertical Fore Grip 1In case you have been hiding in a closet and haven’t heard of Gear Sector :), they make some of the nicest Low Profile rail attachments I’ve ever seen.  You name it they have it!  Fixed Loops, Quick Detach Sockets, Swivels, Flashlight Mounts and tons more.

Jason at Gear Sector just told me about a new item that they have in the works.  They’ve been thinking about making a stubby Vertical ForeGrip for some time now but since they have had so many requests for one recently they decided to push this one towards the front of their projects.  Check out the pics below.

Jason wrote on

Our goal was to create a short VFG to be used as a reference point which can be used in conjunction with our hand stops to provide a
consistent, repeatable hold on the weapon. This is a no frills, no bells and whistles implementation designed to mount rock solid and give
a lifetime of service to the end user.

It is being machined from billet 6061 T6 aluminum and has been cored out to save weight. We have modified our standard interface to allow
the VFG to mount as a rock on mount instead of a slide on mount like previous iterations in this line up. This will make installation quicker
and easier. Height has been set at 2.25″ above the rail surface which is equivalent to a shorty TD without the tail cap.Furthermore, it features
the same contour as all our low profile components which mate flush with standard Tango Down rail panels for a clean, smooth, uninterrupted
rail space.”

Definitely looks like another great product from Gear Sector.  While you are waiting for the Stubby VFG to come out, check out the rest of their products at

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Gear Sector Stubby VFG Vertical Fore Grip 1

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Gear Sector Stubby VFG Vertical Fore Grip 2

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Gear Sector Stubby VFG Vertical Fore Grip Colors