AR15news - logoZombie HuntingWhether you are heading out this weekend on an overnight Zombie Hunting Trip or you just can’t imagine only having 30 rounds in one mag then you are going to love this.

One of the new items that everyone seems to be talking about right now is the new SureFire High-Capacity Magazines.  They look very similar to the standard USGI metal mags but can be purchased in either 60 or 100 round capacity.

Obviously these are a lot bigger than the standard 20 or 30 round mags but that’s to be expected.  Due to the size and weight of the high-capacity mag I’m sure there will be some situations where it just wouldn’t be usable but there is definitely a market for these.  I think these would be great for security details that are riding in vehicles, etc.  Just like the Beta Mag, as funny as it looks (reminds me of a curled up hadlebar mustache), sells very well.

They aren’t cheap though.  The 60rd mag goes for $129 and the 100rd mag goes for $179.  Let’s see….that’s 10-12 PMAGS.  🙂

These are not available until at least March for a few SureFire retailers and April online at SureFire’s website.  Until then you can get more information from SureFire.

SureFire 60rd 100rd High-Capacity Mag Specs

SureFire 60rd High-Capacity Mag2

SureFire 60rd High-Capacity Mag

SureFire 60rd High-Capacity Mag1

SureFire 60rd High-Capacity Zombie Killer Mag

SureFire 100rd High-Capacity Mag1

SureFire 100rd High-Capacity Mag

SureFire 100rd High-Capacity Mag2

SureFire 100rd High-Capacity Zombie Killer Mag