AR15news - logoMagpul MIAD Grip 18A few months ago Drake over at Magpul was kind enough to send me a Magpul MIssion ADaptable MIAD grip to review.  I had always heard great things about the MIAD grip but had never even held one in my hand so didn’t understand all the hype.

The MIAD grip is very unique as it allows you to completely customize the grip to fit your hand by swapping out the finger grooves and back strap.  This is a great idea but had me a little concerned at first as I figured that this would feel sloppy or loose.

I had already upgraded my pistol grip to a Hogue Rubber grip and thought I had the best one for me.  It seemed solid and comfortable enough and I liked the rubber texture.  What else could you ask for?

Well, Magpul already figured out that there are a lot of other things you could ask for.

Strength of Design  – As I mentioned above the fact that this grip is comprised of multiple pieces concerned me.  I figured that the pieces would have some play and would feel sloppy.  Obviously Magpul wasn’t going to let that happen.  This has to be the sturdiest grip I have ever used.  First of all the main part of the grip that mounts to the rifle fits extremely snug and has absolutely no play.  The front and back straps are engineered with such small gap tolerances that you will actually need to work out for a few weeks before attempting to swap them out.  They do include a pin that you can insert into the back strap to keep it from moving but I didn’t even need it.  This is exactly what you would hope for but never expect anyone to be able to accomplish.  Take 3 different pieces and have them fit together so well that they feel like one complete piece.

Customization –  The MIAD comes with 3 different back strap options, 2 different front straps (finger grooves) and an Inner Core/Grip Plug that can hold 3 extra .223/5.56 rounds.  You can purchase and optional waterproof plug to store Batteries or Bolt and Firing Pin.  Most other grips on the market use a grip plug that doesn’t snap in place and can fall out.  The MIAD Inner Core locks in place and can’t be accidentally dropped.

Optimum Comfort –  I personally chose to use the A2 style front strap which has the finger ledge for consistent hand placement.  My hands are very large so some of the smaller grips feel too small.  I use the biggest size back strap and this thing feels perfect.  The textured area on the MIAD felt great and gives perfect grip.

Basically the MIAD won me over.  I will and have recommended it to anyone who asks me which grip they should get for their rifle.  Now all you have to do is pick which color YOU should get!

You can purchase yours at

Magpul MIAD Grip 1

Magpul MIAD Grip 6

Magpul MIAD Grip 7

The back strap slides onto the grooves at the back of the grip.

Magpul MIAD Grip 8

Make sure to push back strap all the way up otherwise the inner core will not lock.

Magpul MIAD Grip 9

Inner Core with 3 .223/5.56 round capacity

Magpul MIAD Grip 10

Magpul MIAD Grip 11

Magpul Logo on bottom of the Inner Core

Magpul MIAD Grip 12

Installing the front strap

Magpul MIAD Grip 13

Removing the Hogue grip

Magpul MIAD Grip 15

Be careful not to lose the safety detent spring as you remove the grip

Magpul MIAD Grip 16

Re-insert the spring into the new MIAD Grip

Magpul MIAD Grip 17

Once the MIAD is in place, insert the included screw into the threaded hole.

Magpul MIAD Grip 18

Fit and Finish is excellent

Magpul MIAD Grip 20

Magpul MIAD Grip 22