AR15news - logoBarry Dueck - RTS Rapid Transition SightThose of you who are familiar with 3-Gun Competitions will instantly recognize the name Barry Dueck.  Barry Dueck is one of the best 3-Gun shooters out there, IPSC Grand Master and a former Marine.  Don’t take my word for it!  Check out some of his recent accomplishments including winning the 2010 MGM Iron Man Heavy Rifle competition. Well, earlier this year he introduced the Dueck Defense RTS Rapid Transition Sight system.

Lately I’ve noticed more and more manufacturers making scope rings that incorporate a small picatinny rail so you can attach either a red-dot or some BUIS’s (Back-Up Iron Sights).  The reason for this is mainly for those who compete in 3-Gun Matches.  In a 3-Gun Match the competitors will be required to shoot targets that can be as close as a few yards and as far away as 400-500 yards.  So obviously you need a long range scope but you also need some secondary sights for CQB type shooting as well.  The problem with most setups is that it requires you to move your head around to get inline with the secondary sights.

The Dueck Defense Rapid Transition Sight system only requires you to rotate the grip of your rifle out 45 degrees to put your eyes inline with the secondary sights and then back to vertical to be inline with your primary optic.  They do this by mounting the sights to the top rail at a 45 degree angle.  These sights are totally ambidextrous and can be mounted on any mil spec 1913 picatinny rail system.  These are definitely worth taking a look at especially for those who participate in 3-Gun Matches.  These would also be great for Law Enforcement and Military applications as well.  At $238 for the pair they really don’t cost any more than a set of nice Back-Up Iron Sights.  Take a minute to watch the video below and then head over to the Dueck Defense website.