AR15news - logoLaserMax1One of the many reasons that AR-15’s are so popular is that there are tons of great accessories and infinite ways to make your rifle unique.  So its no surprise when all of a sudden you realize that you have totally run out of space to mount them all.  There are times when you have to decide not to put a certain option on your rifle because it just doesn’t fit.  That is why so many manufacturers are starting to make combo accessories that incorporate multiple accessories into one.


Lately I have had a chance to check out the Carbine Grip Laser by LaserMax. It (hence the name) is a Vertical Fore Grip with a very bright Red Laser that was designed specifically for carbine type rifles.  It also has a small LED light built in that is for illuminating your immediate area without being too bright and give away your location in tactical situations.  Basically it is a 3-in-1.

To be completely honest, at first I wasn’t sure I was going to like the Carbine Grip Laser.  Typically on other designs you see the grip in the center and then the laser attached to one side and the light attached to the other side kind of like a T shape.  With the Carbine Grip Laser the Laser and Light assembly are completely internalized so it is a really compact design which is great but all I kept thinking was “I thought it was the bigger the better when it came to lasers.”  “It can’t all fit in there and be any good.”  “How are you going to sight it it?”

Well, I don’t know how they did it but I was wrong.  The laser is extremely bright and it was very easy to use.  There is a selector switch at the back which you can move with your thumb to select Light, Off, Constant Laser and Pulse Laser.  The On/Off switch is trigger activated so it is also very familiar instead of having to squeeze the grip or a pressure switch.  One of the features that surprised me the most was how easy it was to adjust the windage and elevation.  Just two little hex screws.  That’s it.

The installation was extremely quick.  They incorporate an American Defense quick detach mount so there is no need to have any screw drivers with you to remove it.  Once you have it adjusted to the right tension you can take it off or put it on in seconds by simply pressing the unlock button and flipping the lever.

Overall I was very impressed with the LaserMax Carbine Laser Grip.  It functioned flawlessly and was exactly the type of Quality, American Made product you expect from LaserMax.  Pretty much everything was on the PRO side.  If I had to pick one CON it would be simply that the LED Light function wasn’t very bright.  But then again, it wasn’t supposed to be.

Definitely worth checking out.  I already posted the special that they have going on right now which you can check out HERE. You can also go to and order one for yourself.

LaserMax Carbine Grip Laser 1

The Deal: LaserMax Carbine Grip Laser, FREE Hat and Batteries

LaserMax Carbine Grip Laser 2

The LaserMax Carbine Grip Laser

LaserMax Carbine Grip Laser 3

Nice built in quick detach by American Defense Mfg.

LaserMax Carbine Grip Laser 4

Selector switch for LED Light, Off, Constand and Pulse

LaserMax Carbine Grip Laser 5

Front view of Laser (Top) and LED Light (bottom). Very slim design.

LaserMax Carbine Grip Laser 6

To unlock, press the button on the side of the quick detach and flip the lever.

LaserMax Carbine Grip Laser 7

You can adjust the tightness by turning the adjustment screw on the side.

LaserMax Carbine Grip Laser 8

Adjusting the fit.

LaserMax Carbine Grip Laser 9

Installed view.

LaserMax Carbine Grip Laser 12

Adjusting the windage.

LaserMax Carbine Grip Laser 13

Adjusting the elevation.