AR15news - logoEMA TacticalLately I’ve been looking for a new bipod but couldn’t figure out exactly which one I wanted.  I took my time and really searched for the right one for me.  Some of my fellow AR nuts suggested the Harris & UTG bipods.  Those bipods have the springs attached to the outside of the legs and just looked like I could snag them on something or break them easily.  I checked out the Tango Down Advanced Combat Bipod which looked like my style but would run me about $200.  VLTOR also makes a nice Side Mounted Bipod called a ModPod that would also run me about $200.  GG&G also make exactly what I was looking for but, of course, it also was anywhere between $160-200.

So I guess my main problem was that I don’t have a Money Tree. 🙂  The most I was willing to spend was about $100.  I thought that would be enough when you see the regular bipods going for $35.

After many weeks of searching, I stumbled across EMA Tactical‘s website and found exactly what I was looking for.  The EMA Tactical BPO Bipod is a beast.  The legs are made of stainless steel and then given a rubber coating.  The integrated mount is designed to fit any picatinny rail.  It also has an attached picatinny rail section below the mount that allows you to still mount a Vertical Fore Grip, Light, Laser, etc.  Each leg has an enclosed spring that with the push of a button extends the leg and has 4 different locking positions.  The legs work independent from each other and can be folded either front or back.  You can purchase either short or long legs which are interchangeable.

What sold me was the video they have on their site.  They really put it through it’s paces, abuse it, run over it with a car and blow it up.  Okay, so they didn’t actually blow it up.

I’ve had mine now for a few weeks and really love it.  It has a very nice weight to it.  Definitely doesn’t feel like some toy that I am going to break the first time I use it.  The legs have rubber feet that give good grip on any surface.  They retail for about $122 but I was able to shop around and get one for $102 with shipping.

I could try to put some more filler writing in here but I don’t think you would enjoy it.  I’ll let the following video from EMA Tactical do the rest of the talking.  Once you’ve checked out the video, head on over to EMA Tactical.  They have a lot of other cool stuff.  Not that it has anything to do with AR-15’s but you should definitely check out the RONI!


Sorry for the poor image quality.  Couldn’t get my nice camera to work so had to take the pics below with my phone.

EMA Tactical BPO BIPOD 1

EMA Tactical BPO BIPOD 2

EMA Tactical BPO BIPOD 3

EMA Tactical BPO BIPOD 4

EMA Tactical BPO BIPOD 5

EMA Tactical BPO BIPOD 6

EMA Tactical BPO BIPOD 7

EMA Tactical BPO BIPOD 8

EMA Tactical BPO BIPOD 9

EMA Tactical BPO BIPOD 10